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19 Best Things To Do In Aruba

Are you planning a trip to Aruba? With these 19 best things to do in Aruba, you will know what to do in Aruba!

Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean with a lot to offer. Pristine white beaches with palm trees, delicious restaurants, and the best snorkeling spots to the most beautiful murals, caves, bright blue sea water, and nature full of cacti. Aruba has it all.

Besides relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather, you can also be active in Aruba! Kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, and diving are popular water sports in Aruba.

There is plenty to do and see on this island in the Caribbean Sea.

Best Things To Do In Aruba

Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao together form the ABC islands that belong to the Lesser Antilles. Together, the Greater Antilles and the Less Antilles make up the Antilles. From New York City, it takes about 4.5 hours to fly to Aruba; from Miami, it takes about 3 hours. And from Amsterdam, it takes about 9-10 hours.

Aruba is a little paradise with the motto “One Happy Island;” you can feel that motto everywhere on the island.

Curious about what to do in Aruba? Read on for our top things to do in Aruba so that you can enjoy your Aruba vacation to the fullest.

We also share where to stay in Aruba, how to travel around the island, and when to go!

Aruba Sunset

What to do in Aruba

The perfect way to explore the island is by car. That is why we recommend renting a car in Aruba! This way, you can reach all the Aruba things to do, and you are free to go where you want. We always love that freedom while traveling.

It also is difficult to reach certain places on the island without a car. There’s public transportation, but you can’t get to every spot from this list solely with public transit.

Rent a four-wheel drive car if you want to drive in Arikok National Park; we will tell you more about that later.

Want to know more about renting a car in Aruba? Compare Aruba car rental companies and find the best prices.

Most roads in Aruba are well maintained, and the island is not big, meaning you can see a lot of the island by car!

What to do in Aruba


Aruba lies on the traditional territory of the Caquetío people. We encourage you to learn more about Aruba’s Native history.

  1. See The Coolest Murals In Aruba

San Nicolas, also known as Sint Nicolaas, is a town in the southeast of Aruba and is full of the most incredible murals. Not just street art fans should wander around; we recommend everyone to visit San Nicolas because it is a colorful and impressive town to see with your own eyes.

San Nicolas Murals Aruba

After Oranjestad, San Nicolas is the second largest city on the island and was originally a working-class city due to its oil refinery that was in use until 2012.

When the oil refinery was closed in 2012, the city became a ghost town with many vacant buildings.

Subsequently, artists and graffiti artists decided to give the city new life with murals and other works of art during the Aruba Art Fair. And now San Nicolas is an extraordinary open-air museum!

New murals are added every year, from turtles, flamingos, and butterflies, to the most beautiful portraits and 3D artworks, so there is often something new to see. Walk around and be surprised!

Fancy a drink after all that walking? Stop by Charlie’s Bar & Restaurant! Don’t just come for the food and drinks; the restaurant is a museum. All kinds of finds from divers from the sea are attached to the walls.

  1. Head to the Most Beautiful Aruba Beaches

When you think about the best things to do in Aruba, you probably think of going to the beach!

Aruba has idyllic beaches with white sand, clear turquoise water, and palm trees. You shouldn’t skip a relaxing day on the beach during your Aruba vacation.

We always love to hop from one beach to another and explore them all. But which Aruba beaches must you visit? Continue reading!

Did you know Aruba is the sunniest island in the Caribbean? So what to do in Aruba? Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Arashi Beach, Aruba Beaches

Baby Beach

Close to San Nicolas, you can find Baby Beach. This beach, in the shape of a crescent moon, is beautiful! Baby Beach is one of the best Aruba things to do.

And here you can enjoy swimming in shallow calm water, perfect if you go to the beach with children. That’s why the name is Baby Beach.

Enjoy the beach and take a refreshing dip; you’ll need that with the Aruban temperatures, believe us!

Baby Beach, Rum Reef Aruba

Want somewhere to eat and drink on Baby Beach? We recommend Rum Reef and Big Mama Grill. Rum Reef also has a fantastic infinity pool.

Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto is a secluded beach in Aruba and one of the best places on the island for snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, and exploring mangrove trees. There is plenty to do and see here!

Aruba beach, Mangel Halto

The area has a wooden sun terrace, a sandy beach, a fun swing, and several wooden stairs toward the water. And the marine life at Mangel Halto is colorful, with many fish and coral.

It’s the perfect place to go on an adventure!

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the most popular of all Aruba beaches. Many tourists, restaurants, shops, bars, and large resorts are here.

It is often busy at Palm Beach, but it’s a long, stretched beach, so there is plenty of space.

And if you like fun, Palm Beach is the best beach in Aruba. Many tours and water activities start from Palm Beach, such as parasailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, and tube riding.

Aruba Palm Beach, Aruba beaches

So you don’t necessarily go to Palm Beach for peace and tranquility.

Are you looking for a place to eat and drink? Eduardo’s Beach Shack has delicious takeaway food such as poke bowls, açai bowls, smoothies, and fruit salads.

Bugaloe is the perfect place to go for a drink. Go to MooMba Beach Bar & Restaurant for good food and drinks! And you go to Lola Taqueria for the tastiest tacos.

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is also one of the most famous Aruba beaches. The difference is that Eagle Beach is a lot quieter than Palm Beach.

We personally love Eagle Beach because you have the opportunity to enjoy it without too many people, but you are also not far from the big crowds. And Eagle Beach is simply beautiful!

Not to be missed on Eagle Beach are the famous Fofoti trees. These mangrove trees grow on Aruba and are unique because their twisted trunk grows sideways towards the sea. And that they grow beaches is also impressive.

The Fofoti trees are often confused with the leguminous Divi-divi tree (Watapana in Papiamento), but the Divi-divi tree doesn’t grow on the beach.

On Eagle Beach, you can find the two most photographed fofoti trees on the island. You’ve probably seen pictures of them before! And you simply have to see them yourselves when on Aruba.

Boca Grandi

Attention kite surfers! Boca Grandi is a paradise for kite surfers because of the challenging waves and perfect wind. So if you like kitesurfing, you know what to do in Aruba.

Except for a few kite surfers, Boca Grandi is usually quiet because there are no facilities besides a kitesurfing school. The current is also very strong here, and there is no shade. So pay attention!

Boca Grandi Aruba

The beach is beautiful and rough and only a 5-minute drive from the center of San Nicolas and Baby Beach. It can be a great stop on the way to other places.

An unmissable red giant anchor marks Boca Grandi. The anchor is in memory and in honor of the sailors who died at sea.

Arashi Beach

Arashi Beach is the next beach on this list of the best things to do in Aruba and lies north of the island, close to Aruba’s California light house.

Arashi Beach, Aruba beach

It is a quiet beach perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing.

And if you want something to eat or drink, go to Arashi beach Shack!

  1. Explore Arikok National Park

This list of things to do in Aruba wouldn’t be complete without Arikok National Park! The park makes up about 20% of Aruba and is excellent for a nature hike.

You can enjoy fantastic landscapes, cacti, animals, caves, beaches, rock formations, and native tree and plant species in the national park.

Admission to the park is $11 and goes toward park conservation, various educational programs, and the animals that roam freely in the national park.

You can drive inside Arikok National Park, but it’s good to check if this is allowed with your rental car. Some rental companies do not let you to go to the national park with your rental car due to the challenging (unpaved) roads.

Don’t go out in the national park with a regular rental car. Rent a jeep, 4WD, or quad, and double-check if it’s allowed. Or join a tour!

We explored Arikok National Park with a jeep tour and hike tour and can recommend both. Below we tell you more about must-see spots in the national park.

Arikok National Park, Aruba Tour

Quadirikiri Cave

In Aruba, you can find several caves; the most famous is the Quadirikiri cave. The Quadirikiri cave is a limestone cave and has two different rooms.

Natural sunlight enters through the holes in the ceilings, making the cave so special to see with your own eyes.

Arikok National Park, Quadirikiri Cave, Aruba things to do

The Quadirikiri cave is about 30 meters (98 feet) deep and is full of (harmless) bats.

