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19 Top Things To Do In Eindhoven

Looking for the best thing to do in Eindhoven in the Netherlands? Then you’ve come to the right place. Eindhoven is an amazing and trendy city in the Netherlands to visit, and we tell you everything about what to do in Eindhoven!

From the famous Philips Museum, the Strijp-S district, the longest pub street in the Netherlands, Eindhoven’s street art, to the best places to eat and sleep. And of course, the Glow and Dutch Design Week events can’t be missed when visiting Eindhoven. You can read it all here!

what to do Eindhoven sightseeing Eindhoven De Blob

The City of Lights of the Netherlands is versatile and has a lot to offer. We especially like the industrial side of Eindhoven. Eindhoven has a raw edge and is the creative hotspot of the Netherlands.

The city has been a household name in the international design world for years. And that’s not surprising, because in Eindhoven everything revolves around innovation and design. That’s why there are so many cool places in Eindhoven to visit!

So what are you waiting for? Go visit this city in North Brabant! Continue reading about the best things to do in Eindhoven!

Where is Eindhoven?

Before we get started with the top things to do in Eindhoven, we want to tell you a bit more about the city.

Eindhoven is located in the South of the Netherlands, in the province of North Brabant. It’s the fifth-largest city in the country, with a population of just over 235,000 inhabitants.

You can reach the city by plane, car, train, or bus! Eindhoven has the second-biggest airport in the Netherlands. With airlines like Ryanair and Transavia flying to and from Eindhoven airport, it’s a great airport for cheap flights.

Eindhoven is only 1.5 hours away from Amsterdam by car, and an Amsterdam to Eindhoven train takes just 1 hour and 20 minutes!

Therefore, it’s pretty easy to travel to Eindhoven.

What To Do In Eindhoven

What’s the best way to get around the city and enjoy all Eindhoven activities? Eindhoven is not a very big city, so you can see a lot on foot. The old center, in particular, is perfect to discover on foot.

But we also recommend renting a bike to discover the city by bike! Because there is also a lot to do outside the center. Strijp-S for example, or the Berenkuil, where you can find a lot of street art.

Bike from place to place and go Eindhoven sightseeing. If you don’t want to walk or bike, you can also use Eindhoven’s public bus system.

Enjoy all these Eindhoven activities!

  1. Visit The Philips Museum

Philips Museum what to do Eindhoven

A list of things to do in Eindhoven isn’t complete without the Philips Museum! Visit the Philips Museum and learn about the history of Philips, also from former employees!

In 1891, Gerard Philips made the first Philips light bulb, in the center of Eindhoven. And here you will now find the Philips Museum. Which is definitely worth a visit!

Philips was (and still is) important to Eindhoven because without Philips Eindhoven would not have become what the city is today. At the beginning of the 20th century, the growth of Philips completely changed the city.

From a collection of small villages, it became a prosperous industrial city. We really like the industrial side of the city, but you can read more about that in the next paragraph.

  1. Discover Strijp S

Hands street art Strijp S Eindhoven

Strijp-S was once called the forbidden city of Eindhoven, since the former Philips site was not freely accessible to everyone.

Fortunately, this neighborhood is now accessible to everyone because this is a great place to discover! With all the industrial vibes, it feels a bit like you are walking in Berlin.

It is the creative and hip heart of Eindhoven, and here you will find many great shops, galleries, restaurants, boutiques, coffee spots, and street art.

The name Strijp-S originates from Philips. Philips named its industrial parks Strijp. Strijp-S was the first park, and other surrounding industrial parks are called Strijp-T and Strijp-R.

We recommend discovering Strijp-S yourself. Or go on a Strijp-S guided walking tour.

Walk or cycle around and discover. Places and Eindhoven attractions that you should definitely not miss here are:

Mall Urban Shopper

Mall Urban Shopper Strijp S Eindhoven

Here you will find several small shops. So no large retail chains, but concept stores, boutiques, and studios of creative entrepreneurs.

