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What To Do In Miami: The Ultimate Miami Itinerary

Wondering what to do in Miami? We got you covered! In this article, we will tell you all about the top things to do in Miami, and you can add them to your Miami itinerary. So you don’t have to worry and can fully enjoy everything this amazing city has to offer!

Miami is one of our favorite places in the United States to visit. Simply because it’s such a diverse and welcoming city, with many great things to do.

From visiting exciting museums and historical sights to relaxing on beautiful beaches to exploring the coolest murals, to going on an adventure in nature and taste the best food; it’s all possible in Miami!

What To Do In Miami The Ultimate Miami Itinerary

And don’t forget the amazing parties and nightlife opportunities in Miami! Miami is famous for its fantastic nightlife. Here you can party every day of the week till the early hours. Especially South Beach has an exciting nightlife scene.

Both locals and tourists are spoiled with the many choices of things to do in Miami! And we are going to tell you all about the things you simply can’t miss. We will also tell you about where to eat and where to stay in Miami.

So grab your beach gear, camera, walking shoes, party set, and you are ready to go. Enjoy everything this amazing city has to offer.

South Pointe Park Miami Beach from helicopter

What To Do In Miami

  1. Head to Miami Beach

Miami Beach is often people’s first stop in Miami. We totally understand why, as you probably think about beaches and a lot of sunshine when you think of Miami!

And the perfect spot for beaches in Miami is in Miami Beach. You simply can’t leave Miami without visiting Miami Beach!

South Beach Miami Lifeguard Tower

Miami Beach is an island itself, that consists of three different areas: North Beach, Mid-Beach, and South Beach.

North Beach is famous for its laid-back vibes, Mid-Beach for its glamorous resorts, and South Beach for the many things to do and exciting nightlife opportunities.

All three feature beautiful beaches, perfect if you want to relax on a sunbed or on the sand the whole day. Or when you want to get active and go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, go surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, or kayaking!

The Miami Beach Boardwalk (which you also can bike on) connects the three neighborhoods with each other, perfect if you want to explore them all!

  1. Explore The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

One of the best things to do in Miami is exploring the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. It’s one of the absolute greatest treasures in Miami.

Walk around and explore the beautiful Renaissance-style building from the early 20th century, get lost in the stunning courtyard, and enjoy the artwork. Many photographers come here to do photoshoots, and we totally understand why, as it’s a super picturesque place.

It was once the villa and estate of a businessman named James Deering, now it’s open to the public. You can find the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in the neighborhood Coconut Grove, Miami’s most historic neighborhood.

  1. Wander Around Miami’s Art Deco Historic District

A list of what to do in Miami isn’t complete without the Art Deco Historic District! This area of Miami South Beach features over 800 historic Art Deco buildings.

Art Deco District Miami Ocean Drive Miami South Beach

Most of these buildings are built between the 1920s and the 1940s and are placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s even the largest concentration of Art Deco architecture in the nation!

The white and pastel-colored buildings are beautiful to see. Go on a walking tour to explore the area and learn everything about it! Or wandering around yourself. And make sure to come back after dark to see the buildings lighted up by the neon signs.

You can find the Art Deco Historic District in South Beach between 5th Street and 23rd Street, along Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue.

Many of the beautiful buildings feature a restaurant or bar, so it’s the perfect stop for a drink or some food!

  1. Enjoy South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park is located on Miami Beach, at the most southern point. It’s a green park that’s perfect to go to if you want to relax for a bit. The beautiful panoramic views of Downtown Miami’s skyline, Fisher Island, and PortMiami’s cruise ships are the reasons why we love going here.

South Pointe Park Miami Beach from helicopter

But our favorite view is probably the one of South Beach! Head to South Pointe Park Pier for a picture-perfect view of the South Beach shoreline.

The park also features walking trails, a jungle gym, artistically designed benches, a dog park, picnic and barbecue areas, a playground, and opportunities to get a drink and food!

  1. Visit the Neighborhood Wynwood

Wynwood is our favorite neighborhood in Miami! So make sure to add it to your Miami itinerary.

The neighborhood is Miami’s cultural and creative hub, full of (street) art, restaurants, galleries, beer breweries, shops, and bars. What was once just a collection of warehouses is now one of the world’s hippest hangouts. You definitely want to go here!

