Mongolia is one of the least densely populated countries of the world. It has one of the last surviving nomadic cultures, an ancient way of life. A more pure, authentic, untouched country is difficult to find in a world where no place seems undiscovered. This is our Mongolia Gallery.

Travelling through Mongolia means feeling like the only person on earth. It also means meeting the most warm hearted people and being welcomed open-armed everywhere. A roundtrip through this amazing country means driving off-road more than on-road, seeing nothing but breathing taking scenery for miles. It means seeing incredible landscapes and seeing all weather circumstances and being in traffic jams caused by lifestock.

Mongolia is home to the big Gobi desert, but also to the snow cap Altai mountain rains and famous big lakes like Khuvsgul. In addition, Mongolia is home to animals as sheep, goats, wild horses, two-humped camels, eagles and most special: yaks.

If you travel Mongolia, you will meet adventure. Adventure is everywhere. Let us show you ours!

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Mongolia Gallery

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