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The Best Tulip Fields Netherlands + Map

Are you excited for the new tulip season? Searching where are the best tulip fields Netherlands? The close to Amsterdam tulip fields?

Spring might be the best time to visit the Netherlands, as the country turns beautifully colored due to its flower fields. In this blog I tell you all about the Dutch tulip fields! About the history, the growth of flower fields of the Netherlands. And of course, where the best tulip fields in the Netherlands are!

Did you know that you can find tulip fields in 7 provinces of the Netherlands? The tulip fields Holland (near the Keukenhof Gardens) are NOT the only place you can go to!

That way, it doesn’t have to be crazy crowded at the famous spots!

Since a couple of years, there are tulip fields in Belgium too. I share more about that at the end of the article. And I share a tulip fields Netherlands map!

What makes us the Dutch tulips experts? We live in the Netherlands! And I (Maartje) grew up in one of the famous regions of tulip fields Holland!

Yellow tulip fields Netherlands

Dutch Tulip History

What is the Netherlands famous for? Tulips! Funny enough, tulips are not native to the Netherlands! The first tulips were planted after the Middle Ages.

Tulips originally come from Kazakhstan! In the times of the Ottoman Empire, the flower was discovered in present-day Kazakhstan, and brought to present-day Turkey.

There, tulips were cultivated as a symbol of power and wealth.

Tulips were given as a present to important guests. Eventually, the tulip found its way (though presents from important people to others) to Holland, to the Hortus Botanicus Leiden (in 1593).

In the 17th century a tulip mania happened. Tulip bulbs became as expensive as canal houses! When it got out of hand, the market collapsed. Hello crisis.

After the crisis, the interest in tulips didn’t go away, but the prices lowered. Along the coast of Holland (the provinces of North Holland and South Holland), behind the dikes, growers kept developing tulips. Up until this day!

Tulips are one of the biggest export products of the Netherlands, we’re exporting 3.5 billion flower bulbs yearly (of which 1.9 billion tulip bulbs). That’s why there are more tulip fields each year!

Pink tulip fields Holland aerial drone photo

Where Are the Best Tulip Fields in the Netherlands?

The flower bulb region (aka Bollenstreek in Dutch) isn’t famous for nothing. Officially, the region follows the coast of Holland, where the bulb cultivation started. From the city of Leiden to Haarlem.

Right in the middle of that region lie the Lisse tulip fields, famous for the Keukenhof Gardens!

This area of the Netherlands used to be the only place for tulip fields Netherlands. But that’s no longer the case. On the contrary, the cultivation in this region is shrinking!

Many growers moved to other places in the Netherlands that have more space for flowers fields.

And that’s GREAT if you’re looking for flower fields! Because those tulip fields are much less visited than the famous ones.

Yellow tulip field with windmill Sint Maartensbrug

What Happens To Tulip Fields?

To plan your tulip fields visit, it’s handy to know what happens to tulip fields!

You’d think that the tulips are harvested and sold. But that’s not the case! The tulips for sale are rarely cultivated on farmland.

The flower fields are to grow flower bulbs, not to grow the flower specifically. So they let the flower bloom all the way! And that’s a spectacular thing.

But, the tulip fields are headed after the flower bloom. Yes, they chop off that pretty flower! They have to do so because the flower takes too much nutrition that the bulb needs. And the goal is to grow and multiply the bulb.

That’s why the colorful tulip season, sadly, is short-lived. But therefore, extra special!

Yellow Daffodils Flower Fields Holland

What is the Best Time To See Tulips in the Netherlands?

One of the most frequently asked questions: when is tulip season Netherlands? And: when do flowers bloom in the Netherlands?

Flower fields in the Netherlands bloom in spring, from late March until mid-May. In March, the crocuses, daffodils, and hyacinths bloom first.

Of course, it also depends on the weather conditions!

Tulips start growing in March too, but they bloom only from mid-April. The best time to see tulips in the Netherlands is late April until mid-May!

Did you know April 27 in the Netherlands is King’s Day? On that day, Dutch people celebrate the King’s birthday and the entire country turns into a big festival!

