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75+ Best Lesbian Dates: Lesbian Date Ideas For a Whole Year

Are you looking for the best lesbian date ideas?! You’ve come to the right place! We have over 75 ideas for lesbian dates for you. That’s more than enough ideas for a whole year!

First up are ideas for first lesbian dates, perfect for a first date. Then we dive into fun-, active-, creative-, and cute lesbian date ideas, and lesbian date night ideas.

Towards the end, we have some more tips for lesbian long distance dates and long term lesbian dates!

Lesbian Dates Best Lesbian Date Ideas

First Lesbian Date Ideas

A first lesbian date can be tricky to pick. Whether it’s your very first lesbian date, or even when you’ve had plenty already.

The best first lesbian date is a date where you can interact one-on-one and get to know each other, but also a place that stimulate conversation.

It’s good to have something to do, whilst also having a good option to end or continue the date afterwards!

Lesbian Date Ideas Coffee Dates

  1. Go for Coffee

A classic! Visit a cute café and have coffee (or tea) together. It’s the perfect low-key setting to get to know each other, without the pressure of having to make it through a three-course dinner.

If things go well, you can always continue the date with a stroll in the neighborhood after.

  1. Walking Tour Through a City

Even if you’ve lived in the same city all of your life – it can be really fun to walk through your own city on a date. Bring a real map and disposable or Polaroid camera for extra fun.

Lesbian Dates Street Art Walking Tour City

If you’re in – or close to – a city, find a map, app, or website with a route to walk to see some art! Whether that’s street art, or it’s a gallery tour – go on a fun art-themed walking tour together.

As an ‘awkward dater’ I personally always loved an ‘activity’ on a first lesbian date. Even if the conversation isn’t flowing naturally (maybe because of nerves) – you’ll have the art to talk about!

For an extra twist: pretend you’re an art expert and take turns in doing a guided tour.

  1. Swap Hobbies

If you’ve already chatted for a while and learned about each other’s hobbies – why not make a fun date around trying out each other’s hobbies? It might need to be a multiple-part first date – but if it goes well, that shouldn’t be a problem!

Outdoor Lesbian Date Idea

  1. Go on an Active, Outdoorsy Date

If you’re into active things, go on a hiking date in the forest, a running date on the beach, (ice)skating or skiing date – whatever works best! Definitely continue reading, as we share many more active date ideas later in this article!

  1. Visit a Museum

You can find museums nearly everywhere – even in smaller villages. Find a museum that fits your interests and make it a date. For an extra twist, pretend you’re a tour guide and provide a guided tour.

Fair or carnival lesbian date

  1. Go to a Fair or Carnival

Another very fun activity is to find a place to literally have fun together! A whole day visit to a theme park may still be a commitment that’s too big, but a fair or carnival is a perfect fun place to visit for as long as the date’s fun.

  1. Go Thrift Shopping

Totally sustainable and fun! Extra fun: buy each other an outfit for $10 or $20 (or whatever amount you agree on) and wear the outfits during the continuation of your date or on a second date (if it went well)!

Thrift Lesbian Date Vintage

  1. Outdoor Markets or Flea Markets

Like thrift stores, (outdoor) markets and flea markets are such cute date locations!

  1. Get ice cream

This can be a quick date, or part of a longer date! I mean – knowing your date’s favorite flavor is quite essential for knowing what kind of person they are, right?!

  1. Have Lunch or Dinner

The classic! Pick a restaurant that’s a good fit for you both, and make it a night to connect over great food and drinks. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for a dine-in the dark experience or another unique dinner experience!

Or, if you’re both confident that it’s a good fit – you can also make it a homemade meal or a romantic picnic outdoors!

Queer Bar Gay Bar Lesbian Dates

  1. Go to a (Queer) Bar

If you’re party people, try a fun date at a (queer) bar! Extra fun if you pick a trivia night, a night with drag show, or a karaoke night.

If you’re looking for a more low-key experience, you can go see an open mic night or go to a speakeasy event.

  1. See a Movie

You can go to the movies, find a drive-in cinema, or even create your own open air cinema with a portable device and a speaker.

You can also see if there are any lesbian movies screening in the area, or if there’s an LGBTQ+ film festival going on.

Cinema Movies Lesbian Date

Fun Lesbian Date Ideas

These are still great first date ideas, but these fun lesbian dates are also great if you’ve been together longer!

