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Queer & Lesbian Miami: Things To Do, Bars, Clubs, Events + More

No matter if you are a Miami local, it’s your first time visiting Miami, or it’s your tenth time in this amazing city: this queer and lesbian Miami guide is for you!

We share everything about the queer and lesbian top things to do in Miami: bars, clubs, events, hotels, and more. So you know exactly where to go.

Miami is one of the gayest cities in the United States and has a lot to offer. From beautiful beaches, lots of sunshine, great parties, to cultural highlights, delicious food, and a vibrant LGBTQ+ community. There’s truly something for everyone in Miami.

South Beach Lifeguard Tower Miami

Yes, Miami is famous for its amazing parties, and there are definitely some great parties for us queer women in Miami. The lesbian party Aqua Girl, for example, is one of the biggest lesbian parties in the world!

But, there are also many cultural things to do in Miami. We absolutely love exploring the buzzing Miami art scene. And we will tell you all about it. Enjoy this amazing city!

Queer & Lesbian Miami

Miami is truly one of the gayest cities in the United States. It even has one of the largest and most prominent LGBTQ+ communities in the world! The city has been gay-friendly for decades, with a gay nightlife scene that started in the 1930s. A gay nightlife scene that is still very active and amazing to explore.

While in Miami, you should feel and be welcomed almost everywhere, and you can meet members of the community all around the city. Though there are certain areas, gay and lesbian Miami is rooted in, in South Beach (also known as SoBe) for example. Here you will find the community’s main cafés, bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Miami is also one of the few places where the community has its own chamber of commerce, the Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (MDGLCC).

Queer & Lesbian Miami Miami Mountain Rainbow

When going to new places, safety is extra important! That’s why we talk about safety tips in our lesbian travel guide.

Gay Area Miami

The gay area of Miami is mostly centered around South Beach, specifically around 12th Street Beach and Ocean Drive. This area is the main gay neighborhood of Miami and home to Miami’s gay community.

Here you can find most of the gay and gay-owned bars, clubs, shops, restaurants, Miami’s LGBT Visitor Center, and Miami’s hetero-friendly hotel.

South Beach is, in general, a great area to explore, with its beautiful parks, great views of the sea, and stunning art deco buildings in the cutest pastel colors.

South Beach SoBe Miami

Another gay area in Miami is Coconut Grove. Before South Beach became a gay hotspot in the city, this was the place to be. Coconut Grove is home to the amazing and famous Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, which are great to visit when you are in Miami.

We personally also love Wynwood! Both Coconut Grove and Wynwood are neighborhoods in Miami that are well known for having a diverse population, tolerant of all lifestyles, and relaxing vibes, and ‘anything goes’ vibe.


Miami is located on the traditional lands of the Seminole, Taino, and Tequesta people. We encourage you to learn more about Florida’s Native history.

You can join, and learn from, the celebration of native arts and culture at the Seminole Tribal Fair and Pow Wow in Hollywood, Florida.

We also acknowledge that many cultures of native nations have acknowledged, accepted, and celebrated LGBTQ+ identities for generations that predate western LGBTQ terminology.

Queer and Lesbian Events in Miami

There’s a lot to do for gay men in Miami, but luckily there are also many queer, lesbian, and mixed events happening in Miami! Events that happen throughout the year and are great to visit.

Events you can’t miss are Aqua Girl, Miami Beach Pride, SweetHeat Miami, Gay8 Festival, and the Winter Party Festival.

We will tell you all about them below!

  1. Aqua Girl

Get ready for one of the biggest lesbian parties in the world, by and for LGBTQ+ women! Aqua Girl is a five-day celebration filled with pool parties, swimming, live music, dancing, great DJs, laughing, and playing together.

Aqua Girl Miami

Thousands of women from all over the United States en the rest of the world travel to lesbian Miami and South Beach to attend Aqua Girl! If you love a good (and hot) lesbian party, this is the place to be.

And it’s not only a great lesbian party, Aqua Girl is also a charity event! It’s the largest gay women’s charity event in the country.

