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12x The Best Things to Do in Skåne, Sweden

Are you looking for a holiday destination with beautiful nature, great outdoor activities, sea, and beaches, good food, and cute little towns? Don’t look any further!

Skåne County is the place to go to! It’s the southern region of Sweden, which used to belong to Denmark.

This region offers a lot, there’s much to see and do, and we will tell you all about the best things to do in Skåne.

This region of Sweden is a lot different than the rest of the country, don’t expect mountains, fjords, and large forests with pine trees.

Skåne is “Sweden’s Tuscany” with hills, some of the best Sweden beaches, farmlands, and even a vineyard!

About Skåne, Sweden

Skåne County is located in southern Sweden and has a population of 1.3 million people. A long time ago this part of Sweden used to be part of Denmark, and you can still find Danish influences in this region.

It’s also very close to Denmark: the 16 kilometers (10 miles) Øresund bridge connects Denmark and Sweden with each other.

The bridge is Europe’s longest road and rail bridge. Thanks to the bridge, it’s easy to reach Skåne from Copenhagen. It’s also possible to fly to Malmö.

We highly recommend exploring Skåne by car, or for the sporty ones: by bicycle! Skåne isn’t super big; it takes about 1.5 hours by car to drive from East to West.

Therefore it’s possible to see a lot of the region if you visit Skåne only for a short time.

Good to know: the currency used in Sweden is the Swedish Krona, you can’t pay with Euros in Sweden. The language is Swedish but most Swedes speak English very well.

What to Do in Skåne

  1. Cozy Malmö

Malmö is the capital city of Skåne County and the third-largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm and Gothenburg. Though, to us, it felt more like a big village.

Malmö will probably be the starting point of your trip, and the city is one of the best things to do in Skåne.

Things to do in Malmö:

  • Gamla Staden: This is the old part of Malmö. Gamla Staden is very cute with its cobblestone streets and colorful tiny houses. Must-sees are the squares Stortorget and Lilla Torg.

    Wander around the historic part of Gamla Väster, and don’t forget to stop for Fika. Fika is a very important Swedish concept to learn.

    A translation of Fika is a coffee break with a cookie or pastry. But it’s much more than that. Swedish people say it’s a concept, a state of mind, and so important in Swedish culture.

    During Fika, you must slow down and enjoy time with your friends, family, and/or colleagues. We highly recommend heading to cafe Eida (by Nina) for Fika!
  • See the city from the water: there’s a lot of water in and around Malmö. Therefore seeing the city from the water is a great idea.

    Some tours show you around, but we highly recommend doing it yourself! With Bookaboat, you can easily rent a boat and drive around the waters of Malmö.

    You don’t need a license to do that, and it’s very easy. Do not miss the cute lighthouse during your trip!
  • Be amazed by the Turning Torso: the Turning Torso is a very unique building in Malmö. With 190 meters (623 ft), it’s the tallest building in Scandinavia. The shape of the building is the shape of a twisted human body.
  • Visit Västra Hamnen: this western harbor district is a new district in Malmö. It offers great views of the Turning Torso and is the perfect spot to view the Øresund Bridge.
  • Looking for a place to relax? Head to Kungspark. It’s a beautiful park with a cool old windmill. Right next to the park, you can find Malmö’s castle and the Malmö museum.
  • If you are visiting Malmö mid-August, go to the Malmö Festival. It’s the biggest event happening in Malmö every year.

    During the festival, there are outdoor concerts, a theater, street food stents, and many more fun things to do in the city.
  • And if you are visiting Malmö in July, don’t miss out on Malmö Pride! Malmö turns into a bit rainbow during that time of the year.

    The parade walk attracts many people from Sweden (and, like us: people from other places in the world), and we absolutely loved it.

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  1. Colorful Skanör Beach

This beach in the South West of Skåne is a popular beach because of the picturesque beach huts, white sand, and shallow ocean.

The beach houses in Skanör are colored in all colors of the rainbow; they are the cutest! Besides seeing the adorable beach houses, this is a great beach to go to for some relaxing and swimming.

  1. Student city Lund

Lund is a cute old city close to Malmö. This city is considered the number one city in Sweden for students.

Therefore you will find many students here (though not during Summer). The main building of Lund University is absolutely stunning. The city also has beautiful parks and gorgeous botanical gardens.

  1. Sweden’s most southern point: Smygehuk

Smygehuk is a fishing village in southern Skåne. It’s also the most southern point of Sweden! This is as far South as you can get in Sweden.

Therefore many tourists like to visit this village. Go on top of Smygehuk’s lighthouse for a great view of the ocean!

  1. Flowery Ystad

This is our favorite town in Skåne. All around Ystad, there are cute houses, cozy cafes, and cobblestone streets.

When we visit Ystad in July, the entire town is filled with beautiful flowers (lots of hollyhocks!), which makes Ystad extra pretty.