NOTE: starting mid-May, the growers will chop the tulips, so don’t wait until then!

In past years, many growers headed the tulips early to discourage tulip fields visits. Chances are, they do the same in tulip season 2022. Visit the tulip fields in the second half of April to see the tulips bloom!

Lastly, there are also many summer flowers, like dahlias! Summer flowers bloom from early August until mid-October.

Hyacinths flower fields Keukenhof Garden

The best time + day

The best day to visit the tulip fields is a weekday. And the best time to visit the tulip fields is as early or late as possible. In the middle of the day it’s always the most crowded.

For the best tulip photos you should visit the tulip fields during sunrise or sunset. The golden sun will color the tulips beautifully!

National Tulip Day: Best Time to See Tulips in Amsterdam

Each year on the third Saturday of January, we celebrate National Tulip Day. It’s the start of the (cut) tulip season. You might think: wait? In January?

Cut tulips, the actual flowers in a bouquet, are usually grown in greenhouses. And not on the flower fields. That’s why there are tulips early in the year! Of course, picking gardens are an exception.

In 2023, National Tulip Day is on Saturday, January 21. On that day, the entire Dam Square is filled with a special landscaped picking garden. You can pick a bouquet of tulips for free!

Holland Tulip Festival Amsterdam

Tulip fields Amsterdam tulip festival

The entire month of April is Tulip Festival Amsterdam. Each year, there are tulips places throughout the whole city. The city is never so colorful!

Other cities have similar celebrations. Dokkum Tulip City has tulips in the city 100 days a year! From February until June.

Floating Flower Market

Another great experience in Amsterdam is the floating flower market: Bloemenmarkt in Dutch. It’s the only traditional floating flower market in the entire world.

It’s located in the city center and open from 9am to 5.30pm daily (on Sunday it opens at 11am).

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

And we highly recommend learning more about tulips in the Amsterdam Tulip Museum!

Conveniently located close to the Anne Frank House, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum is a well-curated museum about the Dutch history of the tulip!

Where Are the Flower Fields in the Netherlands?

It’s hard to predict the exact piece of land will be tulip fields, because the garden plots are not used each year.

Some fields are rented by tulip growers. This happens with the Belgium tulip fields for example.

The tulip fields are preferably alternated (1 year of tulips, 5 years of other crops) for crop rotation. To prevent soil diseases and to keep the quality.

Tulips can grow more years, but quality isn’t guaranteed.

Of course, we can point out areas where most tulip fields bloom! The exact plots may vary, but the area is the same.

Because farmland for flower bulbs are specifically chosen for their water/soil-conditions.

Daffodils Flower Fields Netherlands Keukenhof

A great city in the Netherlands to visit is Eindhoven!

Visit Tulip Fields Netherlands: Dos And Don’ts

In most of the Netherlands tulip fields can be found! But we also want people in the future to enjoy the tulip fields!

That’s why it’s smart to think about a few things during your tulip fields visit:

  • Take beautiful photos of/with the flowers, but do not walk through the flower fields without permission. By simply walking (also in the lanes) you can damage (and infect) the flowers and the bulbs. Obviously you ruin a grower’s business if you do so!
  • Respect closed-off tulip fields. Go visit another field instead.
  • Don’t pick any flowers, that’s what picking gardens are for!

In short: enjoy the flowers with respect for the grower and other people

How to Get to The Tulip Fields?

We highly recommend renting a car to visit the tulip fields. It gives you the possibility to find the best tulip fields, without limitations that come with public transportation.

Another option is to use the train and rent a bicycle near the train station to explore the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

You can best use 9292 or Google Maps for planning your route with public transport. For the train planner, check the website of the NS.

In the list of all the tulip fields below, you will find that many tulip areas have special routes for both bicycles and cars!

Tulip Tours Amsterdam

If you can’t rent a car, and you don’t want to figure out the public transportation system, you can book a tulip tour as a day trip!

There are many organizations organizing tulip tours during tulip season. Most tours will start in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam!

Where Are the Tulip Fields Netherlands?

Let’s get to the point: where are the tulip fields? And where can you pick tulips? We tell you all the spots, some will surprise you!

