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Lesbian Hulu: 60+ Movies & Shows to Watch

Can’t find all the lesbian movies and lesbian shows on Hulu? Think there aren’t that many on the streaming site? Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! Lesbian Hulu is super hot and happening.

Hulu has a lot of movies and shows with lesbian content, a lot more than you might think at first glance. You just have to know where to look. I will show you all the ins and outs of lesbian Hulu, so you’ll have hours of lesbian content to watch!

And the best part: all of these lesbian movies and shows are on Hulu. You can watch without having to pay for any of their add-ons!

Enjoy these lesbian shows on Hulu and lesbian movies on Hulu! I will also tell you all about shows and movies with lesbian characters.

Lesbian Movies Hulu

Let’s start with the lesbian Hulu movies that have big and important lesbian characters and storylines. These are definitely lesbian Hulu movies you have to watch!

  1. Booksmart (2019)

Booksmart is one of my favorite lesbian movies on Hulu! Directed by Olivia Wilde, the movie is about two high school students who have just been studying for the past four years.

On the evening of their high school graduation, they realize they should go to a party. One of the two is Amy, who is a lesbian.

I love that she’s already out and is now figuring out how to deal with what comes after that; dealing with crushes and kissing girls for the first time.

It’s a refreshing movie!

booksmart 2019 lesbian hulu

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  1. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)

This might be the best lesbian movie on Hulu, or in general. What is not to love about this film?

Céline Sciamma did such a phenomenal job with this film. She is a lesbian herself, and it shows. Everything from the cinematography to the acting, it just makes more sense.

And the yearning! Oh, the yearning. The one thing lesbians are so good at, is shown so damn well.

This lesbian Hulu movie is about female painter Marianne in the 18th century. She is hired to paint Héloïse, who is to be married off to an Italian nobleman against her will.

portrait of a lady on fire 2019 hulu lesbian movie

  1. Princess Cyd (2017)

Princess Cyd is a very cute lesbian indie movie that is worth the watch!

Cyd is the typical 16-year-old teenager who is sent away from home to spend the summer at her aunt’s house, who she barely knows.

In this town, where she doesn’t know anyone, she starts exploring dating with both men and women. She then falls in love with the local barista named Katie and the two spend the summer together.

And it is a lesbian Hulu movie with a happy ending!

Princess cyd 2017 lesbian hulu

  1. Wild Nights with Emily (2018)

This movie is a romantic comedy with a funny take on the big American poet Emily Dickinson.

I’m really glad that in the newer Emily Dickinson content the creators no longer shy away from Emily being a lesbian.

This was done a lot, previously. Her relationship with Sue was often seen as just a friendship, even though many of Emily’s letters to Sue show otherwise.

Luckily, Wild Nights with Emily beautifully depicts the lesbian relationship Emily and Sue had.

Wild nights with emily 2018

  1. Hearts Beat Loud (2018)

Hearts Beat Loud deserves a lot more attention. This comedy is a queer coming-of-age story and features two black women.

And the best part? Kiersey Clemons who plays Sam is queer in real life and Sasha Lane who plays her girlfriend Rose is gay!

Their lesbian scenes are so so so cute, and I think it’s really rare to see two black lesbians love each other like this in a movie.

There definitely should be more lesbian Hulu movies like this!

Hearts beat loud 2018 lesbian hulu

  1. Anchor and Hope (2018)

This Spanish-British romantic drama-comedy follows the very typical story of two lesbians wanting to have a baby and a male friend stepping in to be the father.

Obviously, there is going to be a lot of tension and drama between the three.

And there is definitely going to be a lot of tension and drama between the couple.

Anchor and hope 2018

  1. Vita & Virginia (2018)

Virginia Woolf was one of the most important 20th century authors. She was also queer.

In 1922, she met Vita Sackville-West and the two fell in love. Even though both were married to men, they had a 10-year-long on and off relationship.

This lesbian movie on Hulu tells this beautiful and complicated story.

vita and virginia 2018

  1. Liz in September (2014)

This Venezuelan movie is about a group of women, all lesbians, who come to together once a year to celebrate Liz’s birthday at a small hotel. This specific year, however, the hotel has an extra guest.

Eva’s car has broken down, and she had no other place to go. Eva quickly joins the group and Liz makes a bet with one of her friends that she can get Eva to sleep with her in 3 days.

