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Our biggest belief is that travel is for everyone, and we’re determined to showcase beauty everywhere. We don’t shy away from non-LGBT-friendly countries but also celebrate places where we can truly be ourselves.


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Who Are We?

Who is Once Upon A Journey? We’re Roxanne and Maartje: two women in love with each other, the world, writing, and photographing! Our love story started in 2014, and our journey is far from over!

In March 2017, we sold everything, left home behind, and started traveling full time.

Once Upon a Journey was born on the road! We were fully nomadic for three years, but we have been Netherlands-based again since 2020.

Over the years, Once Upon a Journey has grown into a resource for LGBTQ+ people in travel and lifestyle. It’s the most prominent travel resource for lesbian travelers.

It’s our biggest belief that travel is for everyone, and we’re determined to show how beautiful the world can be.

Read more on our about page.


Previous partnerships Once Upon A Journey
Once Upon A Journey Lesbian Travel Blog Featured In Forbes Autostraddle Cosmopolitan

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Currently (summer 2021), we get 145,000 monthly unique visitors and 190,000 monthly page views on, resulting in over 1.5 million annual visitors.

Our audience is primarily based in the Americas (50%) and Europe (30%). Gender isn’t binary, but sadly Google and social statistics still are – according to those, our audience is 75% female, 25% male. Half of our audience is millennials between the ages of 25 and 34.

In addition, we have a following of over 100,000 on our Instagram accounts @onceuponajourney, @maartjehensen, and @roxanneweijer. And we have nearly 20,000 followers on TikTok.

145,000 unique visitors
190,000 page views
> 1.5 million annual visitors

50% Americas
30% Europe

75% female
25% male

3% engagement rate

3,000-6,000 daily story views

Once Upon A Journey lesbian travel blog

Request a Media Kit

For more information on our stats, demographics, and more, please request a media kit via [email protected].

What We Do

We love visiting new destinations but also returning to places we have visited. We’re both passionate about writing, photographing, and creating videos.

Through authentic content, we tell our story. All our experiences are our own, and what we share with our audience is unique and trustworthy.

People visit our blog and follow our travels to be inspired and get the best (LGBT) travel tips.

We partner with welcoming brands, tourism destinations, tour operators, airlines, events, and accommodations worldwide that would love to promote their business/destination to our highly engaging, mainly LGBT, audience.

About Once Upon A Journey Roxanne and Maartje
Rox and me in Amsterdam

Why Partner With Us?


Roxanne & Maartje have a unique story to tell and a unique audience to listen to it.

Opening up about their lives and being their complete selves makes them relatable and trustworthy, which is why readers value their recommendations.


Once Upon A Journey is one of only a few female LGBT travel blogs and has quickly grown into one of the biggest lesbian travel resources.


Happiness and the beauty of traveling are showcased on all Once Upon A Journey channels through high-quality content: personal storytelling and colorful imagery.

Content that inspires!


The ladies’ biggest power is that they are relatable as a travel couple and (queer) women.

Travel couples and same-sex couples spend on average more than the average tourist. In addition, LGBT travelers travel a lot more often than straight travelers.


The LGBTQ community is known for its resilience, and LGBTQ travelers are leading the way to tourism recovery.

What We Can Offer

We offer professional SEO-optimized written content and high-quality visual content to promote businesses and destinations on our LGBT travel blog and social media channels.

Find us on:

We also offer customized content marketing strategies to your needs on our platforms, plus we can create content for your marketing strategy. We’re always open to new ideas.

Please contact us through email if you are interested in partnering with us.

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Partnership Opportunities

  • Destination marketing and tourism campaigns
  • Content creation in the form of photography, videography, and/or writing
  • Sponsored content on our website and/or social media
  • Press trips
  • Brand ambassadorship and media collaborations
  • Consulting and/or speaking engagements about blogging, social media, photography
  • Professional photography and/or videography (incl. product photography, property photography, and portrait photoshoots)
  • Social media marketing

Once Upon A Journey is always open to new ideas; feel free to email your proposal.

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Once Upon a Journey