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Queer & Lesbian London: Things To Do, Bars, Clubs + Events

London is a cosmopolitan city and diverse in every sense of the word. It has skyscrapers, large green parks, business districts, residential boroughs, old architecture, and new designs all in one (huge) bustling city. And with over 300 languages spoken by its almost 9 million residents, the people of London are diverse too.

The city is also very welcoming, tolerant, and open-minded and has some of the best gay nightlife and events in the world! As a lesbian traveler, you should feel at home in London; here, you can truly be yourself.

Get ready for this ultimate guide to lesbian London. Perfect for visiting London as a tourist or finding the best gay and lesbian things to do in the city as a local!

Queer and Lesbian London England

London is one of the world’s most famous destinations for LGBTQ+ travelers; it has so much to offer for everyone. And we want you to explore the best parts of lesbian London.

Continue reading for the ultimate guide to lesbian London! Including the best lesbian London bars, lesbian clubs, lesbian events, where to stay in London, and the best things to do and tips.

Queer & Lesbian London

The UK, especially London, is one of the more LGBTQ+ friendly destinations in the world. Therefore, it isn’t weird that LGBTQ+ rights in the UK have been some of the most progressive in the world.

Being gay has been legal since 1967, and especially during the last two decades, the UK has made significant steps forward. Since 2005 everyone has had the right to change legal gender without surgery, and since 2014 the UK has legalized marriage for all couples, regardless of gender.

And also important, LGBTQ+ discrimination in the UK has been illegal since 2010.

Lesbians London

Sadly, LGBTQ+ people still experience many more difficulties than straight, cisgender people, which unfortunately happens in most countries worldwide, but of course, we hope to see this change.

There have been some discriminatiဝn and hate incidents in the UK and London during the past years. It’s sad to see such things happen in one of the most welcome places in the world.

There’s still so much more to fight for; that’s why Pride events are still so important.

But don’t worry, as London is still one of the more LGBTQ+ friendly destinations worldwide. See our lesbian travel guide with the best lesbian travel tips, including safety tips.

Queer and lesbian London

Gay Area London

You can find gay and lesbian bars in London throughout the city, but London’s gay neighborhood lies in Soho!

Soho is the traditional epicenter of London’s gay scene, and there’s always something going on here. Soho is full of gay and lesbian bars, clubs, and cafes. Plus many rainbow flags! Go to Soho to enjoy queer nightlife, shop, and head to its fabulous restaurants.

Especially the weekends are jam-packed in Soho and during certain events like Pride, but it’s the place to have a good time any day of the week.

Lesbian London Travel Guide

Lately, East London, Dalston, and Vauxhall also have been incredibly popular with the LGBTQ+ community. Some even call Vauxhall London’s second gay village.

We will tell you all about the best gay and lesbian spots in Soho and the rest of London later in this article. First, the best queer and lesbian events in London!

Queer & Lesbian Events in London

Many queer, lesbian, and mixed events happen annually in London.

From lesbian London parties like Lick, Gal Pals, and Pxssy Palace to London Pride, we will tell you all about them below; mark them on your calendar!

  1. London Pride

Pride in London happens in June and July. The big parade is usually on the first Saturday of July or the last in June! It’s UK’s biggest Pride event, and the whole city gets involved!

In 1972 the first London Pride march happened, making it the 50th anniversary in 2022. We participated in the 2022 Pride in London march and loved every second.

We saw many people in the city celebrating and protesting together; wow! The 2022 parade was the biggest in history, with over 1.5 million attendees.

We highly recommend going to the London Pride march at least once in your life.

Pride in London, London Pride

During Pride month, picnics in parks, protests, sports events, art & photo exhibitions, and classes to theatre productions happen!

  1. Lick

One of the best lesbian London events, for women, by women! Lick is a strictly ‘no men allowed’ club night organized by Lick Events.

And the lesbian parties are so popular that now they aren’t only happening in London but all around the UK. For example, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, and Dublin.

Lick lesbian London events

Lick Events provides a safe space for women and transgender people to meet, dance, drink, and party the night away. The Lick party crowd is predominantly black and mixed race, and the parties attract a young crowd!

Keep an eye out on their Instagram account @lickevents for upcoming lesbian parties!

  1. UK Black Pride in London

UK Black Pride (UKBP) is the world’s largest Pride event for LGBTQ+ people of Asian, African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, and Latin American descent.

