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Top 13 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Bangkok, Thailand

As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is the perfect city to start your travels in Thailand or elsewhere in Asia. And Bangkok is so much more than just a hub, it’s a city with many things to see and do. From beautiful temples (have you ever seen a dragon temple?) to crazy markets to chaotic streets with tuk-tuks everywhere. We are huge fans of Bangkok and love exploring the city. We found you the best Instagram spots in the city. Are you ready to see the 13 most Instagrammable places in Bangkok?! Grab your camera + outfit and let’s GO!

Instagrammable Spots Bangkok

Airplane Graveyard

Abandoned places are always a bit creepy, but so cool, don’t you think?! The airplane graveyard in Bangkok is a unique place to visit. Always wanted to sit in a cockpit? This is your chance! There are multiple airplanes you can explore and you can take the coolest pictures. It’s not fully abandoned though, there is a family living in one of the airplanes. Be prepared to pay around 200 baht per person to enter the property. You can get to the airplane graveyard by taxi or by river taxi (way cheaper). Go to Wat Sriboonreun (last stop of the Khlong Saen Saeb), and from there it’s just a short walk.

Wat Ratchanatdaram

Our favourite temple in Bangkok is Wat Ratchanatdaram (Wat means temple in Thai), also known as Loha Prasat. It’s still a very peaceful temple, not many people go here, and it’s so beautiful. The symmetry is simply mindblowing. NOTE: always make sure to dress properly when you visit a temple!

Wat Ratchanatdaram, Loha Prasat, Temple Bangkok

Colorful Sunkist Basketball Court

This basketball field is a bit difficult to find but awesome to visit if you have a drone. The neighborhood is a bit sketchy (this art project is an attempt to make it a better place) and the basketball court can be a bit dirty – a great place to start filling an adventure bag! Be creative and you’ll get some awesome shots.

Mae Klong Railway Market

This market is one of the most unique markets in the world and located just an hour from Bangkok. Eight times a day, the train comes through (4x arrival, 4x departure) and every stand gets their goods off the tracks just in time. It’s a crazy thing to see: within seconds everything is off the tracks and as soon as the train passed, it’s all put back again. The market is getting increasingly popular, but it’s still a very local market and you get very good prices here! It can be hard and stressful to get a good shot, but the market is an experience itself.

Wat Arun

Make sure to visit Wat Arun. We know, there are many temples to see in Bangkok but some of them you just have to see, Wat Arun is one of them. Wat Arun is a beautiful white temple with many details, it’s one of its kind. Go early in the morning to get a good shot, it can get very crowded.

Unicorn Cafe

A cafe with unicorns and rainbow EVERYTHING, how crazy does that sound? Be prepared for a lot of colored and sweet food. You can even rent a unicorn onesie, how cute?!

Floating Market

There are many floating markets in and around Bangkok. You should visit at least one of them! It’s so fun to see so many small boats on the water with Thai people cooking and selling goods. It’s even more fun to hop in a boat yourself! Some floating markets are big and touristy while others are smaller and more local. The Damnoen Saduak floating market is one of the biggest and most touristic floating markets. The market is open during the weekend and attracts many people, it’s a big happening (traffic jams on the water for example). It’s located an hour from Bangkok and perfect to combine on a day trip with the Mae Klong Railway Market. Looking for something smaller, more local, and closer to the city? Check out Khlong Lat Mayon! But for the epic shots, we recommend the Damnoen Saduak floating market.

Wat Benchamabophit

The absolute Instagram hotspot in Bangkok of the moment: Wat Benchamabophit. Everybody loves the angle with the arch!

Wat Benchamabophit, instagram Bangkok, by Sukrit Srisakulchawla

Photo by @sukrits_25

Basketball court in between highways

To be honest, this place isn’t that much fun without a drone, unless you like to play ball. But with a drone, wow, you can get cool shots! The basketball court is located in between and under the highway, which makes for an amazing perspective. Here’s the exact location.

Giant Swing

A 27-meter tall red swing in the middle of Bangkok sounds cool right?! It’s not used as a swing anymore, but it makes for great pictures.

The Giant Swing, Wat Suthat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

Wat Samphran aka Dragon Temple

This dragon tower temple is one of the coolest things we have ever seen in our lives! We have no clue why nobody is talking about this place. Tours don’t go here, it’s off the beaten path. The exterior of the tower is already unique but you can also walk through the dragon to the top – so on the outside of the building basically! It’s an hour drive to Wat Samphran and so worth it.

Wat Pho

One of the most famous temples in Bangkok is Wat Pho. It’s famous for its 46 meters long reclining Buddha. Many people seem to forget to explore the rest of the temple complex, which we like even more! In our opinion, you can skip the Grand Palace and see this one instead.

Rot Fai Market

The Rot Fai Market is a night market. What we like a lot about this market is the colorful stands of the vendors. Especially from above, it’s awesome!

Rot Fai Train Market, Bangkok, Thailand by Victor Cheng

Photo by @veeceecheng

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