Every year the aqua foundation for women provides direct funding for different events, programs, and scholarships. To empower and transform the lives of the LGBTQ+ community in South Florida.

Pandora Events is the powerhouse lesbian event production company behind Aqua Girl. They also organize Girls In Wonderland in Orlando and other weekly and monthly lesbian parties in Miami and the rest of Florida! Keep an eye out on their website.

Sadly, Aquagirl was canceled in 2020 and 2021, but we hope the amazing lesbian party will happen in 2022 again!

  1. Miami Beach Pride

Most Pride celebrations in the United States happen in June, but Miami Pride is held in April (in 2021, it was held in September, as it was postponed)! And Miami Pride is a unique one, as it takes place on, and next to, the beach.

It’s a nine-day celebration of Pride filled with arts, culture, parties, amazing music, beach festivals, a gala, and of course the amazing Pride parade!

The big Sunday parade on the last day of Miami Pride is on South Beach’s amazing and iconic Ocean Drive and welcomes over 100,000 people.

Gay Area Miami South Beach Lifeguard Tower

The nine-day festival yearly attracts over 150,000 attendees and is the biggest LGBTQ+ event in Florida. So make sure to attend Miami Beach Pride if you can! It will be an unforgettable Pride experience.

If you are looking for a women-only only event during Pride, take a look at the party FLING from Pandora Events!

Miami is an amazing place for the LGBTQ+ community, and di you travel to these other top lesbian United States destinations too?

  1. Gay8 Festival

Gay8 (Gay Ocho) Festival is the largest Hispanic LGBTQ+ festival in the United States! The festival takes place in February and attracts over 60,000 people.

Gay8 Festival Photos by Juan Sacco at Miami Gay Blog
Photo by Juan Sacco

The one-day festival welcomes everyone from the LGBTQ+ community (plus allies), and the vibrant Hispanic & Latino communities in South Florida and beyond!

It’s a free street festival with dance parties, music, films, food tastings, performers, art, dancing, cigar tastings, and more! And some years there are women-only parties organized!

The celebration takes place in Miami’s historic Calle Ocho in Little Havana. Diversity and inclusion are celebrated at the festival.

  1. OUTshine Film Festival

Who doesn’t love movies? Especially gay and lesbian movies? We are so fortunate we live in a day and age where there are more lesbian films and lesbian shows than ever. Representation is so important, and we are so happy to see more and more queer and lesbian representation in movies.

And not only representation in the ‘typical’ lesbian period dramas, but also in happy lesbian movies!

Plus, we are so grateful there are film festivals like OUTshine Film Festival. This is the perfect place to get to know upcoming directors and their LGBTQ+ movies, and see award-winning LGBTQ+ movies.

OUTshine Miami LGBTQ Film Festival

OUTshine Film Festival is a two-part film festival. The Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and the Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival were brought together as one bigger film festival: OUTshine Film Festival.

The first part of the festival takes place in Miami, in April, and the second part in Fort Lauderdale, in October. OUTshine Film Festival is all about inspiring, entertaining, and educating through culturally diverse films.

So make sure to watch some queer and lesbian movies and lesbian short films if you are in Miami in April!

  1. Winter Party Festival

Every year, in March, the Winter Party Festival is held in Miami. It started in 1994 with one dance party on South Beach, these days it’s a week-long celebration for the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

The festival marks the end of winter, and well in our eyes, it’s never really winter in Miami! With temperatures of over 70 °F (21 °C) in Miami almost every day in March, it’s the perfect time for an early beach party.

Winter Party Festival

And if you come from elsewhere in the States, or anywhere else in the colder Northern Hemisphere, it might be the perfect moment to escape the winter-temperatures!

Winter Party Festival week is filled with many events, parties, performances, produced to raise critical funds for the LGBTQ community. It’s all about giving back to the community. Proceeds go to the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force and local LGBTQ+ organizations.

The festival is a safe haven, where everyone can live free. If you want to go, make sure to book tour tickets early!

  1. SweetHeat Miami

“Miami’s Pride for women”, that’s how SweetHeat Miami likes to call their parties! And their parties are unique, as it’s the only continuous lesbian party on South Beach in Miami specifically for women of all races.

