Can you believe we never visited the tulip fields in the Netherlands?! As a Dutchie, that’s pretty weird since the tulip fields are becoming increasingly popular every year, especially because of Instagram. We decide to go on a little trip in style: with an old VW bus named Miss Peach. Miss Peach can be rented from Oldtimer huren for a fun day trip or for a special event: a wedding for example! Talking about weddings, during our little trip to the tulip fields we do a special shoot with some gorgeous dresses…

Tulips are for old people?!

When we were younger our moms and grandmas visited the tulip fields. So in our minds, it was something old people did (equals boring). Instagram has definitely changed our minds, because wow, these fields are far from boring: colours everywhere! Last year we were sad to miss tulip season so we promised each other 2019 would be the year. And we’re sharing the fun: my sister Denise joins us on our day trip. @bydenn is a beautician so she can help us look extra pretty. Usually, we never wear any make-up, but this is a special occasion…

Hit the Road with a Volkswagen Bus!

We pick-up Miss Peach in Nieuwegein at the garage. Before we hit the road I need to get the hang of driving an oldtimer. VW buses are old and therefore drive very differently than modern cars. Luckily it doesn’t take too long before I can enjoy riding this beautiful bus. So funny to see so many people looking at you while driving such a beauty!

You can also rent a VW camper or rent it as a Volkswagen photobooth, so much fun!

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Where to Find the Tulip Fields in the Netherlands?

Nearly all tulip fields in the Netherlands can be found in the provinces South-Holland, North-Holland and Flevoland. The famous tulip attraction, the Keukenhof, is located in South-Holland. South-Holland is the official tulip-province, and that’s why it’s definitely the most touristy. The Keukenhof is a beautiful tulip garden but for the best pictures, it’s better to find tulip fields yourself.

Tulip Fields, Tulpenvelden, Noord-Holland, lesbian love, Netherlands

We decide to make our way to the far north of the province North-Holland, the area where Maartje’s from. The area of Alkmaar and ‘t Zand have beautiful fields and there’s nearly anyone! When we see a bulb farmer, we ask if it’s okay to take some pictures in the tulip fields.

It’s important to ask the farmers for permission. They can get upset when people walk in between, or even on top of their tulips. The tulips are their job (tulip bulbs to be precise) and their bread and butter. You can seriously infect the bulbs when walking into the fields, so be mindful.

Don’t harm the tulips and always be respectful and ask for permission!

A wedding shoot?! Two brides are better than one!

We see tulips in sooo many different colours! Our favourites are the pink, red and orange tulips. When we spot a beautiful pink field, we know it’s time for our special shoot: in wedding dresses! We lend two beautiful wedding dresses from Grace Loves Lace. Nope, no wedding yet, just a shoot, for fun! And also a great way to try some dresses and see what looks good. See some of the results (and tell us your thoughts!):

The Netherlands from Above

The day passes by so quickly, times flies when you are having fun, right?! We make our way to the town I’m from: Eemnes. In the polder, we take some drone shots. Sadly at the tulip fields, it was too windy to fly our drone. Luckily we have one more day of exploring the tulip fields, sadly without Miss Peach. We know how beautiful the fields look from above, so we definitely need to fly our drone another time!

Bye bye Miss Peach

After a full day of exploring it’s time to return Miss Peach. We are going to miss her. See you next time, cutie! Thanks so much to my sister Denise and Oldtimer huren to make this awesome day happen. Who’s excited to visit the Netherlands next year and explore the tulip fields?

Good to know: tulip season usually starts mid-April and lasts until mid-May. Of course, it all depends on the weather so it’s hard to know when the tulips are in full bloom!

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