  1. Go on a Breakfast Date

Who says lesbian dates have to happen late in the day? If a breakfast date goes well, you can make a whole day of it! Or you can even start by watching sunrise together at a beautiful spot – fun and romantic!

  1. Visit a Theme Park

What’s a better place to learn about someone’s emotions than in a theme park?! You’ll see what your person looks like terrified (in a rollercoaster), on a sugar rush (thanks cotton candy), probably nauseous at some point (thanks rollercoaster AND cotton candy).

And you’ll learn how patient they are (long lines can be frustrating). If you still like them at the end, you know you’ll make it as a couple.

Arcade Date Idea Lesbian Couple

  1. Play Games in an Arcade

It’s no secrets we like games (no pun intended). From classic board games to arcade-games – we love it.

Games are perfectly fun date-material. It’s also great to learn about each other’s competitiveness (note: games should be fun, if it isn’t – it might be a red flag).

  1. Try Axe Throwing or a Smash/Rage Room

If you’re looking for a thrill and want to induce the adrenaline: try axe throwing or go so a rage room on a date. We bet you’re feeling into some more physical stuff after that ;).

Go Karts wlw dates

  1. Go-Kart Racing

Step in some go-karts and race your date! Make it even more fun and discuss beforehand what’s the prize for winning (and we’re not talking money-prizes).

  1. Escape an Escape Room

See how well you work together as a team by escaping an escape room! If there’s no traditional escape room nearby, try the escape room game in a box or try an outdoor escape room, VR escape room, or virtual escape room available!

  1. Start a Water Fight

If it’s a hot summer day (or your bathroom is big enough), why not start a water fight?! I mean… wet clothes and bodies… how is that not the hottest date?!

Get yourselves some fun water fight toys (and maybe some other waterproof toys too ^^) and have FUN!

Note: please do think about the sustainability. Our tip: don’t get the water balloons.

Snow date lesbian

  1. Or a Snow Fight

If it’s snowy season, go out and start a snow fight! Big bonus: you both need to warm up after.

  1. Fruit or Flower Picking

This is definitely a seasonal lesbian date too, but it’s so fun! Find a flower or fruit farm nearby (or make a trip out of it) and go flower or fruit picking. Pumpkin picking is another option in fall!

  1. Fly a Kite

This idea does require a kite, but did you know many kites come in rainbow colors?! And we’re not just talking kid’s kites. There are super fun adult kites too.

If that didn’t convince you, maybe look into some other – more thrilling – kite activities, like kite surfing!

Photobooth Dates for lesbians

  1. Find a Photo Booth

Okay, this should probably be part of a bigger date, but finding a photobooth and making fun photos can be so fun on a date! And it’s perfect to lean in for a (first) kiss!

  1. Make Your Own Cဝcktail

Or mocktails if you’re not drinking! You can either do this from the comfort of your own home, or join an organized event. Even more fun: create a signature mixed drink together!

Beer tasting date idea

  1. Do a Beer or Wine Tasting

If you’re not into mixed drinks, you can always attend a beer or wine tasting – or make your own!

  1. Watch Sports

If you’re into sports, watch sports together! Whether it’s the Super Bowl, a college soccer game, or the Paralympics – there’s nearly always something to watch.

You can watch it on TV, go to a big stadium, fly somewhere for a big event, or visit a local playground or college: an abundance of options.

  1. Visit a Location Neither of You Has Been

And it doesn’t have to be far! It can be a neighborhood nearby, or even a venue next door. But obviously, it can also be a new city you’ve never been, or even a continent!

Airplane watching date

  1. Airplane Watching

There’s something about watching planes take off and land. Find a nice spot to sit down (maybe even bring a picnic) and enjoy!

  1. Go on a Trip

This is an obvious next date idea after the airplanes one, right!? For our relationship, going on trips was a natural thing from the start. Since we’re European, it’s so easy to travel around.

Within a few months of dating, we went to Rome for a weekend. And it was amazing for our relationship. So naturally – we went traveling together, like A LOT.

See our lesbian travel guide for welcoming destinations, safety tips, and more!

Food tour lesbian date

  1. Do a Food Tour

They say: the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and I believe it’s true. Then again, I also get very hangry, so a date with food will always be better than a date without it.

There are food tours in many forms. You can go on a street food tour, a high-end food tour, a self-guided food tour, or a cuisine-themed food tour. Opt for what fits you and your location best!

