It’s funny how everything can change within 24 hours. First, we get a message from our friend Kla about a fantastic deal from Berlin to Phuket and the next morning we get in touch with Interrail, they would like to work with us! Kla is the best at finding cheap flight tickets, we just have to book that ticket from Berlin to Phuket (it’s only 125 euros). September 21st we will fly to Asia, and we will do a train castle trip before that! We have a Global Pass so we can travel through Europe by train for a month. From no plans to many exciting plans in just 24 hours. How awesome!


Maartje has been talking about doing a castle trip for weeks. And when Maartje wants to do something, we do it! Of course, I want to see some beautiful European castles as well. But where to start? We ask our Instagram followers about their favourite European castles and we get SOOO many responses, thank you all!! The castles with the most votes are:

Neuschwanstein, Germany
Burg Eltz, Germany
Pena Palace, Portugal
Peleș, Romania
Versailles, France
Schönbrunn, Austria
Carcassone, France
Segovia, Spain
Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest
Schloss Linderhof, Germany
Châteaux de la Loire, France
Malbork, Poland
Reichsburg Cochem, Germany
Bled, Slovenia
Le Mont St – Michel, France
Schloss Drachenburg, Germany
Moszna, Poland
Chillon, Switzerland
Bran (Dracula Castle), Romania

As you can see: many places to visit! Our idea is to travel in the direction of Eastern Europe. Route plan: Germany, through Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. If we have enough time we would love to visit a part of Croatia, Romania and Poland as well. Perhaps even Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. As you know, we are normally slow travellers so let’s see how far we will come. We will leave castles in Portugal, Spain and France for another time, a month is simply not enough to see everything. Budapest and Prague are high on my city-bucket list so we will definitely go there. If you are around and would like to meet us and show us around, let us know. During this trip, we will do a combination of Couchsurfing and staying in hotels and hostels, so if you would like to host us, also let us know!

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From Berlin, we will fly to Phuket. Maartje never went to the South of Thailand before so it’s awesome to explore that part of Thailand together. Khao Sok is high on our list and we want to go diving again badly. We are thinking of getting our advanced dive license since we love exploring the underwater world. After Thailand, we don’t have any fixed plans (yet). We will see where the wind brings us. Countries in Asia that we would love to visit soon are Indonesia, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and India.

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But of course, first our castle trip. While writing this journal we are on the train to Slovenia. During the first week of our trip, we travelled to the most beautiful castles in Germany (spoiler alert): Schloss Drachenburg, Burg Eltz, Lichtenstein and Neuschwanstein.

And they travelled happily ever after….

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