Be sure to bring your camera, because you can take beautiful images here!

Boca Prins

Boca Prins is a beautiful beach in Arikok National Park surrounded by a rough landscape of rocks.

It looks inviting to dive into the sea to cool off, but you can’t because of the strong undercurrents in the water. Almost the entire east side of Aruba is too dangerous for swimming.

You can go to Boca Prins via wooden stairs to take stunning pictures and relax on the beach.

Dos Playa

You can find two secluded beaches just north of Boca Prins: Dos Playa. Dos Playa’s location is quite remote because you can only get here on foot or 4WD.

Aruba Dos Playa, Aruba coastline

Dos Playa consists of two coves, and one of the two is a popular spot for surfers. But just like Boca Prins, the sea is also dangerous here. That’s why it is only a place for experienced surfers.

Natural Pool Aruba

In Arikok National Park, there’s a natural pool, the Natural Pool Conchi, where you can swim. This way, you can cool off after all that exploring!

Arubans call the natural pool “conchi,” which means “bowl” in Papiamento. The form of the birth pool looks like a small bowl, created by nature and protected by rocks. It’s a swimming pool in the sea.

Aruba Natural Pool Conchi

The natural pool is filled with water from the ocean by high waves crashing against the rocks; how unique is that!

It is a unique and popular place for both locals and tourists. Good to know is that you can only reach the Natural Pool with a 4WD or by foot.

Fontein Cave

Besides the Quadirikiri cave, you can also find the Fountain cave in Arikok National Park. This cave is famous for the drawings of Native Americans on the walls.

The rock paintings are already many years old and created by the original inhabitants of Aruba.

Fontein Cave Aruba, Arikok National Park

Cave Pool Aruba

Just outside Arikok National Park, you can find Aruba’s Cave Pool, a great place to combine with the national park.

Here you can swim in an open cave and jump off rocks! The only downside is that the Cave Pool is only accessible by wooden stairs. So if you have a disability affecting your mobility, it is better to skip the Cave Pool.

Nearby you can also find the Bushiribana ruins, an abandoned gold smelter used during the nineteenth century.

  1. Eat Typical Aruban Snacks at Huchada Bakery

Huchada Bakery is the place to go if you want to enjoy typical Aruban snacks! The bakery lies in the middle of the island, a 10-minute drive from Oranjestad.

Many locals come here to enjoy breakfast. It is worth the trip to go to Huchada Bakery for either breakfast or lunch.

Order an Aruban croquette, empanada, cheese balls, pastechis, or go for a sandwich, panini, or salad; there is something for everyone! Also, if you eat vegetarian or vegan.

They also have many tasty cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet treats. And if you want to try something Dutch, order a tompouce or appelflap.

Later in this list of what to do in Aruba, we’ll tell you about even more delicious Aruba restaurants!

  1. Sleep at Boardwalk Boutique Hotel

Are you looking for a beautiful place to stay in Aruba? Look no further! Boardwalk Boutique Hotel is a fantastic boutique hotel on the island.

We stayed here for three nights and wished we could stay much longer. There is such a relaxed atmosphere here! And it is also gorgeous.

Boardwalk Boutique Hotel is an oasis with multiple pools, hammocks, a spa, tropical plants, and beautiful colored houses, casitas.

And it lies just a few minutes walking distance from Palm Beach! On the beach, the hotel has beach huts, sunbeds, and beach service for their guests.

  1. Enjoy the Sunset at Barefoot Restaurant

One of the best Aruba restaurants is Barefoot Restaurant. You can eat here on the beach while you enjoy the sun setting in the sea.

And as soon as the sun has set, the cute lights on the terrace turn on and the stars appear in the sky, how romantic!

The food and drinks are also delicious at Barefoot Restaurant. The restaurant style is casual chic, so take off your slippers and enjoy.

Make a reservation in advance and indicate that you want to eat on the beach. Barefoot Restaurant is popular and this way you avoid any disappointment.

Get there on time, around 6:00 PM, to fully enjoy the sunset.