Radio Royaal

Radio Royaal Strijp-S Eindhoven

Special food in a special place. Be sure to book in advance as it is a popular spot. More about Radio Royaal later in this article about what to do in Eindhoven.

MU Hybrid Art House

MU Strijp S Eindhoven sightseeing

MU Hybrid Art House is a cool hybrid art place with changing exhibitions. It’s not about what art is, but what art can be at MU Hybrid Art House!

De Ontdekfabriek

A super fun place for children.

Brouwerij Het Veem

Brewery Brouwerij het Veem

Visit the brewery, buy drinks to take home, and sample beers from 24 taps from around the world. Or opt for a special Het Veem Brewery beer.



Go to Intelligentia for the tastiest and best-looking ice cream in town! And the place itself is also incredibly photogenic.

Area 51

Area51 Strijp S Eindhoven

If you like skating, this is the place to go. It is an indoor paradise for skaters and BMXers!

Tea Stories

Tea Stories

Attention tea lovers! Tea Stories is the perfect place for a cup of tea and some delicious snacks. They have bubble tea, all things matcha, dalgona coffee, and even dalgona honeycomb candy (yes, from the popular Netflix series Squid Game), plus many other things!

The Trudo Tower

Trudo Vertical Forest (Trudo Tower) Strijp-S Eindhoven

The Trudo Tower (de Trudo Toren) is a new addition to Eindhoven! Architect Stefano Boeri designed the tower, and it is the first vertical forest in the Netherlands. Admire the residential tower and see what we mean!

Het Ketelhuis

Ketelhuis Strijp S Eindhoven

A great restaurant with a popular terrace, especially during hot summer days.

  1. Experience Virtual Reality At Enversed

Experience virtual reality at Enversed, Europe’s largest virtual reality center. If you do not know what virtual reality is, we will briefly explain it first. It is a computer technique in which it seems and feels as if you are in another reality.

By putting on special glasses, you shut yourself off from the outside world. Your visible reality is replaced by a computer-generated image through the glasses. Your environment is transformed into a completely different world as soon as you put on the VR glasses.

Enversed Strijp S Eindhoven VR experience

And this is super fun, for young and old. Because virtual reality allows you to play games with and against each other in a unique way. Shoot bows and arrows with your controllers, be in a kitchen and make burgers together, start a snowball fight or go paragliding and fly over the sea and rocks.

And that’s not for you, there are also VR escape rooms!

You can find Enversed on the 7th floor in the Vreemgebouw in the Strijp-S district.

  1. Discover Strijp R

After Strijp-S, a visit to Strijp-R cannot be missed. Visiting both are top things to do in Eindhoven! Cycle or walk from Strijp-S to Strijp-R! At Strijp-R, you will find two industrial buildings in which you can visit the Piet Hein Eek Imperium.

Piet Hein Eek is one of the most famous Dutch designers. Since 2010, Strijp-R and an old Philips factory have become his empire. Visit the design shop and gallery, browse the furniture workshop, and eat something at the restaurant.

And since 2021, there is also a hotel where we had a wonderful night’s sleep, which we definitely recommend. Of course, you will find Piet Hein Eek’s designs everywhere in the hotel and in the restaurant.

If you visit the Piet Hein Eek Imperium during the week, you can see through the windows how furniture makers are working on unique Piet Hein Eek designs.

  1. Eat At The Down Town Gourmet Market

The Down Town Gourmet Market is one of the best places to eat something in Eindhoven. The indoor food hall can’t be missed on this list of things to do in Eindhoven!

Down Town Gourmet Market Eindhoven restaurant

Here you can find all kinds of small restaurants with food from all over the world. Greek street food, Vietnamese spring rolls, Dutch fries, Indonesian rendang, and Turkish snacks; it’s all there.

And also burgers, pasta, sushi, cheese boards, ice cream, and tapas. You can try anything. There are also plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available.