Of course, she then develops actual feelings for Eva. How on-brand of her.

Unfortunately, this movie doesn’t have a happy ending, so don’t watch it if you don’t feel like crying.

liz in september 2014

  1. Happiest Season (2020)

The first Hollywood lesbian Christmas movie can’t miss on this list with lesbian Hulu movies!

This lesbian movie uses a lot of the same themes that are used in straight Christmas movies too, such as not wanting to ruin Christmas and getting accepted by your family.

However, this time it’s with lesbians and one of the lesbians is played by Kristen Stewart. Love her!

Although it’s not perfect, I must say I did enjoy it. But then again, it is a cheesy Christmas romcom, it’s not meant to be amazingly good anyway.

TW: someone is outed by a family member.

happiest season 2020

  1. The Girl King (2015)

This movie is a biographical drama about Sweden’s Queen Kristina. During the 17th century, she became queen at the age of six.

Wanting to modernize Sweden, her behavior and ideas shocked the conservatives in her country and had a lot of leaders talking about her.

She did all of this while not shying away from being gay and having a love affair with a countess.

The girl king 2015

  1. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017)

This movie is about the life of the man who created the Wonder Woman comics.

Directed by Angela Robinson, who’s a lesbian, and with a primarily female and queer producing team, this movie is worth the watch!

Luke Evans, who is gay in real life, plays the role of Professor Marston. The storyline revolves around the polyamorous relationship that he and his wife had with student Olive.

Even though it’s only loosely based on actual events, it’s a very interesting watch if you’d like to know more about the man behinds the comics!

professor marston and the wonder women 2017

  1. All About E (2015)

DJ E has her whole life together in this Australian lesbian movie on Hulu. Or so she thinks.

Suddenly she finds herself on the run with her gay best friend Matt when she stumbles on some money.

The two realize they have nowhere to go, except for E’s ex-girlfriend’s house in the outback. And her ex-girlfriend is her one true love.

I’d say it’s not a good movie but not a bad movie either. More one of those ‘if you have nothing else to watch’ movie situations.

all about e 2015

  1. Elena Undone (2010)

Elena Undone’s story is loosely based on one of the director’s own romances that she had.

The movie is about Elena who is married to Barry. They’ve been trying to get a baby but with no luck so far. Then she meets Payton and falls in love with her.

One thing I absolutely hate about lesbian movies is that there’s so much cheating. And it’s always normalized too.

Sadly, this movie also depicts that. However, there is a happy ending for the women though.

elena undone 2010

  1. Margarita with a Straw (2014)

This lesbian movie on Hulu shows the love story between two disabled women, something that is rarely shown!

Indian teenager Laila has cerebral palsy and leaves India to study in New York City. This is where she falls in love with Khanum, a Pakistani-Bangladeshi girl who is blind.

Laila goes on a journey, by herself and with Khanum, in finding herself and figuring out her orientation and what it’s like to be independent.

margarita with a straw 2014

  1. AWOL (2017)

Joey is just about to join the army to get out of rural Pennsylvania, but then she falls in love with housewife Rayna, who has been neglected by her trucker husband.

This movie is not just about being gay, but more about class and economic status.

Both Joey and Rayna dream of a better life, either alone or together, but are heavily restricted by what’s in their wallets.

awol 2017

  1. Foxfire (1996)

The oldest of these lesbian Hulu movies. The older readers will definitely have watched this one on repeat while still being in the closet or maybe pretending they weren’t even gay to begin with.

The movie is about Angelina Jolie who plays a tomboy with a leather jacket who forms a girl gang at a high school to stop assauIt. And there is a lot of lesbian subtexts. Like a lot.

Only Jolie’s character is supposed to be a lesbian, but I’m pretty sure none of that is true.

foxfire 1996

Lesbian Hulu Shows

Now it’s time for the best lesbian shows on Hulu! All these lesbian shows have big and important lesbian characters and storylines.

  1. KiIIing Eve (2018-)

If you follow me on any social media, you know that this show is my one and only. I’m just as obsessed with this show as Villanelle and Eve are with each other.

If you haven’t seen this lesbian show yet, what are you waiting for? A lesbian assassin and a queer MI6 agent who are obsessed with each other? What more do you want?

