Before starting our world trip we had planned to be in Singapore around July. We end up in Singapore late October! Maartje’s friends from her study abroad, who live in Singapore, had to wait a while: but here we are! Our visit to Singapore is initially solely to visit Jeslyn and Huldah. From Kuching we fly to Singapore to stay here for a couple days, or that’s what we think…

The Singapore Apple Store

Immediately after arriving in Singapore we go to the Apple store. The sound of Maartje’s laptop isn’t working anymore (yes, yet another gadget fails us) and it’s no fun editing videos without sound. Everyone told us in Malaysia Singapore is the place to be to (quickly) fix things. But when we bring our laptop in for repair they tell us it will take seven to ten days. So we will be chilling in Singapore longer than we expected.

Singapore is everything!

Quickly we find out that that’s not a bad thing at all. We fall in love with the city and it’s not as expensive as everybody claims. There are so many free sightseeing things to do and if you go to a food court you can eat fairly cheap and delicious food!

travel journal singaporeWe stay in Little India for two nights and it feels like a total different place than Singapore’s city centre. We like it! It’s not the only part that feels different. Jeslyn shows us around China Town: a whole other feeling as well. Singapore is melting pot of cultures, and every neighbourhood feels like a different country. The area around the Marina Bay Sands hotel, where Jeslyn takes us by night, feels fancy and high-tech at the same time. At night we see a fantastic water and light show in the Marina Bay: it’s magical!

In our hostel we meet Sören, a German guy who’s also travelling around the world. Together we explore the city for a day, visit the presidential palace (we are very lucky: the palace is only open five times a year), and we go to the Botanical Gardens.

travel journal singapore

Couchsurfing again!

The next day, we move from our hostel to another couchsurfing place, where we’ll stay the rest of the week. Harry – our new host – is a super friendly guy who lives in the best, and most rich and fancy, part of the city. He just started using couchsurfing and we are one of his first guests!

Heedayah, a Singaporean girl we meet through couchsurfing, shows Sören and us around another part of the city. We enjoy sharing travel experiences, eat lots of delicious (local) food and get to know more of the city. By the night we see the spectacular light show at the Gardens by the Bay. We like it so much that we see both shows, and we fly our drone!

The next days we relax a bit and we meet Eduardo & Vicki again, a couple whom we met in Kyoto.

travel journal singapore

Boerenkool met worst

When we couchsurf, we always cook for our host. Can you imagine our happy faces when we find out Singapore has kale?! Why we’re excited about kale? We can finally make our super-Dutch dish: boerenkool met worst (after nine months!)! Together with Harry we enjoy the delicious meal.

He also helps us calling the Apple store; they need to hurry up a bit more! And it works: they will speed up the process. Thank you Harry.

Another exchange reunion

Of course we also meet up with Huldah. She shows us around the neighbourhood where she lives and we go hiking together. We also drink coffee, eat ice cream, and try roti prata.

More sightseeing

And we explore more Singapore. We visit the island Sentosa, the sky park on top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the National Gallery and enjoy ladies night drinks in Clarke Quay. During our last night in Singapore, Harry takes us out for dinner. We enjoy an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ buffet. It’s so delicious to have Korean BBQ again.

travel journal singaporeOn our last morning we wake up early to see sunrise. The city is so peaceful and the sky is so clear! We pick up our laptop (happy times) and we continue our adventure further back into Malaysia.

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