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30+ Lesbian Christmas Movies & Shows To Watch

Get a blanket, hang up the Christmas decorations, grab gingerbread cookies to eat, and enjoy these lesbian Christmas movies and shows. Who doesn’t love to get into the holiday vibes?

Sadly, for the longest time, there wasn’t any lesbian representation in Christmas movies. We all know those traditional (aka conservative), nostalgic, and romantic Christmas movies. But where are the Christmas stories of us lesbians?

Luckily a lot has changed in the past years, and finally, Christmas movies are diversifying (in many ways). There are more and more lesbian movies and lesbian shows than ever. And lesbian Christmas movies!

We were so excited when we heard about Happiest Season for the first time. But besides Happiest Season there are other lesbian Christmas movies and shows to watch (and other lesbian holiday movies!).

Keep on reading to find out which ones. Of course, we also included the new lesbian Christmas movies 2022 in this article, plus short lesbian Christmas films. Enjoy!

Get Ready For The Holidays With These Lesbian Christmas Movies And Shows

  1. Happiest Season (2020)

Happiest Season 2020 lesbian christmas movie

Happiest Season is the first lesbian Christmas movie from a big Hollywood production. And with Kristen Stewart in it!! How exciting!

The lesbian movie was originally going to be screened in the cinemas in 2020. But because of everything that’s happening in the world, it only came available online (first on Hulu and now on other streaming platforms like Netflix too!).

2020 wasn’t a great year for many things, but it was for one thing: lesbian movies. There were quite some lesbian movies released in 2020!

Happiest Season stars Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis and is directed by Clea DuVall. Both Kristen and Clea are part of the LGBT community, and the story of Happiest Season is based on Clea’s past holiday experiences.

She had never seen her story presented in a Christmas movie. So she thought Happiest Season would be the perfect opportunity to tell a universal story from a different perspective. We want to thank you for that Clea!

The story is about a lesbian couple that returns home for the Christmas holidays. Abby, played by Kristen Stewart, wants to propose to her girlfriend Harper, played by Mackenzie Davis. But Abby doesn’t know that Harper isn’t out yet to our conservative family…

Also, we are so excited that Daniel Levy (from Schitt’s Creek) plays in this movie!! We love him too!

  1. Under the Christmas Tree (2021)

Under the Christmas Tree 2021 Lifetime Lesbian Christmas Movie

In 2020, we got the lesbian Christmas movie Happiest Season and in 2021 we get Under the Christmas Tree. It’s a brand-new cute lesbian Christmas movie 2021 and Lifetime’s first Christmas movie with a lesbian romance.

Lifetime already made The Christmas Setup in 2020, Lifetime’s first movie about a gay romance. And we are super happy we get a lesbian Christmas romance in 2021.

The movie was released on December 19th, 2021, and is about Alma Beltran and Christmas tree whisperer Charlie Freemont. The two cross paths when Charlie searches for the perfect Christmas tree for the Maine Governor’s Holiday Celebration in Alma’s backyard.

Romantic sparks fly between the two, and we loved this cheesy, cute lesbian Christmas movie. The storyline isn’t super original, but who cares! It’s a happy Christmas movie with a happy ending and without gay struggles (no coming-out drama, for example, like in Happiest Season).

Keep those cheesy lesbian Christmas movies coming.

In certain countries, you can watch Under the Christmas Tree on Amazon Prime!

  1. Let It Snow (2019)

let it snow netflix lesbian christmas movie

Let It Snow is an LGBT Netflix Christmas movie from 2019. While watching Let It Snow we didn’t know about the lesbian storyline included in the movie. And we fell in love.

It may not be the main love story of the movie, but it’s still quite a big one. And a cute one too. There are even two lesbian kisses (sorry for the spoiler). And we love how out, and proud one of the girls is.

The Christmas movie is about a group of friends that live in a small town. A snowstorm hits the town on Christmas Eve and their friendships and love lives collide. Nothing will be the same the next morning.