Wynwood Miami street art

Miami has a huge art scene and walking around Wynwood you will see art everywhere, in galleries, and on the street. There are more than 70 galleries in Wynwood, perfect if you want to bring some art home. Or just to explore!

The centerpiece of the neighborhood is the Wynwood Walls, which is an amazing outdoor art museum. But more about the Wynwood Walls in the next paragraph.

Our favorite places for a drink in Wynwood are Gramps, Wood Tavern, and Veza Sur Brewing. For food, check out KYU, Mister O1 Extraordinary Pizza, and COYO TACO. And if you want to see an amazing drag show (while enjoying some food and drinks) make sure to go to R House Wynwood.

Another place we love in Wynwood is Midtown Garden Center. Which is a peaceful green oasis, perfect to relax, explore, and become one with nature. Plus, you can buy your own plants at Midtown Garden Center, get food at a food truck, and a smoothie at a juice bar.

  1. Take Many Pictures at The Wynwood Walls

One of the most Instagrammable places in Miami is The Wynwood Walls! But even if you are not into making photos for Instagram, the Wynwood Walls is still an amazing place to see.

Wynwood Walls Miami

This urban graffiti art museum features graffiti and street art from artists from all over the world. Since its opening in 2009, over 50 different artists created their art at the museum.

It’s an outdoor museum with art on the walls of old warehouse buildings. And there are some inside galleries to explore too.

Because of everything that’s happening in the world in 2020 and 2021 the Wynwood Walls aren’t free anymore. To give everyone the best experience, there’s now a new timed and ticketed system.

This way, you can fully enjoy the art without too many other people. We went on an early access tour and loved that we were the only ones there! So that could be an option for you too.

The murals are changing regularly, so if you want to come back you will probably see new art from different artists!

  1. Explore The Everglades National Park

Remember we told you Miami has a lot to offer? We all know Miami has beautiful beaches and the most amazing parties, but Greater Miami also has the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States: The Everglades National Park!

The National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site is located just a short drive away from Miami at the southernmost tip of the Florida mainland. Here you can explore 1.5 million acres of nature full of mangrove forests with alligators, snakes, birds, and manatees.

Explore the National Park on one of the walking trails and boardwalks, go canoeing or kayaking, hop on a bike, or aboard an airboat. The airboat might be the most exciting way to explore The Everglades National Park, as with this massive fan-powered boat you can go deep into the National Park!

  1. Roam Through the Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is a district north of Wynwood. It’s the place to be for architecture lovers and if you love fashion, art, and fine dining. As the neighborhood is famous for its luxurious design stores, jewelry boutiques, art galleries, modern architecture, and celebrity-chef restaurants.

Fly's Eye Dome Design District what to do in Miami

We love roaming around the district and stumbling upon the coolest things like the Fly’s Eye Dome, the Museum Garage, and a web of hanging chairs. There’s always something going on with different temporary art installations! Head to the Institute of Contemporary Art to see different exhibitions and to talk about contemporary art (admission is free!).

For food head to Michelin starred Korean steakhouse Cote Miami, to Itamae for Peruvian-Japanese fusion food, to Le Jardinier for a French vegetable-driven menu, Harry’s Pizza for delicious pizza, or Michael’s Genuine for delicious food in a cozy bistro.

If you can’t pick where to go, head to MIA Market, which is a popular food hall in the Miami Design District with different kinds of food!

  1. Have fun at the Museum Garage

What to do in Miami? Have fun at the Museum Garage! It’s a parking garage in the Miami Design District, but it’s not just a parking garage, it’s the coolest parking garage we’ve ever seen!

A parking garage is usually not a place that makes you happy, but this one does. It’s a seven-story building with multiple different, colorful, and unique facades. Five different architects worked on creating the Museum Garage, wanting to make it the most interesting structure in Miami. And in our eyes, it’s definitely one of the most unique places in Miami.

Walk around the building or go to the top of the parking garage! Have fun at the pink slide and climbing wall and don’t forget to bring your camera or phone, as this is a fun spot for pictures and videos

  1. Enjoy The Best Vegan Food

Miami has amazing restaurants, but let’s talk about vegan food! As in Miami, you can eat freaking delicious vegan food. And no matter if you are a vegan yourself, eat vegan food sometimes, or never eat vegan food, these two restaurants we are recommending are really for everyone.

Organic Food Kings Vegan Miami

The first one is Organic Food Kings, and we’ve never seen a restaurant with so many good reviews! With over 1,600 reviews on Google, Organic Food Kings gets a rating of 4.9.

