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The Best of Lesbian Twitter

Yes, lesbian Twitter is a thing. Of course, it is—lesbians are overtaking the world. Naturally, that includes Twitter.

I have spent several years of my young adult life on lesbian Twitter. (And yes, almost thirty still counts as “young adult”) I like to blame my wife for dragging me into lesbian Twitter. And although we’ve both taken a few steps back from our most involved years on the app, it still has a grip on me.

I also very much see the irony of this article coming out in the midst of Musk’s elongated quest to make Twitter the worst it can be. So if nothing else, let this serve as historical documentation of what was once a great thing.

Lesbian Twitter

A Brief Retelling of my own Lesbian Twitter Journey

To give a snapshot of what lesbian Twitter looks like, I thought I’d share my experience with it. Once upon a time, back when sad-girl-Tumblr-dot-com was a hotspot for edgy outsider kids, my girlfriend had thousands of followers on Twitter, and I thought, “interesting!” and “maybe I should get some of those!”

When I launched my blog, A Lesbian and Her Laptop, I started getting more involved on Twitter. Where better to find lesbian readers for my lesbian blog than lesbian Twitter? Nowhere! So, down the rabbit hole, I fell.

Lesbian Twitter led me to some great places and some awful places. I found lesbian identity discourse conversations that turned out to be super awesome (“Am I a Lesbian” master doc) and ones that turned horrible in two directions. Transphobia (bad) and “straight lesbians” or lesbians who prefer to date men (what?). So yeah, sometimes you run into crazy stuff.

But lesbian Twitter also led me to meet my best friend! She responded to a lesbian thread, saying she’s from Michigan too.

jess koalatygay tweet about Pattern

She kind of dated my friend, we met up at Pride one year, we met each other’s families, the Pattern app said she and my girlfriend were once-in-a-lifetime-soulmates, we went to London for two weeks together, we became roommates, she stood in my wedding, we co-parent a cat.

All possible because of Lesbian! Twitter!

I also meet people abroad all the time via lesbian Twitter. I travel from the US to England often because my wife lives there. We’ve been all over England meeting our Twitter lesbians.

We even flew to Prague once to meet our favorite lesbian in St. Petersburg. Lesbian Twitter is really something, okay. If anything, lesbian Twitter is about connection.

jess koalatygay tweet about meeting people

So, What Actually Is Lesbian Twitter?

Like all social media platforms, individuals with a common thread like to huddle up in one corner of the Internet. Lesbians on Twitter are no different. And so, lesbian Twitter exists.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re so deep into lesbian Twitter that you’ve forgotten that people outside of lesbian Twitter exist. It’s true; I live in a bubble.

When seemingly straight content falls on my timeline, it sticks out like long, flat-ironed hair in a lesbian bar.

I double-take. What did I just see? Someone with a feminine profile picture ogling over a man? A click on their profile usually reveals OP’s bisexuality. (“OP” is Twitter talk for Original Poster.)

I’m a big fan of the sapphic Twitter/lesbian Twitter overlap. And for the purposes of this article, they’re going to overlap here too.

So what can we expect from lesbian Twitter? All sorts of stuff related to the lesbian experience.

Sometimes that’s lesbian memes, lesbian-related Tweets and content, lesbian discourse and discussions, and stan Twitter for lesbian ships and characters.

I once delved too far into what stan Twitter is and how it works, but it’s often impossible to exist on lesbian Twitter without running into stan accounts.

In fact, I got into lesbian Twitter because of stan Twitter. Tried as I might, the cat-and-mouse relationship of the women of Killing Eve hooked me. Hooked me so good, I found my little community of “Villaneve” shippers on Twitter after the launch of season one.

I made friends and got a signed copy of the second Killing Eve book, and my wife even met Sandra, Jodie, and Phoebe. Lesbian (stan) Twitter is a real place that gave us a lot of cool things too.

The Best of Lesbian Twitter

How to Get Into Lesbian Twitter

It’s simple.

