Travelling the world as a couple has become incredibly popular, as is sharing the incredible adventures on Instagram, Youtube and through blogging! It’s so good so see there are also increasingly more lesbian Instagram travel couples sharing their experiences. We strongly believe travel is for everyone and we love that our fellow-girl-couples are spreading that love! We have asked our favourite ladies to answer some questions about romance while travelling and have contributed ourselves as well. We hope you’ll find the words encouraging and inspirational and help share the love! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ♡ 

Lez Wander the World

Lesbian blogger and instagram travel couple Mari and Zoey, Lez Wander the World in a hammock togetherWe are Mari & Zoey and completely in love with each other, traveling, and making each other laugh.

Happiness is only real when it’s shared

How do you keep the love alive while travelling?
I feel like we fall in love more and more every day, and I attribute that to the fact that we laugh every single day. We travel, we laugh, we love. Life is always better when you’re doing what you love with the person that you love.

What will you do this Valentine’s Day?
In our opinion, love should be celebrated every day, so like every day, we will love each other madly, have fun, and do what we love on Valentine’s day: travel together.

What #couplegoals do you have?
When we first started dating, we said we would travel for 7 years. Our goal is to stick to our plan and travel the world by each other’s side.

Blog & @lezwandertheworld

Lez See the World

Lesbian blogger and instagram travel couple Kaitlyn and Stephanie, Lez See the World, on a romantic balcony in Lisbon, PortugalWe are Kaitlin & Stephanie, a married lesbian couple from Vancouver, Canada. We have been travelling full time for two years and our adventures have taken us across Canada, throughout Western Europe, down to Central America, to Asia, and most recently to Australia!

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal

When did you decide to travel together? 
After our wedding and honeymoon at the end of 2015, we went back to our house, our jobs, and our regular routine. It didn’t take long for us to realize that settling down wasn’t for us! Three months later we rented out our home, took our work on the road, and began our life of full-time travel. We had been talking about taking the leap for a couple of years, and starting our married life together seemed like the perfect time to do it.

What is the best thing about travelling together?
Spending all our time together! While it wouldn’t work for everyone, we genuinely enjoy being together as much as possible. On top of being committed partners in love, we are also best friends and adventure buddies.

Travelling means seeing each other’s best and worst: what have you learnt from each other while travelling?
I think we’ve learned that we will support one another no matter what. Travelling can often be stressful, unpredictable, and overwhelming, and we both deal with these things in our own way. But no matter what the situation brings, we continue to prove to one another that we are a team and we’ll get through it all together.

Blog & @lezseetheworld

Jen & Abi

Lesbian instagram and youtube travel couple Jen and Abi kissing in front of the empire state building in New York City NYC, USA, during sunset or sunriseWe are two girls in love navigating the world together through laughter, adventure, and friendship. We are two goofballs who have fallen in love with opening our minds through travel.

I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going. Are you coming with me?

What is your most romantic travel experience?
Spending our anniversary in Colombia, where Jensine is from! It is always a special feeling to get to explore each other’s roots and get a deeper understanding of what has made each other into the women we are today. Cultural experiences are always our favorite, and getting to visit Cartagena, a city so rich with culture was amazing.

What makes you a good travel couple?
Having the same travel style! We want to see everything, but we never want to feel overwhelmed. We are understanding of each other’s desires, and we make sure to compromise if we ever have different ideas 🙂

What #couplegoals do you have?
To never let our laughter and goofiness die. To always relentlessly pursue our dreams, and to never let each other give up.

Youtube & @jenandabi

Dopes on the Road

Lesbian blogger travel couple Meg and Lindsay Cale, Dopes on the Road, kissing in front of a view on Cusco, PeruWe’re Meg and Lindsay Cale, a married couple who run

What is the best thing about travelling together?
Learning to rely on each other’s strengths and letting each one take the lead.

How do you keep the love alive while travelling?
We travel full time so our relationship is built around our travels. We do the same things that couples do when they live in one place but we build it into our life on the road.

What makes you a good travel couple?
Lol – we’re still trying to figure this one out. We have our ups and downs but at the end of the day, we love the adventures.