The black gay pride event has taken place since 2005 and is a volunteer-powered event.

UK Black Pride London Cat Burns

In 2022, UK Black Pride happened on Sunday, August 14, 2022, at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, East London. And 25,000 people showed up!

Join the protest and celebrate inclusion and diversity. Everybody is welcome to join the protest and celebrations.

  1. Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Festival

We love movies and short films, especially lesbian movies and lesbian short films. And we are always happy to watch them at LGBTQ+ film festivals, like Fringe.

Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Festival is a volunteer-run organization that organizes events throughout the year, especially after the summer. Usually, the main festival happens in November, but in 2022 at the end of September.

Fringe! Queer film and arts festival London

Examples of events during the festival are: showcasing an eclectic mix of films, experimental installations, workshops, parties, debates, and arts.

All to celebrate different LGBTQ+ stories from all around the world. Love it!

  1. Gal Pals

More great lesbian parties in lesbian London. Gals Pals is a queer dance party in London and Brighton, happening multiple times a year.

The party was founded in 2015 by two real-life Gal Pals to create a safe space for queer women, non-binary, trans, and gender non-conforming people.

Gal Pals Lesbian london parties

Gals Pals features music exclusively by women, from female-fronted pop, hip-hop, and R&B, to the best queer party anthems. They aim to create a dancefloor where everyone can let loose and feel safe and free to party in a space where you are the majority.

Keep an eye out on their Instagram @galpalsclub to stay up to date about their lesbian parties!

  1. London Trans Pride

In 2022, the fourth annual Trans+ Pride march happened in the street of central London. Trans people and allies highlight the daily injustices faced by transgender people all around the world.

The fight is far from over, making Pride marches like this one so important.

London trans pride

On July 9, 2022, over 20,000 people marched in solidarity for London Trans+ Pride, a record-breaking number, making it one of the most joyous and colorful marches London has ever seen!

  1. Fèmme Fraîche

Fèmme Fraîche brings underground music and art to queer girls. The organizers were tired of going to the same lesbian parties in London, with the same DJs and music, so they started a party themselves. And so Fèmme Fraîche was born.

With great music and DJs, the Fèmme Fraîche nights at East London’s Dalston Superstore make for great clubbing.

Femme Fraiche lesbian parties London

Dalston Superstore and Fèmme Fraîche offer two different floors of dancing, with guilty pleasures upstairs and techno and house beats in the basement.

Keep an eye out on their Instagram @femmefraiche to stay up to date about their lesbian London events and parties!

  1. Mighty Hoopla

Welcome to UK’s best pop festival: Mighty Hoopla! Technically, Mighty Hoopla isn’t an LGBTQ+ festival, but it’s super LGBTQ+ friendly, has excellent LGBTQ+ vibes, and has a great line-up with LGBTQ+ artists. The festival focuses on delivering a welcoming and safe event for everyone joining the celebration.

In the past, MUNA, Mel C, the Sugababes, Atomic Kitten, Cheryl performed at the festival, and multiple drag queens!

Gay London Festival Mighty Hoopla

Get ready for over 200 artists and performers performing at seven different stages, embracing the best pop, alternative and queer culture. It’s a party for all!

In 2023, Mighty Hoopla will take place during the first week of June.

  1. Aphrodyki

We love how many lesbian parties in London there are! Aphrodyki is London’s Ancient Greek night for queer women, transgender women, and non-binary people.

Aphrodyki is a Greek goddess of queer lady love, pleasure, and beauty. So why not name a lesbian London event after this fantastic lady?

Aphrodyki Lesbian party London

The party only features music from the goddesses of R&B and pop; think Robyn, Madonna, and Rihanna!

Keep an eye out on their Instagram @aphrodyki to stay up to date about their lesbian parties!

  1. Queer Gala

Like the name already says, Queer Gala is a gala for queers, and it’s women-powered! How fun! It’s an annual event to dress up and experience all the glamour, talent, and extravagance of London’s queer scene.

Queer gala London Gay events

Get ready for some of the best DJs in London, aerial performers, voguers, acrobats, dancers, and so much more.

It’s a night never to forget and typically happens in November.

  1. Pxssy Palace

Pxssy Palace, the name can’t get any better! Pxssy Palace is a night for queer women, non-binary people, and transgender people of color.

