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Milos Beaches: 21x Best Beaches in Milos To Visit

Milos is the perfect beach destination! Milos beaches are among the best in Greece, and maybe even the world. Crystal clear water, caves, white sand, thermal springs, stunning volcanic rock formations, and colorful cliffs; Milos has it all. They are not only beautiful, but they are also unique!

We bet you never visited a beach that has old sulfur minеs or a beach that makes you feel like you are walking on the moon?! Milos has both, and more! For the adventure travelers, families, photographers, romantic ones, or just if you want to fully relax.

And besides beautiful beaches and jaw-dropping landscapes, the island also has charming Greek villages, whitewashed houses with colorful doors, gorgeous sunsets, cute harbors, and delicious Greek food to eat.

Sarakiniko Milos Best Beach

Milos is truly a hidden gem in the Aegean Sea and a dreamy Greek holiday destination. More and more people visit this amazing island, but it’s not as popular yet as Greek islands like Santorini and Mykonos.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and explore the 21 best beaches in Milos! This is a list of the Milos beaches you don’t want to miss.

Good to know: beach is ‘Paralia’ in Greek, so on Google Maps you can also find the beaches with names like ‘Paralia Klima’ instead of ‘Klima Beach’.

Best Beaches in Milos

We highly recommend renting a car or ATV to get around the island and explore the best beaches in Milos. Having your own transport gives you the freedom and opportunity to visit all these Milos beaches.

If you don’t want to drive around yourself, it’s possible to go to some beaches by taxi, public transportation, or by boat (on a tour). But as some beaches are pretty secluded, it might not be possible to go to all of them.

ATV rental Milos, Greece

Milos is a small volcanic island of about 160 square kilometers (61 square miles). As it’s such a small island, you can reach most of these Milos beaches within 15 minutes from Adamantas (where the ferry arrives).

And there are many paved roads on the island! But it’s also good to know there are quite some dirt roads. Especially if you want to go to the southwest side of the island, you need a 4×4 vehicle to do so (ATVs or 2×2 vehicles are not allowed).

Without further ado, enjoy these 21 best beaches in Milos! At the end of the list, we share a Milos beaches map, so you know where to find all beaches.

  1. Alogomandra Beach

Alogomandra Beach Milos

Let’s start with one of our absolute favorite Milos beaches: Alogomandra beach. Alogomandra beach is a beautiful cove beach with crystal blue water, white sand, and a wave-shaped cave.

It’s the perfect place to swim in the Aegean Sea and relax in the sun or shade. Thanks to the natural cave formation, the beach has much shade in the morning and the beginning of the afternoon.

During our visit to Alogomandra beach at the end of the afternoon and there’s no shadow on the beach anymore. So depending on what you prefer, you know when to visit the beach.

As it’s a small beach, it can feel crowded quickly, but luckily there’s a long beach next to it too. From the long sandy beach (facing the sea), you can find the cove beach on your right-hand side. As it’s quite secluded, we almost missed it!

Alogomandra Beach Milos, Greece

From both Adamantas and Plaka (the island’s capital city) it’s about a 15-minute drive east to this Milos beach. Note: the last part is a dirt road.

Make sure to bring your camera and a wide-angle lens for the best pictures at Alogomandra beach.

  1. Sarakiniko Milos

Sarakiniko Milos Best Beach

Sarakiniko beach is the most famous and popular beach on Milos! And it might even be one of the most popular beaches in Greece.

People from all over visit Milos to see Sarakiniko beach with their own eyes. And we totally get why, as it’s one of the most unique beaches we’ve ever visited.

You simply can’t visit Milos without visiting Sarakiniko beach. It’s a very photogenic (or should we say Instagrammable) beach.

But what makes this Milos beach so special? It’s not a sandy beach, but it consists of white volcanic rocks that are shaped by wind and waves. It’s almost like you are walking on the moon.

So it’s not your typical white sand beach, but you can definitely swim and relax here. And jump from the cliffs!

As it’s such a popular beach in Milos, we recommend going either early in the morning or just before sunset if you want to see it with fewer or no people.

Sarakiniko beach is located along the north coast of Milos island. From Adamantas, it’s a ten-minute drive to the beach. And from Plaka, it’s a fifteen-minute drive.

Read more about Sarakiniko beach and how to get there, the best photo spots, the old mining tunnels at Sarakiniko beach and the famous Sarakiniko Shipwreck.

  1. Gerakas Beach Milos

Gerakas Beach Milos

This is one of the Milos beaches that’s only reachable by boat! Many Milos boat tours stop at Gerakas beach when touring around the island. It’s an impressive beach with amazing crystal clear water and cool rocky geological formations.

