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Top Things to do in Andermatt in Winter

Andermatt is a cute and picturesque village located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It’s the perfect base for outdoor lovers, with many adventurous things to do in Andermatt.

Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing are just a few exciting activities you can do while enjoying the beautiful mountains. The mountains and slopes of Andermatt are connected with the towns Sedrun and Disentis, making it the largest ski resort in central Switzerland.

There are 180 kilometers of slopes to explore, so there’s something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or more advanced. The most adventurous of us can head to Gemsstock, which is the place to be for free riders! 

But if you want to relax, are looking for some luxury, and want to enjoy Swiss cuisine, this winter wonderland is also a great destination in Switzerland.

Continue reading for the top things to do in Andermatt in winter.

Once Upon A Journey Andermatt

Where is Andermatt?

Andermatt is situated at 1,444 meters above sea level in the heart of Switzerland, in the Ursern Valley. Zurich is 100 kilometers from Andermatt, and the journey takes about 1.5 hours by car. Bern and Milan are about 180 kilometers away.

Thanks to its great central position, Andermatt can be easily and quickly reached from many other destinations in Switzerland and Europe by train, car, or coach. It’s also the perfect starting point for different Alpine Passes, like the Gotthard Pass. Driving to Andermatt will amaze you with all the fantastic views!

Andermatt Switzerland

But not only while driving, you can enjoy amazing views, but also when traveling to Andermatt by train. The Matterhorn Gotthard Railway, the Glacier Express, and the Gotthard Panorama Express are beautiful train rides.

You may also travel through the historical Gotthard Rail Tunnel, which was once the longest rail tunnel in the world.

Top Things to do in Andermatt in Winter

Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, ice skating, and snowshoeing are just a few exciting activities you can do while enjoying the beautiful mountains in Andermatt.

Read everything about them and more below!

Top things to do in Andermatt in winter

  1. Get Active on the Slopes

One of the absolute top things to do in Andermatt is skiing! Skiing in Andermatt is fun, adventurous, and diverse. There’s something for everyone.

With 180 kilometers of slopes and 33 lifts, Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis have grown into the largest ski resort in Central Switzerland.

And something very important: the Andermatt ski resort is one of Switzerland’s most snow-sure ski regions! Thanks to its high-altitude location, there’s usually lots of snow, making it a great place for skiing and snowboarding. Lifts take you as high as 3,000 meters above sea level, offering the most beautiful views!

Skiing in Andermatt

The Andermatt skigebiet is typically open from late November until late April, so that’s quite a long time to enjoy these beautiful alpine surroundings and slopes. Keep an eye out for the Andermatt webcams and snow situation to stay up to date about the current situation in this Swiss winter wonderland. 

There are 47.5 kilometers of blue slopes (easy), 84 kilometers of red slopes (intermediate), 37 kilometers of black slopes (difficult), and 16.5 kilometers of yellow slopes. The yellow slopes are marked and secured but not groomed, making them great spots for avalanche-safe skiing in deeper snow, perfect for the free riders under us.

See the Andermatt ski map below:

Andermatt ski map

Andermatt’s free ride terrain (Gemmstock) is famous worldwide and a popular destination for experienced skiers and snowboarders. And if you want to do it extra safely, the Avalanche Training Center Andermatt offers different courses to ensure a safe deep-powder experience!

Don’t worry if you aren’t that experienced yet, or if you want to learn how to ski or visit Andermatt as a family with children. There are also dedicated beginner areas, in the Nätschen area, for example. Or head to Sedrun for plenty of wide blue slopes.

Snowboarding in Andermatt

  1. Explore Andermatt Village

Exploring the cute village of Andermatt is a must! The historic village center is charming, well-preserved, and peaceful.

Walking around, you will see different traditional wooden houses, cobblestone streets, and restaurants. Tradition meets modernity in Andermatt.

Don’t miss out on the Gotthardstrasse, the shopping and dining street in the old center of Andermatt. Local specialties to try in one of the restaurants are cheese fondue and raclette.

Andermatt village

And as a vegetarian myself, I am amazed by all the vegetarian and vegan options available (both in town and on the slopes).

Something else I really love about Andermatt is how they use national energy sources (wind and water), which are generated sustainably, instead of using and importing energy from elsewhere in Switzerland. Geothermal heating is also used to reduce the village’s environmental impact.

Andermatt Swiss Alps, the development company behind the village’s transformation, is participating in the sustainable program by Switzerland Tourism. Good things!