  1. Stroll Through Oranjestad

We are far from done with these best things to do in Aruba because the next (unmissable) place is Oranjestad.

Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba, located on the northwest side of the island, and with approximately 28,000 people, it is the largest city in Aruba. Oranjestad is also called Playa by the Arubans.

It’s a great place to walk through, shop, visit a museum, and eat and drink. There are also beautiful colored buildings in Oranjestad, such as the green city hall and pink Royal Plaza Mall.

Visit Oranjestad Aruba

Don’t feel like walking? Then board the open-air tram and ride through the city center; it’s free!

Recommended places to eat and drink in Oranjestad are Yemanja, Lucy’s, West Deck, Taste My Aruba, and Wilhelmina.

  1. Get Active on a Kayak Trip

A fun way to discover Aruba from the water is with a kayak trip! You can rent a kayak yourself and go out or join a tour.

Good to know is that the Caribbean Sea on the east side of Aruba is very wild with high waves and a lot of wind. So it is not recommended to go kayaking on this side of the island.

Aruba Outdoor Adventures, kayakken Aruba

But on the island’s west side, it’s fun to go kayaking! The west side is also where most of the Aruba beaches lie, which we discussed earlier.

The inland waterways of Aruba are also fun to explore with a kayak, for example, the Spanish Lagoon. The Spanish Lagoon is an inner bay with unique mangrove vegetation that is fun to explore!

If you want to go on a tour, we recommend Aruba Outdoor Adventures. They have several tours to choose from, and they can take you snorkeling too!

  1. Hike to the Top of the Hooiberg

Wherever you are in Aruba, you can see the Hooiberg (which translates to Haystack) from almost any point! The Hooiberg is a 165-meter-high (541 feet) hill in the middle of the island.

About 600 steps take you to the top of the hill, which is a bit of a workout but well worth it. When you arrive at the top, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire island. With clear weather, you can even see Venezuela!

Things to do in Aruba, Hooiberg
Photo by Jenna Silver

The climb takes about half an hour, and it’s best to do this early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it’s not too hot! And make sure to bring enough water.

On the way to the top, you can enjoy various cacti, divi-divi trees, and perhaps some parakeets, goats, and colorful lizards.

  1. Discover the Aruban Underwater World

Aruba has a beautiful underwater world; it would be a shame not to discover it during your Aruba vacation if you like snorkeling and diving!

Tres Trapi, Aruba snorkeling

We recommend bringing your snorkel gear to snorkel wherever and whenever you want. If you want to rent a set, this is also possible on some beaches and at some hotels.

Our favorite place to snorkel in Aruba is Tres Trapi. If you are lucky, you can see turtles here.

Go as early as possible in the morning to increase your chances of seeing them. For example, we went snorkeling here at 06:30 and saw six different turtles.

You won’t see much other fish or coral in the water here, but the turtles are worth getting out of bed early!

Tres Trapi means three steps, named after the step in the rock to the water.

Other places we recommend for snorkeling are Arashi Beach, Boca Catalina, Catalina Cove, Mangel Halto, and Malmok Beach. There are also some shipwrecks where you can go on a tour for snorkeling and diving.

Do you want to dive in Aruba? Then there are several diving schools, such as Happy Divers Aruba, Aruba Red Sail Sports, Jads Dive Center, Pure Diving Aruba, and S.E. Aruba Fly’n Dive.

Go on a discover scuba diving trip if you don’t have a license yet, but want to try it out!

Snorkeling in Aruba

  1. Enjoy a Romantic Beach Picnic

Are you looking for a romantic and unique dinner during your Aruba vacation? Look no further! Because how does a luxurious sunset beach picnic sound?

And no, not just on the sand, but completely decorated in Bohemian style with tables, stools, lamps, and other decorations.

Of course, not without a delicious drink and something to eat! And that’s all taken care of for you.

Aruba Bell Tent Experience, Aruba tips

If you are still looking for a moment to propose to your partner, this might be the time!

We enjoyed a picnic with Aruba Bell Tent Experience, but this is possible with Picnic Aruba, too.

