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Lesbian Fanfiction in 6 Sapphic Fandoms

Lesbian ships on TV and film satisfy the craving to see oneself reflected in media. But sometimes, it’s not quite enough. Enter lesbian fanfiction.

Fanfiction is a collection of fan-written stories based on characters from other fiction. Most often, this means TV and film. But fanfiction can also lengthen characters’ stories from books, comics, and celebrities. 

Lesbian fanfiction often stems from a need to satisfy unfulfilled moments in fictional relationships. Say two characters have feelings for each other onscreen, but the show never gives us a scene of them exchanging “I love you.” Solution? Lesbian fanfiction. 

But characters don’t need to be in a relationship in the content for lesbian fanfiction to flourish. If two women have great chemistry, that’s enough. 

Many sapphics would argue that the best lesbian fanfiction comes from non-canon lesbian ships. Take Beca and Chloe from Pitch Perfect. The three Pitch Perfect films never bring the two together canonically.

But if you search “Bechloe” into AO3, you’ll get over 2,000 lesbian fanfictions about the two characters.

Lesbian Fanfiction in 6 Sapphic Fandoms

Where to Read Lesbian Fanfiction 

The most popular sites for lesbian fanfiction (and fanfiction in general) are AO3 and Wattpad. AO3 (short for Archive Of Our Own) is a fan-run landing hub for all kinds of fanworks.

The website hosts over 4 million users and 9 million fanworks. 

And Wattpad is an online literature platform.

Quick Fanfiction Glossary

The world of fanfiction kind of has its own language at times. Here’s a handy list of fanfiction terms to get you started on your hunt for good lesbian fanfiction.

  • AU (Alternate Universe): This is a fanfic tag used to describe a lesbian fanfiction work that does not happen in the canon setting. For example, a Beca and Chloe fanfiction tagged “Zoo AU” likely details Bechloe falling in love at a zoo. AU works take characters and remove them from their source fiction setting entirely. 
  • Canon: This means that a relationship or event actually takes place in the source fiction. For example, Beca and Chloe saw each other naked in the shower in the first Pitch Perfect film.
  • F/F: Tag for sapphic and lesbian fanfics. 
  • Fluff: Fanfic tag describing a work that places characters in scenarios that will make your teeth rot because it’s so cute. 
Riverdale lesbian fanfiction
  • Hurt/Comfort: Fanfic tag detailing scenarios that places characters in settings that requires one to be hurt and the other provides comfort. Very fulfilling stuff. 
  • Non-canon: A relationship/event did not happen in the source fiction. E.g., Beca and Chloe are not a couple. (Heart = shattered.)
  • One-shot: This indicates that the fanfic is only one chapter long.
  • OTP: Short for “one true pairing.” It’s the ship of all ships.
  • Ship: Short for “relationship.” A pairing between two characters.
  • Smut: Tag that tells readers a fanfic work is gonna tingle their jingle.

Lesbian Fanfiction Ships

As you might’ve picked up, lesbian fanfiction ships are sapphic ships that exist in the fanfiction world. These ships can be both canons (exist in the source fiction) or non-canon (ship existence is entirely based on vibes). 

Here’s a short list of some of the best canon lesbian fanfiction ships:

  • Alex and Piper (Vauseman): Orange Is the New Black
  • Cheryl and Toni (Choni): Riverdale
  • Callie and Arizona (Calzona): Grey’s Anatomy
  • Villanelle and Eve (Villaneve): KiIIing Eve. (Thank the heavens we can add Villaneve to the canon list. But at what cost?)
  • Clarke and Lexa (Clexa): The 100
Villanelle and Eve

The great thing about reading lesbian fanfiction from canonical sapphic ships is that some moments from fics might actually become the characters’ reality! Now, that’s never actually happened to any of the canon lesbian ships I’ve ever read fanfiction for. But the point is that it could. 

Of course, here are some of the most popular non-canon lesbian fanfiction ships:

  • Beca and Chloe (Bechloe): Pitch Perfect
  • Rachel and Quinn (Faberry): Glee
  • Rizzoli and Isles (Rizzles): Rizzoli & Isles
  • Emma and Regina (Swanqueen): Once Upon a Time
  • Kara and Lena (Supercorp): Supergirl

This list could obviously carry on for an eternity. Sapphics have a way of making every interaction (and non-interaction) between characters means they would pass away for one another, despite any actual evidence. 


The best part of reading fanfiction for non-canon lesbian ships is that there are no rules. Imagination is the limit. And fanfiction writers come up with some truly brilliant stuff. This is often where fanfiction becomes preferable over the source fiction.

Lesbians are willing to go places queerbaiters will never go: full-fledged feelings. But never say never! Let us not forget the queerbait to reality realizations of The 100 and KiIIing Eve. Edit: Queerbaiters will never let both characters realize full-fledged feelings without consequences!

Imagination is the limit for fanfiction writers. But most of us just settle with happy endings.  

Make sure to read these best lesbian books!