  1. Go Urbexing

Urban exploring (urbexing) is the act of exploring places that are (usually) inaccessible to the public, like abandoned buildings.

This can be quite exhilarating, but also comes with some safety precautions. Here are five rules to read before you try it!

Urbex Urban Exploring

  1. Go to an LGBTQ event or space

We mentioned LGBTQ bars before, but there are so many more LGBTQ events and spaces to visit. From annual queer film festivals to weekly queer knitting clubs to queer-owned shops and restaurants; there are many options.

See this cool (and constantly updated) map with queer owned businesses worldwide:

Active Lesbian Dates

Are you into more active or outdoorsy lesbian dates? Worry not! We have many active lesbian date ideas for you!

  1. Go Rollerskating or Ice Skating

Fun if you’re pros, maybe even more fun if you’re not. I’m imagining romantic but clumsy hand-in-hand skating. If you’re pros, visit a skate park and show off your skills to one another!

Rollerskating lesbian

  1. Bounce at a Trampoline Park

Let your inner child bounce free. Laughs guaranteed!

  1. Go Bowling

A classic that can’t miss on this lesbian dates list. If you want to try something new: see if there is disco bowling available nearby!

  1. Play Minigolf

Another classic, but we have to mention it! Mini-golf is a great lesbian date idea. Even more fun: glow in the dark mini golf!

Snowboard ski lesbian

  1. Skiing or Snowboarding

Visit an indoor ski slope, a dry ski slope, or a real slope, and go skiing or snowboarding!

  1. Hiking

What’s a list with lesbian dates without hiking on it!? All jokes and lesbian stereotypes aside, hiking can be gorgeous!

  1. Climbing or bouldering

Find an indoor climbing hall, or a good rock to climb or boulder! Note: please always be safe.

Kayak lesbian date

  1. Kayaking, Standup Paddleboarding, or Canoeing

Why not have a date on the water?! Peddle away in kayaks, or romantically peddle together in a canoe! Or another rowing boat.

If you’re well-balanced, you can also try standup paddleboarding (SUP). Some people even manage to do yoga on a SUP!

  1. Archery

Archery can be really exciting. And I mean, Cupid has a bow and arrow so that surely a sign, right?!

Archery date

  1. Frisbee

Play some fun games of Frisbee. Also fun: Frisbee golf or disc golf!

  1. Join a Dance Class

Try a couple’s dance like salsa or ballroom, or get crazy and try to break-dance or ballet! There are so many dance styles to choose from. You can even do it from the comfort of your home, with an online class!

  1. Run a Race

If you’re runners, why not run a race together? It might not be a date with lots of chatting, but I bet the adrenaline feels great!

  1. Ride a Bicycle

Go on a bicycle ride! Compared to walking, you can cover a longer distance on a bike ride, and it’s a fun way to see places. Obviously, I’m biased as a Dutch person (in the Netherlands we ride a bike from a young age).

Bicycle ride date wlw

  1. Go Swimming

Another fun activity is going swimming! Maybe you have a pool, there’s an indoor pool nearby, you can go to the sea or a lake: make it a fun date. The more secluded, the more intimate the date.

Note: it’s good to discuss before if your date is comfortable with swimwear/swimming!

  1. Play Ping-Pong / Table Tennis

Or regular tennis, of course. Did you know you can buy portable ping pong net convert any table to a ping pong table easily!

Ping Pong Table Tennis date

  1. Go Laser Tagging

Also fun for a double date! You can either be on the same team, or play against each other.

Another fun option is to role-play if you’re on the same team: one is the commander and the other has to follow their orders. Switch roles halfway or in a new game!

  1. Go Camping

Obviously, not all lesbians love camping, but nowadays, there are many options! From the basic ‘off the grid’ camping with your own gear, to van life-style camping or glamping (glamorous camping); I bet there’s a camping option for everyone.

And pretend-camping in your backyard or living room is also an option!

Camping lesbian dates

Creative Lesbian Dates

If you’re creative, why not get creative on a fun date? Maybe one of you masters a certain craft and can teach the other, or maybe you’re both up for a fun challenge!