The dance floor at Pxssy Palace is all about love, joy, support, and self-expression. Their monthly events provide a space to connect, engage and dance.

Pxssy Palace London gay events

Keep an eye out on their Instagram @pxssypalace to stay up to date about their lesbian parties.

  1. GFEST – Gaywise FEStival

GFest is an LGBGTQ+ arts festival happening every November in London. Or well, it occurred between 2007 and 2020, and we hope new editions will come in the upcoming years.

GFEST Gaywise FEStival London

The art festival features and promotes queer artists and talent and gives them a platform! Events include music, drag, dance, workshops, readings, galleries, debates, film screenings, talks, parties, comedy, and art exhibitions.

  1. Butch, Please

This lesbian club night celebrates our butch subculture. Butch, Please happens every month at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in Vauxhall.

It’s a night for lesbians, transgender people, and non-binary people and is dyke centered.

Butch Please Lesbian London party

Some Butch, Please nights are leather themed, but you can wear whatever you like. “Be nice, bring love, respect each other, and have a good time!” That’s the motto of this butch lesbian party.

Keep an eye out on their Instagram @butchpleaselondon to stay up to date about their lesbian London parties!

Take a look at the parties of Big Dyke Energy (@bigdykeenergyldn) and Nite Dykez (@nitedykez), too, for great lesbian parties!

  1. Queer House Party

Starting during the difficult times in 2020, Queer House Party is now an award-winning LGBTQ+ party. It all started as a lဝckdဝwn live stream party, and now it’s a party that packs-out different clubs.

In just a few years, Queer House Party has taken the queer London scene by storm, creating a space for the whole community.

Queer House Party, Lesbian events in London

It’s accessible, radical, DIY, and punk AF (according to their own words). Get ready for the best drag show, DJs, and performers from London and beyond!

Check their Instagram account @queerhouseparty to see when new queer (online) events are happening!

  1. Brighton Pride

What’s a lesbian London article without mentioning lesbian paradise Brighton, located about an hour away from London?

Besides London Pride, Brighton and Hove Pride is fantastic to attend too. It happens during the first week of August. Events include the parade, several parties throughout the city, the Pride Village Party with incredible performances, and an art and film festival!

Brighton Pride

We say incredible performances as they have had significant headlines like Britney Spears, Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue, Jessie J, Clean Bandit, Years and Years, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Christina Aguilera. How cool?!

Sadly, Brighton Pride always happens simultaneously as lesbian Amsterdam Pride. And we always love going to Amsterdam Pride, but one day we will make our way to Brighton for Pride too!

  1. Hungama

Hungama is London’s Queer Bollywood club night! Hip-hop meets Indian pop at this inclusive party for South Asian communities.

The founder of Hungama, Ryan Lanji, noticed there weren’t many spaces and club nights for queer South Asia people, so that’s when Hungama was born.

Hungama LGBT events London

London’s only event bringing queer Asians together in harmony with the rest of the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone is welcome at Hungama, wherever you come from, though the queer South Asian community is at the center.

Multiple Hungama events happen throughout the year.

  1. London Queer Fashion Show

Fashion lovers, get ready! LQFS is not your typical fashion show but a super queer one showcasing fashion, expression, and identity.

London Queer Fashion Show (LQFS) started as a platform for independent queer designers to showcase their work and celebrate the joy of wearing clothes to express all the facets of our identities.

London queer fashion show

Since 2017, LQFS has taken place across different venues in the city. Be prepared for amazing shows, performances, international models, and industry leaders.

The queer fashion show typically happens in September.

  1. Pink Oktoberfest

Pink Oktoberfest is UK’s one and only Pink Oktoberfest! So if you love drinking, head to Pink Oktoberfest, which happens at the end of October or early November in London.

Pink Oktoberfest, lesbians in London

Expect rainbows, German sausages, drag queens, lots of drinking, German servers, lip sync battles, awesome DJs, and much more!

Typically there will be more (gay) men at this Queer Oktoberfest festival, but everyone is welcome!

  1. Other Lesbian London Events to Look Out For

We’ve already mentioned many queer and lesbian events in London to look out for, but there are a few more we want to mention!

G.IRL Events is a relatively new lesbian event company in the UK that three amazing entrepreneurial queer women run. Events, such as parties and meet-ups, are organized throughout the UK.

