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22 Lesbian TikTokers You Need To Follow In 2022

What’s 2022 without 22 lesbian TikTokers to follow? A pun about Taylor Swift’s 22 probably fits in here somewhere.

As we rounded into the new year, I’ve been on the hunt for some new lesbian TikTok content to fill my For You Page.

Of course, lesbian TikTok has no shortage of hilarious lesbians or hot lesbians. But this time, I wanted to find some creative lesbians to add to the list.

Maybe if I fill my FYP with lesbians creating art and other fun projects, I’ll feel inspired enough to get back to mine.  

Lesbian TikTokers To Follow 2022

Enjoy watching these lesbian TikTokers!

Educational Lesbian TikTok

First up, we have a selection of lesbian TikTokers whose content primarily educates. Though, this education comes in entertaining, bite-sized videos.

Check out the TikTok lesbians who inform viewers and normalize queer lives.

  1. Emma Horn (@emmahorn)

Emma is a lesbian TikToker whose content ranges from funny, gay-relatable videos to humorous uploads that educate.

Emma Horn @emmahorn lesbian tiktok

Their skits poke fun at the absurdity of homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, etc. while educating viewers.

Emma’s skits usually feature a child asking (sometimes invasive) questions, to which Emma explains in a childlike fashion. These kinds of educational TikToks often answer questions about the LGBTQ community, identity, and pronouns.

  1. Am & Noey (@thezletnis)

This lesbian TikTok account includes two sisters, Am and Noey. With parents from India and Libya, the sisters now live in Toronto.

Am and Noey @thezletnis

Am and Noey are just 12 months apart (both are Sagittariuses) and often get mistaken for twins. 

This pair of lesbian TikTokers create funny content, skits, and also answer questions about their journeys.

In previous TikToks, they’ve talked about how they came out (to each other and their parents). These types of TikToks start important conversations that help normalize various coming-out experiences. 

  1. April (@aprilsyrup)

April is a lesbian TikToker with autism and ADHD. Almost all of her content relates to these aspects of identity.

April @aprilsyrup

While it is informative, most of it is hilarious. April creates skits and makes light of different situations affected by ADHD or autism. 

In addition to her autism/ADHD content, April also posts TikToks with her fiancée, Bec. The lesbian couple travels around Australia and goes camping often.

TikToks of their adventures together are some of my favorites. 

Fashion Lesbian TikTok

If you read our other lesbian TikTok article, “Top Lesbian TikTokers to Follow,” you know that “fashion lesbian TikTok” is codename for “hot lesbian TikTok.”

Without further ado, here we have some fabulous femmes and thirst traps. 

  1. Lizeth (@lizethink)

This Latina TikTok lesbian finally brings lipstick to thirst traps. Though thirst trap lesbian TikTok is mostly dominated by masc lesbians, Lizeth’s makeup is always impeccable. And she’s just as hot (if not more). 

Lizeth @lizethink

Lizeth’s TikTok page is full of great makeup looks and funny skits. But perhaps most interestingly, she is also a tattoo artist.

She frequently posts videos of her latest work, and the designs are absolutely stunning. 

  1. @Rajaaannaa

This lesbian TikTok creator most often follows lesbian TikTok trends, creating funny skits and jokes to popular soundbites.


My favorite running joke in her TikToks are when she pokes fun at the fact she looks like a “small boy.”

So much so that gay men ask for her number, despite a very lesbian aesthetic. She also uploads TikToks that feature her girlfriend.

  1. Theresa Kost (@theresakost13)

Theresa is a fireball of energy from Ohio. As a Michigander, that makes her my nemesis. Good thing I don’t follow collegiate American football. Theresa is known for TikToks with her lesbian flag.

Theresa Kost @theresakost13

From New York City to Florence, Italy, Theresa takes her lesbian flag everywhere. If the “Let’s Go Lesbians!” motto came with a mascot, that mascot would be Theresa. 

Overall, Theresa’s TikTok page features very silly and goofy mood vibes.

She is a stylish femme lesbian with “Live Laugh Lesbian” energy.

Funny TikTok Lesbians

Nothing beats a lesbian who can crack a joke. Get your daily dose of solid chuckles with this lineup of funny TikTok Lesbians. 

  1. Michele (@Local_lezbian)

Lesbian TikTok is blessed with the presence of Michele for many reasons. For one, it’s good to see lesbians on TikTok older than their twenties.

Michele @Local_lezbian

Second, Michele’s TikTok page is made up of a random collection of entertainment. But she is a master at hilarious TikTok stitches.

Not many lesbian TikTokers I’ve noticed use this feature on the regular. But she nails it in each one.

In addition, Michele occasionally shares recipes she’s learned, including some vegan and gluten-free ones. Though not all of them are.