Sweet Heat Miami Photo by RADskillZ
Photo by RADskillZ

SweetHeat Miami is a celebration, appreciation, and acceptance of all women. And what these women represent in their personal lives and as a community. It’s Miami’s Utopia for women! And it’s never too late to join!

The first SweetHeat Miami party started in 2008 and is these days a multiple-day event, held in May. Be prepared for dance parties, pool parties, celebrity sightings and so much more.

  1. Wigwood

Wigwood is an annual celebration of queer and drag culture. The three-day festival is held the first weekend in February and features all kinds of queer performances, musicians, DJs, comedians, live acts, visual artists, and vendors.

Wigwood photo by nico_j_julia
Photo by @nico_j_julia

You can expect performances from the best local talents as well as other national and international queer stars!

Events are held throughout Miami, but Gramps in Wynwood and the Broken Shaker are home to most of Wigwood’s events.

We especially love going to the Broken Shaker for a drink and fun! And if you are looking for food, 27 Restaurant next to it serves delicious food.

  1. Celebrate Orgullo Festival

Founded in 2011, Celebrate Orgullo Festival is South Florida’s first LGBTQ+ Hispanic and Indigenous Pride festival. The festival is held in October and highlights, celebrates, and supports the Hispanic LGBTQ+ community. It’s a free festival and open to the public.

Get ready for multiple events showcasing local artists and performances through music, art, fashion shows, dance, movie screenings, photography, spoken word, and cultural bus tours!

There’s no better way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and the diversity and history of Miami. Celebrate Orgullo Festival is a two-week festival.

  1. Out In The Tropics

Get ready for a performing arts festival featuring local and international LGBTQ+ artists who address issues like gender politics and LGBTQ+ identity. Events include folkloric music, community workshops, poetry readings, lectures, and micro-plays.

Out In The Tropics

Out In The Tropics usually takes place for a couple of weeks in the months of May and June. Keep an eye out on the website of FUNDarte, which organizes Out In The Tropics, to get more information about the upcoming event!

  1. Wynwood Pride

More Pride celebrations in Miami? Yes! Besides the famous and big Miami Beach Pride, the neighborhood Wynwood organizes Pride.

Wynwood Pride

In 2021, they celebrated their 3rd annual Pride Festival, so Wynwood Pride is quite new! The festival happens during Pride month, in June. It’s a three-day festival with art installations, dance parties, performances, family events, lip-syncing battles, culinary experiences, and more!

Restaurants, galleries, bars, shops, and other spaces in the neighborhood work together to welcome the LGBTQ+ community and allies to Wynwood. Wynwood is actually one of our favorite areas in Miami! We simply love this colorful arts district and hipster haven.

  1. Lezchic’ RED A FAIR

Besides Pandora Events, Lezchic‘ also organizes entertainment for women, by women! Their initiative is to create more safe spaces for queer women in Miami.

They have an annual party, called the RED A FAIR, which is held on the 4th of December 2021. This year it’s a circus-themed adults-only party!

Lez Chic photo by 7.thrty
Photo by @7.thrty

But they also organize other events throughout the year. Think about silent discos and exotic cabarets.

Keep an eye out on their website for any events happening!

Another city in the United States we love is Los Angeles! See our queer and lesbian Los Angeles guide for more information!

Queer & Lesbian Places in Miami

Let’s continue with places we recommend you to visit in lesbian Miami! From restaurants, the best gay beaches in Miami, the cinema, to the best spot for a drag show!

If you want to meet lesbians in Miami, we recommend using lesbian Facebook groups or apps like HER to connect with the local Miami lesbians. See also our free lesbian dating apps recommendations to meet your lover or make new friends.

  1. LGBT Visitor Center on Miami Beach

The LGBT Visitor Center on Miami Beach is the first LGBT visitors center in the United States! It’s located in the historic Old City Hall Building, which is an attraction itself.

LGBT Visitor Center on Miami Beach

Stop by to get more LGBTQ+ information about Miami, see what activities are hosted for the community, and read more about different venues and attractions in the city.