Mint hosts different kinds of events in lesbian London, like parties, social events, networking events, and performance shows. All events are for queer women and the wider LGBTQ+ community.

Lesbian London

LxZ events is a woman, GNC, trans, and NB people-focused event company with regular lesbian events in London! From brunches to parties and Pride events.

Urban World is a collective of queer club brands bringing together London’s queer people of color community and their allies.

Looking for more lesbian-friendly destinations? Read all about it in our lesbian Europe and lesbian USA articles!

Queer & Lesbian Places in London

Besides fun queer and lesbian events, there are also quite some places we recommend visiting in lesbian London. For example, certain restaurants, London’s gay bookstore, drag shows, a gay walking tour, and The Queer Britain Museum!

If you want to meet lesbians in London, we recommend using lesbian Facebook groups or apps like HER to connect with the local London lesbians.

Also, check out our free lesbian dating apps’ recommendations to meet your lover or make new friends.

And continue reading to read about the lesbian London bars too!

  1. Wander Around Gay’s The Word

Established in 1979, Gay’s The Word is the UK’s oldest bookstore for the LGBTQ+ community.

We love reading lesbian books and other LGBTQ+ books, and at Gay’s The Word, you can find many of them. From the classics, new ones, and poetry to rare books, coming-out stories, fiction, and nonfiction, plus so much more.

Wander around this little LGBTQ+ bookstore and show your support. As we need to keep such treasure stores, many independent (book) stores are disappearing thanks to online stores.

The bookstore also hosts regular events!

  1. Visit The Queer Britain Museum

Another place in lesbian London that you shouldn’t miss is the Queer Britain Museum. Opened in 2022, it’s the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum.

Queer Britain Museum London

The museum is located in Coal Drops Yard, close to King’s Cross. It’s free to visit, a celebration of queer culture, and the museum offers a dedicated space for preserving queer culture. Discover the experiences and stories of LGBTQ+ people in the UK and worldwide.

Visit their store, too, for some rainbow gadgets and LGBTQ+ books.

  1. Join a Queer London Walking Tour

We always highly recommend joining an LGBTQ+ walking tour to learn more about queer history in a city. There’s always so much to learn, and we love hearing stories from locals.

Tower Bridge, Shad Thames, London, UK, Gay walking tour London

You can join the fantastic tours of Queer Tours of London! Their tours are educational, interactive, accessible, creative, and super fun and tell everything you want to know about London’s queer history. Including how London came to be the super welcoming city it is today. They also organize other events like cabaret!

Gaily Tour organizes gay tours in London too.

  1. Eat at Gay-Popular Restaurant Balans

Balans is a restaurant located in the heart of London’s gay neighborhood, Soho. The restaurant is very gay-popular, is often busy, and serves delicious food! All day brunch, why not? So when you are in the area and you are hungry, this is a great place to go.

And they have a special menu for vegetarians and vegans under us! It might be a stereotype, but we know many queer women and lesbians are vegetarian or vegan.

So when living in or visiting a place, we all would love to find the best places to eat vegetarian and vegan food!

In Soho, you can find two Balans restaurants; Soho No. 60 is the big one!

  1. Try Yummy Vegan Food at Unity Diner

Let’s talk some more about vegan food in lesbian London! Unity Diner is the restaurant to go to for vegan food. It’s 100% vegan and so delicious.

Before we started eating vegetarian, we loved eating fish and chips, so we were so happy to see vegan fish & chips on the menu of Unity Diner. Because when in the UK, you have to eat fish & chips, no?!

Vegan Restaurant London, Unity Diner

And what we also love about Unity Diner is that all their profits directly go towards animal rights work.

Other vegan foods to try here are their mozzarella sticks, lobster roll, and their vegan burgers! So Yummy!

  1. Take Pictures at the Girls, Girls, Girls Sign

Not to miss in lesbian London: the Girls, Girls, Girls neon sign! Perfect for those London Instagram pictures.

You would think a lesbian spot in London would have such a sign, but it’s a sign at a Mexican restaurant called La Bodega Negra. The restaurant has become famous for its sign, and many celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss have visited the restaurant since.

Girls Girls Girls sign, La Bodega Negra, Soho, Lesbian London

So if you don’t only want to take pictures at this dazzling neon sign, you can also go to the restaurant to enjoy some tacos, ceviche, and tostadas, among other delicious Mexican dishes.