If you like to shop, there’s a shopping street with small unique shops: Stora Östergatan.

Ystad is a famous town in Sweden because many films and series are made here. Scandinavia’s largest film studio, Ystad Studios, is located here.

The stories of the famous novel Inspector Wallander, written by Henning Markel, take place in Ystad. There are tours and walking routes you can do dedicated to the novels.

  1. Lavender ice cream at Österlenkryddor farm shop

In June and July, there’s a beautiful lavender field that blooms next to this farm shop. A lavender field in Sweden?

We never expected to find that in Sweden! Besides lavender, this farm shop grows and sells spices, award-winning homemade (lavender) ice cream, herbal salts, plants, and much more.

Do you like flowers? Skåne turns yellow mid to late May when the rapeseed blooms!

  1. Ales Stenar Monument

Ales Stenar is the Swedish Stonehedge. Close to Ystad, in the town of Kåseberge, you can find these mysterious stones.

It’s a stone-age monument with 59 stones formed as a ship. Nobody really knows why it’s there; some believe it’s a burial monument, while others think it’s an astronomical clock.

Visit the monument and decide what you believe!

  1. Everything apple in Apple Kingdom Kivik

Do you like apples? Then you can’t miss the region of Österlen. Österlen is known as the apple kingdom of Sweden. The capital of Österlen is Kivik.

Kivik is all about apples, and not just apples; here, you can buy everything made of apples. The area of Kivik is perfect for apple trees, thanks to its fertile grounds and mild climate.

The area grows over 70 different kinds of apples! Visit during spring to see all the trees blossoming!

  1. Hike through Stenshuvud National Park

Close to Kivik, there’s the National Park Stenshuvud. The Stenshuvud hill in the park is a popular hike that offers great views, especially since the rest of the landscape is pretty flat.

The hill has three peaks; the highest is 97 meters above sea level (318ft). In the park, you can also find sandy beaches, a rocky coast, multiple hiking trails, and a cute little lighthouse.

  1. Visit Helsingborg

Helsingborg is a great city to visit for many reasons. It’s Skåne’s second-largest city after Malmö, so it’s different from small towns like Ystad, Lund, and Kivik.

The city center of Helsingborg is pretty and has a lot to offer. Something we love about the city is all the street art! It even has a street-art festival every year.

From Helsingborg, you can easily cross to Denmark by ferry; it only takes 20 minutes.

Visiting Helsingborg is definitely among the best things to do in Skåne.

What are the best things to do in Helsingborg? 

  • Pälsjobaden sauna: this isn’t just a relaxing place to visit; it’s also very picturesque! The houses on the water are the cutest.

    Pälsjobaden sauna has two different saunas on each side. One side is for men, the other for women. This is a typical Swedish nude sauna.

    During your sauna visit, it’s possible to jump into the refreshing water of the sea. There’s a terrace with sunbeds to relax.

    If you are hungry, definitely pay a visit to the sauna’s restaurant. We highly recommend eating mussels here!
  • Sofiero Palace and Gardens: the Sofiero Palace was once the royal family’s residence. The gardens of the palace are stunning to see.

    Here, you can find a wide range of plants and Europe’s largest collection of rhododendrons. Rhododendrons bloom during the beginning of Summer.

    Bonus: sometimes, there are outdoor concerts held in the gardens.
  • Climb on top of the Känan Tower: this 35 meters high (114ft) high tower used to be part of a larger Danish Fortress. The tower is the only thing that’s still there.

    Climb 146 steps up, and you will have amazing views over Helsingborg and all the way to Denmark! The terrace and stairs in front of the tower are beautiful to see as well.
  • Helsingborg’s street art: as we mentioned before, Helsingborg is filled with awesome street art. Head to the website of the street-art project of Helsingborg to get inspired.

    Their website is in Swedish, but you can find some addresses on it (or use Google Translate!).

  1. Nature and wildlife at Kullaberg National Park

This national park is beautiful and a must-visit! It’s located North of Helsingborg. The national park has a rocky coastline and stunning cliffs.

There are many outdoor activities you can do here, such as climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, and hiking. You can also do tours to explore caves and wildlife.

We went on a whale safari to spot dolphin-looking whales, and yes, it was amazing! It’s also really cool to see the cliffs from the water.

Ransvik beach

A must-go-to spot for food and/or drinks is Ransvik Havsveranda, a gay-owned restaurant. Not only is the location great, but the food (including the cakes) is also so delicious.

The terrace overlooks the sea and is surrounded by nature. Ransvik beach was Europe’s first mixed beach (men & women), which was a big deal! It was the “Ibiza of the 1900s”.

Nowadays, it’s still a popular beach to swim at.

  1. Fishing Village Mölle

Mölle is a cute fishing village close to Kullaberg. The harbor of Mölle is cozy and perfect for pictures. In 1890, Mölle got one of Sweden’s first seaside resorts, and still, many people go to this area to bathe.

