Travelling the world on a budget comes with finding resourceful alternatives! This is how I found couchsurfing, three years ago. Studying abroad and spending too much money on unnecessary stuff resulted in a dilemma: I had one full month of travelling left and I had almost no money. I was also travelling alone, as a 19-year-old girl. The perfect solution: couchsurfing! Staying with locals in exchange for cultural exchange!

In my opinion is not a free accommodation. Couchsurfing is sharing! Sharing a home, food, drinks, culture, and laughs! Over my three years of experience, hosting over fifteen people and surfing with more than twenty hosts I have come to learn so many new things. And I have seen places from the most personal view!

Couchsurfing hosted a video contest “This is how I couchsurf”. And I would love to reach others with my story! Curious to seeing the other stories? Check it here!

This is how I couchsurf

THIS IS HOW I COUCHSURF | Couchsurfing Video Contest

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