Planning a Europe trip? Like London, StockholmLisbon and Reykjavík are great and welcoming cities to visit too!

  1. Relax at the Hampstead Ponds

Relax at the Hampstead Ponds! No matter if you are living in London or visiting, they are the perfect escape from the busy London city life.

And it’s not just a perfect spot to relax; the ponds at Hampstead Heath are also known for their cruising and potential hook-up sites. But don’t worry, if you aren’t into that, you will notice many people hanging around and relaxing, including families!

Hampstead Ponds Travel Guide London

There’s one pond that’s for men, one that’s mixed, and one for women. That said, the Kenwood Ladies’ Bathing Pond is a place for all women, including transgender women, and is free from discrimination and harassment.

It’s the perfect spot to relax and possibly meet your queer crush!

  1. Head to Dalston Superstore

Dalston Superstore, the name is a bit misleading, as it isn’t a supermarket but a multipurpose venue for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a bar, a cub, a gallery, a performance space, and a vegan restaurant. It’s a big queer paradise!

With brunches, the best DJ sets, and drag performances, there’s always something fun happening here, including great lesbian London parties like Fèmme Fraîche.

Gay London Dalston Superstore

Keep an eye out on Dalston Superstore’s events calendar to see what’s happening and make your way to East London!

  1. Explore Nightlife with Moonlight Experiences

We have already discussed the best lesbian parties in London, and when you continue reading, you will also read everything about the best nightlife spots.

But instead of experiencing queer nightlife in London yourselves, we recommend looking at the events of Moonlight Experiences.

Glass House East London, Moonlight Experiences, Gay London

Moonlight experiences is an award-winning experiences and events organization that’s changing the perception of queer culture through nightlife.

It’s Black and queer-owned, and its events and experiences uplift marginalized voices. They are the perfect way to get an authentic insight into the secret queer history of London. For travelers, corporates, and the local community.

We love what they are doing! We had the pleasure of meeting the founder and director, Aisha Shaibu, while in London.

  1. Get Your Hair Fixed at Open Barbers or Barberette

In need of a haircut when in lesbian London? Then we’ve got two recommendations of amazing places to go.

Open Barbers is a salon for all hair lengths and types, genders, and orientations. They offer personalized haircutting services with a queer and trans-friendly attitude. You will feel welcome here for sure!

And besides being a hair salon, they also have a social space for visitors to hang out.

Open Barbers, Queer and Lesbian London

The other hair salon we highly recommend is Barberette. Barberette is a genderneutral barbershop in both London and Prague. Go here for gender-neutral cuts at affordable prices!

Their London salon is 100% vegan and fully accessible for all.

Read our queer & lesbian haircuts and hairstyles article for inspiration!

  1. Go to Brighton on a Day Trip

Earlier in this article, you read about Brighton Pride, and since it’s such a lesbian mecca, we want to talk about Brighton again.

Brighton lies about an hour South of London. The fasted way to get here is by train! It takes a little longer by car, but that also depends on where you come from in London.

Gay and Lesbian Brighton

The city is the unofficial LGBTQ+ capital of Britain and claims to have the queerest households in the country. It’s super LGBTQ+ friendly and is known for its welcoming attitude, gay nightlife, and fantastic Pride celebrations.

So we highly recommend making your way down to this seaside city! Join a Piers & Queers tour to learn about Brighton’s LGBTQ+ history and spots.

Queer & Lesbian Bars in London

Lesbian bars and other lesbian venues are disappearing in the world, sadly. That’s why there’s just one lesbian for queer women and lesbians in places like Amsterdam and London. What’s lesbian London without a lesbian bar?

In London, She Bar is the only lesbian bar for queer women. And luckily, there are many other fun places in lesbian London with a female crowd. Friendly Society, Glass House, and G-A-Y Bar, for example.

Go read about them below. And make sure to keep supporting those places; otherwise, they might all disappear in the future. 

  1. She Soho

The lesbian London bar! She Soho is the lesbian hotspot in the city, as it’s the only lesbian bar in London exclusively for queer women.

Yes, there are many lesbian parties in London, but sadly just one lesbian venue. That’s why it’s important to keep visiting places like She Bar!