Jump off the boat for a dip in the water and relax on the beach! Or rent your own boat and stay as long as you want on Gerakas beach.

It’s good to know there are no facilities on the beach or in the area, like a beach bar or restaurants, so only incredibly blue waters, white sand, and stunning landscapes.

Gerakas beach is located on the south coast of Milos.

  1. Klima Beach

Klima Milos Rainbow Beach

We love Klima beach, as we love colorful places! Kilma beach isn’t a great beach to lay on, as the sandy area isn’t that big.

But it’s definitely a fun place to explore, take photos of, go for a swim, or have a romantic dinner next to the shore. You can find this beautiful Milos beach in the northern region of the island, not far away from Plaka.

The traditional fisherman houses at Klima beach Milos are all different colors, making the beach so colorful. They were painted a different bright color, so their owners could easily recognize them. And every house is designed the same way, with a living area upstairs and a garage for the fisherman’s boats on the first floor.

Right now, the houses aren’t used by local fishermen anymore, but most houses are being rent to tourists during the high season. So if you are looking for a unique place to stay in Milos, Klima beach is a great option!

Klima Milos Beach

In the middle of this Milos beach, you can find a restaurant called Astakas Cafe Restaurant. Remember we said something about a romantic dinner next to the shore?

This seaside restaurant is the place to be, especially if you love seafood! Make sure to book a table in advance to make sure you have a spot. Especially if you want to enjoy dinner around sunset time.

The restaurant has a private parking area, so if you come by car or ATV, you can park your car there if you go to the restaurant. Just keep following the small road until you see the shore and the restaurant.

If you don’t visit the restaurant, you have to park your car earlier. As there aren’t many public parking spaces, sometimes you have to walk a little from the hill down to the village.

  1. Tsigrado Beach Milos

Paralia Tsigrado Beach Milos with ladder

This is definitely one of the coolest Milos beaches! And it’s one for the more adventurous people. To reach Tsigrado beach, you need to climb down through a narrow crack between volcanic cliffs. There are ropes and wooden ladders to help you do so!

It isn’t hard to do it, but if you are with children or have limited mobility, it might be difficult to reach Tsigrado beach this way. Another option is to reach the beach by boat.

Once you arrived at the beach, you will see how cool it is! It has many caves to explore, a beautiful turquoise bay, clear waters, rock formations, arches, and shallow water to swim in. Bring your snorkeling gear with you if you want to explore the beautiful underwater world too!

Tsigrado beach isn’t a big beach, so it can quickly feel crowded here. It’s best to come early in the morning if you want to have the beach to yourself.

For sunbathing, it’s best to come somewhere between mid-morning and mid-afternoon to get the most sun on the beach. If you come too late, the sun will be gone and this Milos beach will be in shade.

From Adamantas it takes about twenty minutes driving to visit Tsigrado beach, located on the southern coastline of Milos island.

Santorini has unique beaches too! Read about it in our 3 days in Santorini itinerary!

  1. Firiplaka Beach

Firiplaka Beach, Milos

Next to Tsigrado beach, you can find another must-visit Milos beach: Firiplaka beach. Together with Sarakiniko beach, this is one of the most popular beaches in Milos.

And we totally get why, because with its stunning orange, white, and pink colored cliffs and long stretched white sand it’s one of the best Milos beaches.

Firiplaka beach Milos is also known as Fyriplaka beach. And this beach is an amazing beach to go to if you want to relax and swim!

There are some sunbeds and parasols available at a small beach bar. This area can be a bit crowded during the high season, but as it’s a long beach, you can also go elsewhere for more quietness.

In the middle of Firiplaka beach, there’s a big rock, partly in the sea. It’s a great place to explore as it has a natural archway that you can swim through. The water isn’t deep here, so it’s great to go inside the cave!

As Firiplaka beach is located next to Tsigrado beach, it is perfect to combine the two Milos beaches. Both beaches are located on the southern coastline. And it takes about a twenty-minute drive from Adamantas to reach the beaches.

  1. Papafragas Beach

Papafragas Caves Beach Milos Beaches

There are a few unique beaches on Milos, and Papafragas beach is definitely one of them. It’s a small beach in between two vertical cliffs! Climb down and enjoy swimming at the most stunning location. Make sure to explore the caves too.

It’s good to know there are warning signs for falling rocks, but since we knew many people made it down to Papafragas beach, we decided to go too. Everyone usually ignores the signs, but it’s up to you what you want to do, of course.