This is my absolute favorite of all lesbian shows on Hulu.

kiIIing eve 2018

  1. Motherland: Fort Salem (2020-)

This lesbian Hulu show is about a world in which witches are part of the US Army. They train in combat magic to defeat a group called the Spree.

On the show we follow three witches who have just enlisted and need to go through training. One of them, Raelle, is a lesbian who falls in love with a second-year cadet.

I was definitely a little weirded out by the strange love scenes going on but apart from that it’s a pretty good show!

motherland fort salem 2020

  1. The L Word (2004-2009)

Obviously this article isn’t complete without this lesbian TV show on Hulu: The L Word.

The show was available on lesbian Netflix in the US for the longest time but was then removed (probably because Hulu bought the rights).

Luckily, now we can watch it on lesbian Hulu!

This lesbian show paved the way for the representation we see on television today. If you have the Showtime add-on, you can also watch The Real L Word and The L Word: Generation Q!

the l word 2004

  1. The Bold Type (2017-2021)

When The Bold Type first came out, it looked like an amazing progressive and diverse show.

Kat and Adena were two queer women of color in a relationship. This is not something that we often see on TV.

However, after just 2 seasons the couple broke up. And then in season 4 stuff gets real nasty when Kat falls in love for a white right wing woman. Big yikes!

But still, it’s one of my favorite lesbian Hulu shows.

the bold type 2017

  1. Anyone But Me (2008-2011)

This lesbian Hulu show started out as a web series and follows the life of lesbian teenager Vivian who has to move from her comfortable life in New York City to Westchester.

Because of the move, she struggles to maintain her relationship with her girlfriend. In the meantime, she also has to navigate her new life and school.

The episodes are super easy to watch! Each episode is between five and fifteen minutes long.

anyone but me 2008

  1. The Biടexual (2018-)

This series tells a story we don’t see very often. Leila, played by Desiree Akhavan who is queer in real life, has identified as a lesbian for years.

But after her breakup with her ex-girlfriend she finds herself to be interested in men. The show follows her exploration and the way everyone around her is affected by this.

The show still has not been canceled or renewed, so we have yet to find out whether we’ll see more about Leila’s life.

the bi 2018

  1. Little Fires Everywhere (2020)

Little Fires Everywhere is based on Celeste Ng’s best-selling novel that came out in 2017.

In the novel, a lot of queer text was left out, but Ng decided this had to be different for the show.

The main character Mia is queer, which is shown through a flashback of her romance with one of her professors. And then there’s also teenager Izzy, who struggles with her orientation.

little fires everywhere 2020

  1. High Fidelity (2020)

Based on the 1995 novel that goes by the same name, High Fidelity the show follows a record store owner in the neighborhood of Crown Heights, New York.

Zoë Kravitz plays Rob, a queer record store owner. Throughout the season, she goes looking for love.

And even though I wish they would’ve given more attention to her relationships with women, it was still enjoyable to watch.

high fidelity 2020

  1. Broad City (2014-2019)

Broad City was one of those super refreshing and one of a kind shows that happened to be super queer as well.

Centered around two queer Jewish leads, the show is based off of the creators’ real life and their attempt to make it in New York.

The show addresses a lot of themes, many relating to being gay and exploring your identity.

broad city 2014

  1. Black Sails (2014-2017)

This show is a lot gayer than you might think it is. It’s about the adventures of Captain Flint and his crew. I thought a show like this would mostly be about men, because it is usually, but I was wrong.

Black Sails has female sailors. And they’re queer!

A little trigger warning though, because the show is brutal.

black sails lesbian max and idelle 2014

  1. Siren (2018-2020)

This show is about a mermaid who appears in a little town after her sister was abducted by fishermen. Not knowing anything about the human world or how we live, she is taken in by marine biologist couple Ben and Maddie.

Slowly, she starts to learn about the way we live and especially how we feel. She realizes she likes both Ben and Maddie. And Ben and Maddie like her too.

From that point on, their polyamorous relationship is depicted in a healthy and refreshing way that is not very often seen on television.

siren 2018

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Hulu Movies and Shows With Lesbian Characters

The next lesbian Hulu shows and lesbian Hulu movies have lesbian characters and storylines that are smaller. Nevertheless, they are still super fun and important to watch!