Lesbian Bar London She Soho

She Bar is a tiny underground basement bar, so be prepared for a chaotic (but fun) bustle. You will see a wide range of women of various backgrounds and ages at the bar. They have a strictly no unaccompanied men policy, but queer women can bring guests.

Besides great DJ and club nights, She Bar hosts cabaret shows, karaoke nights, screens soccer games, quiz nights, and comedy events too!

  1. Glass House

Glass House is an excellent new LGBTQ+ venue in London, powered by Glass House Projects. The venue consists of three spaces; The Common Press, a queer bookshop café; the Commons, a multimedia events space; and The Common Counter, a bar.

No matter if you want to meet people, get a coffee, buy a book, eat something, record a podcast, or get a drink at night, it’s all possible at Glass House. It’s a hub for creatives and the LGBTQ+ community to thrive, by the community for the community. And we love it here; it’s a great place to check out.

They also host events like cabaret, live music, poetry nights, parties, book launches, talks, queer book club get-togethers, and much more!

  1. Ku Bar Leicester Square

Ku Bar is an LGBTQ+ focused and inclusive venue close to Leicester Square! It’s also one of the biggest gay bars in London, with three floors. Perfect for every occasion!

Want to get an after-work drink? Are you looking for an LGBTQ+ inclusive place to bring your date? Do you want to dance the night away until the early hours? Ku Bar is the place to be!

Ku Bar gay bars London

The bar is open seven days a week, and you will find a diverse crowd here, speaking of gender, age, nationalities, and race.

  1. The Yard

A favorite of many locals: The Yard! With its open-air plant-filled courtyard, it’s a unique queer bar in London. Perfect for those long summer nights or romantic winter evenings. Together with friends, or perhaps a date?

But don’t worry, I hear you thinking, open-air courtyard? But what about all the British rain?

The Yard has multiple floors, inside ones, and different bars, so depending on what you want (or the weather predictions), there’s a spot for everyone.

The Yard Bar london, Lesbian London Bars

Come here to chill, relax, and have some pre-drinks before heading to dinner or a party!

The Yard is just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of London on Rupert Street.

  1. Rupert Street Bar

Talking about Rupert Street, Rupert Street Bar is another LGBTQ+ bar on Rupert Street, in the heart of the gay neighborhood Soho. It’s one of Soho’s longest-running gay bars and an LGBTQ+ safe space.

Rupert Street Bar is a first-class bar serving incredible drinks and a great atmosphere, which is why the bar gets packed!

Rupert Street Bar, Gay bars in London

And especially during the summer, the crowds also move to the streets. It’s a fun place to go.

Keep an eye out on their events calendar for drag shows!

  1. The Karaoke Hole

Remember The Dalston Superstore? The Karaoke Hole is its little sister, a glitzy LGBTQ+ karaoke ( or should we say QUEEREOKE?!), and a drag bar.

Karaoke hole lesbian london bars

Nicknamed ‘The K Hole,’ the basement bar is the place to see London’s finest drag stars perform. And you are invited to join the stage for a night of karaoke.

Be prepared to have lots of fun!

  1. Admiral Duncan

When in the UK, you have to eat some fish & chips and head to an English pub, no? We already discussed the vegan fish & chips from Unity Diner earlier, and you can find ‘normal’ ones all around the city (especially Brighton is famous for its yummy fish & chips).

Queer and Lesbian London Admiral Duncan

Let’s talk about visiting an English pub now! There are many ‘straight’ English pubs around the country, but Admiral Duncan is a traditional English gay pub! And not just a traditional English gay pub, one of the oldest gay bars in London.

Enjoy top cabaret throughout the week (yes, seven nights a week) at Admiral Duncan. It’s a beloved venue amongst the whole community. Make sure to get there early, as it’s usually very busy (and always fabulous).

  1. Friendly Society

A hidden gem in Soho! It’s small, funky, quirky, and super fun. And it’s truly hidden, as it’s an underground bar. And one of our favorite LGBTQ+ spots in the city.

Friendly Society LGBT London

Barbies hanging from the ceiling?! Why not?! No matter what you do in lesbian London, check out Friendly Society. If only to see their fantastic interior decor with a quick drink.

But besides a funky design, the drinks and music are funky here too. Enjoy!

  1. Halfway to Heaven

Halfway to Heaven is an award-winning LGBTQ+ cabaret bar. You can find this lively and welcoming bar in the heart of London’s West End. And it’s truly a little gem to visit.

