After our week in Singapore we go back to Malaysia (again). Singapore was the best! We had fun meeting old friends, making new ones, exploring the city and finally getting our laptop fixed! The border crossing Singapore-Malaysia is a different story… It’s the most chaotic border crossing we have experienced so far…

colourful graffiti street in melaka- jalan tukang besi

Crossing the border of Singapore – Malaysia

Friday-afternoon we get on a bus to Melaka, Malaysia. Quickly we notice it’s a mistake to go on a Friday afternoon; we are not the only ones.

Lots of Malay people work in Singapore, but go back home for the weekend. It’s crowded, especially at the Malaysian border. We leave Singapore by crossing a bridge, and we immediately end up in a big traffic jam. After a while we finally reach the point were they check our passports and bags. People are screaming and running to be the first in line. It’s madness.

It’s weekend, relax! For us it’s not a surprise that the Chinese people behind us ‘accidentally’ bump into us, just because they want to move one spot. At some point the woman is standing between us. Why?!

Luckily we survive it (also the big “I have visa” screaming line cutter) and continue our trip. When we arrive in Melaka we find a place to sleep and get some dinner. Then it’s time to pass out.

Exploring Melaka

We only have one day, or actually one morning + afternoon, to explore Melaka. Luckily the city is not big, we have enough time to see most highlights. And we like it very much. It’s such a cute place. And the colourful rickshaws are hilarious!

Back in Kuala Lumpur

At the end of the afternoon we go to the bus station and get our tickets to Kuala Lumpur. The ride only takes a couple hours and when we arrive we go straight to our ‘home away from home’: Nadzim’s house. This is already the fourth time in three months we couchsurf at his place. It’s great to see him again; we love spending time together with the wonderful guy. Directly after arriving we go to an Indian restaurant for dinner. It’s the perfect match because we all love Indian food so much. After dinner we go to the cinema to see the new Thor and to eat our dessert: popcorn! It’s an awesome night.

The next day Nadzim leaves for China: a business trip. He offered us his apartment for two weeks, but we can only stay for two more days since we have to fly to Chiang Mai in Thailand. We work a bit, relax, deliver pizza (so expensive, but so fun after a long time haha) and enjoy having our own place for a short while.

Instagram meet up

On our last day we meet up with another Dutch travel couple, Kirsten and Erick. We got to know them online through Instagram and now meet in real life! They are also travelling around the world and blogging about it. Check them out on (it’s in Dutch!). We love to meet people and it’s so much fun and very interesting to share our experiences.

After dinner and coffee with Kirsten and Erick, we go back home to get our bags and take the bus to the airport. We fly very early the next morning (7 AM), so we have decided to take the last bus at night before, at 11 PM, and stay overnight on the airport. Apparently we are not the only ones with that idea, and it’s impossible to find a proper place to sleep after having second dinner at the McDonald’s. All benches are occupied. So we sleep for three hours on the floor before we check-in. At 7 AM our plane leaves to Thailand, the land of smiles!

malay man driving his pink hello kitty rickshaw through the streets of melaka

Hello Thailand

After a quick stopover in Bangkok we get on our next plane to Chiang Mai. We are super excited and nervous at the same time to go to Chiang Mai: we are finally meeting my dad and stepmom plus we are going to experience the festivals of Loy Krathong and Yi Peng (or simply lantern festival). We are already looking forward to both for a while, so it’s about time! Before our trip my dad and stepmom (Frank & Hanneke) already told us that they were going to visit us. But before them my mom, brother and sister spontaneously visited us. Those experiences were great, so can’t wait to make these memories!

More couchsurfing

We arrive in Chiang Mai and take a red songtaew (sort of hop on-off taxi) to our new couchsurfing host, Matt. On his profile he said that he likes hosting LGBT people, yay! We are looking forward to meet him. He’s a guy from Ireland who works and lives in Thailand, together with his boyfriend. His house is like a little palace, it’s very fancy with a beautiful view and he even has a swimming pool. We are definitely going to enjoy ourselves the next two days.

After arriving we immediately go to bed to take a long nap, we are super tired. At night Matt shows us his neighbourhood and we have Indian food together (again, yes!). The next two days we do some work for our blog and for the Metro newspaper, so we don’t have to work when Frank & Hanneke are here. And it’s Halloween! So we watch a scary movie with Matt on his (new) big beamer.

And then it’s the big day! The lantern festival starts and Frank & Hanneke will arrive soon… EXCITING!

Next journal we will tell you all about our adventures together
with Frank & Hanneke and the magical lantern festival.

pinterest travel journal malaysia maartje standing at a roundabound in front of melaka's highlight- christ church and Stadthuys