Watering tulip fields Avenhorn

Obviously, this is the most famous tulip region! I told you before how Dutch tulips originated here. In the area from Leiden until Haarlem.

  1. Tulip Fields Bollenstreek

The most important growing areas are found in and around Lisse, Noordwijkerhout, De Zilk, Voorhout, and Hillegom.

Each year, a Flower Map is published for the best tulip fields. That’s how you know which tulip fields bloom! And you can plan your bicycle or car route.

Also fun: a boat tour through the tulip region!

This is the region where most tourist go and where the growers place fences most quickly, or head the tulip quickly. Please remain respectful during your visit!

Bloemencorso: Flower Parade Netherlands

Bloemencorso Bollenstreek Flower Parade Netherlands

Don’t miss the famous Bloemencorso event, it’s a unique flower parade in the Netherlands.

Every year, a parade of flower-covered floats rides 42 kilometers (26 miles) through the Bollenstreek. All the way from Noordwijk, via Lisse, to Haarlem.

The event draws about a million local and international visitors.

The Flower Parade 2022 will happen on Saturday 23 April and it’ll be the 75th edition!

In August, you can experience the festive Flower Parade in Rijnsburg, and there are stunning dahlia parades in Lichtenvoorde and Zundert in September.

Keukenhof Gardens

Bollenstreek Visiting Keukenhof Gardens

In 1950 the Keukenhof Gardens opened its doors in the heart of the tulip region: Lisse.

The Keukenhof is a beautiful flower garden, showcasing a great variety of flowers during the flower season.

The garden was created as an exhibit of flower bulbs, and the gardens were beautifully designed by a landscape architect. Yearly, 7 million flower bulbs are planted at the Keukenhof!

Visiting Keukenhof Gardens has become a world-famous must-do in the Netherlands, and a fun day trip from Amsterdam! We highly recommend going for a visit, but be aware that the Keukenhof does not have the long, straight tulip fields.

The garden is only to showcase the flowers, so they are displayed in smaller patches, but beautifully designed!

Keukenhof 2022: in 2022, the Keukenhof is open daily from March 24 to May 15.

Guided Bike Tour Keukenhof

Go for the ultimate Dutch experience and explore the beautiful flower fields by bicycle! Go on a guided bike tour at the Keukenhof and surrounding area, or rent a bike yourself and explore.

FAM Flower Farm tulip farm

Visit a Tulip Farm

A fun day trip is to visit FAM Flower Farm, it’s a tulip farm that you can visit specifically for a photoshoot in the flower fields!

Picking Tulips Bollenstreek

Annemieke’s Pluktuin is open for tulip picking! Picking costs €0,35 per tulip. Address: Haarlemmerstraat 15a, 2182 HA Hillegom.

Hotels Near Keukenhof

Enjoy a luxury stay at the Mediterranean oasis of Paradijs Eiland in Hillegom – including jacuzzi! Stay in between the tulip fields, literally, in this cozy bed and breakfast De Groene Bollenschuur in Hillegom.

Lovely for the entire family: a beautiful vacation home in Noordwijkerhout.

Red tulip fields Holland

  1. Tulip Fields Goeree-Overflakkee

Still in the province of South-Holland, but a lot more south of the ‘Bollenstreek’! The island Goeree-Overflakkee (the island above province Zeeland) is fully blooming at the end of April!

When you drive around the island through the polder, you will find the pretties bulb fields! The polder in between Oude-Tonge and Achthuizen is one of the prettiest places.

But around Dirksland, Middelharnis, Den Dommen, and Ooltgensplaat you can also find breathtaking colored flower fields. And in the northern part near Ouddorp and Stellendam.

There are beautiful bicycle routes that bring you to the tulip fields. You can rent bicycles in Middelharnis or Stellendam for a self guided bike tour. For the most recent tulip route, check the VVV (tourist information)!

Picking Garden Goeree-Overflakkee

At picking garden Bloemenliefde, you can find much more than tulips! From picking flower to creative workshops, they have it! Address: Hazersweg 56, 3253 XG Ouddorp.