If you are looking for street-food-style vegan food and a low-key spot, this is the place to be! It was truly the best fast-food-style vegan food we’ve ever eaten in our lives, so we totally get the 4.9 rating!

Another great vegan restaurant in Miami is PLANTA. PLANTA is a very different restaurant from Organic Food Kings, and here you go for fancy vegan food and to experience some fine dining. Perfect for lunch or dinner!

  1. Discover Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a popular attraction in Miami, especially for children! It’s a tropical jungle located between Downtown Miami and South Beach on Watson Island.

Here you can go on an adventure and discover nearly 3,000 birds, animals, and plant species.

But it’s so much more, as Jungle Island features a beach and beach club on the furthest west end of Jungle Island. And there are many walking trails, there are shows, pop-up waterslides, concerts, light festivals, zip lines, an outdoor skydive wind tunnel, escape rooms, and an indoor trampoline park.

Fun guaranteed at Jungle Island!

  1. Swim in The Venetian Pool

Cool off at The Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, perfect for those hot and humid Miami summer days! Built in 1924, it’s a beautiful place to spend the day. Relax next to the pool, go for a swim, and enjoy!

The Venetian Pool in Coral Gables

The Mediterranean-style pool is a unique part of Miami’s history. It used to be a former rock quarry, which was turned into a pool. Freshwater comes from an underground aquifer, making sure the water is always clean, clear, and amazingly blue.

Don’t forget to swim under the waterfall and explore the caves and coral rock formations. And make those Instagrammable pictures next to the pool laying under a palm tree!

  1. Get Drinks at The Broken Shaker

Named one of the best bars in the world multiple times, The Broken Shaker is the place to go to for a drink! So of course the bar can’t be missed on this list with what to do in Miami. Make sure to add it to your Miami Itinerary.

The award-winning bar is an oasis in the cozy backyard of the hostel Freehand Miami, and one of Miami’s most famous and iconic bars. We absolutely love the vibes here.

Broke Shaker Miami Freehand Hotel

Besides amazing drinks, The Broken Shaker also serves some small bites. Head to 27 Restaurant if you are hungry, it’s a lovely restaurant to go to for food.

27 Restaurant is located right next to the Broken Shaker and Freehand Miami. It’s all in the same complex. The oyster mushrooms and the kimchi fried rice here were our absolute favorite.


Miami is located on the traditional lands of the Seminole, Taino, and Tequesta people. We encourage you to learn more about Florida’s Native history.

You can join, and learn from, the celebration of native arts and culture at the Seminole Tribal Fair and Pow Wow in Hollywood, Florida.

We also acknowledge that many cultures of native nations have acknowledged, accepted, and celebrated LGBTQ+ identities for generations that predate western LGBTQ terminology.

  1. Get Artsy at The Pérez Art Museum (PAMM)

Art lovers, get ready for a cultural day in Miami at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)! The Pérez Art Museum Miami is a contemporary art museum with three floors of almost 3,000 permanent art pieces and changing art exhibits.

perez art museum miami pamm by Maciek Lulko

And already the building itself is a piece of art! It’s a cool building right off the water, providing beautiful views of Biscayne Bay. So once you are ready inside, make sure to explore the outside too. Enjoy the view and be amazed by the lush hanging gardens and sculptures!

PAMM is located in Museum Park, an urban park in Downtown Miami. The park also features the Frost Science Museum and is nearby the American Airlines Arena and Bayside Marketplace.

  1. Visit the Ancient Spanish Monastery

The Ancient Spanish Monastery dates back to 1141, which is the year it was built in Spain. Many years later, the monastery was bought and dismantled stone by stone, to be shipped to the United States.

Ancient Spanish Monastery Miami

Packed in over 11,000 wooden crates, it made its way to the United States and in the 1960s the monastery was put back together in North Miami.

Now the monastery and its gardens are a wonderful place to explore, especially for the historians under us. And the photographers under us love this place too, as it’s perfect for pictures. Don’t be surprised to see some photoshoots happen here. Or a wedding!

It’s not open every day for the public, so make sure to check in advance.

  1. Dig Into Cuban Culture in Little Havana

Little Havana is a neighborhood in Miami and is the heart of Miami’s Cuban community. While there’s much to see and do in the neighborhood, a street that’s a must visit is Calle Ocho (Southwest Eighth Street).