Extra queer angle: one of the lesbians is portrayed by Liv Hewson, who identifies as non-binary in real life.

We are patiently waiting for lesbian Netflix to make more Christmas movies with lesbian storylines. Or why not a lesbian Christmas movie with a lesbian couple as the main storyline?

  1. Season of Love (2019)

Season of Love lesbian christmas

It isn’t a list with lesbian Christmas movies without Season of Love on it! It’s a Hallmark-ish movie, but better, because of lesbians, lesbians, more lesbians, and many lesbian stories.

What we really love about Season of Love is that it’s made by the lesbian community for the lesbian community.

This lesbian Christmas movie is about a diverse group of queer women and their connected love lives. During the holidays, they discover love is really the best gift of all.

Sounds cheesy right?! Yes, it’s definitely a cheesy movie, but we need those during the holidays.

What would you do if you happen to stand under the mistletoe with someone you have a crush on? There’s only one right answer…

You can’t find Season of Love on streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu, but you can rent or purchase the movie through Tello Films.

  1. The Christmas Lottery (2020)

The Christmas Lottery 2020

YES! Black Entertainment Television (BET) produced a movie with a lesbian couple in it! We will say it again: we need more diversity in lesbian film!

We see so many white, femme lesbians and queer women. But we need Black lesbian visibility (and other queer women of color).

In The Christmas Lottery, three sisters are asked to come back home by their dad for Christmas, as he won a lottery! Over the years the sisters have grown apart and while searching for the lottery ticket (whom their mother who suffers from dementia lost) they learn to come together again.

One of the daughters is married to a woman, and we love how normal it is they are together. How it is supposed to be. So no stories about coming out, struggles, etc., but two women who are together from the start.

Depending on your location, you can watch The Christmas Lottery on Amazon Prime!

  1. Christmas at the Ranch (2021)

Christmas at the Ranch 2021 Lesbian Christmas movie

Get ready for some lesbian cowgirl vibes! Tello Films loves creating lesbian holiday movies, and in December 2021, they released Christmas at the Ranch.

The script is a bit like the gay Christmas movie Dashing in December (more about that one later), and many other straight holiday movies, but now with queer women.

What is the lesbian Christmas movie about? Haley returns to her family ranch as her family needs help to save it from closure. She travels from the city to the countryside to help and falls for the ranch hand and cowgirl Kate. Not at first though, as things are a bit complicated from the start (of course, lesbians!).

But we do get a very happy ending, and we love this cheesy lesbian Christmas movie.

  1. Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas (2019)

Ghosting The Spirit of Christmas 2019 lesbian christmas movie

A lesbian Christmas movie with Aisha Dee in it, and we simply love her! Did you see the lesbian show The Bold Type? Then you know her too!

Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas is about Jess, played by Aisha Dee, who goes on an amazing first date with a guy called Ben. After the date, she drives home and has a car accident. She wakes up as a ghost, and Ben waits and waits for Jess to text something back to him. She’s ‘ghosting’ him!

This doesn’t sound very lesbian, right?! But Jess best friend Kara is into girls, plus Ben’s sister too. And we like their storylines. Yes, it’s the subplot, however, the movie is still super worth the watch. It’s adorable.

  1. Carol (2015)

Carol 2015 lesbian christmas movie

Carol is a lesbian love story made by gay filmmaker Todd Haynes.

It was named the best LGBT film of all time in 2016, and clearly, this is a good one. It’s a period drama, set in 1952.

Carol tells a love story: girl (Therese) meets girl (Carol), they bond and fall in love. But of course, it’s complicated. 

There aren’t that many Christmas vibes in Carol as in Happiest Season, Season of Love, and Let It Snow, but Therese and Carol meet when Carol is Christmas shopping.

Carol is a lesbian movie you must see during the holidays or any other time. You might be able to watch the movie on Netflix (depending on your location). You can also watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Merry Happy Whatever (2019)

Merry Happy Whatever lesbian christmas show

It’s not only a list of lesbian Christmas movies, but also with lesbian Christmas shows! Merry Happy Whatever is a Netflix Original Christmas series with a lesbian storyline in it.