  1. Climb the Casibari Rock Formations

We talked about climbing the Hooiberg as one of the top things to do in Aruba. But if you want to climb less high and still enjoy a beautiful view, head to the Casibari Rock Formations.

The Casibari Rock Formations are clusters of giant boulders that you can climb on. No one knows how the formations happened, but people think it’s due to the movement of tectonic plates.

Casibari Rock Formations, what to do in Aruba

Several stairs and walking paths make it easy to reach the top by foot and enjoy a 360-degree view. You can see the Hooiberg well, the ocean, hundreds of cacti, and different colored houses from the top.

Come early, so it’s not too crowded and hot here!

At the Casibari Rock Formations, you can find the Casibari Café, which is a great place to have something to eat and drink.

  1. Enjoy a Boat Trip

One of the best and most beautiful ways to see Aruba is from the sea when you cruise along the coastline in a boat.

And if you don’t necessarily want to do this actively, in a kayak we discussed earlier, there are plenty of other options!

From a sailboat or catamaran, for example. Aruba is a great sailing location because of the trade winds. These trade winds are also great for the temperature because otherwise, it would become too hot.

So be sure to step aboard a sailboat! There are sunset excursions, dinner cruises, snorkeling and diving boat trips, and cruises with an open bar that you can book. Or rent a sailboat yourself!

Enjoy the beautiful Aruban landscape, the many beaches, and the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

  1. See Beautiful Butterflies in Aruba’s Butterfly Garden

Watching butterflies may not be the first thing that comes to your mind during your Aruba vacation, but this butterfly farm is worth checking out! It’s one of the best things to do in Aruba, especially for children and the photographers among us.

Butterflies with the most beautiful colors that you rarely see in your hometown! Step into a tropical garden and enjoy 800 different butterflies fluttering around. And if one sits on you, you can make a wish.

The Butterfly Farm Aruba things to do

Buy a ticket (valid for your entire Aruba vacation, perfect if you want to come back again), and join a free tour to learn more about The Butterfly Farm and butterflies.

For example, did you know that males have brighter colors than females? And that some butterfly species only live for a day?

You can find The Butterfly Farm opposite the Aruba Divi Phoenix resort, near Palm Beach.

  1. Visit Renaissance Island

You can find some of the most beautiful Aruba beaches on Renaissance Island! Renaissance Island is a luxurious private island from the Renaissance Hotel, also known as “flamingo island,” because you can find flamingos here (surprise!).

You may have seen this beach and flamingos on Instagram (it’s very Instagrammable)!

Renaissance Island Aruba, flamingo island

Though it’s good to know you shouldn’t go to Aruba for wild flamingos because there are no wild flamingos in Aruba. On Curaçao and Bonaire, yes.

Renaissance Island is thus a kind of luxury zoo with flamingos walking on the beach and other animals such as iguanas and pelicans.

On the island, you can find two different beaches, lots of sunbeds, a bar, a restaurant, cabanas you can rent, and a beautiful calm sea to swim in.

Stay at the Renaissance Resort to get to the island for free or buy a day pass for about $125. For this price, you can take a water taxi, enjoy the island all day, and have lunch and a drink.

Do you come to the island for the flamingos? Then go as early as possible in the morning, so you have the best chance to see them on the beach when it’s not too busy yet.

Renaissance island Aruba, private island Aruba

  1. Go to the Aruba Aloe Plantation, Museum, and Factory

People call Aruba the “Island of Aloe” because Aruba was the largest aloe vera exporter in the world for a long time. Today that’s no longer the case, but aloe vera is still an important export product.

This plant came to Aruba in the 19th century and has never left. Due to the warm and dry climate, aloe vera loves it here (and we get that). So it grows well in Aruba!

Aruba Aloe Vera

Visit the Aruba Aloe Plantation, Museum & Factory to learn about the history of this healing plant in Aruba, how Arubans make aloe vera products, and how the plants grow. You will learn all this during a free tour.

Go to the shop to buy delicious aloe vera products such as shampoo, soap, sunscreen, and aftersun.

