As the fourth largest country in the world, a 30-day visa to China is not enough. Nevertheless it is possible to see a little bit of everything. During one trip you can travel by train from Beijing in the North, to Shenzhen in the South, to Shanghai in the East. And you can see a lot! This is our second travel vlog of China.

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Honestly, China has never been our number one country on our wishlist. What a mistake! As soon as we arrive in the incredible (green!) country, we fall in love. It amazes us and we decide to do something different. We decide to not make a written travel journal, but a travel vlog about our adventures. So you can enjoy the journey with us audio-visually!

In the last two weeks we explore the rest of Zhangjiajie and travel further South and West. Tianmen Mountain is as incredible as Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, though there are so many Chinese that want to take our picture! In Shenzhen we experience a more expat-culture and get to see the shop of China’s Van Gogh. Dafen Oil Paint village is a lovely authentic treasure in between the high buildings of the big city.

From Shenzhen we travel briefly to Foshan to meet our Dutch friend Maarten and to visit Guangzhou for a day. From there, we travel all the way to the east to Suzhou. It is the ‘Venice of Asia’, or maybe more of an ‘Amsterdam’ to us, with all the canals and bridges. And last but not least, Shanghai. We have incredible fun at Disneyland and the skyline-view from the Bund is incredible. And in the end we know: we will be back!

TRAVEL VLOG | China | Part II | Zhangjiajie, Shenzhen & Shanghai

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