New York City is always a good idea, don’t you think? For the both of us it’s the second time in this city, but it’s the first time together. So we are super excited. Maartje has already looked up the best photo spots and we organise a NYC Pride meet-up! There are so many people in NYC who we would like to meet, but we can’t fit everything in one week. So if people want to meet us, they can come to our meet-up in Central Park. It’s going to be fun!

Hello New York!

Already the first night we live up to the slogan ‘city that never sleeps’ and we arrive in Sunnyside, Queens early in the morning. We got a housesit there! A couple of days before our arrival in NYC, we noticed a housesit on It was the perfect fit for us. The dates couldn’t be any better: from the day we arrive until the day we depart. Three cute cats, NYC and we also seem a great fit for the homeowner, yay! Let’s see what it’s like to be a New Yorker for a week. We’re already loving the New York Style fire escapes the apartment has.

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Friends from Instagram

Have you ever met people from the online world in real life? We already met up with some people who we knew through Instagram and we loved it every time. The same goes for our meet up with Shanna & Gabi from 27travels. We already ‘knew’ them for a while and asked if we could have a package delivered at their home in Brooklyn. In return, we cook some delicious vegan food for them. Food is always a great way to make new friends haha.

Central Park

We have some really busy days coming up. First stop: Central Park. We explore Central Park for a full day and rent bicycles! Walking around Central Park is fun but biking might be better. It’s HUGE, so now we are able to cover up everything.

Central Park Bicycle Rental, bike, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, NYC, New York City

Before our Pride meet-up in Central Park, we meet Shanna & Gabi again and get way too many doughnuts at the City Kitchen. The meet-up is lots of fun. It’s great to see some other LGBT girls who live in NYC, and they are so funny!

Sheep Meadow, Central Park, New York, NYC, meet up, sunset, picnic

Pride Month & The Mermaid Parade

June is Pride Month in the States, so that means there are lots of LGBT activities. Sadly, we missed the Brooklyn Parade (& will miss the big NYC Pride Parade) but we are here for the Mermaid Parade. Maartje has made her hair Pride ready in Mexico, and it’s perfect for the Mermaid Parade! We had never heard about a Mermaid Parade before but luckily Shanna & Gabi tell us all the ins and outs. Together we prepare for the parade and get a bagel (one of the two things you have to eat when you go to NYC). The Mermaid parade is fantastic, so many people are dressed up and we have lots of fun together! I must say Maartje does such a good job being a mermaid, she’s the prettiest of all ♡

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Shop your pride-look!

Royalton New York

Before coming to NYC we had a bit of a luxury problem. As you know we got a housesit, but we also got some collaborations with hotels. We mixed them up so we could do both. Our first stay is at Royalton New York. What we like most about this hotel: the view from our balcony! This hotel has a great New York feeling. It has a swimming pool but we aren’t very interested in swimming in NYC. But many people think different about it, it’s super crowded at the pool. We have a busy exploring-schedule ahead, so no time for that!

LGBT friendly Hotel Review Royalton Park Avenue New York City

Flatiron building & Stonewall Inn

Royalton New York’s located close to the Flatiron building, so we decide to wake up for sunrise to take some pictures. It’s the best time to take pictures, especially in crowded places like New York City. We rather wake up early and get beautiful lighting, than to wait forever to get a good shot at a touristic spot. A minimum of 7 hours sleep is necessary though, so after our shooting session, we take a nap for some energy for the rest of the day.

Flatiron Building, NYC, photospots, instagram NYC, abercrombie, trevor project, pride collectionLater, we explore the High Line, Chelsea market, Greenwich Village and the famous Stonewall Inn. Stonewall Inn is a historically important gay bar where Pride originated. Riots started to act on LGBT activism. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for them. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come but we still have to fight for a lot more. A thing we really like in NYC is that we see rainbow flags everywhere. In restaurants, shops, banners: we love it. It might be a bit commercialised, but still, it makes people think about it.

Stonewall Inn, Stonewall Riots, Christopher Street, First pride was a riot, Pride Month, NYC Pride

W New York Times Square

Our second hotel stay is at W New York Times Square. The W hotel-brand is one of our favourites. Especially the ambience and the atmosphere in the hotels are the best. From our room, we have the best view of Times Square and we order lots of pizza (the second thing you have to eat when you go to NYC). Of course, we wake up early again to take some pictures on Times Square and there’s almost nobody there, a must do! The ambience of Times Square is a lot different early in the morning. We also go to Grand Central Station, another must see in NYC.

NYC Pride, W New York Times Square, bird's view, hotel view, window view, times square

Bushwick, Boat Ride & SoHo

Every place we travel to we try to go to the more ‘undiscovered’ places. Maartje has seen some pictures of the Bushwick area and it looks so cool. It’s an area full of street-art and we are hugeee street art lovers. There’s street art on every corner at Bushwick, we love it. Definitely worth a visit if you are into street art as well.

Bushwick, Bushwick collective, mural, street art, pink, dog, sunglasses, girlSomething we didn’t plan to do but we are so happy we do is rowing a boat on the lake in Central Park. Romance and fun guaranteed, for an hour! Our last full day in NYC we cross more things off the list: the flour shop, street art in Soho & Little Italy and meeting with an old friend again, whom Maartje met through Couchsurfing in Chicago three years ago. Sadly, we need to say bye bye to Shanna & Gabi, hope to see you soon girls ♡

100 % Engaged

Time for something special, it’s our last day in NYC and for me, that’s the perfect moment to ask Maartje to marry me. But you probably think now, you were already engaged right?! Yes true, Maartje asked me to marry her in Thailand last September, read it here. But we promised each other we would ask each other. And as impatient Maartje is, she already asked me multiple times “when are you going to propose?” So I had to hurry up haha.

Lesbian Proposal, Brooklyn Bridge, girls, sunrise, engagement, wedding

We go to the Brooklyn bridge for sunrise and that’s the moment. We are taking pictures and while the camera is on the 10-second timer, Maartje runs to me and I go on my knees. She smiles a bit weird when the camera clicks, but luckily she says YES! Now we are 100% engaged. I wanted to propose Maartje on a quiet place (yes the Brooklyn bridge is pretty quiet early in the morning) so we could be with the two of us, and it worked out!

Final Hours in NYC

In the last hours in NYC, we meet Jennifer from The Travel Women and see Lady Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. She tells us we can’t leave NYC without visiting Top of the Rock. We almost miss our flight because of it, we stay too long on the top (the view is just so freaking cool), but it’s so worth it. It’s time for a new destination, one far far away from NYC. Nervous and exciting we get on the airplane, maybe see you next year for Pride again NYC?!

Staten Island Ferry, NYC city hotspots, skyline, the travel women, boat, ferry

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