Calle 8 Little Havana Miami itinerary

On Calle Ocho there are many Cuban restaurants, murals, bakeries, cigar shops, bars playing Latin music, fruit stands, music venues, and art galleries! And here you will find the famous Máximo Gómez Park, also known as Domino Park, too.

The park is the perfect place to learn more about Cuban culture and to see locals play dominoes and chess. Playing the games is usually for members only, luckily they don’t mind an audience.

Another way to get to know the Cuban culture, and maybe the best way, is through food! Foodies get ready to try some amazing Cuban dishes at top Cuban restaurants.

Versailles Restaurant is an iconic Cuban restaurant in Little Havana, serving authentic Cuban food since 1971. Other restaurants to check out are Sanguich De Miami for traditional Cuban sandwiches, La Camaronera for the best seafood, and Cafe La Trova for Cuban food with a twist. And make your way to Azucar Ice Cream Company for dessert!

If you are in Miami in March, make sure to go to the Calle Ocho Music Festival!

  1. Find all Lifeguard Towers

As Instagrammable as the Wynwood Walls: the lifeguard towers on Miami Beach! There are over 30 of them and each one has its own unique colorful art deco design.

Miami Beach lifeguard towers

The lifeguard towers have become a symbol of Miami and are used by the Miami Beach Patrol Lifeguard staff to keep an eye out on the water! And we absolutely love them. It’s so fun to see such colorful little houses with funky designs on Miami Beach.

Walk on the beach from South Pointe Park all the way to Miami North Beach to see them all. Our favorite ones are definitely on South Beach, and close to South Pointe Park. But it’s good to know the towers are constantly being replaced and refurbished to keep them pretty.

  1. Stroll on Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is Miami’s famous strip that you have to see! It’s a bustling road with art deco buildings, restaurants, boutique hotels, bars, cafés, and shops. Here you go to see and be seen! It almost feels like you are walking on a movie set.

Ocean Drive Miami Art Deco District

During the day the vibes here are relaxing and at night the street gets alive with parties and neon lights. Ocean Drive starts in the South at South Pointe, but between 5th Street and 15th Street, you can find most restaurants and bars.

Since July 2020 big part of Ocean Drive is car-free, so pedestrian only! So no cool cars anymore on the street, but it gives more opportunities for sidewalk seating.

Make sure to head to Lummus Park on the other side other the street too.

  1. Attend Miami Pride

Miami Pride is a nine-day Pride festival that yearly attracts over 150,000 attendees and is the biggest LGBTQ+ event in Florida. It happens every April, so not during Pride month in June. In 2021, it was held in September, as it was postponed.

Miami Mountain Miami Pride

Get ready for nine days filled with arts, culture, parties, amazing music, beach festivals, a gala, and of course the amazing Pride parade! And Miami Pride is a unique one, as it takes place on, and next to, the beach.

The big Sunday parade on the last day of Miami Pride is on South Beach’s amazing and iconic Ocean Drive and welcomes over 100,000 people.

Make sure to attend Miami Beach Pride if you can, no matter if you are an ally or part of the community yourself! It will be an unforgettable Pride experience.

Read everything about the queer and lesbian top things to do in Miami in our lesbian Miami guide. So you know exactly where to go.

  1. Go Kayaking on Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay is a scenic lagoon located on the Atlantic Coast of South Florida and is a great place to go kayaking! The Northern part of the bay lies between Miami Beach and mainland Miami. Hop in a kayak and see downtown Miami’s skyline from the water, and possibly see some dolphins and manatees on the way.

Kayaking on Biscayne Bay

The Southern part of Biscayne Bay is largely undeveloped and includes Biscayne National Park, which is an amazing National Park to explore. Especially if you want to see mangrove forests, paddle over sea-grass beds, and spot birds, go kayaking at Biscayne National Park.

The National Park consists of 95% of water, so it’s not weird its nickname is ‘A Watery Wonderland’. Besides kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling and diving is also a popular activity here.

  1. Dance the Night Away at Miami’s Best Clubs

Miami is famous for its clubs and parties, but if you are not into this, you probably have noticed by now there’s a lot more to do in Miami.

If you are into partying, we would love to tell you about some of the best clubs in Miami. So you can dance till the early hours, and perhaps see sunrise afterward on Miami Beach! It’s easy to dance the night away every day of the week in Miami.