  1. O Cinema

We mentioned the OUTshine film festival earlier, but if you want to see LGBTQ+ films on a regular basis, then head to O Cinema.

O cinema is an art-house cinema and often screens movies for LGBTQ+ audiences. The cinema is located in the same building as the LGBT Visitor Center on Miami Beach!

  1. Miami’s Gay Beach on 12th Street

You simply can’t leave Miami without going to the beach. No matter if it’s to relax, get some drinks, do sports, visit the colorful lifeguard towers, see the sunrise, go for a refreshing swim: the beach is the place to be in Miami.

And for the LGBTQ+ community, there’s one specific part of Miami South Beach that attracts most people of the community: 12th street beach. It’s one of Miami’s semi-official gay beaches.

Ocean Drive Miami Beach

You can find 12th street beach in the middle of Lummus Park, which is a wonderful park to walk through. Just spot all the rainbow flags on the beach, and you will find 12th street beach, between 11th and 12th street!

12th Street Beach is home to multiple beach parties, like the Winter Party Festival held in March. And the area around Lummus Park and 12th street are used by Miami Beach Pride for the Pride festival.

It’s the perfect beach to go to!

  1. Haulover Beach

This is Florida’s only legal clothing-optional beach! Haulover Beach is located North of Miami, about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from South Beach.

North Miami Beach Haulover Beach

Especially the northern section of Haulover Beach is the gay area. Just look for the rainbow flags between lifeguard towers number 12 and number 16. This is the other semi-official gay beach in Miami, together with 12th street beach.

Usually the beaches get a good mix of people, not just gay (naked) men.

There aren’t many facilities here, but there are some sunbeds and parasols to rent. Things are definitely quieter here compared with 12th street beach and South Beach, but it’s a great place to relax. And it’s very welcoming!

Some even say it’s one of the best nude beaches in the world!

  1. R House

Get ready for a drag show! R House is known for being an awesome drag brunch venue. Every Saturday and Sunday, there are drag show brunches at R House. Plus, at night there are often shows and live music too.

R House is a restaurant located in Wynwood, and by now you should know we love this colorful artsy neighborhood! Combine exploring the area with some food, drinks, fun, and music at R House.

It makes for a unique dining experience in Miami! As of the summer of 2021, they have a vibrant new Latin-inspired menu.

Drag Brunch R House Miami rhousedragbrunch

And everyone is welcome here! R House is a hub for Wynwood’s LGBTQ+ community and is gay-owned and operated. It markets itself as a no-judgment zone.

  1. PLANTA South Beach

Okay, this might be a stereotype, but we know many queer women and lesbians are vegetarian or vegan. So when living in or visiting a place, we all would love to find the best places to eat some vegetarian and/or vegan food!

We are vegetarians ourselves and always are so happy finding the best spots for us to eat!

PLANTA South Beach

PLANTA is one of those places not to miss when in lesbian Miami. It’s a stylish, 100% plant-based restaurant in South Beach.

Some say it’s the best vegan restaurant in Miami, and we definitely agree with the fact PLANTA serves delicious vegan food. Perfect for lunch or dinner!

And also, the restaurant marks itself on Google as LGBTQ+ friendly.

  1. Organic Food Kings

We’ve never seen a restaurant with so many good reviews! With over 1,600 reviews on Google, Organic Food Kings gets a rating of 4.9.

Organic Food Kings Vegan Miami

If you are looking for something more low-key and street-food-style vegan food, this is the place to be! This might be our favorite place in Miami for vegan food. Though, it’s very different from PLANTA.

You go to PLANTA for the more fancy vegan food and experience some fine dining. You go to Organic Food Kings for fast food-style vegan food.

It was truly the best fast-food-style vegan food we’ve ever eaten in our lives, so we totally get the 4.9 rating!

  1. Midtown Garden Center

More stereotypes! Don’t we all love some beautiful plants?! We definitely do!

Midtown Garden Center is a peaceful green oasis, perfect to relax, explore, and become one with nature. And that in a busy city like Miami!

Midtown Garden Center

Plus, you can buy your own plants at Midtown Garden Center, get food at a food truck, and a smoothie at a juice bar.