Lesbian Fanfiction

  1. Beca and Chloe Fanfiction

It’s no secret that Pitch Perfect’s Beca and Chloe have an onscreen chemistry that sapphics everywhere refuse to ignore. Through all three film installments, “Bechloe” never goes canon.

We all remember that teaser trailer where we expected a kiss from the pair. But disappointment replaces hope in seconds. 

Beca and Chloe Fanfiction

Bechloe fanfiction is the obvious answer to unfulfilled queerbaiting. One of the worst queerbaits of our time, the creators of Pitch Perfect teased sapphic viewers with the lesbian ship and never delivered. So, Bechloe fans turned to lesbian fanfiction to fill the void.

Here’s some top Bechloe fanfiction on AO3. 


This Bechloe fanfic came highly recommended to me by multiple people. This beloved lesbian fanfiction began way back in 2015.

And now, many years later, we have a complete 56-chapter Bechloe fic. “Experimentation” has over 400,000 hits and more than 10,000 kudos (kudos is the AO3 way of “liking” a work). Be sure to check warning tags and audience maturity before reading a fic. 

“Experimentation” jumps off from Pitch Perfect 2 and takes inspiration from the camp tent scene. Beca and Chloe lay beside each other, face to face, and Chloe confesses that she has always wanted to experiment. You can see where this is going.

This Bechloe fanfic has high remarks for accurate characterization and well-integrated humor and is created by ‘Redlance’.

“Stained Glass”

“Stained Glass” is a completed Bechloe fanfic with 44 chapters. This lesbian fic has over 58,000 hits and 2,000 kudos. 

This Bechloe fanfiction is a fake dating AU. So, in this alternate setting, the creator, KailorAurelius, places our beloved Pitch Perfect characters in a situation where they attend a wedding together and pretend they’re dating.

Lesbian fanfiction Bechloe

The work includes other key fanfic classics, like sharing a bed and a slow burn buildup. 

“Home Is a Person”

This Bechloe fic, by massivedrickhead, is another complete multi-chapter fic, rounding out 29 chapters. “Home Is a Person” boasts over 25,000 hits and nearly 1,000 kudos. 

Ana Kendrick and Brittany Snow

In this Pitch Perfect fic, the writer uses a foster family AU. This setup gives Beca a foster background and places her in her new foster family: in a home with Chloe. You can see where this is headed. 

  1. Alex and Piper Fanfiction

Alex Vause and Piper Chapman create one of the greatest lesbian ships on Netflix. As one of the first shows built to binge, Orange Is the New Black delivered multiple sapphic romances to viewers.

But the story of Vauseman goes much further in fanfiction.

Vauseman lesbian fanfiction

Here are a few great Alex and Piper fanfiction works. 

“Mrs. & Mrs. Asshole”

This Vauseman one-shot is a Orange Is the New Black fan favorite. With over 26,000 hits and close to 1,000 kudos, it’s the perfect read for a quick Alex and Piper fix. 

“Mrs. & Mrs. Asshole”, by fembuck, occurs in season 1 after Piper attacks “Pennsatucky.” Guards send her to the shu as punishment, leaving Alex and Piper separated for some time.

This Alex and Piper fanfiction imagines their reunion when Piper returns. Praised for the fun banter between the characters, this is a classic hurt/comfort fic worth reading.

“Runaway Bride”

“Runaway Bride”, by shortie990, is a multi-part AU fanfiction work. Part one has 18 complete chapters, followed by a 3-chapter part 2 and an 18-chapter part 3. This Alex and Piper lesbian fanfiction has over 7,000 hits and nearly 200 kudos. 

This work’s alternate setting places Piper on her wedding day to happily marry her man. Enter the woman from her past: Alex.

Orange Is the New Black fanfiction

Considering this fanfiction collection has a total of nearly 40 chapters, you probably could’ve guessed Piper chose Alex.

  1. Buffy Fanfiction

For younger lesbians and sapphics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a little outdated. But this blast from the past gave older millennial lesbians some of their very first lesbian content on TV. And, of course, fanfiction came shortly thereafter. 

Buffy the vampire slayer lesbian fanfiction

What’s great about Buffy is the show delivered a canon sapphic couple, Willow and Tara.

But on top of that, Buffy herself had incredible chemistry with Faith, another vampire slayer that comes in later in the show. So, of course, a need for Faith and Buffy fanfiction arose.

“The Path to Redemption”

This Buffy fanfiction, by aragorn_II_elessar, is a multi-chapter that features all the main characters from Buffy where the main “ship” is Willow and Tara.

This is insanely long work at 139 chapters, but it certainly entertains.

buffy the vampire slayer lesbian

With nearly 20,000 hits, over 1,000 kudos, and 300 comments, “The path to redemption” gathered many interested eyes.

This fanfic work is a “watch-it” fic, meaning the show’s characters watch the show they are in. This lesbian fanfiction plays it a little differently because, instead of watching Buffy, they watch Angel, Buffy’s spinoff show. 

“Five Times Buffy Lied & The One Time She Didn’t”

A lot of the great Buffy work has “completed” timestamps from a decade ago. And this lesbian Buffy fanfiction, by sapphiresmoke, is no different.

