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16+ Best Lesbian Memes You Have To See

Lesbian memes are a much-needed piece of the internet, bringing laughs and community to lesbians everywhere. 

It’s no secret that lesbians and sapphics find community online. Especially as youths, queer people worldwide reach out to find each other through social media, fandom culture, and local queer communities linked online.

So, of course, lesbians create and share memes relevant to our lesbian subculture. 

Orange is the new black meme

If I’m being totally honest with myself, running across lesbian memes before knowing I was a lesbian helped me come to terms with my identity.

Because would a straight girl be laughing at a lesbian meme? Would a straight girl find a lesbian meme relevant and relatable? Probably not, I’d answer myself.

Laughing at enough lesbian memes finally had me confronting the fact I might actually be a lesbian. 

The Best lesbian memes you have to see

What is a Lesbian Meme?

If you’ve been on the internet before, you probably know what a meme is. It’s that highly shareable content (be it text, video, GIFs, images, etc.) that explodes over the World Wide Web. 

Lesbian stereotype

What are lesbian memes then, you ask? They’re the memes that lesbians find hilarious and relatable. Sometimes this means taking a well-known meme from the straights and giving it a lesbian twist.

Sometimes it’s a play on existing lesbian jokes, like our plethora of U-Haul lesbian memes. And sometimes, a lesbian meme is strictly lesbian content in new contexts. 

Funny lesbian meme

Lesbian memes might not be as explosive or well-recognized throughout the internet at large. But that’s because, by comparison, the sapphics only make up a portion of the entire online communities.

Lesbian memes may be niche, but they’re widespread throughout the lesbian community. 

How do Lesbians use Lesbian Memes?

Like most memes, a purpose of lesbian memes is obviously to make lesbians laugh. But they can mean so much more than that.

For memes to hold relevance specific to the lesbian community, they tap into a shared experience amongst lesbians and sapphic people. Whether that’s related to coming out, how straight people react to you being a lesbian, or our love for women, it’s what bonds us.

Super bowl lesbians meme

Most importantly, lesbian memes help forge community and build connections. Being LGBTQ+ can be very isolating for a lot of people.

While queer people have more visibility now than they did when I was a kid, visibility still isn’t guaranteed. Lesbians are still growing up without knowing anyone else like them. 

Hayley Kiyoko lesbian meme

So running across lesbian memes on the internet and feeling a sense of validation and connection is a huge deal. Sharing lesbian memes within the community helps us feel a little more understood, a little more connected, a little less alone.

And that’s the power of the internet, baby!

Classic Lesbian Memes

If you’re sapphic, you’ve probably seen one of these classic lesbian memes pop up once or twice. Some of them go way, way back. But it still makes great content.

Time and time again, nothing wins my chuckle like a classic lesbian meme.

So before we delve into the current lesbian memes, let’s take a short history lesson.

  1. Harold, They’re Lesbians

Starting this article off with a meme that has survived since 2015. Not coincidentally, the same year of the release of the lesbian movie Carol (2015) dr. Todd Hayes.

Harold, they're lesbians

A Tumblr user described their experience seeing this lesbian masterpiece in the cinema with unsuspecting spectators.  

Best lesbian memes

But after this went around, “harold they’re lesbians” became a meme in itself. Anytime two women had any chemistry at all, throwing the text, “Harold, they’re lesbians,” became a norm that circulated for years. 

The meme became particularly funny during Person of Interest. The sapphic characters on that show had a lot of chemistry. A leader of the team was literally named Harold. What were the odds?

  1. Kristen Stewart’s SNL Coming Out

Though lesbians have been suspected for years, Kristen Stewart came out on SNL when she hosted the comedy sketch show in 2017.

Directed at Donald Trump during his presidency, she declared, “I’m like, so gay, dude.”

Kristen Stewart’s SNL Coming Out

It was a night lesbians were not likely to forget for a while. KStew, proudly one of us! Rejoice!

From then on, the “I’m like, so gay, dude” became a frequently used reaction lesbian meme at any possible moment.

See Kirsten Stewart in the lesbian Christmas movie Happiest Season!

  1. As a Lesbian…Supporter

This meme comes from season 3 of the lesbian show called Orphan Black. If you don’t know it, the show is about clones.

In this particular moment, the lesbian clone is impersonating a non-lesbian clone and is giving a speech before the community elects a school board trustee. The lesbian lets slip that she is a lesbian…supporter.

Lesbian supporter meme

The meme takes this moment from the show and applies it to any moment when you forget that you’re in the closet. 

The meme also circulated amongst fandoms with a sapphic fanbase, particularly shows with queerbaiting history.

Lesbian meme

Any scene will have one character (could be a lesbian, most likely just has sapphic energy) confess that she is a lesbian, other characters react, and character one will say “supporter.” Sike! Lesbian supporter!!

Lesbians in a Straight World Memes

Sometimes, we lesbians can use a little joke to make light of very, very annoying interactions with straight people.

Due to misinformation, lack of creativity, heteronormative mindsets, and some classic homophobia, straight people ask the most ridiculous questions.

Well, there’s a lesbian meme for that.