Keep an eye out on their events too, as they host different events throughout the month. Live music, pot painting, and terrarium building are some events happening at the Midtown Garden Center.

  1. Queer Bingo Night at the Time Out Market Miami

The Time Out Market Miami is a great place for food and drinks, featuring Miami’s best restaurants! And on Thursday nights, the local drag legend Athena Dion hosts a weekly Queer Bingo Night.

Queer Bingo Night at the Time Out Market Miami

Not a boring bingo night just for old people, but a fun one with happy hours pricing on drinks and $25 Time Out Market cards as prices. Joining is free and people of all ages are welcome!

You can find the Time Out Market on South Beach, a short walk away from Ocean Drive. And whether you want to join the Queer Bingo Night or not, it’s a great place to go for food anyway!

  1. Bowl & Skate at the Basement

The Basement used to be a very gay-friendly nightclub in Miami! A place where fashion, glamour, fun, and the best DJs in the world meet. Sadly because of everything that’s happening in the world, the club is temporarily closed.

Bowl and Skate at the Basement

But they have a very cool ice rink and a bowling alley in the same place! We love bowling and ice skating, and we’ve never seen such visually spectacularly lit bowling alleys and ice rinks.

Be prepared for some awesome lighting effects and color-changing illuminations while impressing your friends on the ice rink or bowling alley.

Make a reservation in advance, as walk-ins aren’t possible. And dressing up a little is recommended!

Hopefully, people can dance the night away again too at the Basement, at one of the most welcoming and inclusive spots in Miami!

Queer & Lesbian Bars in Miami

It’s no surprise to hear that lesbian bars are disappearing faster than ever. And not only in the United States, but everywhere in the world.

We are so sad about this, as we think lesbian bars are so important! Important as a safe space, as a place to meet other queer women, and to possibly meet your significant other.

Sadly, there are no lesbian bars in Miami anymore. But luckily there are many spaces that call themselves a gay bar and welcome the whole community. Or bars that specifically label themselves LGBTQ+ friendly and organize queer parties!

We will tell you all about them below. And make sure to keep on supporting those places, otherwise, they might all disappear in the future. Have fun!

  1. Palace

After enjoying Miami’s beautiful beaches you can directly head to Palace, a gay bar, restaurant, and club perfect for a refreshing drink, some food, and to watch a drag show! It’s one of Miami’s most-visited and best-known LGBTQ+ hotspots, established in the 1980s.

Palace Miami South Beach Drag Brunch

Palace is especially famous for its fantastic drag shows and drag brunches. Go to the bar during the weekend and attend a show!

Make sure to head to the rooftop bar to enjoy the beautiful view over the water and head to the swimming pool! Palace is located on Ocean Drive, just a few minutes away from the gay beach on 12th street. And it usually attracts a mixed audience, often more men, but it’s a safe haven for everyone.

  1. AxelBeach Miami

We love staying at the Axel Hotels around the world, as it’s a hetero-friendly hotel chain with super welcoming vibes! And we always feel at home here.

AxelHotels Miami Beach

AxelBeach Miami has two bars and one is located next to the pool. It’s truly an oasis with palm trees! Everyone can go here, so you don’t necessarily need to stay at the hotel. And everyone can join their pool parties. They know how to organize great parties, also at AxelBeach Miami.

Their pool parties are among the biggest LGBTQ+ parties that happen in Miami weekly! And because of the welcoming vibes, it usually attracts a mix of attendees. Time to enjoy a good party and Miami’s sunshine next and in the pool.

Want to travel more? See our guides about lesbian Mexico and lesbian Thailand! Two of our favorite countries!

  1. KiII Your Idol

KYI is an unofficial gay bar in South Beach, just around the corner from AxelBeach Miami! It’s a hip and trendy bar with nightclub vibes.

KiII your idol KYI Miami

And there’s always something going on here. On Wednesdays there is live music, Thursdays are for karaoke, and Friday is drag Friday! Keep an eye out on their calendar to see other events like RuPaul’s Drag Race watch parties.