But first, don’t forget that most of Miami’s clubs have a dress code, always dress to impress! Plus, they usually open after midnight, or that’s when the party really gets started.

LIV Miami Steve Aoki

LIV is probably Miami’s most famous club! Located in the Fontainebleau Hotel, LIV will give you an unforgettable nightlife experience for sure. Other amazing clubs to visit in Miami are E11even, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Club Space, and Miami’s gay club Twist.

And if you are looking for a unique experience, head to Basement. It’s a club, indoor ice skating rink, and bowling alley in one! Sadly the club area is temporarily closed because of everything that’s happening in the world, but hopefully, it will open soon again.

  1. Be Amazed at ARTECHOUSE: Miami’s Innovative Art Experience

ARTECHOUSE is a very cool immersive art experience in Miami to add to your Miami itinerary! It’s the first innovative art space in the United States that is dedicated to art, science, and technology. Be amazed by this new and unique way to see and feel digital art.

Artechouse Miami

What we really loved is how interactive it is! And with changing exhibitions, you can be surprised over and over again.

So if you are wondering what to do in Miami on a hot day, head to ARTECHOUSE to cool off and enjoy!

  1. Shop Till You Drop At Bayside Marketplace

Charming boutiques, chain stores, tourist shops, cafés, and restaurants, Bayside Marketplace has it all! It is a large shopping complex in downtown Miami on Biscayne Boulevard.

Bayside Marketplace

Go here if you like to shop, if you want to get a drink at one of the beachfront bars, listen to live music, or eat at one of the great restaurants! There is always something going on here, and the mall is so big that you can easily spend a full day at Bayside Marketplace.

Make sure to admire the bay too, as the mall is located next to the water! It’s also the starting point of many boat tours showing Biscayne Bay.

And go in Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel to see Miami from above.

  1. Root for the Miami Dolphins at the Hard Rock Stadium

Any Miami Dolphins fans here? Whether you think it’s the greatest sport in the world or not, the atmosphere at the Miami Dolphins games is fantastic! Get a ticket and experience it yourself!

Hard Rock stadion Miami Dolphins

The Hard Rock Stadium is also home to many other events like concerts, the Miami Open, games of the Miami Hurricanes, and in 2022 it will host a Formula 1 race!

  1. Visit Crandon Park

Crandon Park is a beautiful and popular park in Miami. The park is located on the island Key Biscayne and has a stunning beach, a tennis center, lots of wildlife, a golf course, and many palm trees.

Many years ago it was part of the largest coconut plantation in the United States, but now it’s a great place to explore, relax at, or get active and play sports.

Besides playing tennis or golf here, it’s also a popular place for kite surfing, skating, stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking.

We do say it’s a popular place, but the beach on Crandon Park won’t be as busy as the Miami Beach beaches. And thanks to the reef here, the swimming conditions are perfect!

  1. Watch a Performance at the Olympia Theater

There are many theaters in Miami, but you can’t find one as iconic as this one! The Olympia Theater dates back to 1926 and has served as a silent movie palace, performing arts center, concert venue, and movie theater.

Olympia Theater Miami

The theater is located on Flager Street and is currently home to live performances including concerts and comedy shows, community events, and film screenings.

Keep an eye out on their website to see what events are currently happening. In 2021 the Olympia Theater is the venue for the Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. How cool?!

But no matter for which event you will visit the Olympia Theater, something that will stick to you is the exceptionally beautiful interior decor! We love theaters like this one.

  1. Discover Miami From Above in a Helicopter

Once you’ve explored Miami from the ground, why not discover it from above too? We went on a 30-minute helicopter ride and absolutely loved seeing Miami from a different perspective.

Sunset helicopter ride Miami

Fly over the breathtaking Atlantic coastline and see Miami’s stunning beaches from above, soar over downtown Miami, enjoy Biscayne Bay from the sky, and perhaps even fly into the direction of Fort Lauderdale too.

Seeing Miami from above in a helicopter is one of our favorite top things to do in Miami!

  1. See Coral Art at the Coral Castle Museum

Looking for something unique to do in Miami?! Then Coral Castle is the place to be! This sculpture garden is made by Edward Leedskalnin. He spent over 28 years, from 1923 to 1951, carving over 1,100 tons of coral rock in his garden.

Coral Castle Museum Miami by Matthew Dillon

Edward created the garden on his own with homemade tools and in secret, making it one of the world’s most mysterious accomplishments. How he did this is the question, as nobody knows.