We aren’t huge fans of the series, but it’s definitely entertaining and easy to watch. And let’s be honest: we all watch something when we know there’s a lesbian involved in a series or movie.

Marry Happy Whatever stars Dennis Quaid, Ashley Tisdale (yes from High School Musical!), and Bridgit Mendler.

The series follows a family during the holiday season, navigating through the ups and downs every family experiences. The father, played by Dennis Quaid, is the strict and traditional leader of the family.

Luckily he gets more open-minded through the series. Which is especially important when his own daughter is coming out.

Old traditions make place for new ones and while there are many struggles, the series has a happy ending!

  1. City of Trees (2019)

City of Trees 2019

Ainsley lives in the big city and goes to her small hometown for the holidays. It’s the first time in many years to be home with her parents, and she’s forced to deal with some unresolved feelings.

Also her feelings for a girl named Sophie! The two reunite and lovely things happen. We don’t want to spoil anything, just watch it yourself.

We do want to say the movie is not of the highest production quality, but it’s definitely a cute holiday movie to watch (if you can see through the production quality).

Depending on your location, you can watch City of Trees on Amazon Prime!

  1. Lez B0mb (2018)

Lez b0mb

Lauren is in a relationship with her girlfriend Hailey. Lauren’s family doesn’t know that yet, not even that she’s into girls. When Lauren is going home for Thanksgiving, with Hailey, she wants to come out. But it proves to be very difficult.

Especially since her mom doesn’t like surprises. And Austin, Lauren’s (male) friend, and roommate decides to join the party unexpectedly. He is very loved by the family, so that doesn’t help either.

Lez B0mb might be a movie full of clichés, but we love how this lesbian Christmas movie delivers a message of love, acceptance, and tolerance.

In reviews, we read people think Hailey is too pushy, by pushing Lauren to come out to her family. But I myself needed that little push too. And I’m happy my girlfriend gave me that little push.

Otherwise, I would have never come out of the closet (or way later), and I felt relieved that I did (read my lesbian coming out story).

Though I also want to say it’s important to come out when you are ready.

You can watch this lesbian Christmas movie on Amazon.

  1. What’s Cooking? (2000)

Whats cooking lesbian movie

What’s Cooking? is a movie from 2000. It isn’t a very old movie, but during the past years, many things have changed so the movie is a bit outdated.

But it does feature a lesbian couple! And one that’s realistic and progressive.

The movie is about four ethnically different families living in Los Angeles, celebrating the Thanksgiving holidays. Every family, from Vietnamese-American, African-American, Jewish, and Latino descent, all celebrate Thanksgiving their own unique way, with each their own drama.

The Jewish couple has their daughter, Rachel, over from San Francisco. And Rachel brings her girlfriend with her. Rachel’s parents know about the lesbian relationship of her daughter, but prefer not to talk about it and to ignore it.

During the Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family, Rachel and her girlfriend have to pretend to be just friends and roommates. As the whole family can’t know about their relationship (according to Rachel’s parents).

At some point, Rachel can’t handle it anymore, and she needs to tell her secret, plus the fact that they are becoming a lesbian family as they are having a baby. Flabbergasted people at the table guaranteed!

Watch What’s Cooking? on Amazon.

  1. I Hate New Year’s (2020)

I Hate New Years 2020 Tello

This movie is unique in many ways. First: it’s not about a religious holiday like Christmas, nor about a holiday with a problematic history (Thanksgiving), it’s about New Year’s. A holiday that’s literally celebrated worldwide (sometimes on a different date yes, but relatable to all).

As it’s about the New Year’s and holidays, we definitely wanted to include it on this list!

Rising music star Layne Price returns to Nashville for New Year’s as she’s struggling with writer’s block. She suspects it’s because of unfinished business with her ex.

But life has other plans, and she realizes she’s in love with her best friend!

