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7 Instagrammable Spots You Can Absolutely Not Miss in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an Instagram paradise! This city has so much to offer, from architecture to beautiful beaches and mountains, Hong Kong has it all. But where to start?! We made a list of the 7 most Instagramable places in Hong Kong you can’t miss!

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1. Quarry Bay
2. Victoria Peak
3. Lai Tak Tsuen
4. Choi Hung Estate
5. Hong Kong Street Art
6. Lok Wah South Estate
7. Tian Tan Buddha
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Quarry Bay

This is the most famous Instagram spot of all. The incredibly dense and stacked residential complexes of Quarry Bay are featured in movies like Ghost in The Shell and Transformers: Age of Extinction. There are five complexes but Yik Cheong and Montane Mansion are the best known. They are perfect for a fantastic photo. But try to be creative, since many angles and poses have already been shot here!

Victoria Peak

In order to get all of Hong Kong in one photo, you have to go to Victoria Peak. You’ll get an amazing panoramic view with the entire skyline of Hong Kong. A must-see when you’re in Hong Kong.

Photos by @samishome and @sjoerdbracke 

Lai Tak Tsuen

Our favourite spot in Hong Kong: the Lai Tak Tsuen building. The pictures in this building look like an optical illusion, don’t you think?! NOTE: this is an apartment complex, so please be mindful and do not disturb the locals living here.

Choi Hung Estate

Also known as the rainbow estate! The direct translation for Choi Hung is rainbow. Together with the basketball field in the front, it makes the perfect coloured picture. Some people wait hours to get the perfect shot without people, so make sure to on weekdays or early in the morning.

Photos by @zorymory and @samishome

Hong Kong Street Art

Hong Kong has amazing street art. Go to Sheung Wang, walk around and you will be amazed by its street art. Our favourite one?! The colourful Rich View Terrace mural on the picture below, at Tank Lane. Also must-sees: the cool painted stairs of Public Square Street and the famous mural of old townhouses at Hollywood Road God Store.

Lok Wah South Estate

Located on top of a car park and originally meant as a children’s playground, now a fantastic spot to take pictures! And fun to work with the light, since the shadows make it extra cool. Perfect location to let your creativity flow!

Tian Tan Buddha

Hong Kong’s most iconic place aka Big Buddha. If you have a drone, make pictures there! It’s one of the largest Buddha statues in the world.

Photos by@salty_sandals and @davispaul

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