Wander around and be amazed by the art. And do a tour to learn more about the mystery of the Coral Art Museum. Many people are left fascinated after their visit.

  1. Wander Around Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

What’s a list of what to do in Miami without the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden on it? Featuring one of the world’s largest collections of tropical plants, it’s one of the must-see tropical gardens in the United States!

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

The botanic garden covers 83 acres of land and includes more than 3,400 species. Including rare plants and plants that don’t grow outside South Florida. Find petticoat palms, vines, orchids, tropical fruits, cycads, butterflies, flowering trees and so much more!

Explore the gardens and learn more about the world of plants! You can find the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables.

  1. Get Drinks on an Amazing Rooftop Bar

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a drink with a great view?! We already talked about going on a helicopter ride to see Miami from a different perspective, but going to a rooftop bar is another amazing way to see Miami from above.

And time it with a Miami sunset to be extra amazed!

Sugar rooftop bar brickell miami

Great rooftop bars in Miami to go to are: Sugar in Brickell, Watr at the 1 Rooftop, Area 31 (technically not on a rooftop, but still with a great view!), and the Mediterranean inspired bar and restaurant ASTRA.

In South Beach, Serena at the Moxy is wonderful to check out! And not only the drinks here are delicious, but the food too. We absolutely love the vibes here and the design.

  1. Engage With Science at the Miami Science Museum

The Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is Miami’s amazing science museum. And it’s not only a science museum, but it’s also an aquarium and planetarium!

Miami Science museum

The museum is dedicated to sparking wonder and investigation, sharing the power of science, and encouraging innovation in science for the future.

With the many interactive exhibits, it’s truly an amazing place to explore, for young and old! Explore the power of science in a way you probably never did before!

Miami Map

Where to Stay in Miami?

Are you visiting Miami and are looking for the best places to stay? Or are you going for a staycation in your own city? Miami has amazing places to stay at. Whether you are looking for a luxurious beachfront resort, an intimate boutique hotel, or a place to meet new friends, Miami has something for everyone!

And no matter if you want to splurge with a super luxurious hotel or are looking for a place when you are more on a budget, there are many options.

Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Looking for a hotel directly on the beach? Loews Miami Beach Hotel might be the place for you!

It’s a 4-star hotel in Miami’s South Beach Art Deco District that welcomes all kinds of visitors. From families with children, business travelers, couples, people with dogs, and everyone else.

With the ocean and beach steps away, a pool with a jacuzzi, adult-only cabanas, a spa, a fitness center with yoga classes, an award-winning fish restaurant, a bar, and a coffee shop, there’s something for everybody!

Plus, you are steps away too from South Beach’s entertainment options.

W Miami

The W chain is a unique brand of luxurious, hip, and super welcoming hotels. Whenever we stay at a W hotel, we are always so impressed! And not only with how the hotel itself looks, but also how friendly the staff is and how young and hip the other guests are.

W Miami is located in downtown Miami and overlooks Biscayne Bay and the Miami River. It’s a perfect location if you want to stay away from the bustle of South Beach and want to explore the up-and-coming Brickell neighborhood.

Don’t forget to enjoy their 300-foot (91 meters) infinity pool, the spa, and the lounge with a private rooftop pool. Plus, the must-see Pérez Art Museum is just 2 miles (3 kilometers) away.

W also has another W hotel in Miami: W South Beach.

Faena Hotel Miami Beach

At Faena Hotel Miami Beach they pay attention to every detail. This is such a beautiful hotel in Miami, full of art. It’s not only a pleasure to stay here, but also an adventure to discover everything it has to offer.

Don’t be surprised to stumble upon a golden mammoth skeleton in a glass cage somewhere on the property.

And with a private white-sand beach, 3 amazing restaurants, an outdoor pool, multiple bars, a theater, a gym, and a spa, you almost don’t have to go elsewhere! Stay at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach and enjoy everything this luxurious 5-star hotel has to offer.

Freehand Miami

If you are on a budget, then Freehand Miami is the place to be! It’s a hip hostel with both dorm and private rooms.

Freehand Miami is different from most hostels we’ve visited, as the hostels feature an amazing bar, a great restaurant, and a backyard with a pool surrounded by palm trees and other tropical plants.

It feels like you are miles away from the bustle of the city, but you are a short walk away from the beach and the bustle of South Beach.