Both lead actresses have Asian heritage (Dia Frampton is half Korean and Ashley Argota has Filipino parents) and it’s such a joy to see a holiday movie where there are mature and positive queer women. It’s truly a celebration of lesbian love and we love it!

Also, the songs are cute! And the production value is actually better than most lesbian indie films.

You can watch I Hate New Year’s on Amazon.

  1. Rent (2005)

Rent 2005 maureen joanne lesbian couple

This one is for musical lovers! If you haven’t seen Rent yet, it’s about time! Rent is the movie version of the award-winning musical.

The movie is from 2005 and is about a group of Bohemians living in East Village, New York City. They struggle with their lives, love, AIDS, lack of money, loneliness, addiction, and acceptance.

Plus the never-ending search for happiness. They have one motto: live like it’s the last day of your life!

The story is written around the two roommates Mark and Roger. But it’s also about an interracial lesbian couple, a gay couple, and their other friends. Especially in the second part of the movie you get to see more of the lesbian couple.

There’s lots of singing going on in Rent, so it’s not a movie for everybody. We love watching it but be prepared for an emotional roller coaster. Plus Idina Menzel plays in it, and we simply love her!

The movie covers a whole year, so the start is during the Christmas holidays, and it ends during Christmas too.

You can watch Rent on Amazon.

  1. Merry & Gay (2022)

Merry & Gay Lesbian Christmas movie

A lesbian Christmas 2022 movie! Created by the same writer, producer, and director of Christmas at the Ranch, Season of Love, and I Hate New Years, Christin Baker. Christin is doing a great job creating LGBTQ+ holiday movies!

Merry & Gay includes a non-binary actor as one of the leads and is about two mothers hatching a plot to reunite their children, Becca and Sam.

Becca and Sam were high school sweethearts and best friends, though Becca left town to pursue her career in New York City.

What will happen when they reunite again? Will Christmas be Merry & Gay eventually?

You can watch the LGBT Christmas movie on the new network DIVA Box Office, which is a partnership between DIVA magazine and A Baker production. DIVA Box Office is dedicated to stories about and from the lesbian and queer community.

  1. We Need a Little Christmas (2017)

we need a little christmas 2017

This movie is about a group of Black lesbian friends who spend a weekend together in a cabin.

To be very honest: the quality of the production is not great. But the story is lovely.

We get to see mature lesbians (a cast of queer women of color) having relatable conversations and struggles. We’re sad that this movie is often overlooked!

You can watch We Need a Little Christmas on YouTube!

  1. A New York Christmas Wedding (2020)

A New York Christmas Wedding Black lesbian christmas movie

A very diverse Christmas movie that we love to watch. The main character is a queer Black Latina woman, and her first love story is the sweetest.

We did not expect it, but the movie turns out to be a love story of two women!

It isn’t the best-made movie ever, but you should definitely watch it. The movie was made in 14 days with a small budget, all around New York City. That’s something you will notice.

Nevertheless, it’s a movie and a story much needed. And Hallmark can learn something from this inclusive and diverse movie.

A New York Christmas Wedding was part of the American Black Film Festival, and right now you can watch it on Netflix. If you aren’t located in the United States, use a VPN (we recommend Surfshark) to watch it.

What is this lesbian Christmas movie about? After Jennifer is visited by her guardian angel, she ends up in an alternative world.

What if she hadn’t denied her feelings for her best (girl)friend? Would she still be living in Manhattan with her rich boyfriend? Or would things have ended up a lot differently?

The movie includes an interracial lesbian wedding, lots of Christmas vibes, love, and so much more! And we totally agree with the producer; ‘it’s a feel-good movie, but with a different narrative’.

We are craving more diverse, different stories!

  1. Friendsgiving (2020)

Friendsgiving 2020 fairy gaymothers

Okay, this movie is all over the place, and we have many mixed feelings.

But a big yay for a queer female director, and more yays for the ‘fairy gaymothers’ in the form of famous lesbian comedians Wanda Sykes, Fortune Feimster, and Margaret Cho.

