Malaysia is our first country in Southeast Asia during our world travel. And we love the vibes. It is so chill and tropical! It is also our first country where people’s level of English is so good. Naturally, Malaysia considers English to be the official second language. Also we immediately see a more multicultural society, with many Chinese and Indian people aside from the Malay ethnicity. It feels like home already. Our stay in Malaysia is much longer than any other country so far and we see many places. See it in our Malaysia gallery.

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The first week we stay in Kuala Lumpur, go to Port Dickson for a few days and meet up with Roxanne’s mother and brother! On a fast pace we go through the country. We do a three day trail in the Taman Negara, we swim dive and snorkel on the Perhentian Islands, we take a quick look at the tea plantations at the Cameron Highlands and then we settle on Penang! Roxanne’s mother and brother go home and we start living in Malaysia. For five weeks, we’re living the expat live. We house- and dogsit on Penang and we find the cutest places in Georgetown and other places on the island. Of course, we captured imagery all over; here it is!

Malaysia Gallery

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Travel Photography Malaysia Gallery