Sit at a table inside or outside, scan the QR code, and order what you want, with your phone. Pay right away, and then the food will be delivered to your table when it’s ready. How convenient, right?

Besides the fact that the food here is very tasty, it is also a super cozy place. And it’s always busy, even when it just opens!

  1. Go To The Van Abbemuseum

Besides the Philips Museum, the Van Abbemuseum is also worth a visit in Eindhoven! The Van Abbemuseum is a museum where you can find modern and contemporary art. It opened in 1936, and it is one of Europe’s leading contemporary art museums.

With different layers, large spaces, and impressive exhibitions, the Van Abbemuseum always manages to surprise us.

The accessibility of the museum is also impressive. We had never seen a museum that makes art available to blind and people with low vision, using Braille and touchable imitation artworks.

The elevator is also quite a (hearing) experience! So be sure to take the elevator up or down.

  1. Spot Eindhoven’s Street Art

More fun (free) things to do in Eindhoven! In Eindhoven, you can spot cool street art in various places throughout the city. As we said before, you can find plenty of street art in Strijp S. But also in many other places.

Street art PSV Eindhoven

Along the road opposite the Philips Stadium (where PSV plays), for example, is a wall full of street art, including a portrait of the famous Dutch singer Guus Meeuwis. If you cycle from the station to Strijp-S, you will pass it.

Silly Walks tunnel Eindhoven street art

Also fun to visit is the Silly Walks tunnel, the Flying Pins, the Woensel West district, and the Berenkuil. And on the 18 Septemberplein you can also find street art walls near the escalators!

Make sure to take a look at the Blob too, a cool teardrop-shaped building on the square.

  1. Taste ‘Worstenbroodjes’ At Houben

Worstenbroodjes, aka Dutch sausage rolls, cannot be missed during an Eindhoven trip! The sandwiches are a tradition in Brabant and an intangible heritage since 2016. So be sure to eat a sausage roll for a snack when in Eindhoven.

Houben worstenbroodje sausage roll Eindhoven

And the best place to do this is at Houben on the Willemstraat. Houben’s sausage rolls are a household name in Eindhoven and the surrounding area.

The Houben family has been making delicious sausage rolls since 1935. And nowadays in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. There are also vegetarian sausage rolls and other special specialties available.

Stop by and try different sausage rolls, or go for a traditional one!

  1. Visit Eindhoven During The Dutch Design Week

The Dutch Design Week (DDW) is Northern Europe’s largest design event. Every year, the design event is held in October and lasts for 9 days. People from all over the Netherlands and beyond come to Eindhoven to see the work of hundreds of designers.

Zalán Szakács Manifestations De Caai DDW 21 Eindhoven

You will find expositions, lectures, debates, exhibitions, network meetings, and other festivities at various locations throughout Eindhoven. An element that returns every year is the graduation show with graduation works by students of the Design Academy Eindhoven.

In 2021, we went to the Dutch Design Week for the first time, and we were very impressed by what we saw! In short, go to Eindhoven in October and visit the Dutch Design Week!

It’s one of the best Eindhoven things to do!

  1. Cycle Through The Roosengaarde Van Gogh Path

Rent a bicycle in Eindhoven and cycle in the evening, when it’s dark, through the Roosengaarde Van Gogh cycle path! This is not just any bicycle path, it is a unique bicycle path that gives light thanks to all the luminous stones. But you can only see this when it’s dark! The darker, the better.

Van Gogh-Roosegaarde bicycle road Eindhoven Nuenen

Why do the stones sparkle at night when it is dark? Because of the sunlight which they get during the day, they can sparkle in the evening. So magical!

The cycle path was devised by the artist Daan Roosegaarde and is inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s famous work The Starry Night.

Van Gogh is from the province of Brabant and painted De Aardappeleters in Nuenen, the village next to Eindhoven. The Roosengaarde Van Gogh cycle path is part of the Van Gogh cycle routes that connect the painter’s heritage sites.