Where to Stay in Goeree-Overflakkee

Find luxury at the Punt-West Hotel & Beach Resort in Ouddorp. Prefer a romantic stay? Stay at this cute Bed and Breakfast in Sommelsdijk! Fun for families: RCN vacation park Toppershoedje.

Yellow tulip field Netherlands Goeree-Overflakkee by photographer Marit Gijsberts
Foto: Marit Gijsberts bij Oude-Tonge

  1. Tulip Fields Zeeland

Let’s go further south! This is one of the best places to see tulips in the Netherlands.

On the islands, you can find beautiful fields near Kerkwerve, Zonnemaire, Walcheren (Mariekerke!), and Heinkenszand.

Further south, back on the mainland, the tulip fields in Dutch Flanders are worth a visit. The prettiest tulips are found near Terneuzen and Hulst. Near the villages of Graauw, Lamswaarde, and Koewacht.

If you cross the border at Dutch Flanders, you will find beautiful tulip fields in Waasland in Belgium! More information at the end of this article.

Picking Tulips Zeeland

Pluktuin la Fleur has currently 8 locations! In Serooskerke, Steenbergen, Noordgouwe, Bergen op Zoom, Hoogerheide, Yerseke, ‘s-Heer Hendrikskinderen en Sint-Gilles-Waas (Belgium).

Pluktuin Bloemenzee is a lovely, small, garden to stroll. Address: Blauwhoefseweg 2C, Kruiningen.

Where to Stay in Zeeland

Stay in a vacation home in the polder, near the beach in Koudekerke! Or stay in the romantic bed and breakfast de Notenboom. In Dutch Flanders, you can stay in the cozy Hotel Hulst, or stay in a unique safari tent.

Orange tulip field in the Netherlands

  1. Tulip Fields Noord-Holland (North Holland)

In Noord-Holland North you can find gorgeous tulip fields! There are three regions where you can find tulip fields. Between Alkmaar and Den Helder you find the largest consecutive flower bulb fields area!

  • Kop van Noord-Holland (the ‘head): along the coast, north of Petten, is one large flower bulb field (from Petten to Callantsoog, ‘t Zand, Julianadorp, Breezand, Anna Paulowna, all the way to Den Helder). Even on Texel island you can find beautiful flower fields!
  • West-Friesland: the famous fields are between Andijk and Enkhuizen, near Venhuizen and Bovenkarspel. But west of the city Hoorn, you can find beautiful fields near Grosthuizen and Berkhout. Also the polder around Obdam is beautiful.
  • The region of Alkmaar: perfect for the idyllic image of tulips and classic windmills. Top spots: around Egmond, Bergen, Broek op Langedijk, Schermerhorn, and Heiloo.

The land between Petten and Callantsoog is the ‘Zijpe’ region; the oldest ‘commercial’ sea polder of the Netherlands. Check the website of Bloeiend Zijpe for flower bulb-related events in this region.

Do you like cycling? Cycle one of the flower routes of Noord-Holland.

There are not just tulip fields in the north of North Holland. In the Beemster region there are beautiful tulip fields too.

  • Tulips in the Beemster: along the Noordhollandsch Kanaal, around Noordbeemster, Middenbeemster, De Rijp, and Spijkerboor, you can find gorgeous fields that are lesser known!
Yellow red tulip fields North Holland

Picking Tulips Noord-Holland

Family company By Broersen is proud of their Dutch quality products! Go pick flowers yourself! Address: Dergmeerweg 30, 1749 VA Warmenhuizen.

At Pluktuin Bakkum you can also pick your own bouquet of flowers! Address: Limmerweg 5C, 1901 ME Bakkum.

The Zelfpluktuin on Texel island has a picking route to discover! Address: Middellandseweg 4, 1792 CG Oudeschild.

At the Floratuin in Julianadorp you don’t pick the flowers, but you can pick the bulbs you want in the show garden! Address: Rijksweg 85, 1787 PK Julianadorp.

Also fun: in Anna Paulowna you can visit the Poldertuin, aka Klein Keukenhof!

Where to Stay in Noord-Holland

Callantsoog is a lovely place to stay during tulip season. Stay in the lovely Het Strandleven, at the beach. Or stay in a unique tent or sleep in a church in Hoorn!