  1. B0mbshell (2019)

This wasn’t really a good movie. But Kate McKinnon, who is gay in real life, finally gets to play a lesbian, who’s a closeted Democrat at Fox News.

And her character has an interesting romance going on with Margot Robbie’s character who comes from a conservative family.

Also, Holland Taylor appears every now and then. And Brigette Lundy-Paine has a small role!

All in all, a pretty okay lesbian movie on Hulu.

B0mbshell 2019

  1. A Simple Favor (2018)

Blake Lively plays a queer woman in hot suits, need I say more? Also, the writer of the movie is a queer woman!

Anna Kendrick plays Stephanie who definitely becomes completely infatuated with Lively’s character, Emily. I mean, who wouldn’t?

The two become friends and there’s a hot kiss. And then things get weird when Emily goes missing.

A Simple Favor an interesting addition to this list with lesbian Hulu movies and shows.

a simple favor 2018

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale (2017-)

The Handmaid’s Tale is so depressing but so good at the same time. In the future, a right wing group has overthrown the US government and now controls everything.

The show doesn’t have just one, but two lesbian storylines that aren’t interwoven in any way.

One of the lesbian characters is Moira, played by famous lesbian celebrity Samira Wiley, who most of you probably know as Poussey from Orange Is the New Black.

She is our main character June’s best friend. And then there’s also Emily, a mom who was separated from her lesbian family when the country got overthrown.

the handmaid's tale lesbian 2017

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-)

I personally think Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best comedy shows out there. They have good and funny storylines and a diverse cast!

The captain of the 99 is Raymond Holt, a black gay man. It seemed that he was going to be the only LGBTQ+ character on the show. That is, until one of the cops, Latina badass Rosa, came out as queer in season 5.

After the coming out, the show nicely interweaves her struggles and new girlfriends throughout the rest of the seasons.

A must watch!

brooklyn nine nine 2013

  1. Mrs. America (2020)

This miniseries follows the fight for the equal rights amendment in the 1970s through the eyes of many prominent figures at that time, such as Gloria Steinem.

It also stars many amazing actresses, such as Sarah Paulson, Cate Blancett, Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Banks, and Uzo Aduba.

If this list didn’t convince you, there are also some recurring lesbian stories and minor lesbian characters that help shape this story.

mrs. america 2020

  1. American Horror Story (2011-)

American Horror Story is not only available on Hulu, but also on Netflix! Each season of the show is a self-contained miniseries.

The series simply can’t be missed on this list with lesbian Hulu movies and lesbian Hulu shows.

As a gay man, Ryan Murphy knows about representation. This is why each season usually has at least one queer character, but often there’s multiple!

For example, in season 2 we have Lana Winters. And in season 7, married lesbian who loses it when Trump is elected as president.

american horror story lesbian 2011

  1. Scream Queens (2015-2016)

I was a big fan of Scream Queens, and I’m still sad it got canceled. It was so bad it became good.

The show had one lesbian character, who was part of the new pledges for the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority.

Sam quickly fell in love with Chanel #3. Unfortunately, their relationship never blossomed, because Chanel #3 turned Sam down. Then Sam was kiIIed. Typical, right?

Her passing happened quite fast after this development, which makes it fit within the ‘bury your gays’ trope.

scream queens 2015

  1. 9-1-1 (2018-)

This is another Ryan Murphy show, even though it’s very different from most of his usual content. The show follows the lives of first responders.

There are different firefighters, cops and paramedics on the show who all have to work together. Hen Wilson is a black lesbian member of the group.

She’s a badass firefighter and paramedic in the Los Angeles Fire Department.

9-1-1 2018

  1. Everything’s Gonna Be Okay (2020-)

This new lesbian Hulu show is one to look out for! Nicholas, an Australian in his twenties, becomes the guardian of his two half-sisters in Los Angeles.

One of his half-sisters, Matilda is on the autism spectrum, and she’s played by an actor on the autism spectrum too! This is something we don’t often see.

Throughout the season, Matilda realizes she might be into girls too and starts exploring this.

everything's gonna be okay 2020

  1. East Los High (2013-2017)

East Los High is Hulu’s first and only series with an all Latinx cast and crew. On the show, we follow a bunch of teens living in East LA while they’re trying to get through high school.