  1. Enjoy dinner at Radio Royal

Radio Royaal is a special restaurant in the Strijp-S district. Yes, we have already mentioned Radio Royaal shortly before, but we need to tell you a little more about Radio Royaal. It’s a fantastic place!

Radio Royaal Strijp S Eindhoven

When you enter the restaurant, you will be amazed! Radio Royaal is located in the engine room of a former Philips energy house. And inside you can still see many factory elements, for example, the old machines are still there. There are also cool works of art.

The raw industrial location makes it a cool and unique place to eat! And the French-German food is also very tasty.

In short, the perfect spot for dinner in Eindhoven (they are only open in the evening). Make a reservation in advance, because it is often busy here.

Good to know is that Radio Royaal is closed on Sundays and Mondays and for a 3-course dinner you pay 39 euros.

  1. Step Back in Time in The Pre-Historic Village of Eindhoven

The Pre-Historic Village (Het preHistorisch Dorp in Dutch) of Eindhoven is the perfect place to learn about history because this is where a history lesson really comes to life! 6 different eras are covered in the open-air museum.

preHistorisch Dorp Eindhoven

From the time of the hunters and gatherers, of the first farmers, of the Vikings, of trade and cities, to the Roman era, and the Eighty Years’ War. Experience the past and go on a journey of discovery. Meet historical residents during the discovery tour and learn old crafts!

It is a great place for everyone, and especially for children. The Pre-Historic Village is closed in winter.

  1. Admire the Digital Light Playground Motion

Motion is a large playground with digital lights. The artworks are interactive, so you are part of them! How special!

Motion Experience what to do Eindhoven

It’s the perfect place to take fun photos and videos, it’s truly an Instagrammable place! And it is also fabulous for the TikTokers among us. It is a cool fantasy world for young and old to visit and to have fun.

And what is also amazing (and tasty) is Dinner in Motion. They call themselves the most special restaurant in the Netherlands, and we agree. This is one of the most unique meals we’ve ever had.

Dinner in Motion Eindhoven

At Dinner in Motion, you can enjoy delicious food in a 360-degree restaurant. The coolest images appear around you and on your table. It’s a multi-course culinary journey that’s completely tailored to what’s going on around you. This is one of our favorite things to do in Eindhoven!

Motion can be found in the center of Eindhoven in the Piazza.

  1. Shopping in Eindhoven

Do you want to shop in Eindhoven? That’s possible! Eindhoven is a great city for shopping and has a varied range of shops. Plus, every Sunday is shopping Sunday, so the shops are open!

The Rechtestraat and the Demer are two large shopping streets with the most famous shops. But you will actually find many shops, restaurants, and cafés in the entire Emma District, around the Emmasingel.

Piazza shopping Eindhoven 18 Septemberplein

You can also visit the indoor shopping centers Piazza and De Heuvel for the major, well-known shops!

For specialty shops, small boutiques, specialty stores, and artistic shops, head to Mall Urban Shopper, Kleine Berg, Grote Berg, and Bergstraat.

  1. Drink Coffee at The Best Cafés

Eindhoven has a lot of amazing cafés for coffee! So if you feel like getting a delicious cup of coffee, you should definitely go to one of the cafés that we mention below.

These cannot be missed on our list of things to do in Eindhoven!

Good to know: in the Netherlands, you go to a café for coffee, not to a coffee shop! At a coffee shop, you can get very different things.


Bean Brothers coffee Eindhoven

This is really a hidden gem because if you don’t know this café is there, you will walk right past it! First, you walk through a small corridor to the courtyard, and afterward, you enter an old house where you can drink delicious coffee.

Good to know is that BeanBrothers is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.



You can also drink delicious coffee at Coffeelab. Coffeelab is currently located in two different places in Eindhoven, at Eindhoven central train station and in the Strijp-S district! They are both great and relaxed places to sit.

Sprout Coffee Roasters

Sprout coffee roasters Eindhoven

Two brothers, who know all about coffee, run Sprout Coffee Roasters. And they may have the best coffee in Eindhoven and the surrounding area.