The narrow bar is usually packed, so be prepared!

  1. Gramps

Gramps is a super LGBTQ+ friendly spot in Wynwood. It’s not specifically a gay bar, but Gramps is known for being very welcoming, with a no-judgment policy. The vibes here are very laid-back and everyone is friendly. Some even call it Miami’s most LGBTQ+ friendly straight bar.

Gramps Miami photo by allseeingmedia
Photo by @allseeingmedia

It’s a bar with a very cool outside area, where you can sit, get drinks, eat pizza, and dance the night away! They also have an inside area, for when the weather isn’t great or when you prefer the AC.

And the best part is, they organize different kinds of events throughout the week. Think about karaoke nights, live music, comedy nights, cultural events, DJs, drag shows, bingo nights, gay parties, and trivia nights. Thursday nights are for the queers with the queer party Double Stubble!

Keep an eye out on their calendar to not miss anything. And for the best prices, come during happy hour for half prices drinks!

  1. Wood Tavern

Again, not a specific gay bar, but one that is very welcoming. And it’s located in Wynwood too! Their tagline is ‘come as you are, everyone’s welcome, and whatever you do, just do you’, and you definitely feel that when you go to Wood Tavern.

Wood Tavern
Photo by @youngii_bc

The vibes at Wood Tavern are very laid back, and it’s a great place to go with friends. Or make new friends when you get there!

It’s a very cool artsy place with a big outdoor yard with music and the possibility to dance! You will have fun here for sure.

  1. Nathan’s Bar

Nathan’s Bar is one of the newest gay bars in Miami! Nathan used to be a bartender at one of the gay clubs in Miami called Twist (more about Twist later). And he decided to open his own gay spot in the city!

Nathan's Bar Miami Florida

While the bar mostly attracts gay men, we love the atmosphere at Nathan’s, and we feel like it’s an inclusive place in general! And the decor is lovely, based on different nostalgic TV shows with a twist. Sit under a photo of the Friends cast, or see the Pink Panther asking you to send nudes.

Nathan calls his own bar, ‘Miami’s most unique gay bar experience. Dance, sing, & travel to your favorite TV show’. And it’s definitely a fun place to check out. Join their one of their themed evenings, which is almost every night of the week!

Sing-a-long Wednesdays, pop-culture Mondays, sassy Saturdays, and frisky Fridays, it’s a great spot to spend the night.

  1. Blackbird Ordinary

The ladies’ night on Tuesday evenings at Blackbird Ordinary has become the hangout spot for many queer women and lesbians! Because we all love a night with free drinks (till 1 AM) for the ladies, right?!

Blackbird Ordinary ladies night

Blackbird Ordinary isn’t specifically a gay or lesbian bar in Miami, nor is their ladies’ night a specifically queer evening, but somehow it became a hotspot for queer women on Tuesday evenings. Don’t expect only queer women, as it’s a pretty mixed and diverse crowd!

If you want to dance the night away in an outdoor patio while enjoying some free drinks on a Tuesday evening, Blackbird Ordinary is the place for you!

  1. Bar Gaythering

They call themselves the gayest bar in Miami with the most entertainment. Gaythering is a hotel, bar, and sauna for the gay community in South Beach.

While the sauna is a men-only facility, we as queer women are welcome at the hotel and bar. Though, you will mostly see men here.

Bar Gaythering Miami

On Sundays however, they organize a gay sports league, unofficially called Gaythering Sports, that does attract more women! Play softball, kickball, or volleyball with a bunch of other queer people. It’s open for all, so straight people can join too.

Sundays are their Sunday Funday’s, so after you will sport you are welcomed to their bar for an all-day happy hour and barbecue.

Something else happening at Gaythering is Art Gaysel, the queerest fair at Miami Art Week. Queer artists from around the world show their art, and while it’s mostly for gay men, they say it’s queerer than ever!

Queer & Lesbian Clubs in Miami

Miami is famous for its amazing clubs! When it comes to parties, drinking, and dancing, Miami is one of the best places in the world. It’s easy to dance the night away till the early hours every day of the week in this city that never sleeps. We know New York City wears that tagline, but Miami is literally the city that never sleeps.