Completed in 2012, this fanfiction focuses on Faith and Buffy’s lesbian relationship. It has 6 chapters, 10,000 hits, and 500 kudos. 

This fanfiction takes place in season three and remains mostly set in canon, except for the part where Buffy and Faith aren’t canons in the show.

The author of this fic keeps things lighter and funnier in tone. The banter between the two strikes as in-character and entertaining. 

  1. Cheryl and Toni Fanfiction

Cheryl and Toni (or “Choni”) are a canon sapphic couple from CW’s Riverdale. Even Riverdale fans would agree that the show isn’t that great. But even with its melodrama, it’s undeniably entertaining.

And, of course, add in a sapphic ship, and it’s all that much more gripping.

“I Loved You” 

This multi-chapter Choni fanfic, by rainandthunderstorms, follows Cheryl and Toni’s life in an AU after the show. In this story, Cheryl and Toni are married, but that union is beginning to crumble.

Over the course of 31 chapters, the strength of their love is tried and tested. Although, at times, a tough read (failing marriage and all that), this Cheryl and Toni fanfiction still has nearly 500 kudos.

I predict a happy ending. 

“After Rescue”

This Choni fanfic, by madelainesvixen, is one of the fan-favorite smut works. This one-shot has nearly 10,000 hits and over 200 kudos. At less than 2,000 words, this is a quick and satisfying Choni fix.

Choni Riverdale fanfiction

It takes place after season 2 episode 21. (Note: Top Toni and Bottom Cheryl.)

  1. Callie and Arizona Fanfiction

Callie and Arizona take us back to Grey’s Anatomy. I know that Grey’s is still airing, but I like to pretend that it’s not.

Callie and Arizona Fanfiction

After dating George, one of the interns, Callie discovers her bi orientation. Soon afterward, she and Arizona become one of the Grey fandom’s OTPs. With lots of ups and downs.

So here lies some great Callie and Arizona fanfiction.

“Calzona Season 13”

This piece of Callie and Arizona lesbian fanfiction is a collaborative effort between three writers (iloveyoucalzona, nyladreams, and zenparadox). The work now serves as one of the most-read works in the Calzona fandom.

At 6500 hits and over 300 kudos, this multi-chapter fic fills in a lot of blanks for Calzona fans.

For those familiar, Callie and Arizona split up for several seasons before reuniting. Callie herself is actually not on the show during this time (while Arizona stays a regular). This fic fills in for their time apart and how the two end up finding their way back to each other. 

“Parental Polygons”

“Parental Polygons”, by singalellaby, is a fun Callie and Arizona fanfic that imagines the pair along with an alive Mark and Lexie raising Sofia together.

At over 300 kudos, it’s a beautiful sentiment that many fans wish they could’ve seen play out onscreen.

Greys Anatomy lesbian fanfiction

Not only does this Calzona fanfiction feature cute moments between Callie and Arizona, but it also shares bonding moments between all the parents as they imagine their future together. 

Read everything about lesbian poems and lesbian poets!

  1. Kara and Lena Fanfiction

I must admit, this is one non-canon lesbian ship that gripped me week after week once Lena Luthor entered the scene.

Supergirl Supercorp lesbian fanfiction
Created by Rafi de Sousa

Despite Supergirl’s canon sapphic characters and relationships, “Supercorp” was the one that had sapphic fans on the edge of their seats.

“Kara and Lena Bang”

This smutty work, by kryptonitekid, is one of the highest-ranking multi-chapter Supercorp fanfiction on AO3 at over 1k kudos.

Described by the author as “sinful trash,” “Kara and Lena Bang” certainly lives up to that expectation. Do not take the explicit warning lightly. Though, the warning is in the title.

“Cheating D e a t h is Fine, But Cheating Kisses Are NOT”

This is your Supercorp fill for something light and fluffy. And everyone would agree. At over 23,000 hits and 1500 kudos, Supercorp fans flock to this lesbian fic for some fluff.

In this one-shot Kara and Lena fanfic, the author plays on Kara’s dual identity. Kara and Lena are already an established couple.

Supergirl fanfiction

Lena knows Kara is Supergirl, but Kara doesn’t know that she knows. Lena kisses Supergirl, Kara thinks she’s cheating, and funny, light-hearted havoc befalls on the pair.

It is created by whitebeltwriter.

“Broken, in pieces, I’ll put you back together”

This Kara and Lena fanfiction, by gabsrambles, is another prized work in the sapphic fandom. With over 2k kudos and nearly 50k hits, this piece comes highly recommended.

It’s a brilliant 14-chapter read for canon-adjacent stories.

Supergirl Supercorp fanfiction

The author of this lesbian fanfic sticks to canon through season 2. No alternate universe other than the one where Kara and Lena get together. Kara’s reeling after Mon-El leaves. Lena is around to pick up the pieces.

Stretched over 14 chapters, this is the slow burn we deserved.  

What are some of your favorite lesbian fanfiction works? What sapphic fandoms do you want us to give fanfic recommendations for next? Let us know in the comments!

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