They have a small café where you can have a coffee and also buy coffee beans to take home. The café is where they do everything from roasting the coffee beans to packing, which is nice to see! Drop by and take a look.

Lucifer Coffee Roasters

Lucifer Coffee Roasters

As the name suggests, Lucifer Coffee Roasters also roast their own coffee! Here you can also buy coffee beans or sit down for a cup of coffee and something delicious.

And something amazing is that they strive for 100% slave-free coffee at Lucifer Coffee Roasters. So they do everything they can to ensure that the coffee farmer also gets the right reward.

Pinkie Patisserie

Pinkie Patisserie Eindhoven

At Pinkie Patisserie, they sell the most delicious cakes and other goodies! So if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with something sweet, Pinkie Patisserie is the place to go.

This place also looks fantastic. Perfect for some photos to post on Instagram.

  1. Discover the Neighborhood Woensel-West

Woensel-West is a neighborhood in the west of the city center which is fun and interesting to visit! It is a working-class neighborhood that has developed in recent years into a colorful and hip neighborhood with great places.

The district used to not have the best image, but that is different today. It is now full of hip hotspots.

The vegan coffee bar and lunchroom Jungle Café, VanAlles&Co, and KEVN are such hip hotspots. And if you are looking for more street art, you will certainly find it in Woensel-West.

Plus the nicest colored houses! Old houses have been replaced by new buildings and show the new image of Woensel-West: hip, colorful, and dynamic.

Volta Galvani Woensel West Eindhoven

Volta Galvani is one of those new construction areas that you have to check out. The houses are inspired by Mediterranean Arabic architecture and are very beautiful. In the gatehouse, you can see a moon, which follows the exact cycle of the real moon! The lunar cycle has a central role in Arab culture.

And if you’re looking for even more places to shop in Eindhoven, the Woensel WestSide Stores is an up-and-coming shopping spot in Eindhoven with more than 25 unique stores.

  1. Visit Eindhoven During Glow

What’s a list of the top things to do in Eindhoven without the light festival Glow on it?! We mentioned the Dutch Design Week before, but Glow is also worth a visit.

Glow Eindhoven 2021 De Caai

Every year in November, the festival takes place in Eindhoven, and artists and designers from the Netherlands and abroad show the most beautiful light installations. The city is transformed into a fairytale and large light exhibition.

It is a free event, and every year there is a new theme. Every year there are therefore also different works of art on display.

Glow Eindhoven 2021

In 2021, we visited Eindhoven for the first time during Glow, and it was fantastic!

  1. Getting a Drink in Eindhoven

Are you looking for a place to get a drink, after all these Eindhoven activities? Then we have some great tips for you! In Eindhoven, there are plenty of cozy pubs and bars where you can have a delicious drink and go dancing.

The most famous nightlife street in Eindhoven is Stratumseind. This is the perfect place for a pub crawl or a drink. There are more than 50 bars on this street, and with a length of 225 meters (738 feet), Stratumseind is the longest nightlife street in the Netherlands.

Regenboog bar Stratumseind Eindhoven

How fun is that?! So you can find a place here every day of the week to go dancing and have a drink!

Thomas is a hip place to go, perfect for taking beautiful Instagrammable photos. Next door is Stadscafe Spijker, which is always fun! Fun too on Stratumseind: Karaokebar Ameezing, Bar de Regenboog for the LGBTQ+ community, Café Bar ’t Lempke, and Café Costa.

But there are also great places to go to in the rest of Eindhoven! Rooftop Bar Vane is a bar and restaurant with a view over the city! Fun too: Café Hoogste Tijd, Bobby’s Bar, Berlage Kitchen & Bar, Grand Café Plein 4, Mooi Boules, and 100 Watt Brewery.

And for big parties, go to pop venue De Effenaar and the Klokgebouw in Strijp-S.