  1. Crafting Date

There are endless options for fun lesbian dates doing crafts! Head to Pinterest for the best ideas and inspiration. Get the supplies and enjoy your date! Here are a few category ideas to try:

  • Painting
    Let your imagination run wild. Go finger painting, or try to body paint. Paint each other, or go out and paint a landscape!
  • Clay
    Get yourselves some clay or attend a clay pottery class (online).
  • Glass
    Why not try glassblowing on a date?!
  • Paper
    Try origami, papier-mâché, or other paper crafts.
  • Textile
    Try embroidery, knitting, crocheting, weaving, or macramé.
  • Writing
    Give calligraphy a try!
  • Fashion
    Make jewelry (get a DIY kit!) – or get creative upcycling fashion items.

  1. Bake Together

I bet you’ve seen some romantic indoor photoshoots of couples in the kitchen, playing with flour. Why not see how compatible you are by baking together? If you’re into something crazier: try to make a new dish together!

  1. Write a (Fiction) Story Together

If you both have a wild imagination, why not bundle it into a creation like a story, or a comic? It’s not only fun, it’s just a cute memento for later.

  1. Make a Vision Board or Scrapbook

If you’ve been dating a while, you either collected quite some mementos, or you’re looking forward to a future together! Why not make a fun scrapbook or vision board about your relationship?!

Tip: Always cute to print some photos with a small photo printer!

Scavenger hunt date

  1. Make Each Other a Scavenger Hunt

Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or even virtually: there are scavenger hunt ideas for every scenario. Get creative and make each other a scavenger hunt, or see if there are any scavenger hunts (or try geocaching) available where you live! See more scavenger hunt tips.

  1. Make a Pillow Fort (and Sleep in it)

Let your inner child out and make a pillow fort! And if you nailed it, why not make it a romantic sleepover?!

  1. Learn a Magic Trick (or More) and do a Magic Show

Learning something new and surprising each other can be so fun, so give magic a try! And who knows to what other kind of magic it leads too…

Magic trick magician date

Romantic and Cute Lesbian Date Ideas

After first, fun, active, and creative lesbian date ideas, let’s talk about romantic lesbian dates! Here are the cutest lesbian date ideas we have for you.

  1. Learn Something New Together

We discussed learning new crafts already, but the list of learning new things is endless! Try to learn:
– a new language (obviously, start with translating ‘I love you’),
– speed reading,
– play a musical instrument,
– photography (or editing software),
– gardening,
– DIY home improvement,
– or try acroyoga (but please be safe!)

Tip: try Skillshare for free and learn something new together with helpful courses!

Rainbow gradient jigsaw puzzle date

  1. Make a Jigsaw Puzzle Together

This one is for the patient couples among us (or not, you can just get a 10-piece jigsaw puzzle) – but there’s just something about sitting close to each other and focusing on one thing together!

Tip: make this cute rainbow gradient jigsaw puzzle!

  1. Volunteer Somewhere

Why not make a date about doing some GOOD?! Find a place or event to volunteer together. From (animal) shelters to Pride events to (LGBTQ) film festivals: there are so many places that depend on volunteers, and it can be a great bonding experience.

  1. Visit an Animal Shelter

Maybe you’re not up for volunteering at an animal shelter, but a visit can be fun too. Warning: you might fall in love and adopt a pet (please only do so if you have thought this through!).

Of course, petting animals could be a date too, but we’re personally not fans of (petting) zoos and using animals for entertainment.

Mixtape date

  1. Make Each Other a Mixtape

I once made my girlfriend Roxanne a playlist on a USB and put it in an old school cassette-holder. But a Spotify list works too! When it’s finished, dance to it – or do a silent disco!

  1. Rent a Hotel Room

Yes! A romantic night (or even a few hours) of being in a new environment – the perfect place to get intimate. Physically and/or emotionally!

And if you want to make your romantic night more intimate with toys, we highly recommend looking at Honey Play Box. They believe pleasure should be fabulous and fun for everyone, and we fully agree. Their toys are great, and they have many toys to try out.

  1. Spa Day

Not all lesbian dates need to be ‘active’. Treat your date(s) to a spa or wellness day. My girlfriend and I love to go to the sauna all day long – it’s one of the few moments we are totally off our phones, and are 100% present in each other’s company.

Join a protest date women

  1. Join a Protest

What’s more romantic than fighting for justice together?! We can never forget that the very first Pride was a protest, a riot. And there is still so much to fight for in terms of equality.

  1. Watch a Sunset

Or sunrise, if you didn’t sleep! The beach is the ultimate sunset or sunrise-location, but you can totally get creative and find elevated spots that are great too. If you stay long enough after sunset, you might even be able to stargaze!