Even if you are not staying Freehand Miami, head to the bar The Broken Shaker (the bar we talked about earlier). It has been named one of the best bars in the world, and we love the relaxing vibes here, plus at the hostel.

The Betsy Hotel

The Betsy Hotel is a boutique hotel located at the end of Ocean Drive, Miami’s famous strip. The hotel is situated in an old and elegant building from the 1940s. It’s a South Beach landmark and beautiful to see.

As it’s located at the end of Ocean Drive, it feels quieter here than the rest of the street. But you have everything you need around you! Beaches, bars, restaurants, shops, clubs, parks, and cafés, it’s all there.

The hotel itself has a rooftop pool and bar with views of the ocean! There are also sunrise yoga sessions, live music, a gym, a spa, a poetry library, a high-end steakhouse, a lobby bar.

And it’s located steps away from the beach, where they have their own private area with sunbeds and parasols.

AxelBeach Miami

We love the Axel hotels all around the world! AxelBeach Miami is a hetero-friendly hotel specifically accommodated to the LGBTQ+ community. While every adult is welcome here, if you are an LGBTQ+ traveler visiting Miami, AxelBeach Miami might be a great place for you to stay at!

You will definitely feel at home and welcomed here.

Located in South Beach nearby 12th Street Beach, Ocean Drive, Time Out Market, many restaurants, bars, and clubs, it’s also location-wise a great place to stay at! But if you don’t want to leave the hotel, it is also possible, as the pool at AxelBeach is lovely. Plus there’s a bar, restaurant, and gym!

The Goodtime Hotel

And last but not least, a brand-new hotel in Miami! The Goodtime Hotel is a hotel by international music icon Pharrell Williams and nightlife entrepreneur David Grutman. And the amazing designs are by Ken Fulk.

It’s a super beautiful hotel and great for the Instagrammers among us! Bet you want to take pictures at every corner and especially at the swimming pool.

The Goodtime Hotel is located in South Beach and is close to many restaurants, bars, and clubs. And it attracts a young audience.

How to Get Around Miami?

Now you know about what to do in Miami and the top things to add to your Miami itinerary! Now, another important thing is how to get around Miami? Getting around Miami is possible in different ways, and we will tell you all about it.

how to get around Miami by car

Miami by Car

Miami is a big city, so if you have your own car or want to rent one, it’s a great way to see the city and multiple places in a short time. But it’s good to know that traffic in Miami can be a hassle, so avoid driving during peak traffic hours!

There are (paid) parking options available almost everywhere, which can be expensive and busy in popular areas like South Beach and Downtown Miami.

Taxis and Ride-Hailing Apps

Of course, you don’t have to have your own car or rent one to get around the city by car. Another option is getting around Miami by taxi or ride-hailing apps. This way, you don’t have to worry about parking your car and paying for the parking costs.

Uber and Lyft both operate in Miami, and rides are often affordable (and could cost less than parking costs). Traditional taxis are an option too, but you often need to call one instead of stopping them on the streets.

Our favorite way to get around the city is by Uber or Lyft.

Miami’s Metrobus

Miami has a public bus system, with over 90 routes going to all major places in the city. So you can go almost everywhere in the city by bus, but your journey will often take a lot longer than by car.

Irregular schedules, tight transfers and long waits can turn your trip into a long journey. If you have the time and don’t want to spend too much money on transportation, this can be a good option for you! Tickets cost $2.25, and it’s easiest to get a public transport card.

Metrorail and Metromover

Miami doesn’t have commuter trains under the ground, but above the ground! The Metromover is free to use and perfect if you want to travel in the Downtown Miami and Brickell area. Especially since you skip traffic!

The Metrorail system is a 25-mile track covering Miami’s most populated areas. There’s also a station at Miami’s International Airport. Tickets for the Metrorail system are $2.25.

To go to South Beach by public transportation, you have to change to the Metrobus!

Free Trolley Miami

There are also free, air-conditioned trolleys in Miami! In Miami Beach, for example, there are multiple routes (South Beach loop, Middle Beach loop, Collins Express, and North Beach loop) of trolleys driving around seven days a week. With service about every 30 minutes. And totally free!

Miami Trolley Free transportation

You can also find free trolleys in Coral Gables, the City of Doral, Miami Gardens, and the City of Miami. The trolleys drive between popular areas and connect with Miami’s Metrobus and Metrorail.

For more information and about the routes, head to the site of Miami and Beaches.

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