  1. Get Active With These Water Sports

On One Happy Island Aruba, you can experience a lot of adventure on the water. Kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, and diving are popular water sports in Aruba.

You can do all these sports on the west coast of Aruba. At Palm Beach, you will find several water sports centers where you can rent equipment and get out on the water.

Aruba Watersports

You can also take lessons to learn how to kite surf, for example!

We recommend taking a look at Vela Aruba. There they have snorkeling tours and lessons to learn how to kite surf and windsurf. They also rent equipment.

If you like yoga, you can even do yoga on the water. SUP yoga combines standup paddle boarding (SUP) and yoga.

  1. Discover the Rough North

In our top things to do in Aruba article, we mentioned several places from the rough north, such as Arashi Beach and Tres Trapi. But there are even more Aruba sights in the north of the island that are great to discover.

Lighthouse Aruba tips

You must have a suitable car to explore the northern part of Aruba because some roads here are dirt roads. Compare Aruba car rental companies and find the best prices!

Unfortunately, the famous Natural Bridge collapsed years ago, but a smaller variant (Baby Natural Bridge) lies nearby. The remains of the Natural Bridge are still a popular tourist attraction in Aruba.

Make a stop at the Bushiribana Ruins, Aruba’s cave pool, and the Alto Vista Chapel before heading north of the island. There you can find the California Lighthouse. This lighthouse carries the name of the SS Californian ship that sank off the Aruban coast.

Climb to the top of the lighthouse to enjoy a beautiful view and then eat and drink something at the Italian restaurant Faro Blanco. This restaurant is the former home of the lighthouse keeper. And you can also enjoy a beautiful view from the restaurant.

California Lighthouse, Aruba

Behind the lighthouse, you can find magnificent dunes, the Arashi Dunes (also called California Dunes), and the northernmost tip of Aruba, Boca Westpunt. And there, you can also find one of the most deserted Aruba beaches: Westpunt Beach.

  1. Eat at one of these delicious Aruba restaurants

We already mentioned several excellent Aruba restaurants in this article, but there are still some Aruba restaurants that we would like to share with you.

This way, you can choose where to eat during your Aruba vacation! Because there is no shortage of delicious restaurants in Aruba.

Zeerovers Aruba

Zeerovers is the perfect restaurant for fish lovers, especially if you like fried fish.

Do not expect luxury at this restaurant, but a simple basket with delicious fried fish and fries at a local restaurant.

Zeerovers Aruba restaurant

The boats with freshly caught fish arrive while you are eating. Yes, the fish are that fresh!

Zeerover is popular with locals and tourists, so sometimes getting something to eat here takes a while.

Flying Fishbone

Flying Fishbone is unmissable on this list of Aruba restaurants; it is a unique restaurant on the island.

Earlier, we talked about Barefoot Restaurant, where you can eat with your bare feet in the sand. You can even dine with your feet in the water at Flying Fishbone. Several tables are in the sea! How fun! The food is also delicious at Flying Fishbone.

It is good to know that you must make a reservation weeks (sometimes months) in advance to get these tables in the water.


Are you looking for a delicious and hip place to have breakfast? Then look no further! You can enjoy a delightful breakfast at Craft with acai bowls, eggs, fresh fruit, waffles, juices, and homemade lemonade. And, of course, coffee!

You can also have lunch here and come back in the evening for a delicious drink.

This area comes to life at night, so it is worth returning. Come back for a taco from sister location Lola Taqueria, which sits next to Craft. Lola Taqueria serves the tastiest tacos. We highly recommend the ‘no chicken tacos.’

You can find Craft in the heart of Palm Beach.

Craft Aruba restaurants

The Old Man and the Sea Restaurant

You can enjoy a luxurious and romantic dinner at The Old Man and The Sea Restaurant because this is a beautiful place!

The setting of the restaurant is intimate and peaceful, on the beach. And on the menu there a local dishes with an international twist, so yummy!

Only a few tables are available at The Old Man and The Sea Restaurant, so make reservations early. Or stay in one of their beautiful villas on the water so that so you can eat at the restaurant during your stay.