Going down to the beach isn’t difficult and takes you a maximum of 2 minutes. Just walk down slowly and you will be fine! Otherwise, the view from the top is already amazing too!

Once you made your way down, there’s a small sand beach between the two cliffs. The cliffs form a beautiful, long, and narrow canal to the ocean. You can swim all the way to the end through a natural arch. And there you can find many more caves! It’s very cool.

We visited Papafragas beach early in the morning and there was nobody there, but we recommend visiting the beach a little later, as the beach didn’t have any sun yet. It looks extra beautiful with the sun on it! Also, because of the direction of the wind and waves coming into the canal, the water can look a bit dirty on some days.

If it’s very windy and the waves are high, we also don’t recommend swimming at Papafragas beach for your own safety.

Papafragas beach is located on the northern side of Milos, and it takes about 15 minutes to drive to reach this Milos beach from Adamantas.

  1. Kapros Beach

Kapros Beach Milos

Close to Papafragas beach, you can find Kapros beach. And Kapros beach can’t be missed on this list with Milos beaches, as it’s a beautiful and off-the-beaten-path beach to visit on Milos island.

It’s a bit similar to Papafragas beach, only the cliffs aren’t as high here. And at Kapros beach there’s an amazing natural swimming hole and rocky arch. It’s like a little swimming pool!

Kapros Beach Milos, Greece

It’s very easy to reach Kapros beach from the main road, so make sure to stop here before you make your way to Papafragas beach!

Not many people know about Kapros beach before their visit to Milos, but since you can see the beach from the main road, many people decide to stop here.

And as it’s a small beach it can get crowded here quickly, but when we visit the beach early in the morning there’s nobody there. This is a great beach to visit early in the morning for a short while and then go to the next beach!

  1. Firopotamos Beach

Firopotamos Beach Milos

Firopotamos beach, also known as Fyropotamos beach, is a charming beach located on the northwestern side of Milos. From Plaka it’s only 10 minutes to the beach, and from Adamantas it takes a couple of minutes longer to drive here.

It’s a beautiful bay with whitewashed old boathouses with colorful doors, a small fishing harbor, beautiful turquoise water, a traditional Greek church, volcanic cliffs, and ancient ruins.

Fyropotamos Beach Milos

Walk around the area to explore and enjoy the views on the way! Or go for a refreshing swim and lay on the beach. The beach is a mix of pebbles and sand and there are some sunbeds to lay on with parasols.

If you like the area, it’s also possible to stay here as some old boathouses are rented to tourists. Imagine waking up with this beautiful view from your window!

  1. Paleochori Beach

Paleochori Beach, Milos beaches

Yes, there are many more amazing Milos beaches! We told you right, that Milos is an amazing beach destination?! You need days if you want to explore every beach on the island.

Paleochori beach is a long sandy beach with beach bars, sunbeds, parasols, restaurants, beautiful clear water, and many accommodation options. It’s not only the perfect beach to relax on, but also for water sports activities. Here you can go on a jet ski, go kayaking, and go stand-up paddleboarding.

It can get crowded in the area of the beach bars, so if you are looking for a bustling environment, this is the place to be. Otherwise, there’s always space towards the end of the beach, where it’s a lot quieter.

The beach is not only pretty with the surrounding red, pinkish volcanic rocks, but it’s also a special beach. It’s a thermally active area, there’s volcanic steam coming from the sand at some places. The restaurant Sirocco even cooks food in the hot sand! So if you want a special dining occasion, head to the beach restaurant Sirocco.

Another great restaurant to go to is Palagos, which has a rooftop terrace with great views over the beach and ocean!

From Adamantas, it’s about a 20-minute drive to Paleochori beach, located in the South of Milos.

When you’re visiting Greece, one of the important questions is: what Greek dishes do I have to try?! Read about the absolute best Greece food you can eat!

  1. Tourlos Beach

Tourlos Beach Milos

Next to Paleochori beach, you can find another amazing Milos beach: Tourlos beach. While Paleochori beach is a famous and popular beach, not many people know about Tourlos beach. It’s one of the best beaches in Milos, and it’s an off-the-beaten-path one!

The two Milos beaches are divided from each other with a beautiful red and white limestone cliff. It’s possible to reach Tourlos beach from Paleochori beach, but then you either have to walk in the water (depending on your height the water goes up until your waist), or go back to the road and visit the beach from there.

The views from the top are amazing, so if you go by road, make sure to explore the area a bit and enjoy the view! We absolutely loved it here.