Recently, Michele has also opened up about her past convictions and time spent behind bars. 

  1. Erin Gina Riley (@Eringinariley)

Femme lesbian TikTok has arrived. Erin is is a femme lesbian TikToker who follows trends and begins new ones for fellow lesbians to follow.

Erin Gina Riley @Eringinariley

She also posts TikToks about her engagement with her girlfriend. Plus, her hair is so long and beautiful, so what’s not to love?

Looking for proposal ideas? Don’t look further, as we have the best lesbian proposal ideas + real-life stories for you!

  1. Lilly Brown (@lilly27sings)

Lilly Brown is a 30-year-old TikTok lesbian, perhaps best known for her large queer friend group. Every TikTok of Lilly’s that shows up on my For You Page features an entire ensemble of lesbians.

No complaining here, of course!

Lilly Brown @lilly27sings

Lilly’s signature TikToks include a round of questions for her queer group, always resulting in hilarious answers. Featured questions: “What are the 3 things you would throw in your U-haul?” and “What’s the longest date you’ve ever been on?”.

She also posts plenty of hilarious lesbian-themed skits and involves her family often. In fact, one of her sisters, Jenna, starred in the queer season of MTV’s Are You The One?

  1. Dorothy Zbornak (@klagoon)

This TikTok lesbian (stage name: Slideshow Bob) delivers nothing but hilarious queer content dripping with sarcasm.

Dorothy Zbornak @klagoon

Some of her best TikToks review popular LGBTQ content with an undertone of fun (and spot-on) critiques. She also posts videos about the “reality” of dating women, another winning series of viral videos.

With Slideshow Bob, you can also expect her lesbian discourse hot takes. Lesbians dating bi-women, gatekeeping stud labels, and other lesbian topics. Plus, she makes good lesbian reaction sounds (that I’ve definitely used before).

  1. Spencer (@spencerrfreitas)

Spencer is a British TikToker who never fails to make me laugh. Just about all of their content is related to the queer and lesbian experience. Like how strangers always assume her partner is really her sister. 

Spencer @spencerrfreitas

Spencer has several hilarious series in well-organized folders on their page. In one series, Spencer makes an assumption about viewers based on their celebrity lesbian crushes (spot-on).

My personal favorite series stars Spencer as “Beck” from Victorious. With Spencer’s striking resemblance to Beck, these mini skits from a childhood classic are certainly entertaining.   

  1. Cat Bog (@catbogausch)

Cat is a hilarious non-binary TikTok lesbian who simply speaks their mind freely. In their videos, Cat chats about whatever she’s encountering in her daily life.

Cat Bog @catbogausch

Mostly, this includes their cats and candle-making business. But my favorite of Cat’s TikToks are the everyday rambles of random thoughts.

Plus, they don’t shy away from talking about their autism, politics, and identity.

Lesbian TikTok Couples

2022 can certainly use some more TikTok lesbian couples. Check out this list of which cute queer duos should be on your following list. 

  1. Kristie & Christine (@onairplanemode)

As far as lesbians on TikTok go, this pair is full of adventure and excitement. Most of their TikTok page documents various travels across the world, to places like Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, and the USA.

Kristie and Christine @onairplanemode

And they make each place look simply irresistible. It makes me want to pack my suitcase at this very moment. 

2021’s travel TikToks include dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and swimming in crystal clear tropical seas. If you’re looking for traveling lesbian couples on TikTok, look no further than Kirstie and Christine. 

Want to travel the world too? Check our lesbian travel guide!

  1. The Lesbian Throuple (@thelesbianthrouple)

As their page suggests, this TikTok page is dedicated to a lesbian throuple. The triad releases videos that educate on different topics of polyamory in their series, “Poly Couch Convos.” 

The Lesbian Throuple @thelesbianthrouple

But more importantly, most TikToks show the lesbian trio in their daily lives with one another. Even their children make occasional appearances. They also post dancing videos and other skit TikToks.

I’ve been on the hunt for any positive lesbian polyamorous content online, so I was very happy to find this one.

  1. Jenny & Lauren (@jenn.and.lo)

Jenny and Lauren are a lesbian TikTok couple full of love and adventure. As a traveling duo, most of their TikTok posts were about the travels they embark on together. 

Jenny and Lauren @jenn.and.lo

However, after an accident in early November 2021, both women have long roads of recovery ahead of them.

A 5-foot rogue wave hit them at Ruby Beach, leaving them both with a broken pelvis and other complications. Both Jenny and Lauren now use mobility aids and are home-bound for some time.

They upkeep their TikTok with videos of their recovery and how this new challenge has brought them closer.