Blog & @megteneyck & @lindscale

27 Travels

Lesbian instagram and youtube travel couple Gabi and Shanna, 27Travels, in Willemstads, Netherlands AntillesHey! We’re Gabi and Shanna, a lesbian couple from Brooklyn! We love traveling the world together, experiencing new things, and of course, taking photos along the way!

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

What is your most romantic travel experience?
We love watching the sunsets together in every place we travel to! There is something romantic about watching the days turn into nights with the person you love by your side

The best advice to other LGBT+ travel couples?
Don’t be afraid to travel somewhere because you think the people there won’t accept you. We’ve been to so many destinations where we thought the locals wouldn’t accept us as being lesbians, and we were dead wrong. We’ve met some of the nicest most welcoming people ever under those circumstances!

Favourite LGBT+ destination? Why?
Well as native New Yorkers, we can’t not include our hometown in the mix. We’re so lucky to live somewhere where we feel supported and safe and have a ton of different LGBTQ places and activities to go to on a daily basis. But our favorite LGBTQ place we travelled to has been Philadelphia, PA. They have a lot of LGBTQ friendly places to go like Giovanni’s Room – an awesome thrift shop and bookstore, & iCandy and Woody’s – 2 really fun gay bars in the city!

Youtube & @27travels

This Colorful World

Lesbian youtuber and instagram travel couple Lisa and Lauren, This Colorful World, on the beach in Stockholm, Sweden. Lauren lifting up Lisa.We’re Lisa and Lauren – a Swedish-American married couple, living a kind, conscious and colorful life. We embrace and encourage authentic connection to the earth, its inhabitants and towards each other.

To be yourself in a world that’s constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment

How do you keep the love alive while travelling?
No matter if we are traveling or not, we really focus on being kind to one another and being good listeners. Kindness is something that’s easily forgotten if you’re stressed, tired, hungry or worried – and all those emotions have a tendency to come up while traveling. So we make conscious efforts to remain kind to ourselves and each other, even in tricky and challenging situations.

How do you create romantic moments while travelling?
Slowing down. It’s quite hard to have a romantic moment if you and in a frenzied rush. Some of our most memorable romantic moments are from times when we cancelled plans, put the camera away, and instead just took a moment to slow down and be present together.

The best advice to other LGBT+ travel couples?
Do some research on the destinations and where they stand in their acceptance and openness towards the LGBTQ+ community. Checking things like rights and legislations is a good start, but it’s not always reflective of where the country or region stands in their general attitude and it can vary greatly in different cities within a country. So always read up on it a bit beforehand to stay safe and happy 🙂

Youtube & @thiscolorfulworld

The Kiwiwanderers

@thekiwiwanderersKia Ora! We are Toni and Kerry, a couple from New Zealand, currently living as expats in South Korea. We love being amongst nature, playing Pokemon Go, and cuddling as many cute animals as possible!

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that’s all

What will you do on Valentine’s Day?
No plans yet. We do cute stuff on random occasions, not when a calendar says we should. In saying that, we will probably go out to eat because Toni loves food. Or maybe one/both of us does have a plan, but we can’t share it here because it’s a surprise 😛

How did you decide to travel together? Mutual decision or a strong character?
Definitely mutual. We both had a huge passion to travel. We both had an extremely rough year in 2015, struggling with depression. When we came out the other side, we decided we wanted to start living, not existing. However, Toni did need some extra encouragement to take the plunge and move to a new country.

What #couplegoals do you have?
See more countries together. live in more countries together. Build a tiny house in New Zealand. Learn to take good couple photos! Level 40 of pokemon go. Have an entire wall of polaroid photos from our travels.



Lesbian instagram travel couple Steph and Tay, Lesbenomadic, kissing on a street in London, England, celebrating legalisation same sex marriageHello, we are Steph & Tay, creators of @lesbinomadic, we are both queer women of color from Texas, USA. We hope to foster a more diverse representation of what travelers look like and love like and eliminate as much racial, sexist, and homophobic ignorance as possible through that representation.

To dream, to seek the unknown, to look for what is beautiful is its own reward

What makes you a good travel couple?
Communication. Communication. Communication. We honestly can’t say it enough. If you want to travel with your other half, y’all need to actively be comfortable with getting vulnerable with each other and be able to speak up for your individual needs. Another important quality that we try to practice is not to have these high (outrageous) expectations of one another because believe us, you will be tested mentally and trying to live up to your partner’s expectations causes more unnecessary pressure.