Deepblue beach bar is a great place to go for drinks and food. During high season, there are also sunbeds on the beach to relax on.

  1. Kleftiko Milos

Kleftiko Milos Beach

What’s a post with the best Milos beaches without Kleftiko beach on it?! Yes, Sarakiniko beach is an iconic beach on the island, but so is Kleftiko. Once you arrive at Kleftiko beach, you never want to leave again.

With its amazing white cliffs, rock formations, insanely clear and blue water, archways, and caves, this is a place you have to see with your own eyes.

You can’t get here by your own transportation overland, but only by boat. So we recommend either going on a Milos boat tour or renting your own boat. We visited Kleftiko beach with Armi Sea Excursions and had an amazing time.

Kleftiko Beach Milos

Also, bring snorkeling gear! Or make sure to book a tour that includes snorkeling gear, as it’s an amazing place to see the underwater world. Swim through the caves and archways while enjoying the clear water full of fish.

Kleftiko beach Milos is located in the southwest part of the island and no roads go there!

  1. Sykia Cave

Sykia Cave Sykia Beach Milos by @rexmoribe
Photo @rexmoribe

Okay, this one isn’t really a beach, but if you like swimming at stunning places, Sykia Cave is a must-visit! It’s a sea cave that used to be fully closed. But at some point, the top collapsed.

And now there’s an amazing round hole in the top. Which means you can see the sky when you are in the cave. It actually feels like a big lagoon now.

Inside the cave, there’s a little beach, but it’s a rocky beach! So don’t expect soft white sand.

We heard people walking to the cave for about one or two hours from the road, though the best is to go on a Milos boat tour. It’s not far away from Kleftiko beach, so many tours combine the two depending on the trip.

Santorini also has the most amazing photo spots! Check our Santorini photography article for the best photo spots!

  1. Plathiena Beach Milos

Paralia Plathiena Milos Beaches

Plathiena beach is a beach located only 10 minutes from Plaka. It’s a great beach to go to for families, as you can park directly in front of the beach, the crystal clear water is shallow and warm, it’s sandy and there are not many rocks in the water, and the beach itself is quite big.

Also convenient, there are a few sunbeds and parasols available on the beach! And here are some low-growing trees that provide shade. During high season there’s a small restaurant that provides drinks, some food, and toilets.

The beach is popular as it’s one of the best beaches in Milos to watch the sunset from, as it’s located in the northwestern part of the island.

The downside of this beach is that sometimes there’s quite some seaweed in the water, or dry seaweed on the beach. And the road to Plathiena beach is a narrow, winding dirt road. Which isn’t difficult to drive if you have a car or ATV, but might be harder with a scooter.

  1. Hitana Beach

Pollonia Beach Hitana Milos

Welcome to one of Milos’s best-kept secrets! This beach has a beach bar called Hitana Milos, and it’s a wonderful new spot on the island.

Enjoy drinks, laid-back vibes, the best sunbeds, great music, while laying on the beach and going for a swim occasionally. Oh, and it’s also a Shisha bar! This place and beach are amazing, a little hidden paradise on an amazing island.

Hitana beach is located in the northeast of the island. We stumbled upon this hidden gem by accident, and we are so glad we did. From Adamantas, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the beach.

  1. Pollonia Beach

Pollonia Milos Beach
Photo: Unsplash

Pollonia is a small seaside town in the northeast part of the island. It’s a cute traditional Greek village to explore. As it’s a bit further away from the main tourist attractions on Milos, like Plaka and Adamantas, it feels more quiet and peaceful here.

The town features great restaurants (many serve delicious seafood, restaurant Yialos is perfect to go to), beach bars, hotels, and a sandy beach.

Pollonia beach is a long sandy beach with shallow, crystal clear water. There are many trees on the beach that provide shade, perfect if you want to escape the hot sun.

We really love it here, as the white-washed houses surrounding the bay and the colorful boats in the water make for very beautiful Greek sights. And it’s the perfect place to relax but also enjoy some food and drinks on or next to the beach.

The ride to Pollonia and Pollonia beach takes about 15 minutes from Adamantas, and 20 minutes from Plaka. It’s a fun drive to see quite a lot of the island. And on the way, you can stop at other Milos beaches like Papafragas beach and Kapros beach.

Pollonia is also a great place to hop on a tour to see the nearby islands Kimolos and Polyaigos. Continue reading to hear more about Polyaigos island.

  1. Polyaigos Island

Okay, technically this isn’t Milos, but as it’s an uninhabited island very close to Milos, we’ve included it on this list with Milos beaches.