Wellness Skåne

Skåne has a few wellness spots to go to. As mentioned before, close to Helsingborg, there’s the Pälsjobaden sauna complex. There are a few more spots you can check out:

  • Saltsjöbad: this is a luxurious spa in Ystad and an award-winning spa complex. And it’s not only a spa but also a hotel!
  • Hotel Mossbylund: Hotel Mossbylund is a spa hotel with a sauna, an indoor and outdoor pool, and various wellness treatments. The spa hotel is located close to the beach.
  • Ribersborgs Kallbadhus: this bathing house is located at Malmö’s beachside and is popular amongst both tourists and locals. It’s also possible to jump in the sea here!
Pålsjöbaden, Helsingborg sauna, Skåne, Sweden
Pålsjöbaden in Helsingborg

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Glamping Skåne

Aerial view of Arilds Vingård, glamping, vineyard, Skåne, Sweden

Glamping in Skåne is a unique experience. Close to Mölle, there’s Arilds Vingård. A vineyard in Sweden? Yes! Like the lavender field, this wasn’t something we expected to find in Sweden.

Arilds Vinegård is very cozy, and the new glamping area is lovely. They also have cabins you can stay in, and they have a restaurant.

They serve delicious food and, of course, homemade wines. All made from their own vineyard.

Camping Skåne

Skåne County is a perfect region to go camping! There are many campsites to go to. From spots on the beach, next to a lake, or in the forest, Skåne has it all. Let us tell you about some great campsites in Skåne:

  • Mötesplats Borstahusen: Mötesplats Borstahusen is located between Helsingborg and Malmö, in the small fishing village Borstahusen.

    This cozy campsite is located next to the beach. Camping here or renting a house/cute cottage is possible. There’s a restaurant and spa on the campsite, and there’s much to do in the area. It’s possible to go hiking, fishing, visiting the island of Ven, golfing, etc.
  • Ystad Camping: Ystad Camping is located in Ystad. The beach is only 200 meters away, and the camping is located in the middle of the nature reserve Sandskogen, a great area if you like to hike.

    It’s possible to camp here or to rent a small cabin. In the area, there’s a lot to do! Of course, you can visit Ystad, but there are also many hiking and biking trails in the area, pools, mini-golf opportunities, fishing spots, etc.
  • First Camp Mölle: First Camp has campsites all over Sweden. First Camp Mölle is a great campsite to go to, as you are close to Mölle and its beautiful scenery.

    When you go to Skåne, you can’t miss the National Park Kullaberg. The National Park is nearby the campsite and is great to go to on a day trip. Children will love First Camp Mölle as it has a swimming pool and a water park! First Camp Mölle also offers cabin rental.
  • Ringsjöstrand Camping: Ringsjöstrand Camping is located in the heart of Skåne, next to lake Ringsjön. It’s the second biggest lake in Skåne. Enjoy swimming in the lake, kayaking, fishing on the lake, and biking or hiking the area! The camping also offers cottage rental.

Other great (and unique) accommodations in Skåne

Tastecelebration Residence

Tastecelebration Residence is located in the region Österlen, in the small village of Andrarum. It’s a fantastic spot for foodies and for wine lovers. In this hotel, it’s all about food! And from the moment you step inside, you will feel at home. The owners of Tastecelebration Residence are so friendly.

Best Western Plus Hotel Noble House Malmö

This hotel in Malmö is a great place to stay at. Its location is perfect; many hotspots are within walking distance. The design of the hotel is a mix of hip and classic.

Clarion Grand Hotel Helsingborg

Clarion Grand Hotel Helsingborg is located centrally in Helsingborg, very close to the historical Känan tower. The hotel is a classic hotel, and its restaurant has great food!

Gnalöv Gård Bed and Breakfast

This is the ultimate spot if you want to enjoy peace and nature. You feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, but in a good way! The bed and breakfast is an old farm dating from the 19th century. It’s a cozy place, and the owner, Josefine, is very friendly.

Nyrup’s Nature Hotel

Want to stay really close to nature? Then this hotel is definitely something for you. Nyrup’s Nature Hotel is a comfortable and unique outdoor experience. You can’t reach the hotel by car; you have to hike the last bit. There is no electricity nor wifi; it’s the ultimate place to detox from your busy life. Here you also learn how to cook your own food with an open fire. You sleep in a yurt!

Grand Circus Hotel

This hotel is located in Malmö, though a bit out of the city center. It’s a unique hotel as they let you sleep in retro circus wagons and tents! How cool is that?

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This blog post is sponsored by Visit Skåne, who invited us to explore the region.
All opinions and experiences are our own, as always!

Enjoy your time in Skåne! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. Email us, or comment below!



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So happy to hear you enjoyed this blog post! And Scandinavia will also be a great destination 'later in life' we believe!

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