One of the characters is the queer Camila who falls in love with her best friend, Jocelyn.

The two go through all the awful and cute phases of falling in love with your best friend, from making out for the first time to coming out to your parents. A cute lesbian love story!

east los high 2013

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

I know this one still hurts a lot to this day for the generation that is a little older.

Willow and Tara met in season 4 and quickly fell in love. Their relationship was a big milestone for that time.

Their first onscreen kiss wasn’t until season 5, because it was still an issue at that time to show gay couples kissing or doing anything beyond that.

Then, one fateful episode in season 6, Tara gets kiIIed by a stray bullet just after she and Willow had a very intimate scene. Sounds familiar?

buffy the vampire slayer lesbian

  1. The Librarians (2014-2018)

This show is about a secret society of librarians who are the guardians of magical and mythical relics. To help and protect the relics, they recruit a bunch of new librarians.

One of them is Cassandra, and she’s queer!

The first two seasons of the show mainly plays with the idea of her queerness, but in season 3 she actually comes out of the closet and shares a kiss with her hot vampire friend.

the librarians 2014

  1. Fresh Off the Boat (2015-2020)

Set in the 90s, this show is about a Taiwanese-American family and their struggles that come with living in Florida and opening a cowboy themed steakhouse.

The creator of the show, Nahnatchka Khan is an out lesbian, so there’s some queer themes in the show.

One of the recurring characters has a very cute coming out story in the fourth season. And Jessica, played by Constance Wu, loves to hang out at the lesbian bar.

fresh off the boat 2015

  1. Utopia Falls (2020-)

Utopia Falls is not your regular ‘the earth has been destroyed’ type of show. There is one last living group left and the people are separated into four different sectors.

Each year, there is a competition between the sectors. Sounds like it’s going to turn into The Hunger Games? Nope.

This is a performance competition! On the show, we follow a few of the candidates and two of them are queer and in a relationship!

utopia falls hulu 2020

  1. Good Trouble (2019-)

This is the spin-off of The Fosters, which is a lesbian show about two foster moms and their family that you can watch on Netflix.

In Good Trouble, daughters Callie and Mariana have moved to Los Angeles together to start a new phase of their life. They end up living in a communal living apartment and one of their roommates is a lesbian.

And their moms do pop up every now and then too!

good trouble 2019

  1. Empire (2015-2020)

Ilene Chaiken is one of the executive producers on the show, but don’t let her name fool you. If you truly wanta to watch content to see lesbians, skip this one.

Almost all of Empire’s (black) queer characters have ended up as a lifeless body or in jaiI. Not exactly the message you want to send out to young black queer girls watching your show.

empire 2015

  1. Star (2016-2019)

Star is the spin-off of Empire and did a better job at keeping their queer characters safe. The show is about three teenage girls who want to become musical superstars.

Amiyah Scott plays Cotton Brown and is the third openly transgender person to play a trans character in scripted television in the US.

And then there’s also Simone, who comes out as queer in the second season. And the show doesn’t just leave it at that! Over the course of the next seasons, she has multiple girlfriends.

star hulu 2016

  1. Party of Five (2020)

This show is a remake of the 90s show, but with a twist. Five siblings have to fend for themselves after their parents pass away in a car accident, on the original series.

The parents are deported back to Mexico in the 2020 version, and the siblings need to figure out their lives after. One of the siblings is a lesbian and slowly comes to terms with it throughout the season.

Sadly, it was canceled after just one season.

party of five 2020

  1. Saving Hope (2012-2017)

The writers and producers of this supernatural medical drama were part of creating The Lexa Pledge back in 2016. The Lexa Pledge consists of seven rules. Rules about how LGBTQ+ characters should be treated on shows.

The show’s lesbian character, Dr. Sydney Katz, struggled with her gayness at first but then fell in love with Maggie. The writers planned on letting Maggie pass away for their fifth and final season, but then realized they couldn’t do that.

So in the end, Sydney and Maggie got a happy ending (luckily).

If you are into the doctor genre, it’s definitely one of the lesbian shows on Hulu that are a must-watch!

saving hope 2012

  1. The First (2018)

The First is about the first human mission to Mars. The story not only focuses on the astronauts as they train for this mission, but their friends and family as well.

One of these astronauts is Kayla, how has a wife. Kayla is part of the main cast, yet her gayness is rarely mentioned.