Raclette in Andermatt

  1. Visit the Devil’s Bridge

Just a 20-minute walk from Andermatt station, you can find Devil’s Bridge, a historic bridge at the entrance of the Ursern Valley and the Gotthard region. The bridge was built from wood back in the 13th century and replaced with a stone bridge in about 1585.

Devil's Bridge Andermatt Switzerland

Spend some time enjoying the beautiful scenery and this special construction with an interesting name. The legend tells that many people passed away crossing the Ruess River, which flows under the bridge. They tried to make a bridge themselves but couldn’t make it work. Then the devil appeared and said, ‘I can build a bridge for you. But the first soul to go over the bridge shall be mine.’

Learn more about the bridge and its interesting name when visiting the area!

  1. Take the Glacier Express Andermatt

Switzerland has some of the most beautiful train rides in the world, and there’s no better way to explore this amazing country than by train.

One of these incredible train rides is the Glacier Express, which travels through the Swiss Alps. The train ride takes eight hours from Zermatt to St. Moritz and stops in Andermatt.

Take the Glacier Express Andermatt

On the way, you will see spectacular panoramic views, untouched forests, tunnels, stunning rock formations, charming Swiss towns, crystal-clear mountain lakes, and bridges. The train has big glass windows for enjoying every second of the scenery.

Andermatt is perfectly located in the middle of the train route. In my eyes, there’s no better way to arrive in Andermatt!

  1. Stay at Radisson Blu Andermatt

Are you wondering where to stay in Andermatt? Radisson Blu Andermatt is the perfect place to stay in town. I really enjoyed my four nights here, which were filled with luxury, friendly people, relaxation, and the most delicious food.

The Radisson Blue spa includes two saunas, different kinds of treatments, a big swimming pool, and a steam bath. It is the place to unwind after exploring the region. What else do you need after a day on the slopes?

Radisson Blu Hotel Andermatt

Food! The in-house restaurant Spun offers dishes with a modern take on regional specialties with local and seasonal products. Get ready for some unique flavor experiences by chef Alberto Galimberti.

The most delicious truffle cheese fondue I’ve ever had was at restaurant Spun! And don’t get me started about the delicious Swiss wines.

  1. Go Sledding

When staying at Radisson Blu Andermatt, get one of their sleds to hit the slopes a very different way: by sled! Or rent one at one of the ski shops, at Imholz Sport Andermatt, for example.

Sledding, or tobogganing, is super fun, and there are three different toboggan runs to choose from.

The easiest ride from Andermatt is the Nätschen-Andermatt run, which is about 5 kilometers long and takes 20 minutes. You can reach the starting point with the Gütsch-Express lift or the Matterhorn Gotthard train.

Sledding in Andermatt

Other options are the Milez–Dieni run and the Mompé Medel in Disentis run.

Always be careful and wear a helmet while sledding (same, of course, while skiing and snowboarding).

  1. Try Cross-Country Skiing

More active things to do in Andermatt! Try cross-country skiing! The Ursern Valley offers a total of 32 kilometers of cross-country skiing tracks to explore. The trails are groomed daily, offering ideal conditions for cross-country skiers.

There’s a track going along the valley from Andermatt via Hospental to Realp. The track entrances are at different locations in the village, near the Bäzberg underpass, in Andermatt Reus, and at The Nordic House Andermatt.

Cross country skiing Andermatt

If you are looking for a shorter cross-country skiing trip. There’s also a circular track around Andermatt. Cross-country skiing is much harder than it might look, so consider taking lessons first!

  1. Go Winter Hiking

Winter hiking and snowshoe trekking are more options on Andermatt’s long list of possible winter adventures.

Hiking is a gentle way to enjoy the winter scenery, and there are many trails to choose from. You really have the time to perceive the surroundings and nature.

The Andermatt, Sedrun, and Disentis region offers over 100 kilometers of well-signposted and prepared winter hiking trails, which are marked with pink signs.

Hiking in Andermatt

All three villages are connected by the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway tracks, which are included in your ski pass. So you can conveniently take the train back to Andermatt after a long hike.

Good to know: the snowshoe trails are not controlled. But it’s an amazing way to track through the snow-covered countryside, feeling just untouched powder snow under your feet!

  1. Put Skates on at the Ice-Skating Rink

Next to Radisson Blu Hotel Andermatt is an outdoor ice rink, perfect for more winter enjoyment—this time on ice!

Ice skating Andermatt

Rent your skates and have fun! And when you get thirsty or hungry, head to the Sportsbar Andermatt, next to the ice rink.

Andermatt Map

Enjoy these winter activities in Andermatt!

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