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Hi there! So exciting you have found us! Let us introduce ourselves. We are Roxanne Weijer and Maartje Hensen, two Dutch girls in love with each other, the world, writing, and photographing. 

The story behind the name ‘Once Upon A Journey’ is actually a funny one. Originally, we wanted to write about folk- and fairytales all around the world. We thought: this is a super specific niche, that is what we want. Turns out it is time consuming writing (and researching) stories that specific. And people are already interested in our own stories! So we decided to tell our own stories. And we thought we had to change names. But the further we argued, and the worse the names got, we realized: this name fits.

The ‘once upon a’ part suggests fairytales, or magic. Travelling is a ‘magical’ thing; like a fairy tale. And the name as a whole suggests something is about to happen, a story is to start. And that is what travelling is like, it is magical and always a start of a great story.

So, who’s who? We’re both female, blonde, and tall. Super confusing; we know!


once upon a journey roxanne & maartje


Hi, I’m Maartje. You can tell me apart from Roxanne by my glasses. Most of the time you spot a camera first, and then my face. I have the tendency to change my hair a lot, so that is not the best point of recognition. According to my mum, I was born with the travel bug. Ever since I was a little kid I was telling everyone I was planning on emigrating ‘when I was old enough’, and I would visit the United States first. In 2015, I crossed that one off the bucket list during a study abroad. It only fed the wanderlust. So here I am, travelling the world with my favourite girl!

once upon a journey roxanne & maartje


The girl who is 7 cm (2.8 inches) taller, two years older and has more curls in her hair; that’s me, Roxanne! Friends say you can hear my laugh even before you can see me. What can I say? I’m very easily made enthusiast for anything! Because of Maartje, I am into photographing and writing now, but originally I’m a sporter and a physical therapist. As a kid, I played soccer for six years, but I love all kind of sports. I also love travelling, this is my second world travel. And I’m addicted to Indian food!