Sadly, it’s only one season.

the first 2018

  1. What We Do in the Shadows (2019-)

What We Do in the Shadows is based on the 2014 film that has the same name. Just like the movie, it’s a mockumentary comedy horror. This lesbian Hulu show can not be missed on this list!

We follow the lives of three traditional vampires who have to live in the modern human world. And the best part: everyone on the show is pan!

The creators have said it’s very natural for the characters to be queer. The characters are very open and attracted to everyone.

what we do in the shadows 2019

  1. The Last Man on Earth (2015-2018)

It’s the year 2022 and a virus has wiped out everyone on earth. Too much for you at this time? I get it. It is a little crazy. It’s a good thing this is a comedy.

One man thinks he’s the sole survivor and starts traveling around which is when he finds other people. One of them is Erica and her travel companion Gail.

The two have relationships with other people first, before they realize they’re actually in love with each other.

the last man on earth 2015

  1. Claws (2017-)

This is one of my favorite lesbian Hulu shows, it is super fun to watch! Five manicurists enter the illegal world when they start laundering money for the next-door pain clinic.

One of the character’s is Annalise, the butch lesbian door woman who can also do pedicures.

Production has just concluded on their fourth and final season. It will most likely air somewhere in 2021, so hurry up and watch every episode before then.

claws 2017

  1. Marvel’s Runaways (2017-2019)

Runaways had Marvel’s first on-screen lesbian kiss! Karolina Dean is the lesbian human-alien hybrid superhero that we didn’t know we needed.

At the end of season 1, she comes out and begins a relationship with Nico Minoru, a Wiccan with a goth appearance.

The two are super cute together, and it makes the lesbian Hulu show worth checking out!

marvel's runaways 2017

  1. Harlots (2017-2019)

It’s 1763 in London. You don’t have much going for you, if you’re not married to a rich man. Many women end up working as women of the streets.

In Harlots, we follow the lives of a few of these women. And some of them are queer!

There’s the very strictly religious Amelia who falls in love with Violet. And mentally and emotionally scarred Lady Fitzwilliam who starts an interesting relationship with Charlotte.

harlots 2017

  1. Steven Universe (2013-2020)

This very queer cartoon show is not just for kids! But it is great that there are now cartoons that depict good LGBTQ+ representation to normalize this for children as well.

Steven Universe was the first mainstream cartoon show that had a lesbian proposal and a wedding and an uncensored kiss!

Plus, many of the characters are queer and there’s even a non-binary character! It’s one of the lesbian TV shows on Hulu that are amazing to watch, especially if you are into the genre.

steven universe 2013

  1. Adventure Time (2010-2018)

Before Steven Universe, there was Adventure Time.

This animated series went on for 10 seasons and in all ten seasons, people talked about the lesbian relationship between Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, or better known as Bubbline.

Their relationship was never clear on the show, until finally, in the very last episode of the show, the two kissed!

adventure time 2010

  1. Grown-ish (2018-)

This show is one of the spin-offs of Black-ish. Zoey is the eldest daughter of the Johnson’s who goes off to college. Ready to start her new life and make new friends and see what the future holds.

One of Zoey’s new friends is Nomi, a Jewish girl who hasn’t come out to her family as queer yet.

Katherine Moennig, yes that’s Shane from the lesbian show The L Word, plays a lesbian professor who mentors Nomi.

grown-ish 2018

  1. Shrill (2019-)

Shrill has been applauded for its body positivity. The show about journalist Annie who has to navigate a fatphobic world is definitely a really progressive show.

Annie’s best friend Fran is a black lesbian who sleeps her way through the queer female population of Portland. Whereas Fran is a super confident woman, Annie is not.

Sadly, the show does seem to sideline Fran quite a bit and doesn’t give her much of a storyline to work with.

shrill 2019

  1. Rosewood (2015-2017)

I’m not sure if Rosewood is worth mentioning, but I’m adding it anyway. The show is about a private pathologist.

Pippy and TMI (two people who work in his lab) are engaged. This sounds really great, until you notice that they have barely any screen time together and that they only seem to live for the relationship.