The story is about two best friends Molly and Abbey, who plan to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Lots of things happen (honestly, a little too much) and they end up with a Friendsgiving party for many people.

Abbey came out a year ago and is very much not over her first girlfriend (that was super harmful). Molly invites a bunch of stereotypical lesbians for Abbey to hook up with.

And then there are Abbey’s fair gaymothers, who say every baby gay gets them (WHERE WERE MINE?). The movie is a rollercoaster.

You can watch Friendsgiving on Amazon.

  1. Orange Is the New Black 1×13 (2013)

Can't Fix Crazy Orange is the new black christmas episode

This iconic lesbian show has one episode that’s about the holidays.

The last episode of the first season, named Can’t Fix Crazy, is packed with action and Christmas vibes. You’ve probably all seen OITNB already, but rewatching this episode to get into the holiday vibes is always a good idea!

In the episode, Poussey, Cindy, and Taystee give a beautiful performance of Joy to the World. And Alex and Nicky share a hot moment together.

If you don’t know OITNB yet, the show is about Piper, who ends up in prison where she gets reunited with her ex-girlfriend. But the series isn’t just about Piper, it’s about many (queer) women in the prison!

You can watch the series on Netflix.

  1. Wynonna Earp 3×06 (2018)

Wynonna Earp Christmas episode Wayhaught

For everybody that loves to see the supernatural on screen, go watch Wynonna Earp. It’s about Wynonna Earp, who’s a demon kiIIer and kiIIs other creatures.

Her sister, Waverly Earp, who’s also one of the lead characters in the show is in a relationship with sheriff Nicole Haught.

We love their chemistry, and they have many amazing lesbian scenes during the series. They are lesbian shipped ‘WayHaught’.

Episode 6 of Season 3, named If we make it through December, is all about preparing for Christmas. And there’s lots of cute Wayhaught involved!

You can watch Wynonna Earp on Amazon or Netflix.

  1. Sense8 2×01 (2016)

Sense8 christmas special

Okay, Sense8 is probably the queerest TV show ever made. Amanita and Nomi are the cutest interracial lesbian couple ever and this 2-hour long Christmas special is too good not to mention.

Sense8 is about 8 people across the world (Mexico, India, Germany, Iceland, USA, Kenya, and South Korea) that were born at the same time, and they are connected to each other – they’re “sensates”: human beings who are mentally and emotionally linked.

It’s all very confusing, but the queerness should be enough reason to watch it.

You can watch Sense8 on Netflix.

Short Lesbian Christmas Films

Besides watching lesbian movies and lesbian shows, we also absolutely love watching lesbian short films. The perks of a short film: it’s short, powerful, and often with an original concept.

Enjoy watching these short lesbian Christmas films!

  1. Holiday Help Desk (2018)

holiday help desk 2018

Lauren has to work during Christmas Eve. Little does she know that working the help desk and picking up the phone on Christmas Eve will change her life!

This lesbian short film is really adorable and YAY for Asian lesbian representation!

You can watch Holiday Help Desk on Amazon.

  1. Will You Merry Me? (2020)

will you merry me 2020

When you want to propose during Christmas, but there are so many obstacles to overcome. How relatable, when does a proposal ever goes smoothly?

You can watch this short lesbian Christmas movie on Lesflicks.

  1. The Postie (2019)

the postie 2019

Amy is crushing hard on the new delivery girl and has to find a way to figure out if she’s queer…

Expect familiar awkwardness and cuteness!

You can watch The Postie on Amazon.

  1. The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night (2021)

The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night (2021)

The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night is about the queer Muslim woman Noor who brings her new Puerto Rican girlfriend to her family holiday festivities for the first time. Which is on Christmas Eve!

How will the family’s annual game night go?

Right now, it seems you can only watch the short lesbian Christmas movie in the United States.

EXTRA: Other LGBTQ Christmas Movies & Shows

There are some other queer-themed Christmas movies and shows you should know about!