Polyaigos island, also known as Poliegos, is the largest uninhabited island of the Aegean Sea, and it’s an amazing place to visit.

The island is a paradise for nature lovers! People also call it an exotic paradise, and we totally get why. It has beautiful beaches, clear waters, rocky cliffs, caves, and nothing else but untouched nature. It’s a dream place for sailing lovers.

Go on a tour from Milos and enjoy the beauty of this uninhabited island, swim at the most amazing spots, and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

It’s one of the most breathtaking places we’ve ever seen, and you simply have to see the colors of the water and cliffs with your own eyes!

  1. Agia Kiriaki Beach

Armi Sea Excursions Boat Trip Milos, Greece

This is the beach we started our Milos boat tour from to Kleftiko beach! As it’s located in the south of Milos, it’s perfect to depart from here if you want to go to Kleftiko beach and see the southern beaches on the way.

It’s also not far from Paleochori beach, so you can visit both beaches on the same day.

Agia Kriaki beach is a beautiful large sandy beach with crystal clear waters, sunbeds, parasols, white pebbles, and a surrounding wild rocky landscape. If you don’t want to rent a parasol and sunbed but do want shade, there are some trees that provide natural shade.

There are also some beach houses and hotels in the area if you want to stay longer! The restaurant Psaravolada is a great place to go to, a little up in the mountain, for food and a beautiful view of the bay. But there are also some restaurants and cafés closer to the beach.

And if you want to get active, the beach is a popular beach for watersports and apparently, there’s great snorkeling possible on the east side of the beach.

From Adamantas it takes about 15 minutes to Agia Kiriki beach.

  1. Mandrakia Bay

Mandrakia Beach Milos

Next on this list with Milos beaches is Mandrakia bay. Mandrakia is a super picturesque fishing village that’s a must-visit!

The village is a great place to explore for a little while. And don’t forget to bring your camera, as it’s a beautiful place to take photos of. With its colorful boat houses, fishing boats in the water, and little bay, it’s very Instagrammable.

In the little harbor, there’s a small little beach of pebbles, though it might not be the best spot to go swimming. But just a few minutes away, there’s a secluded beach called Tourkothalassa beach.

As Mandrakia isn’t far away from Sarakiniko beach, it’s great to stop here afterward. And if you are hungry: Medusa restaurant is one of the best Greek restaurants on the island, perfect for lunch!

  1. Provatas Beach Milos

Provatas Beach Milos by @droneexperience.greece
Photo @droneexperience.greece

Provatas beach is a Milos beach located on the south coast of the island. It’s a long stretched beach with golden sand, shallow clear water, and sunbeds available.

Like Plathiena beach, this is also a family-friendly beach as the waters are so shallow, parking is possible right next to the beach, and it’s not difficult to get here by car. The ride from Adamantas takes about 15 minutes.

There are also some restaurants, beach bars, and accommodation options in the area.

Make sure to also visit the next beach on the West, Agios Sostis Beach. It’s even possible to swim here if you like a little adventure. Or go by car or foot. This secluded beach is a little different as it’s small, often less crowded, and there are no facilities. It’s a peaceful and beautiful beach!

The two beaches aren’t a great option if it’s very windy, as the sand will fly everywhere! If it’s windy, it’s better to go to a beach located in a little bay. So you are protected from the wind!

  1. Thiorichia Milos

Thiorichia beach Paliorema beach sulfur Milos by @fedstophe
Photo @fedstophe

And last but least, one of the most interesting beaches on Milos! Thiorichia beach, also known as Paliorema beach, is a very cool and unique place to visit. Especially for the adventure seekers under us!

Thiorichia means sulfur minеs and this beach is located next to аbаndοnеd old sulfur minеs. Making it one of the most special (and strange at the same time) beaches on Milos (and perhaps even the world?).

The sulfur minеs closed in the middle of the 20th century, leaving mining buildings, old wagons, mining tools, and tunnels in the mountains behind. It’s like you are walking in a movie!

People don’t really go here to lay on the beach or to swim, but that’s possible, of course! It’s a great place to walk around and explore.

We don’t recommend driving directly to the minеs and beach if you don’t have a 4×4 car or ATV, as especially the last part of the road is quite adventurous. Park your car halfway on the mountain, as soon as you start to see the beach from the cliff, and before it gets too steep.

There will be some open space for you to park, and then you can walk down for about 15 minutes. It’s absolutely worth it!

There are no facilities at the beach and minеs, so bring enough water and snacks.

Milos Beaches Map

Enjoy exploring all these Milos beaches! Do you have any questions?  Drop them below or send us a message.

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