They have no storylines of their own. Plus, a lot of what happens between them happens off-screen and only quickly discussed in later episodes.

rosewood hulu 2015

  1. Shut Eye (2016-2017)

Shut Eye centers around a failed magician named Charlie. He starts working as a psychic but then starts having real visions.

Charlie’s wife Linda really wants to hire hypnotist Gina into their business. But the married couple makes life very unpleasant for Gina.

Suddenly it becomes clear Gina and Linda are having an affair, once again using the tiring lesbian affair trope.

And to make things worse, the series villain then kiIIs Gina. Definitely not one of the best lesbian Hulu shows for lesbian representation.

shut eye 2016

  1. Salem (2014-2017)

Another show about witches. Could it be that witches are maybe just super queer? 17th century witch trials were the inspiration of Salem.

Salem follows Mary Sibley, who actually played a part in the real witch trials back in the day.

Tituba is her slave, she also really existed, but she was someone else’s slave. On the show, she’s Mary’s mistress, but none of this ever happened in real life.

salem hulu 2014

  1. Younger (2015-2021)

This is one of those very easy and fun shows to watch on lesbian Hulu. And it has 7 seasons! Even though the main characters of the show are straight women, there are quite a few queer characters on the show.

There’s Maggie who dates many women. One of the women is an Orthodox Jew. This is interesting since Orthodox Jews are known for their strict views on gender and being gay.

There’s also the pan Molly and non-binary character Tam.

It’s one of my favorite series on the list with lesbian Hulu movies and lesbian Hulu shows.

younger 2015

  1. The Last Ship (2014-2018)

After a virus has wiped out 80% of the world population, 218 people on an unaffected US Navy missile destroyer need to find a cure and save the world.

This one might also be too triggering to watch because of the current situation, but it’s a pretty good show!

Lieutenant commander Alisha Granderson is a lesbian, but unfortunately things don’t end too well for her.

  1. Light as a Feather (2018-2019)

This show is like a Pretty Little Liars meets Final Destination. A group of teen girls all slowly start passing away, after they played the innocent game of ‘Light As a Feather, Stiff as a Board’.

One of these girls is Alex, who is a lesbian. In the second season she gets a girlfriend, Peri.

Everything seems perfect at first, until stuff starts happening between the two, and it gets messy. Real messy.

light as a feather 2018

  1. Letterkenny (2016-)

Letterkenny takes place in a small rural town with the same name in Ontario, Canada. And when I say Canada, I mean it’s very very Canadian.

The show deals with a lot of issues that small town people in Canada go through. And most of the female characters on the show are queer!

Also, Melanie Scrofano, who most of you will know as Wynonna Earp, plays Mrs. McMurray and she and her husband are into polygamy.

letterkenny 2016

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  1. Please Like Me (2013-2016)

Josh Thomas created this show, who is also the creator of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay. Please Like Me is about mental illness, but it’s done with so much humor that it never becomes a big pill to swallow.

In season 2, the lesbian comedian and actress Hannah Gadsy plays the lesbian Hannah, who we first meet when she’s at a psychiatric home.

Throughout the seasons we see her get out and enjoy her free life.

please like me 2013

  1. Queen Sugar (2016-)

Queen Sugar is about three siblings who have to come back together after their father’s passing to save their family’s sugar cane farm. One of these siblings is queer journalist and activist Nova.

Created, directed and producer by Ava DuVernay, it probably has the best black queer representation on TV at the moment.

They’re currently creating season 5 which will air in 2021.

queen sugar 2016

  1. The Purge (2018-2019)

Set in an alternate United States, The Purge TV show had the same concept as the movies. One night a year, all crime will be legal for 12 hours.

On the show, we follow different storylines of people making it through their purge night. There’s a straight couple, Rick and Jenna, who are in an interesting poly relationship with Lila.

Lila is madly in love with Jenna and only wants her, but of course, things end bad.

the purge show 2018

  1. Power (2014-2020)

Sadly, this one also doesn’t end well for the lesbian on the show, so don’t watch if you don’t want to watch us passing away again.

Jukebox is a corrupt cop and the cousin of the main character who’s a big drug dealer in New York City. She’s a total badass and doesn’t shy away from the violence on the street.

power 2014

Enjoy these lesbian Hulu shows! And these lesbian movies on Hulu. Which ones are your favorite to watch?

And please let us know if we should add more lesbian Hulu movies and shows!

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