  1. Browse the FeelGood Market

We end this list of top things to do in Eindhoven with the FeelGood Market. This market in Strijp-S takes place every 3rd Sunday of the month on the Ketelhuisplein! Check their website first, because sometimes there are exceptions.

FeelGood Market Eindhoven

At the FeelGood Market you can find sustainable, handmade, and regional products! You can also have a drink here, follow workshops, enjoy live music, get a massage, follow demonstrations, taste snacks, and relax on bean bags.

In short: perfect for a Sunday and a day out in Eindhoven with the whole family. Because there is also a lot to do for children on the market! Many activities are organized so that parents can relax too.

So if you are in Eindhoven on the 3rd Sunday of the month, take a look at the FeelGood Market!

Best Restaurants in Eindhoven

What to do in Eindhoven? Eat lots of delicious food, of course! Eindhoven is full of amazing and tasty restaurants, with food from all over the world!

Earlier we talked about Radio Royaal, the Down Town Gourmet Market, and Dinner in Motion. But there are plenty of other places worth visiting.

See below the places we recommend having breakfast in Eindhoven, lunch in Eindhoven, and have dinner in Eindhoven. These are the best restaurants in Eindhoven!

Breakfast in Eindhoven

The Happiness Café

The Happiness Café

A healthy breakfast spot in Eindhoven! From vitamin shots, fresh juices, organic coffee, and homemade pastries, they have it all. And whether you eat vegan, gluten-free, or sugar-free, it’s all possible here.

Krok Madam

Krok Madam Eindhoven

Next to The Happiness Café, you can find Krok Madam, a breakfast restaurant with many sandwiches on the menu. At Krok Madam, it’s always sandwich time!

Meneer de Boer

Meneer de Boer

Perhaps the most popular breakfast spot in Eindhoven: Meneer de Boer. When we wanted to have breakfast here on an early Sunday morning, we had to wait in line to get in.

There are many breakfast options on the menu at Meneer de Boer, there is something for everyone!

Lunch in Eindhoven

Restaurant Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek Restaurant Eindhoven Strijp R

We have already talked about the Piet Hein Eek Imperium at Strijp-R, and you can also have a delicious lunch at the restaurant there.

Perfect if you also want to discover the entire empire at the same time. The restaurant feels like you are walking into someone’s cozy living room with cool designs (by Mr Piet Hein Eek himself, of course!). A great spot!

Restaurant Zoet & Zout

Restaurant Zoet & Zout

Right in the heart of Eindhoven and within walking distance of the train station, you will find the restaurant Zoet & Zout. It is a stylish restaurant with a terrace with many options on the menu.

Zoet & Zout works with daily fresh and seasonal products, enjoy!


Kazerne restaurant Eindhoven

This is where design and hospitality come together! Kazerne is a place where you can spend the night, have lunch, dinner, have a drink, and view exhibitions. We visited Kazerne during Dutch Design Week and fell in love with this place.

Located in a monumental military police barrack from 1825, this is a special place to visit! Enjoy the dishes with an Italian touch.


Fifth Nre Eindhoven jazz bar

FIFTH is one of the new hotspots in Eindhoven! It is a great and beautiful place in Eindhoven to have lunch or dinner.

Five concepts are central to FIFTh to stimulate all your senses. For example, you hear jazz around you, you see the beautiful decoration of the restaurant, and you taste the tastiest ingredients.

Highly recommended! They also have a bar if you just want a drink!

Best Restaurants Eindhoven for Dinner

1910 Eindhoven

1910 Restaurant Eindhoven

Looking for a chic restaurant in Eindhoven? Then look no further! 1910 restaurant Eindhoven is a great restaurant in the city.

The food here is almost too good to eat. Choose a 3, 4, 5, or 6-course dinner and let yourself be pampered at 1910 Restaurant.

Pizzeria La Vita è Bella

For the best pizzas in Eindhoven, go to Pizzeria La Vita è Bella! It is a pizzeria with real Italian pizzas in Brooklyn Square, Woensel-West.