There are no lesbian bars in Miami and sadly there are also no lesbian clubs in Miami! But there are quite some gay clubs in Miami, and they are a big part of Miami’s famous nightlife.

Below, we will tell you about three different clubs in Miami that welcome the whole community! Whether you want to get sweaty at a flamboyant Latin LGBTQ+ club, watch a drag show, or get lost in the 7 bars different of the longest-running gay club in Miami, it’s all possible.

And don’t forget that most of Miami’s clubs have a dress code, always dress to impress! Plus, they usually open after midnight, or that’s when the party really gets started.

  1. Twist

Twist is the longest-running gay club in Miami, and one of the most famous ones in the United States! And it’s not just a club, it’s a venue with 3 different dance floors, 7 bars, and different vibes and music in every room. There is always something going on at Twist, but Thursday nights are especially booming.

Twist Miami

The club attracts locals and international tourists from all over the world, as Twist is known as a hotspot for Miami’s LGBTQ+ scene since the 90s.

Their motto is ‘Never a cover, always a groove, 7 nights a week, every week of the year’. You will not be bored at Twist and can party here till the early hours!

  1. Azucar

Get ready for Miami’s lively, never-boring, and flamboyant Latin LGBTQ+ club with drag shows. The music is high-energy at Azucar, the shows are fabulous, the staff friendly, and the drinks delicious (+ cheaper than most places on South Beach).

Azucar Nightclub Miami photo by novoaph

You will have an unforgettable lesbian Miami experience here for sure!

Watch a drag show and dance the night away afterward! Or relax and enjoy the outdoor patio.  Especially on the weekend, the Latin party gets wild at Azucar.

  1. Club Space

Club Space is one of the absolute best clubs in Miami for the house and techno music lovers under us! Famous DJs play tunes till the sun comes up in this trendy club with a cool rooftop terrace.

Club Space Miami photo by adinayev

It isn’t a gay club, but it marks itself as LGBTQ+ friendly, plus they have organized gay (men) parties in the past. With their love everyone vibes, and tagline ‘love each other’, they specifically welcome the queer community.

Make sure to not wear sandals and bring backpacks when going to Club Space, because then you can’t enter! But

Where to Stay in Lesbian Miami

Are you visiting lesbian Miami and are looking for the best places to stay? Or are you going for a staycation in your own city? Miami has amazing places to stay at. And in this super lesbian-friendly destination in the US, there’s no shortage of welcoming hotels.

Especially the hotels in South Beach are doing a great job in recognizing the LGBTQ+ community, making them feel extra welcome. But there’s no major hotel in Miami that isn’t lesbian-friendly. And that’s a good thing, for sure!

We all don’t want to get those awkward questions about the fact we want a double bed, right? Or being asked if it is a fun sister’s trip to Miami.

There are some hotels in Miami that are our favorites, and we are going to tell you all about them. Whether you are looking for a luxurious beachfront resort, an intimate boutique hotel, or a place to meet new friends, lesbian Miami has something for everyone!

And no matter if you want to splurge with a super luxurious hotel or are looking for a place when you are more on a budget, there are many options.

AxelBeach Miami

We already talked about AxelBeach Miami before, so you already know we love the Axel hotels all around the world! AxelBeach Miami is a hetero-friendly hotel specifically accommodated to the LGBTQ+ community.

You will definitely feel at home and welcomed here. Therefore, it’s among the absolute top choices of our favorite lesbian Miami hotels!

Located in South Beach nearby 12th Street Beach, Ocean Drive, Time Out Market, many restaurants, bars, and clubs, it’s also location-wise a great place to stay at! But if you don’t want to leave the hotel, it is also possible, as the pool at AxelBeach is lovely. Plus there’s a bar, restaurant, and gym!

Eden Roc Miami Beach

With multiple pools, a spa, different restaurants, a lobby bar, and a stunning view, Eden Roc Miami Beach is everything you want from an upscale oceanfront 4-star hotel.