  1. Be a lesbian. (Or sapphic.)
  2. Be on Twitter.
  3. Tweet some stuff about lesbian things.

It seems vague, but when you’re a lesbian, any thought you tweet can really be considered lesbian content. That’s the best part of lesbian Twitter. Here’s a list of things that I tweet about that are definitely, definitely lesbian tweets:

  • The woes of compulsive heterosexuality. (Thankfully not something I’ve dealt with in years, but I like to throw in validation for other lesbians.)
  • Anything about TV shows or movies with lesbian characters.
  • Astrology hot takes.
  • Updates about any of my craft projects.
  • Pictures of my cat, Eloise. (The same cat I co-parent with my lesbian best friend slash roommate.)
  • Infatuations with middle-aged actresses.
  • Rambles about complex feelings with one’s own gender.
  • Gaylor tweets. (If you know, you know. If you don’t know, it’s probably better you don’t.)
cat tweet by Jess @koalatygay

Being popular on lesbian Twitter is a whole other beast. I’d share my tricks if I had them. But I don’t know how I even got my little gathering of lesbians.

If I’m being totally honest? It’s probably because my wife is really good at social media. All I had to do was tweet pictures of us together on our ventures in London or New York and let her retweet it.

However, I have already perfected the “How to Be Popular on Stan Twitter” formula. Which, in my experience, overlaps with Gay and Lesbian Twitter.

I wrote this a few years back, but it still holds up. (And you should also take that blog post 100% seriously. It is definitely very serious.)

Who to Follow on Lesbian Twitter

Getting into lesbian Twitter is really about the connection. Curating your Twitter content with lesbian tweets, lesbian memes, lesbian thoughts, and Twitter lesbians–that’s how you get into lesbian Twitter. Here are some staples that I follow or names that come up in my lesbian Twitter circles.

Funny Lesbians

These Twitter lesbians are guilty of inciting a good chuckle.

  1. Suzie @sunshinedyke

suzie @sunshinedyke

Described lovingly by her friends as “my favorite unhinged lesbian.” Suzie is very funny and very “unhinged,” as the lesbians say.

But in a fun, trendy, lesbian way. Not in a scary way. Suzie has also written a blog post for me years and years ago about the disabled lesbian experience, which comes up in their tweets every so often.

  1. Kat @holyscully

Kat @holyscullylesbian twitter

Kat is a simple silly little lesbian living her silly little lesbian life. Follow for tweets about low blood sugar problems, being gay in England, and commentary about Tara and Willow in the 2020s.

  1. Caroline @karaasluthor

caroline MY GIRL KARA @karaasluthor

Caroline definitely lives in lesbian stan Twitter. But her unhinged comments and hot takes land her in the humor category.

If you are interested in lesbian fandom content, expect supercorp (Lena and Kara from Supergirl) and Gaylor (Taylor Swift, but gay).

  1. Jess @koalatygay (aka, me, the author of this post)

jess @koalatygay

I can be funny sometimes, so I’m putting myself in this category. (Despite fitting nearly every other category better than this one).

Read everything about lesbian poems and lesbian poets!

Lesbians Next Door

Like boy-next-door energy. But better (because: lesbians).

  1. Amy @captnAmy (Amy) & Anne @MirrorHer

This adorable pair of trans lesbians radiate self-love, the love they share for each other, and the love for the community.

They also have a very cute dog. Since Amy and Anne are older, it’s nice to have a mix of actual lesbian wisdom on the Twitter timeline.

  1. Em @liketobequeer

em @liketobequeerlesbian twitter

This fellow non-binary lesbian is French! French! They tweet in French often, and I act like I can read it. It’s a fun little bit we have. (That Em knows nothing about.)

If you’re a French-speaking sapphic, this is the one lesbian on Twitter you should be following.

  1. Katie @KatieAnnDuffy

Gaytie @KatieAnnDuffy

Katie is one of the most positive, fun, whole-hearted lesbians on Twitter. She radiates the best of queer energies. She tweets a lot about the good ol’ Disney days.

I always remember her as the lesbian obsessed with Emily Osment, Lily from Hannah Montana.

She also tweets a lot about women’s soccer teams. (That’s “football” to all you non-Americans.)

(Katie’s girlfriend, Carly (@electrosnail), also tweets a lot about women’s football. (That’s “soccer” to all you Americans.)