Tulip field Dutch windmill Schermerhorn by photographer Kéhmor Statia
Phot by Kéhmor Statia in Schermerhorn

Want to hang a tulip photo in your home? Have a look at our photo prints and posters!

  1. Tulip Fields Flevoland

The province of Flevoland is made of two parts: the Noordoostpolder (the ‘head’ of Flevoland) and the Flevopolder. The latter is the world’s largest man made (artificial) island formed by reclaimed land!

Both parts of Flevoland have an abundance of tulip fields!

The Noordoostpolder tulip fields are famous because the region has the most tulip farms in the Netherlands. The city Emmeloord is right in the heart of it.

This is the best place to find long, endless tulip fields Netherlands. With modern windmills (wind turbines)!

Each year, there is a tulip route (by car) organized as part of the Tulip Festival in the Noordoostpolder.

In the Flevopolder (the island part of Flevoland), you can find tulip fields around Dronten, Lelystad/Swifterbant, and in between Zeewolde and Almere. Have a look at the website of Tulip Route Flevoland for more information.

Near Zeewolder there’s another photogenic place to visit: Tulip Island! This is another man-made island, in the form of a tulip! Each year, tulips are planted on the island. So the island will bloom in April!

Note: most of the Flevopolder is no-fly zone for drones!

Tulip island Netherlands Flevoland Zeewolde

Tulip Picking Gardens Flevoland

Tulpenpluktuin Marknesse was the very first tulip picking garden in the Netherlands! In 2006 they opened their picking garden. Address: Steenwijkerweg 268316 RK Marknesse.

Hanneke’s Pluktuin is a large picking garden filled with all sorts of flowers! You get a pair of scissors and you get to pick your own bouquet. Address: Ellerweg 18, 8256 RT Biddinghuizen.

At Fruithal Smits in Zeewolde you can pick tulips in between fruit, in tulip season! Address: Sterappellaan 29, Zeewolde.

Where to Stay in Flevoland

Stay in the heart of the Noordoostpolder, in cozy bed and breakfast Maison de L’Epée. Do you like a basic stay? Camp at Camping het Bosbad! In Dronten, there’s the fabulous Camping at Sea, which is more like ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping)!

Purple tulip fields windmill Netherlands Flevoland Zeewolde

  1. Tulip Fields Friesland

Let’s go more north! You can also find tulip fields in the northern Dutch provinces! These beautiful flower fields are relatively new and are hidden gems!

We named it before: Tulip City Dokkum has tulips 100 days a year in the city. Obviously, there are tulip fields in the area!

Near Holwerd, Ternaard (at farmer Kingma), and Morra you can find tulip fields.

But also in the west, near one of the famous towns of the ‘Elfstedentocht’ of Workum, and It Heidenskip, you can find tulip fields!

Picking Gardens Friesland

At Bloemenparadyske you can pick flowers yourself! And they organize a lot more fun activities. Address: Paradyske 3, 9291 MV Kollum.

At Kwekerij De Bascule you can also pick a beautiful bouquet. Address: Jeltwei 114, 8622 XS Hommerts.

Where to Stay in Friesland

Stay in Workum in cozy B&B Ursula in rural areas. Or stay in the amazing Inn Friesland in Ternaard. Fun for families: Vacation home Oer it fjild in Holwerd.

Tulip fields Friesland Workum by photographer Dirk Jan Piersma
Photo by Dirk Jan Piersma in Workum

  1. Tulip Fields Groningen

Where are the tulip fields in Groningen? We wondered the same! We had no idea Groningen had tulip fields too.

The answer: in quite a few spots!

Around Spijk, along the Eemspolderweg in Uithuizermeeden, near Zeerijp, Garsthuizen, Oosternieland, and Valom. Find walking-, bicycle-, and car routes near Uithuizermeeden on (use Google Chrome to translate).

There are also tulip fields in the Reiderwolderpolder and Carel Coenraadpolder in Finsterwolde.

And there are beautiful flower fields in Kloosterburen, along the dike at Kruisweg and Kleine Huisjes!