A private overwater dinner cabana is available for guests staying in a villa. It’s not cheap, but you get a unique experience in return!

Azia Restaurant & Lounge

Fancy Asian food? Then we recommend Azia Restaurant & Lounge. Dim Sum, sushi, edamame, spring rolls, soups, you can find it all on their menu.

Azia Restaurant Aruba

You can always make us happy with Asian food, and we love the food here.

Good to know is that this is a trendy restaurant, so keep in mind a (casual) chic vibe.

Aruba Experience Cafe

Aruba Experience Café is a fun place to have breakfast or lunch. You can’t have dinner here, because then they are closed.

Aruba Experience Cafe, Aruba restaurants

You can find a combination of croissants, salads, wraps, paninis, dishes with eggs, and sweets on the menu. There are also vegan options available at Aruba Experience Café.

In addition to the delicious food, the cafe looks colorful and beautiful. The restaurant’s building is a traditional Aruban house from the 19th century.

Marina Pirata

We end this Aruba restaurants list with a restaurant where mainly Arubans go. So if you want to go to a place in Aruba where Arubans have already come for years, go to Marina Pirata.

Marina Pirata, Aruba restaurants

At Marina Pirata, you can enjoy a Caribbean waterfront dining experience. There are mainly fresh fish dishes on the menu and some meat dishes and salads. Do you not eat meat and fish? Then this is not a place to go.

Make a reservation if you want to eat here during sunset!

Aruba Tips

Those are the best things to do in Aruba! But read on for more Aruba tips.

We will share the best time to go to Aruba, what you should not forget to bring, and what the best Aruba hotels are, among other things.

First, here are some valuable things to know for your Aruba vacation and what you should not forget to pack:

  • The official currency in Aruba is the florin (ƒ), but US dollars ($) are also accepted almost all over the island. One florin is 0.56 US dollars. In the supermarket, you see the prices in both florins and dollars. In some restaurants, the prices are in dollars only.
  • Aruba is in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone (AST, UTC-4), and there are no daylight saving time clock changes.
  • Don’t forget to pack mosquito repellent!
  • You do not need a visa for Aruba if you have a European, American, or Canadian passport. Your passport must still be valid for the duration of your stay.
  • Since 2019, the government has banned sunscreens containing oxybenzone. Unfortunately, oxybenzone is found in many sunscreens and affects the coral. Read here about which sunscreen without oxybenzone you can buy! Bring sunscreen that will not damage the coral.
  • It is wise to bring a sweater, vest, or jacket to Aruba. Most restaurants and hotels have air conditioning, meaning you can get chilly. And it can sometimes be a bit cold in the evenings.
  • If applicable, pack a travel plug. In Aruba, you will find plug types A, B, and F. so always take a power strip with us, so we only need one world plug.
Outlet type A B F

Did you forget to bring something during your Aruba vacation? Do not worry; you can buy almost anything in Aruba!

Aruba vacation

Best Time to Visit Aruba

Weather-wise it is always great to go to Aruba. Aruba has more sunny days than any other place nearby and has an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (82 Fahrenheit). How amazing, right?

And not unimportant: it rarely rains in Aruba. The most rain falls between September and December, and when it rains, it is often for a short period and often during the night. The hottest period on the island is from May to October.

Arashi Beach, Aruba beaches

It is good to know that the island is always windy, with a wind from the east. The breeze keeps it a little cooler on the island, especially mid-day when it gets very hot.

The ABC Islands are located in an area in the Caribbean with few hurricanes. Aruba is, therefore, a fantastic holiday destination year-round weather-wise!

The high season is from mid-December to mid-April. This time of year, there will be mainly American tourists on the island. From mid-April to mid-December, it is a lot quieter on the island, and the prices are also lower.

How Many Days in Aruba?

The flight to Aruba can be pretty long, depending on your place of departure. That is one of the reasons why we recommend going to Aruba for at least a week.

Plus there is plenty to do on the island (which you have read above), so you can enjoy yourself for a week.