Own space or everything together?
We tend to do everything together. Not only do we love each other but we’re best friends. We have soooooo many similar interests that we enjoy doing/seeing and we tend to have the most fun when we’re together. We have definitely grown to accept that when we do things together, there will be some days where we aren’t so talkative and affectionate and that’s okay. We can appreciate the silent moments we have together just as much as any other moment.

Your best advice to other travel couples?
“Make a radical change in your lifestyle and begin to boldly do things which you may previously never have thought of doing, or been too hesitant to attempt” – Into the Wild

Just remember, you don’t have to be radical or be an activist to create change. Just be yourself and show other people that love comes in all different forms and shapes. The world wouldn’t be the same without us…without you.

The Adventures of Misa

Lesbian blogger and instagram travel couple Sanne and Michèle, The Adventures of Misa, with Stitch stuffed animal in Casares, in SpainWe’re Michèle & Sanne from Belgium & Holland, traveling in our VW T4 through Europe! We love wandering around and explore new places!

It’s not where you’re going, it’s who you go with

How do you create romantic moments while travelling?
Cooking, wine, lights and music in the van. Picknick or just a random kiss or an I love you. Also holding hands & being thoughtful with little things.

How many countries have you travelled as a couple?
7 until now! Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal & the Azores.

Own space or everything together?
Since we live in a van it’s really everything together!

Blog & @theadventuresofmisa

The Vagabroads

Lesbian blogger and instagram travel couple Karin and Sunny, The Vagabroads, black and white photo at Lake Atitlán in GuatemalaWe are Karin and Sunny. We sold everything to travel the world, starting with a two-year journey driving through Mexico and Central America.

Life is calling and we must answer

What is the best thing about travelling together?
How much of a team we have become. There is nothing we don’t know about each other – no situation that I can’t guess how she might respond. When everyone else stops caring about our travels and stories, we have each other to relive them with.

Travelling means seeing each other’s best and worst: what have you learnt from each other while travelling?
Not a day goes by where Karin fails to impress me. She has taught me, by example, that there is nothing we cannot figure out. With YouTube or a book, everything can be learned and done ourselves.

Favourite LGBT+ destination? Why?
Guadalajara, Mexico. GAYdalajara!! 26 gay bars! 3 solely lesbian bars! The rest are well-mixed. It’s a great city with so much to do, great restaurants and progressive views. The mountains are only an hour away, the beach only two hours away.

Blog & @thevagabroads

Once Upon A Journey

Lesbian blogger, youtube and instagram travel couple Roxanne and Maartje, onceuponajrny, Once Upon A Journey celebrating engagement during Chiang Mai lantern festival, ThailandYes, that’s us! Roxanne & Maartje, Dutchies on the road for almost a year – Asia mostly – and only more travels coming up in 2018!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

What is your most romantic travel experience?
That isn’t hard: Maartje’s proposal in November! Though it was more stressful than romantic maybe haha.

How many countries have you travelled as a couple?
Italy, United States, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan, South-Korea, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and now Vietnam – 18 so far and counting!

Favourite LGBT+ destination? Why?
Berlin! This is the ultimate city to feel summer vibes. It feels like everyone is celebrating summer: drinking beers on the streets, in parks and barbecuing at the former airport. Not only is Berlin awesome for its summer feeling and parties: it is also an amazing place to be gay. Especially now that gay marriage is legal now! It can even be said that Berlin is one of the new gay capitals of Europe. It’s modern, events are of a bigger scale and there are lots of creative initiatives. If you’re looking for the best gay area you should go to Nollendorf Platz, the area known for gay bars and fetish stores. And the two biggest gay events you should check out are the pride parade CSB and the gay and lesbian festival Shwul und Lesbe Festival, with food, drinks and music. In other words: Berlin is amazing because of its free spirit and this should be your number one travel destination as an LGBT-couple!

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Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by these powerful couples! Do you know more lesbian travel couples? Are you part of one? Let’s get in touch! We love to connect and hear your story!

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Once Upon A Journey Roxanne and Maartje a Lesbian travel couple on the red lotus lake in Thailand. Sitting on a boat surrounded by pink lotus sea, sprinkling rose leaves in the air celebrating love celebrating valentine's day 2018