Diversity and inclusivity are super important, and we love celebrating and supporting those stories. One day we hope this list with lesbian Christmas movies and shows is endless, but sadly we aren’t there yet.

  1. Single All the Way (2021)

Single All the Way LGBT Netflix Christmas movie

Okay, we had hoped for a lesbian Netflix Christmas movie in 2021 and 2022, but that won’t happen, sadly. But we did get a gay Christmas movie in 2021 with a gay male romance at its center!

Single All the Way is the first time Netflix makes such a movie (it’s about time, right?! With all the LGBTQ+ content on the platform?!) and we loved watching it.

The romantic comedy is about Peter, who persuades his best friend Nick to join him for the holidays with family. But not just as a friend, but as his boyfriend. So that Peter can avoid his family’s judgment about being single.

Little does Peter know his mom wants to set him up on a blind date with the hot fitness instructor James! What to do, what to do…

  1. Make the Yuletide Gay (2009)

Make the Yuletide Gay 2009

An openly gay college student returns to his parental home for the holidays. Yet, he isn’t out at home.

And when his boyfriend suddenly shows up, things are bound to get interesting… Yup, it’s a familiar plot, but this movie is from 2009, so it was the first!

You can watch this gay Christmas movie on Amazon.

  1. Dash & Lily (2020)

Netflix Dasha and Lily gay couple

Dash & Lily is a queer-inclusive Netflix show that takes place around Christmas. We love the storyline of the series.

And although the main storyline isn’t a queer one, there is a trans woman, a gay guy, and a lesbian woman included in Dash & Lily.

  1. The Christmas House (2020)

Hallmark The Christmas House 2020

Finally, Hallmark listened to the criticism they received online. They assured their viewers that better LGBTQ+ representation is to come.

The Christmas House is the first Hallmark movie featuring a gay couple as the main characters! And something we really love is that the gay couple are also played by gay actors. Jonathan Bennett plays Brandon, and Brad Harder plays Jake.

The two go to the home of Brandon’s partners for the holidays as the parents have important decisions to make. But little do they know Brandon and Jake are nervously waiting for a phone call regarding the adoption of a child!

And in December 2021 we got the sequel called The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls. Exciting!

  1. The Christmas Setup (2020)

Lifetime The Christmas Setup 2020

Not only Hallmark listens to their viewers, Lifetime does too. First, we got The Christmas Setup and then Under the Christmas Tree!

Lifetime included a gay kiss in a movie before (Twinkle all the Way), but The Christmas Setup is Lifetime’s first movie about a gay romance, portrayed by a real-life gay couple!

The story is about Hugo and Patrick, who grow close together during the holiday season. But when Hugo gets offered a promotion in London, he needs to decide what matters most, his new love or his career.

  1. Dashing in December (2020)

Paramount Dashing in December 2020

This trailer feels a lot like Brokeback Mountain, if it were a Christmas movie. Of course, Paramount Network had to jump on the gay Christmas movie hype, and so here we are!

It’s a gay cowboy Christmas movie that’s super adorable.

Wyatt Burwall returns home for the holiday season and wants to convince his mom to sell the family’s ranch in Colorado. But then Wyatt falls for the ranch hand Heath, who wants to save the property. What will happen to the ranch? And with Wyatt and Heath?

You can watch Dashing in December on Amazon Prime.

  1. The Holiday Sitter (2022)

The Holiday Sitter LGBT Christmas movie

More LGBT Christmas movies starring Jonathan Bennett! The Holiday Sitter is a 2022 Hallmark movie with not only a gay storyline and two gay lead actors, but also a whole queer creative team; how amazing.

The movie is about Sam who babysits his niece and nephew during the holiday period. The handsome neighbor, Jason, helps Sam out. And you can probably guess what will happen next!

Happy Holigays! Enjoy these lesbian Christmas movies and shows!

What’s your favorite lesbian Christmas movie? We would love to know!

Find us on InstagramFacebookYouTube, or comment below! And don’t forget to share this article with your friends!



Lesbian Christmas Movies and Shows To Watch
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