Already in London since 1991, Halfway to Heaven offers fabulous and flamboyant cabaret shows seven days a week. And the performances never disappoint.

Halfway to heaven Gay bar London

Upstairs you can find a great little bar, while the show never stops downstairs. The bar also organizes other fun events like watching Eurovision together and karaoke nights.

Halfway to Heaven is a fun place to check if you are looking for a welcoming spot in gay London with a great atmosphere.

  1. G-A-Y Bar

What’s a lesbian London blog without the venues of G-A-Y in there?! Jeremy Joseph is the brilliant mind behind Britain’s most successful queer venues, consisting of G-A-Y, G-A-Y Late, and Heaven.

In 2022, the venues temporarily shut down as the owner had to take a step down and think about the future. Luckily for all of us, they are open again!

G-A-Y Bar London

G-A-Y Bar is a place to go for the whole community if you like to dance and drink the night away to pop music on sticky floors.

Typically, G-A-Y Bar attracts a young crowd looking for a fun evening out while enjoying the pop classics and affordable drinks. It’s good to know that some hate G-A-Y ar, while others love it!

The bar is open until midnight; afterward, you can head to G-A-Y Late and Heaven, for example. We will talk about G-A-Y Late and Heaven later in this article.

  1. Freedom Bar

Are you looking for a more stylish night out in London? Then Freedom Bar is the place to be. Freedom Bar is a classy bar with over 200 disco balls, mirrored walls, dance poles, stunning visuals, chandeliers, and the best drinks.

Freedom Bar Soho London

Many West End Performers like to go to Freedom Bar, as the bar has a unique theatrical atmosphere. So you never know who you might bump into! It’s a lot about seeing and being seen at Freedom Bar.

Go to their basement if you want to dance or watch a cabaret and drag show! The upstairs bar is perfect for a (quiet) drink.

  1. Zodiac

One of the newer LGBTQ+ bars in London; Zodiac! Zodiac lies in Camden, and a trans woman of color runs it.

Its mission is to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive space for all. It feels like a warm family gathering when entering a Zodiac; the bar has such a friendly environment.

Zodiac London, lesbian bar in London

They host a variety of events for everyone in the community to enjoy. Think bingo nights, dance classes, karaoke nights, and more. Go here for a drink and to watch some of the best performances.

Thursdays are for their Temptation nights, Londons’ best night for Trans girls and their admirers.

Queer & Lesbian Clubs in London

Go dancing in London at one of its LGBTQ+ clubs! Sadly London doesn’t have a club solely for lesbians, though there are a few super fun clubs for the whole community.

We will tell you all about them!

  1. Heaven

Heaven is an iconic and popular gay and lesbian club in London. The club has three floors with live acts, drag performances, a dance area, and a basement to relax in.

Heaven lesbian london club

Get early to avoid a long queue, as it gets busy here, especially during the weekend. Saturday evenings are for the Heaven gay dance party, which can get pretty wild.

And before you know it, you leave the club at sunrise. It’s a fun club in lesbian London, for sure.

  1. G-A-Y Late

We already talked about the G-A-Y bar and Heaven before, so now it’s time for G-A-Y Late. Go to G-A-Y Late if you want to continue dancing to the pop classics! When the G-A-Y bar closes at midnight, it’s great to make your way to either G-A-Y Late or Heaven afterward.

The vibes of G-A-Y bar and G-A-Y Late are the same, but something you can guess from its name, at G-A-Y Late, you can dance and drink until late (or better said, until the early morning).

One downside of the G-A-Y venues is that on some nights, the security only lets you in if you are a regular or a member. And you never seem to know when. Try to get a wristband at the G-A-Y bar if you go to Heaven or G-A-Y Late afterward.

Lesbian London

  1. Circa The Club

Circa The Club, also known as Circa Embankment, is the first queer club in London to open in years! Big new gay clubs like Circa don’t often open in London, so everyone takes notice when it happens.

Be prepared for legendary DJs, and make sure to dress to impress!

Circa Embankment is a shiny venue with industrial-modern vibes. It’s a great place to dance the night away until the early hours to House and R&B classics. There’s live music and performers on some nights too.

Tower Bridge, London, UK, Lesbian couple in London

Where to Stay in Lesbian London?