  1. Chan @folklorewlw

chan is bejeweled @folklorewlwlesbian twitter

Chan’s handle is enough to know she is a big Taylor Swift fan. Chan isn’t in the Stan Twitter category because her love for Taylor is a seamless part of her personality and place on lesbian Twitter. Along with other musicians that lesbians love–Phoebe Bridgers, Haim, Muna, Maggie Rogers, Lorde…

Read about the best lesbian fanfiction and sapphic fandoms.

Lesbians on Stan Twitter

These lesbians lean more into Stan Twitter (which can be scary territory). But trust, the lesbian content comes through and makes it worthwhile.

  1. Casey @swiftsbian

casey @swiftsbian

Casey rides the stan/lesbian Twitter line. Remember when I listed “Gaylor” as a type of lesbian tweet? If you’re into gaylor content, Casey’s Twitter handle says all you need to know.

She also has an Etsy shop for crocheted plushies. (That takes us back to tweeting about your craft projects.)

  1. Micks @heavenisfemale

micks @heavenisfemale

Micks might not consider herself a stan Twitter lesbian, but she tweets about famous women way too much to not fall into this category. Expect tweets about Taylor Swift, astrology, and the classic lesbian quips.

  1. Hope @shawcarsn

hope @shawcarsn

Hope is an Argentian lesbian obsessed with fictional lesbians. Her current obsession is A League of their Own (and, of course, the lesbians in the show, their relationships, the actresses, and the entire body of works of each actress).

  1. Berry @sckberry

berry @sckberry

Stan of all fictional lesbians, Berry is a lesbian stan Twitter staple. Berry creates a lot of incredible lesbian fan content.

Her regular fandom mix includes any current lesbian shows or movies. But she, unfortunately, will never get over Villanelle and Eve from Killing Eve and still tweets about them often.

  1. Alex @gayandmean

alex @gayandmean lesbian twitter

“Gay and mean” references to Alex being both gay and mean. And I mean “mean” as in “lesbians are mean” (assertive and possess a sense of self-respect), not “frat boys are mean” (misogynistic, homophobic, would vote for someone who wants you to flee the country crying).

Twitter Lesbian Writers and Artists

This collection of lesbians are writers, bloggers, journalists, and full-on authors.

  1. Hayley @bravelybeopen

hayley @bravelybeopen

Hayley writes articles about sapphics in entertainment media and often writes for Lesbiapart Magazine; a bilingual (French/English) magazine that publishes works about onscreen lesbians and sapphics.

Hayley brings a journalistic lens to lesbian Twitter alongside the site’s typical unhinged lesbian behavior.

  1. Jill @jillboard

Jill Gutowitz @jillboard

I have been following good ol’ Jill Gutowitz for a long time. She is an insanely funny lesbian on Twitter.

And if you’re a lesbian spending time online, I’m sure her content has popped up in your circles here and there. She also wrote the book, Girls Can Kiss Now, which is essential reading for all Twitter lesbians.

  1. Laura @villanargh

Laura sapphic artist @Villanargh twitter

Laura is a great digital artist who often turns to fictional lesbians for inspiration. (Can we blame her?) She has a very active Twitter and always posts the art projects she’s working on. Plus, she’s Australian.

  1. Chy @chynadeveroux

Chy @chynadeveroux

Chy and I go way, way back. Like me, Chy started with stan Twitter and freed themself of those shackles.

Now, Chy uses Twitter to share their gay thoughts and the (queer and Black-centered) creative projects they work on. First and foremost, they are a filmmaker. Keep an eye out for their next short film!

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Lesbian Twitter Is What You Make It

Twitter is supposed to be fun. Follow the lesbian accounts you like, and unfollow the ones you don’t. No need to flood your timeline with hot takes that annoy you!

Remember, the best part of lesbian Twitter is community and connection. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make friends. Who knows, it could lead to some great travel opportunities!

What lesbian Twitter account speaks to you most?

And what’s your favorite lesbian Twitter account? We would love to know! Find us on Instagram or comment below!

Don’t forget to share these lesbian Twitter tips with your friends!



The Best of Lesbian Twitter
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