After the fast-paced travel with my mom and brother it’s time to relax, work on our website and stay in one place for a while. The perfect solution: housesitting. We are SO excited for it! After five months of travelling we are a bit tired and need to get some energy again. The next five weeks we will stay on Penang, a big Malaysian Island. We will take care of a house, a dog and get to use the swimming pool, a car and scooter, how awesome?!

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Upon arrival on Penang we already feel at home… Georgetown looks like a happy place with lots of (hipster) coffee shops and street-art everywhere. We sit down in the Mugshot café where we’ll meet Arthur, one of the house owners we’re housesitting for. We have some drinks on Arthur’s rooftop with his friends and enjoy our first Penang meal before we go ‘home’. So there we are, ready to live like a local for a while. Luckily dog Tiger likes us, he welcomes us incredibly enthusiast. Such a cute and well-trained dog!

The first days we stay in the house together with Joyce & Arthur. We get to know everything about the house, Tiger and the island. Joyce takes Tiger and us to the beach where we can go to with Tiger and it’s amazing. He loves the beach so much!

travel journal malaysia


And then, Joyce and Arthur are off to Europe and our housesit really starts! But we don’t have the house for ourselves entirely as my mom and Rutger stay over for two nights. They took the boat from Langkawi and spend their last days in Malaysia with us on Penang. We pick them up in Georgetown and drive around the island. And it’s so pretty! It’s very green and the mountains make for beautiful views. The next day we explore Georgetown together before we need to say goodbye for a long time.

travel journal malaysia


Our goal for the next weeks is mostly about creating our new website and relax as much as possible in between. We rewrite our current blogs and write some new ones. So we stay in the house (with Tiger as company) a lot. During our breaks we walk with Tiger and do some swimming exercises in the swimming pool. We enjoy having our ‘own’ house a lot. Despite Penang’s famous food, we cook for ourselves most of the time. We can eat everything we want again, wentelteefjes (French toast) for breakfast, knakworsten (smoked sausages) for lunch and baguette with Brie and pizza for dinner: our favourites. And we end every night with a cosy setting of Tiger and us in one bed: like a sleepover! Originally he would sleep in his own bed next to ours, but every night his puppy eyes are too hard to refuse. And we don’t know how, but he manages to get the most space of the bed as well!

travel journal malaysia

Sightseeing Penang

The next weeks some other people visit us as well. First our Dutch friend Mandy visits and later our Italian friend Michèle. Mandy was teaching English in China, where we met, and now travels around Asia. She comes along when we go to the beach with Tiger again, make another round around the island and enjoy Penang’s best hawker food on the biggest food market of the year. We are very lucky to be on Penang during the summer, there are lots of activities going on. On Sunday we take Mandy to the Hin Bus Depot. A hipster area with a pop-up market, gallery, music and food. We already went there twice, but we like it so much, we could go every week.

travel journal malaysia

After Mandy, Michèle pays us a visit. Do you remember him? We met him while couchsurfing in Tokyo and later on we met up in Fukuoka and Seoul. And now again in Malaysia. It’s almost the end of our housesit and we haven’t done everything on the island yet. Michèle likes hiking as well, so we waited to do those kinds of things. Unfortunately the weather did not agree with that. It poured for days and parts of Penang even flooded. Instead of going out to hike we enjoy some movies at home and in the cinema. On a better day we hike up Penang hill for a beautiful view.

travel journal malaysia

Saying goodbye

Then, it’s time for the hardest part: saying goodbye to Penang and, even harder, to Tiger. He has a special place in our heart. We love him so much; hopefully we can drop by one day again. We had the best time on Penang and already look forward to do another housesit one day!

On our last day we go out with Arthur and enjoy some delicious Indian food. And then a tragedy strikes: our camera stops working. What a bad timing. With no more time on our hands, we have to continue our travel and fly to Kuala Lumpur. We stay with Nadzim again – third time already – and search for a place to repair our camera, with no result. They all need to send it to the official Canon repair centre and that will take around two weeks. We don’t have that time, so hopefully they can repair it at our next destination…

Borneo here we come!

travel journal malaysia

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