Especially if you like to lie on the beach, enjoy the beautiful weather, and do nothing at all, then it is also great to go to Aruba for 2-3 weeks.

Eagle Beach, Aruba beach

Traveling to Aruba

We already talked about traveling on the island earlier. We recommend renting a car in Aruba to visit all of Aruba’s attractions. Nearly are rental cars are automatic. If you do not want or cannot rent a car, you can explore the island by taxi or public transport.

On the island, there are buses with different routes across the island. The local bus, Arubus, runs between the island’s main towns, villages, and hot spots. But you can’t get everywhere by bus!

Baby Beach, Rum Reef Aruba

And what is it like to travel to Aruba? From New York City, it takes about 4.5 hours to fly to Aruba, and from Miami, it takes about 3 hours.

A flight from Amsterdam to Aruba takes about 9-10 hours. You fly with a possible stopover in Curaçao or Bonaire on the way there or back.

The international airport of Aruba is the Queen Beatrix International Airport, located in Oranjestad.

Another way to travel to Aruba is by cruise! Aruba is a popular stop on southern Caribbean cruises. While we recommend staying longer in Aruba, this could be a fun way to see a glimpse of the island already!

The Aruba Cruise Terminal lies in Oranjestad.

Where to stay in Aruba: The Best Aruba Hotels

What are the best Aruba hotels? Aruba has many beautiful places to stay, and each hotel and resort has particularities and charms!

We talked about Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Aruba before, but below we will share a few more places that are lovely stays.

The best part of the island to stay in depends on what you want. Most hotels in Aruba lie between Palm Beach and Oranjestad, close to most Aruba attractions, making it the busiest part of the island, with many restaurants and bars.

Hilton Aruba Resort

The Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino is a five-star resort in Aruba and one of the most luxurious resorts on the island. This is a perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy a holiday with everything you need.

Two beautiful swimming pools, a wellness complex, water sports facilities, a fitness room, a casino, and a beach restaurant and a bar; there is something for everyone, whether you want to relax or be active.

Merlot Villas Aruba

Would you like to book an apartment or villa during your Aruba vacation? Then we recommend Merlot Villas Aruba!

You can find their fully-equipped villas in an exclusive and private area not far from Palm Beach. From a swimming pool and a fully equipped kitchen to a barbecue in the garden.

These villas are ideal if you are going on holiday to Aruba with a large group or family. Each villa has at least four bedrooms and several bathrooms.

And if you want to save costs on food, cook yourself now and then!

RIU Palace Aruba

Enjoy all-inclusive Aruba at RIU Palace Aruba! The high white buildings of RIU Palace are very characteristic and visible from afar.

RIU Palace Arua is the only five-star all-inclusive resort in Aruba. In addition to a lot of good food and drinks, you can also find two swimming pools, a hot tub, a communal lounge, a fitness center, and a children’s playground at the resort.

The resort is also located directly on the beach, with rooms with a sea view.

It is good to know that this is a massive complex.

Do you want to enjoy an all-inclusive Aruba resort without children around you? Then book at RIU Palace Antillas adults only.

Another Aruba all-inclusive resort is Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort.

Wonders Boutique Hotel

Wonders Boutique Hotel is very different from the big resorts in Aruba. It is a small-scale and personal boutique hotel in Oranjestad West.

You aren’t located in the center but within walking distance of various restaurants and the center.

There is a swimming pool at Wonders Boutique Hotel and a tropical garden, an oasis of tranquility. You feel at home as soon as you walk in.

If you have rented a car, you can easily park it at the hotel. Good to know that it is an adults-only hotel.

Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort

A resort that is very suitable for families and families is the Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort. With four different pools, multiple restaurants, a kids’ club, tennis facilities, and nightly entertainment and live music, it’s a beautiful place to stay.

The resort is located directly on the beach and organizes activities such as bike rides and snorkeling excursions.

And if you want to enjoy an all-inclusive Aruba vacation, you can do that at Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort.

Aruba Map With All Things To Do In Aruba

Enjoy these best things to do in Aruba! Which activities are you adding to your Aruba itinerary?

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