Beach or lake date wlw lesbian

  1. Go to the Beach (or a Big Lake)

Ideally, a ‘secret’ one where you can be alone together! Bring a blanket, snacks and drinks. And stay for sunset if you can!

  1. Start a Book Club for Two

Obviously, reading lesbian books for this would be a great idea. Set a date and discuss the book(s) with your date!

Bookclub for two date idea

  1. Play Video Games

We mentioned the arcade before, but of course you can also play video games at home as a date idea! Or remotely, if you’re in a lesbian long distance relationship!

Lesbian Date Night Ideas

Are you specifically looking for lesbian date night ideas? Some of our previous tips can also work at nighttime, but there are a few specific lesbian dates that only work at night. Let’s dive in!

  1. Go Stargazing

Is there a more romantic lesbian date than stargazing? This does require a place without light pollution, a clear sky, trust in your date, and ideally a pleasant temperature.

Bring some blankets, a speaker, snacks, and drinks. Alternatively, you can rent a cabin or something with a glass ceiling! Like this Bubble hotel in Iceland!

Make it extra fun by using one of the stargazing apps on your phone to find the zodiac signs!

Letter writing date

  1. Do a Letter Writing Night

Get some candles, paper, and – ideally – a dip pen with ink or fountain pen. To make it extra romantic! Write each other a (love) letter. This is also perfect for long distance couples, when you can actually mail it to each other!

Variation idea: look at each other and write down what you love about your date. Or get creative and draw!

  1. Go to a Concert, Comedy Show, or the Theater

These usually happen at night, so go see a show of some sorts! Or give a performance yourself and go for karaoke or open mic night!

Karaoke date lesbian

  1. Enjoy a Home-Cooked Meal Dinner with Candlelight

Even if you’re not great cooks, you can have someone cook you dinner (or have it delivered)! Put on some nice music and light candles – ultimate lesbian date night!

  1. Board Game Night

How fun are old school board games?! We have the best tips for board and card games for you, fun night guaranteed!

  1. Pretend There’s No Electricity

Yes, bring those candles back out. How romantic is it to disconnect from your devices and pretend there’s no electricity for a night?!

Indoor camping date wlw lesbian

Lesbian Long Distance Dates

If you’re in a lesbian long distance relationship (which, we all know, happens a lot) dating can seem extremely difficult.

But we have some good news: it is nowhere near impossible. We have some fun long distance date ideas for you!

And if you reread this article, you will notice that many lesbian date ideas mentioned above, are totally do-able or easily converted into a long distance date!

Tips for Lesbian Long-Distance Relationships photo by Dollar Gill Unsplash

  1. Watch Shows or Movies Together While Apart

Different browser extensions such as Teleparty let multiple viewers watch in sync. When one person pauses the film, it pauses for the whole party. 

See our watch-tips for lesbian romance movies, lesbian shows, lesbian short films, and lesbian Netflix movies!

  1. Enjoy Hobbies Together Over Zoom

This one goes for a lot of date ideas previously mentioned, but especially the crafty lesbian dates are perfect to do over zoom!

And even doing an online course and learning something new together is a great long distance date idea!

  1. Virtual Book Club For Two

You can even do a reading date, and you can make a book club for two work with a distance!

Read book lesbian Kinga Cichewicz Unsplash

  1. Virtual Games

This one is quite obvious, but there are so many games to play virtually. You can set a date and play together!

Read more tips for lesbian long distance relationships!

Long Term Date Ideas

If you’ve been in a relationship for a longer time, like me, it’s easy to forget to ‘date’ your person. Maybe the once exciting ‘Netflix and chill’ night, is now literally just you and your partner(s) being couch potatoes.

Long term lesbian dates

So here’s my biggest tip: continue to date your partner(s). Go through this entire list of lesbian date ideas and do all the lesbian dates that fit you. Even if you have done them already!

Yes, also the ‘go to a coffee-shop’ date. It’s always great to have a check-in and get to know your person again, because (surprise!) people change over time.

Another great tip is to create a “date jar”. I actually gifted my girlfriend a date jar for our 7th anniversary, with 52 slips of paper with dates written on them. We do a date every week, so we’ll have an entire year of dates!

Looking for more relationship advice? Read this lesbian relationship advice by 29+ experts!

We hope you enjoyed reading these ideas for lesbian dates! Do you have more to add? Share it in the comments! We would love to read it.

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