  1. Ask a Lesbian

Unfortunately, straight people have not yet learned about the existence of Google. Until then, lesbians tend to serve as the straights’ walking encyclopedias about all things lesbian.

Ask a lesbian meme

I’m also a huge fan of how they placed my Lord and Savior, Taylor Swift, at the center of this WLW meme. I know what you’re implying, and I’m on board. #Gaylor.

  1. Cucumber Questions

Another bombardment of straight accusations. Being a lesbian in a straight world can be overwhelming and scary!

Funny lesbian memes

One minute, you’re enjoying your little lesbian blinders, the next, you turn around and remember the world is full of straight people and their misinformation.

  1. No Birth Control, Doc

Over my decade of queerly surfing the web, I’ve seen several versions of this meme. The thread remains the same.

Best lesbian memes

The doctor asks the lesbian if she is active in bed. Lesbian says yes. The doctor asks the lesbian if she uses birth control. Lesbian says no. The doctor cannot compute the existence of lesbians. 

Lesbian Love Memes

Being a lesbian is all about whom we love, right? Sure, we have our vibrant subculture and inside jokes, but who we love and how we love is certainly part of that.

Whether you’ve been coupled up for years or are still in your falling-for-straight-girls phase, we’ve got a lesbian love meme for you.

  1. Lesbians for Middle-Aged Actresses

Infatuation with middle-aged women is a rite of passage for young lesbians. Especially middle-aged women who are entirely unattainable.

Lesbians for Middle-Aged Actresses

Sapphic Twitter has no shortage of obsessions with any 40-year-old-plus woman with half a smile. I’m under 30, and I’m still a victim.

  1. Love for Women, Love for Food

We all know lesbians love women. But what else do we have in common? A love for snacks.

Love for women, love for food

As a Taurus sapphic, this lesbian meme brings a certain visibility to my lifestyle. 

  1. Making The First Move

Yes, you could wait forever when you need to wait for a lesbian to make the first move.

Life is short, so go for it!

Two lesbians waiting at a restaurant meme

  1. Lesbians Love Their Wives

Straight men complaining about their wives vs. lesbians worshiping their wives. A classic.

Lesbians Love Their Wives meme

Okay, yes I made this lesbian meme, and I think it’s hilarious.

  1. U-Haul Lesbian Memes

U-hauling is such a stereotype in lesbian culture that we made a verb out of a truck company.

U-Haul Lesbian Memes

Of course, there are many lesbian memes for that. 

Orange is the new black meme

  1. Little Mx. Long Distance

It’s one of the classic lesbian stereotypes; long-distance dating.

Once upon a time, finding local lesbians was a difficult task. Especially when you’re young and when you live in rural or conservative communities. Making connections online with other lesbians makes sense.

Until oops! You caught the feelings! Now you’re dating a girl 3,000+ miles away in the other hemisphere. That may or may not be a cliff note version of how I met my wife eight years ago.

Little Mx. Long Distance

See our tips for lesbian long-distance relationships.

Lesbian dating app, Lex, hopped on the “Little Miss” meme bandwagon with a solid handful of lesbian twists to it. Little Mx. Long Distance struck a nerve, to say the least.

Complete with my title “Mx.” and three zeros of miles in a long-distance relationship, I sent this meme to my Instagram story for the 24-hours. My friends laughed. Good one, Lex.

  1. Texting in Bed… Across the Country

Of course, lesbians want to make out with their girlfriends. And we damn well pretend that’s a possibility!

Lesbian love memes

Even when we’re hundreds of miles apart.

Lesbian Culture Memes

Other than love (and all our stereotypes and jokes that derive from love), lesbians have a culture, too!

Yes, we have a goofy and stylish fashion sense. Yes, we don’t know how to sit in a chair. Yes, we are obsessed with classic literature.

  1. This is How Lesbians Dress

Unfortunately, this is just the sad truth, especially for our androgynous and masculine lesbians. We either dress like clowns or dress like someone who would hate crime us. (Guilty as charged.)

How lesbians dress

Different types of lesbians and lesbian stereotypes have been around for a long time. Butch and femme? You’ve heard of them. It’s a stereotype that says sapphics fall into either lesbian category, depending on their aesthetics and mannerisms. 

Lesbian memes and stereotypes

Read everything about different types of lesbians and lesbian stereotypes in our ‘which type of lesbian are you’ article!

  1. Queers Can’t Sit

One funny little queer quirk is being absolutely incapable of using a chair correctly. This stretches from the L to the G to the B, T, Q, and all the way down the rainbow alphabet soup. None of us know how.

Best lesbian meme

I’m sitting on my foot as I type this up.

  1. The Bell Jar and Vibratorട

For me, using vibratorട and being in a lesbian long-distance relationship go hand-in-hand. Maybe that’s part of the reason so many lesbians use them.

Great lesbian memes

Of course, they’re still very fun when the partner is in town.

Anyway, no better way to pass the charge time than with a little literature. 

Which lesbian memes strike a nerve? Were you around for the lesbian classic memes?

And what’s your favorite lesbian meme? We would love to know! Find us on InstagramFacebookYouTube, or comment below!

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