And if you don’t want to relax next to the pool, just walk for a few seconds to their exclusive strip of beach! We enjoyed every second of our stay at Eden Roc Miami Beach.

Make sure to get a room with a balcony and ocean view and wake up for sunrise to see the sun come up! Trust us, it will be worth it.

W Miami

The LGBTQ+ community seems to be obsessed with the W hotels around the world, and we totally get why. The W chain is a unique brand of luxurious, hip, and super welcoming hotels.

Whenever we stay at a W hotel, we are always so impressed! And not only with how the hotel itself looks, but also how friendly the staff is and how young and hip the other guests are.

W has two hotels in Miami, W South Beach, and W Miami. W Miami is located in downtown Miami and overlooks Biscayne Bay and the Miami River. It’s a perfect location if you want to stay away from the bustle of South Beach and want to explore the up-and-coming Brickell neighborhood.

Don’t forget to enjoy their 300-foot (91 meters) infinity pool, the spa, and the lounge with a private rooftop pool. Plus, the must-see Pérez Art Museum is just 2 miles (3 kilometers) away.

W South Beach is located steps away from the Atlantic Ocean and the bustle of South Beach. Though, it truly feels like an oasis in the heart of South Beach. Fashion, music, and an amazing design meet luxury at W South Beach.

The hotel features 2 pools and every room has a private balcony with ocean views! Don’t forget to visit the colorful nearby Miami mountain in Collins Park. Five brightly painted boulders are stacked upon each other, making for great pictures.

The Confidante Miami Beach

The Confidante Miami Beach is a beachfront hotel in Mid-Beach. Perfect located between Miami’s arts districts and South Beach! The hotel has direct access to the beach, and if you stay at The Confidante the room includes sunbeds on the beach (if you want an umbrella too, you have to pay extra).

And what we love about the sunbeds and the whole hotel, how colorful it is! The rooms are retro-inspired and some have private balconies and stunning views over the beach and ocean.

Relax at their 2 pools or get active and get one of their bicycles to explore the area! We recommend biking over the Miami Beach Boardwalk (which you also can bike on), which connects three neighborhoods: South Beach, mid-Beach, and North Beach.

Freehand Miami

If you are on a budget, then Freehand Miami is the place to be! It’s a hip hostel with both dorm and private rooms.

Freehand Miami is different from most hostels we’ve visited, as the hostels feature an amazing bar, a great restaurant, and a backyard with a pool surrounded by palm trees and other tropical plants.

It feels like you are miles away from Miami Beach, but you are a short walk away from the beach and the bustle of South Beach.

Even if you are not staying Freehand Miami, head to the bar The Broken Shaker. It has been named one of the best bars in the world, and we love the relaxing vibes here plus at the hostel.

Head to 27 Restaurant if you are hungry, it’s a lovely restaurant to go to for food, and located right next to the Broken Shaker and Freehand Miami. It’s all part of the same area. The oyster mushrooms and the kimchi fried rice here were our absolute favorite

The Vagabond Hotel

The Vagabond Hotel is a wonderful hotel in Miami’s Upper East Side. Perfect if you are looking for a place to stay away from the busier areas. The boutique hotel is 7 miles (11 kilometers) from downtown Miami and 5 miles (8 kilometers) from North Beach.

We love the hip retro vibes of the Vagabond Hotel. The property originates from 1953, and it was a motel before it got fully renovated and rebranded in 2014. The building is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

And they have a pool to relax at, including a bar for drinks!

The Goodtime Hotel

And last but not least, a brand-new hotel in Miami! The Goodtime Hotel is a hotel by international music icon Pharrell Williams and nightlife entrepreneur David Grutman. And the amazing designs are by Ken Fulk.

It’s a super beautiful hotel and great for the Instagrammers among us! Bet you want to take pictures at every corner and especially at the swimming pool.

The Goodtime hotel welcomes visitors of all genders, backgrounds, and interests. And we know it’s going to be a hotspot for the LGTBQ+ community.

Cool to check out nearby is the ARTECHOUSE, which is such a cool, immersive art experience in Miami.

Wynwood Miami lesbian unicorn

Lesbian Miami Map

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