Picking Tulips Groningen

It’s a bit out of the way, but at Plukgeluk in Grijpskerk, you can pick a gorgeous bouquet! Address: Westerhornerweg 15, 9843 TM Grijpskerk.

Where to Stay in Groningen

Stay in cozy bed and breakfast Herberg restaurant Molenrij in Kloosterburen, behind this building once stood a mustard factory!

You can also stay in Pieterburen, at Hotel Waddenweelde. Or stay in Zeerijp in Boerderij de Diekn.

Pink tulip fields Netherlands

  1. Tulip Fields Drenthe

You probably think: these surely were all the tulip fields Netherlands?! But NO! Drenthe is an up and coming tulip destination!

The best spots for tulip fields Drenthe is Central-Drenthe.

Near Smilde, Hooghalen, and Hijken you can find beautiful colored fields.

Picking Tulips Drenthe

At Tulpenpluktuin Drenthe you can pick your own bouquet. Check their Facebook page for tulip routes! Address: Brunstingerveld 16, 9411 VJ Beilen.

Where to Stay in Drenthe

Stay in bed and breakfast De Sfeerhoeve in Beilen. Or stay at Camping Thoefijzer in Zwiggelte! In Hijken, there’s a beautiful farm, Boerderij Onze Deel where you can stay at.

Tulip fields Groningen Smilde by photographer Marion Stoffels
Photo by Marion Stoffels in Smilde

  1. Tulip Fields Overijssel

Last, but not least on this list of tulip fields Netherlands: tulip fields in Overijssel!

Around Oud Avereest, near Balkbrug, you can find the tulips field of family Snoek. But also in the rest of ‘Vechtdal’ (Vecht Valley) you can find flower fields.

The Vecht Valley lies around the river the Vechte, not to confuse the river with the one in the provinces of Utrecht and Noord-Holland.

At the Oosterdalfsersteeg in Dalfsen you can find tulip fields. And near Beerze you find the fields of the tulip company Trip Bloembollen BV.

Picking Tulips Overijssel

Bloemetje Geluk has a picking garden in Stokkum in Markelo. Address: Oude Borculoseweg 4, 7475 NE  Markelo.

Pluktuin Theetuin Stadsland doesn’t only have a picking garden, but also a tea garden (by appoinment)! Address: Hasselterdijk 57, 8043 PG Zwolle.

Where to Stay in Overijssel

Find peace at the Tranquility Farm in Dalfsen (near Sauna Swoll). Or stay in a former monastery, B&B Het Klooster van Dalfsen. Fun for families: stay in Landal De Vlegge in Sibculo.

Pink tulip field Netherlands

Flower Forecast

So how about tulip fields Netherlands 2022? The tulip fields Netherlands season is tricky to predict, as I’ve mentioned before.

Lucky for us, there are websites that share a weekly flower forecast! Make sure to check the forecast just before your visit, so you know what fields of tulips are blooming!

Tulip Fields Netherlands Map

Here you can find a handy, interactive tulip fields Netherlands map! With all the tulip fields Netherlands locations we shared with you.

You can click on the top left to see the legend, or click top right to see the maps in the Google Maps app (or on the website).

You can zoom in and out for a better look at a region.

The shop icon stands for picking gardens, the tulip icons stand for the tulip fields.

Note! Because tulip fields can change spots, these locations are indications only.

Tulip Fields Belgium

Do you live or stay in Belgium and don’t want to travel to the Netherlands for tulips? You can find tulip fields in Belgium too!

Dutch tulip growers crossed the borders at Dutch Flanders and nowadays, you can find beautiful tulip fields in Meerdonk (Sint-Gillis-Waas).

The Dutch bulb growers rent land in the Rode Moerpolder and Konigskieldrechtpolder, from local farmers.

Drive along Lange Nieuwstraat, Molenstraat, Kijkverdrietstraat, and Koningspolderstraat for flower fields.

Note: these spots vary each year, so drive around if you can’t find them at these streets.

Enjoy your tulip fields Netherlands visit! Did you find more flower fields? Tell us!

You can email us, send a DM on Instagram, or leave a comment below this article!

And don’t forget to share this tulip fields in the Netherlands article with your friends.



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