  1. B & Dai (@sterling.lane)

This interracial lesbian TikTok couple, B and Dai, are Arizona-based and full of fun vibes. The pair post charming videos of their relationship. 

B and Dai @sterling.lane

The best of their page includes pranks they pull on each other and the trending TikTok challenges they accept. The TikTok snapshot of their lives looks like they’re always having a fun time.

They also upload plenty of hot dancing videos and make a joint personality trait out of drinking iced coffee.

  1. Col & Ari (@heycolanda)

When I first discovered this TikTok lesbian couple, I followed immediately based on their looks alone. This isn’t just any lesbian couple. With Col and Ari, we have a powerful non-binary lesbian relationship. 

Col & Ari @heycolanda Lesbian TikTok

The gender envy they both instill in me draws me in like a moth to a flame.

Col and Ari fill their page with hilarious skits and occasional pranks. The running undercurrent of each TikTok? The undoubtable and wholesome love they share for one another. 

  1. Eden & Jay (@edenxjay)

Eden and Jay are Latina lesbian TikTokers whose page has me go from melting heart to big laughs within seconds. This lesbian TikTok couple is married, and one wife does all the cooking and one wife barely knows how to boil an egg.

Eden and Jay @edenxjay

This chaotic duo makes for some very hilarious banter videos. And very hunger-inducing food TikToks with beautiful plating. Obviously, everything looks seasoned to perfection.

Eden and Jay also often travel and post traveling videos of their adventures. This lesbian TikTok couple warms my heart in every post. It’s clear the pair is deeply in love. 

Creative TikTok Lesbians

For our final category, we have TikTok lesbians blessed with creative gifts. From singers to authors, painters to clothing designers, check out this list of creative TikTok lesbians.  

  1. Alyson & Rachael (@alysonandrachael)

Alyson and Rachael are fan fiction writers turned authors. Their upcoming young adult novel, She Wins the Girl, is a sapphic enemies-to-lovers story. The book releases on April 5th, and I am excited to read it!

Alyson & Rachael @alysonandrachael Lesbian TikTok

As expected, Alyson and Rachael definitely hold a space on lesbian booktok. Most of their videos are about lesbian books, book reviews, and funny skits about being avid readers.

The pair also post about their lives as wives and their obsession with the lesbian series KiIIing Eve. As a huge KiIIing Eve fan, any Villanelle content on my For You Page is a plus.

  1. Cammi McDermott (@swiftbridgers)

Cam is a queer TikToker in Boston with the voice of an angel. As a singer/songwriter, Cam creates beautiful acoustic music on her TikTok page. Nearly all of her music content is undeniably about sapphic love.

Cammi McDermott @swiftbridgers

As the page name suggests, Cam is a big Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers fan. When Cam isn’t posting original content, they’re covering popular songs, including Miss Taylor’s entire discography.

The best part? Cam is doing important work by covering songs and making them gay. That’s right, folks. Taylor Swift love songs with she/her pronouns. 

I was first introduced to Cam’s content when my friend commissioned Cam to record a version of Taylor Swift’s “London Boy” as “London Girl.” With a girlfriend living in England, “London Girl” just hits different.

These are the best lesbian songs you should listen to!

  1. Carlie Pearce (@Carlieartist)

Carlie is a Canadian artist who paints colorful vulvae. But it’s not what you think. Most of her paintings take ordinary objects and make them look like abstract yonis.

Carlie Pearce @Carlieartist Lesbian TikTokers

For example, the cross-section of just about any fruit can look like a vulva if Carlie tries hard enough with her paintbrush.

This TikTok lesbian is also living out the dreams of so many fellow lesbians. That’s right, she’s dating an older woman. Carlie’s girlfriend makes frequent appearances on her TikTok page, and it brings such warmth to my chest.

They also have a bird, so that’s pretty cool.

  1. Jack & Bec (@jackandbec)

Jack and Bec are a pair of TikTokers with their own clothing line. But first and foremost, this lesbian TikTok page is a home of body positivity and self-love.

Jack & Bec @jackandbec Lesbian TikTokers

Bec, a self-proclaimed fat woman, rarely found clothing in cute colors and styles. Now, she and Jack create their own graphic designs and dye shirts at home to sell on their website. Here, you can also find fun prints and other items in the lesbian color palette. 

In addition, Jack is deaf. When she appears in TikToks, she uses ASL. And all of their TikToks are captioned, including the soundbites. Together, Jack and Bec create very accessible content for lesbian TikTok. 

Which TikTok lesbians are you following this year? Whose content are you excited for? Let us know in the comments!

Want to chat with us? Find us on InstagramFacebookYouTubeTikTok, or comment below!

And make sure to share this lesbian TikTokers list with all your friends.



22 Lesbian TikTokers To Follow In 2022


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