London has fantastic places to stay. Are you visiting lesbian London and looking for the best places to stay? Or are you going for a staycation in your city?

Booking accommodation in London as a lesbian traveler should not be a problem at any hotel or hostel. But, some gay hotels in London are extra LGBTQ+ friendly which we will share with you.

We all don’t want to get those awkward questions about the fact we want a double bed, right? Or being asked if it is a fun “sister’s trip” to London.

Big Ben London, Lesbian London

In London, we recommend staying in one of the following areas: Soho, around Hyde Park, Shoreditch, and Covent Garden.

London is a big city, so you might need to travel a bit depending on where you are staying and planning on going. When you want to visit all the tourist spots in the city, we recommend looking for accommodation in Covent Garden.

If you don’t want to travel far after experiencing London’s lesbian nightlife, we recommend staying in the area of Soho.

And no matter if you want to splurge with a super luxurious hotel or are looking for a place when you are more on a budget, there are many options.

W London Leicester Square

Just a short walk from the gay neighborhood Soho, you can find W London! We love the W hotel chain as they are super welcoming and trendy.

Wherever you travel around the world, in our opinion, it’s always a good idea to stay at a W Hotel.

And with excellent rooms, a trendy bar, a gym, a screening room, and a wellness center, you can expect some 5-star luxury at W London!

Hart Shoreditch Hotel London

Shoreditch is a fun, hip, and vibrant neighborhood! There’s a lot to do there, from fabulous markets, and street art, to fun bars, clubs, and pubs.

Not to miss is Brick Lane, for example! You can also find the Glass House initiative, which we discussed earlier in this article, in Shoreditch.

So it’s a great area to stay in!

We recommend staying at Hart Shoreditch Hotel London. From the comfortable rooms and friendly vibes to the great location. We stayed here during London Pride 2022 and loved every second of our luxurious stay.

The Soho Hotel

An excellent historical and typical English 5-star hotel in Soho. This hotel is located on a quiet street away from the craziness. Though, many entertainment venues are just a short walk away. Soho is a busy area, but you can come to peace at The Soho Hotel.

And are there any Harry Potter fans here? Then make sure to head to House of MinaLima just around the corner of the Soho Hotel!

The hotel is stylish and luxurious, with a fantastic restaurant, a gym, two screening rooms, and a spa. Not to miss is their afternoon tea with delicious sweets.

The Z Hotel Soho

The Z Hotel Soho is a great place to stay if you want to stay in Soho and are looking for something a bit cheaper. And you can genuinely roll from She Bar to your hotel room, as it’s so nearby the lesbian London bar.

As you can imagine, it’s a popular place to stay in Soho, as you can’t get better value for your money in London’s gay neighborhood.

Most rooms at The Z Hotel Soho are tiny, but they have everything you need, with a modern interior. And the location of the hotel is the best!

The Savoy Hotel

Let’s talk about absolute luxury in London. If you want to spoil yourselves during your time in lesbian London, then take a look at The Savoy Hotel.

The Savoy Hotel is a legendary place to stay close to the Covent Garden neighborhood that offers everything you need. Treat yourselves and enjoy everything the Savoy has to offer. A personal butler, why not?

Get a room overlooking the Thames for the best panoramic views!

Generator London

In general, we love Generator hostels all around the world. These trendy designer hostels are a great place to stay. And the Generator London was the very first Generator ever.

You can find Generator London in the heart of the city in Russel Square. It’s a great base to explore London. And around the corner, you can find the absolute must-visit spot in London: Gay’s The Word. The gay bookshop we told you about earlier in the lesbian London article.

Besides being conveniently located in London, Generator London has all the necessary facilities. For example, a 24-hour reception, laundry facilities, and a bar to meet fellow travelers.

St Christopher’s Inn Hostels

Another hostel chain we love is St Christopher’s Inns! And around London, you can find many of their hostels. Near London Bridge, for example, or in Camden.

We’ve stayed at St Christopher’s Inn Village London Bridge in the past and loved it. Their colorful pods to stay in are the best. And the pods give you privacy too. Perfect if you don’t want to spend too much on accommodation but do want to meet fellow travelers.

Lesbian London Map

Are you wondering where you can find all these fantastic places in lesbian London? Check our London map!

Enjoy gay London! Do you have any questions or want to add something to this guide? Drop it below or send us a message.

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