One picture on Instagram has us fall in love with a lake. We look at each other and say: we have to see this with our own eyes! We cross all of Myanmar and Thailand to reach Udon Thani. Udon Thani is a place not many tourists go, it’s totally off the beaten path. The lake we saw on Instagram is not just a lake, it’s a special one. It’s a red lotus lake! The lotuses only bloom from December to February so it’s the perfect getaway for Valentine’s day!

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Good to be back

It’s good to be back in Thailand again. This time it will be for a few days. After a long bus journey, we arrive in Udon Thani. We are being picked up at the bus station and go to our new accommodation. For four nights we stay at Tanita Lagoon Resort and it’s everything we need. An oasis just outside the city.

Tanita Lagoon Resort

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Red Lotus Sea

Sunrise is the best moment to be at the lotus lake. So, we fix a driver to pick us up – very early. A bit too early, it appears, when we arrive at 06:15 AM. It still takes a while before the sun comes out and it’s freezing cold! Yes, also Thailand has winters and it can be cold. We’re keeping warm near a small fire, to the pleasure of a few very happy locals.

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Magical moments

Why did we want to be at the lake for sunrise? To see the lotus open up! We don’t really see that happen, it’s a very slow process, but wow the lake is incredibly pretty. Pink is all around us, it’s crazy. We are on the water for 2.5 hours but we could stay the whole day. We take some amazing pictures – with a more fashionable outfit. Cloth changing for a photo is a first, but really: our warm outfit looked horrible. And the outcome was worth the temporary freezing! We highly recommend people going to the Red Lotus Lake. The best thing: it’s not popular amongst western tourists, yet. SO GO THERE NOW and be one of the first!

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A quick stop in Bangkok

Before we leave Udon Thani we shoot some shots for our video that we are going to make for the resort. And then we are off to Bangkok! From Bangkok we fly to Ho Chi Minh were we will meet our Dutch friend Marieke. Read it all in our next travel journal!

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