Enjoy authentic pizzas, go for a pizza folded in half (panzerotto), or for something new: pizza with gorgonzola and spicy salami. And of course, a traditional Italian dessert cannot be missed.

Hey Days

Hey Days Restaurant

Hey Days is a shared dining and tapas restaurant and café in Eindhoven! With a wall full of pink flamingos, a beautiful garden, velvet chairs, and cool tiles on the floor, this is a trendy place in Eindhoven.

It’s cozy, the setting is informal, and the Mediterranean and Oriental dishes are amazing. In the evening, Hey Days changes to Hey Nights, and you can dance here on the weekend!

Phood Kitchen

Phood Kitchen

What to do in Eindhoven? Fine and special dining! We end with a very special restaurant in Eindhoven: Phood Kitchen! What’s so special about Phood Kitchen is that they grow their own products with the latest technology, right in the middle of the city.

They grow their own vegetables and mushrooms on their aquaponic urban farm. The restaurant works with a fresh plant to plate menu, so what you see on the farm is what you eat.

Enjoy a changing 3 or 4-course menu, that changes with the seasons.

Where to stay in Eindhoven?

After all these tips, you are (hopefully) convinced that one day in Eindhoven is not enough! There is simply so much to do in the city that we definitely recommend staying overnight in Eindhoven.

And luckily, Eindhoven also has many great hotels. Below, we share a number of hotels in Eindhoven to spend the night. Then your Eindhoven trip is complete!

Best Hotels in Eindhoven

Hotel The Match

Hotel The Match is ideally located in the city, close to the Down Town Gourmet Market, the Philips Museum, and Stratumseind. And it’s also a great hotel, especially if you like street art!

Their motto is ‘check-in and stay out’, simply because Eindhoven is so much fun to discover, and you are one step away from all the fun. So stay away and go for a walk!

At The Match, your experience is most important, and it is a completely different experience of staying overnight than you are probably used to.

Hotel Mariënhage

You can spend a unique night in Eindhoven at Hotel Mariënhage! This 4-star hotel was once a monastery, Mariënhage monastery. Now it is a beautiful modern hotel with a restaurant, bar, and garden.

In the rooms you can see the history of the monastery and of course also in the architecture of the building, it is a special place!

You can also relax at Hotel Mariënhage in their wellness center or work out in the gym!

Blue Collar Hotel

We have already said several times that the Strijp-S district is a must-visit in Eindhoven. And the Blue Collar Hotel is located in this neighborhood, how convenient and great!

The hotel can be found in the Klokgebouw, in a former Philips factory. And what’s great is that you can still find many old factory elements in the hotel.

In addition to private rooms, they also have dorm rooms available here, if you’re on a budget! The hotel also has a restaurant and bar with great food and drinks.

The Student Hotel Eindhoven

We always love hotels of The Student Hotel! They are creative, attractive, hip, and relaxed hotels. Don’t be surprised if you see ping pong and pool tables in the common areas. There is always something you can do here. Or relax in the lounge corner!

The Student Hotel Eindhoven is also located in a fantastic location, right in the center and next to the train station! And depending on which floor your room is on, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of Eindhoven.

Hotel Piet Hein Eek

What to do in Eindhoven? Sleeping in Eindhoven’s new addition: the Piet Hein Eek Hotel! The hotel opened in October 2021 and can be found in the Piet Hein Eek Imperium in Strijp-R.

Hotel Piet Hein Eek Strijp R Eindhoven

We stayed here for one night and enjoyed it! Of course, you can find designs by Piet Hein Eek himself everywhere in the hotel. You sleep here between art and design.

There are only 13 rooms in the hotel, so book in advance if you also want to spend the night here. In the morning, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the living room of the hotel.

Eindhoven Map

Enjoy these top things to do in Eindhoven!

Do you have any questions or do you want to add something to this what to do in Eindhoven guide?  Drop it below or send us a message.

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