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Bangkok Tour: Exploring Bangkok by Bicycle

Bangkok is one of our favourite places in Asia. There’s so much to see and do in the city! And one of the best ways to explore Bangkok is by bike and boat. This way you can explore off the beaten path and get to know the different faces of the city. From busy markets in China Town to green palm plantations in the outskirts to the fresh breeze on one of the canals. Sounds amazing right? Ready to hop on that bicycle and explore? We will tell you all about our adventures during our bicycle tour through Bangkok.

Bangkok Bicycle Tour

It’s no secret us Dutchies like to bike! We don’t just bike in the Netherlands, we bike all over the world. So no surprise, 30 years ago a Dutchman named Co van Kessel started to show tourists around Bangkok by bicycle. His company never stopped doing just that! It’s a unique way to see a city.

Co van Kessel

At Co van Kessel, there are multiple bicycle tours you can do, varying from 3 to 9 hours. We hop on the bicycle for 5 hours, or well, we also go on the water by boat. With our bicycles, how fun! Make sure to book a tour in the morning for better temperatures.

First Stop: China Town

After some instructions (also about how to say hello and thank you in Thai, very important for greeting people on your way!) the tour starts in China Town. China Town can be very busy but by bike, we can skip all the traffic jams and make our way through the narrow alleys and even bike through a market!

Peaceful Bangkok

Crossing the water by ferry + bike is fun, we visit a beautiful and peaceful temple in the Thonburi area and hop in a longtail boat. Longtail boats are the best way of transportation in Bangkok! Sit back and enjoy the breeze and views of the city. It’s also a good break after biking through the chaotic China Town. It’s unbelievable how peaceful the other side of the river can be. We are surprised when we bike through palm tree plantations. We never expected to see this in the city! And now we know why our guide told us to remember sawasdee (hello) as all locals are so friendly and say hello to us.

Thai Lunch

Of course,  a tour in Thailand isn’t complete without delicious Thai food. Make sure you got some chopstick-skills! After lunch, we’re surprised our 5-hours are almost up, so with a scenic boat and bike ride we make our way back to the Co van Kessel office.

Co van Kessel Bangkok Bicycle Tour, Thailand

GOOD TO KNOW: A 5-hour bicycle and boat tour costs 1650 Thai Baht (around 50 USD). This includes lunch, drinks, and snacks as well. It’s a great way to see Bangkok and we highly recommend it to everybody. They also set out different routes all the time, so you can even book the same tour and be surprised again!

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