Maartje and I have the best idea ever when we are sitting on the balcony of our hotel in Malang. We decide to visit the lantern festival in Thailand again! After Indonesia we don’t really have any plans, besides going to Africa mid-December, so why not visit Chiang Mai again?! Yi Peng lantern festival was one of the most magical events we’ve experienced, but it was also a bit stressful. We were so busy finding the best photo spots and were overwhelmed by the crowds – and Maartje was planning a proposal – all in all, not the most relaxing days. So let’s go again and enjoy it fully this time. Or well… apparently that only applies to me.

Hello Thailand!

After a way too long + shitty trip from Karimunjawa we arrive in Jakarta (it takes 2.5 days and lots of waiting and delays). But the most important thing is: we are in time to catch our flight to Bangkok! Bangkok is one of many cities we fell in love with and we like coming back so much. It’s only for one night since we need to make our way to Chiang Mai. So the next day we hop on the train to Chiang Mai, we are surprised that we get food and drinks (apparently we bought a super fancy ticket as those were the only ones available), and when we arrive it’s already dark. From the train, we already see hundreds, or maybe thousands of lanterns in the sky. OMG, we are excited!

Special express train Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s Lantern Festival Yi Peng

We drop our bags at the hotel and go out and wander around with the two of us. No pressure, just enjoying the moment. We stumble upon Bram & Manon (Instagram couple @flipflopwanderers), who we have been following for a while but never met in real life. Together we let a krathong on the water. The festival in Chiang Mai is actually a combination of two festivals: Yi Peng and Loy Krathong. During Yi Peng, you let up lanterns in the sky and for Loy Krathong, you let beautifully decorated floating baskets with a candle on the water.

Instagram Couples Meet Up

Little did I know the second night of the festival would be a bit more stressful for Maartje. Keep on reading to learn why! Something really weird happens the morning after our first night in Chiang Mai. I’m always the one who gets Maartje a cup of coffee in the morning, but this time (at 8am-ish) Maartje jumps out of bed to get a cup of coffee. That really NEVER happens, it’s very very suspicious. Anyhow, I forget about it and we meet up with the lovely Patricia and Miguel (Instagram couple @freeoversea) for dinner at night. Of course we also have to shoot some pictures!! We go to our favourite temple, do you want to know which one it is, go check out our Yi Peng guide!

A Second Proposal?!

Maartje wants to write a personal message on our lantern so I decide to go for a ‘Happy New Year’ message and tell Maartje to write ‘lots of love from us’. But when I turn the lantern around it says something different: ‘Will you marry me?’. The first thing that pops in my head is: ‘ooooh such a silly girl is Maartje’. But YESSS, of course, I want to marry you. Since Maartje’s first proposal didn’t go as planned AND I lost the diamond of the ring, she decided to do it another time. And this time, she was better prepared haha. She asked Miguel and Patricia to take pictures of us. And the suspicious coffee moment from that morning?! That was to get the ring at the hotel reception. I absolutely loved it and thank you so much for helping out, Miguel and Patricia, much love for you two.

Curious about our full love story? Read it here!

You Are the Best

So much love to all of you who read our Yi Peng blog post and spread the word. Actually, at our favourite temple, some people approached us and one person thanked us for writing the blog. It really feels so great knowing we helped you enjoy the festival more, thank you all for the read!

Chiang Rai

As we have travelled at a high pace for a while we need to take it slowly again. Therefore we book an Airbnb and stay another week in Chiang Mai. Now we can also finally make time to go on a day trip to Chiang Rai! Maartje has already been talking about visiting the famous white and blue temple for a while and now we finally get to go. Thank you  TakeMeTour for taking us with you! Make sure to visit Chiang Rai when you’re in Northern Thailand. The white and blue temple are both gorgeous. We also visit a temple that’s lesser known and we love that one! Want to know which one that is? Head to our Chiang Rai blog. Ooh, and don’t forget to eat Khao Soi, it’s so delicious!

New Adventures

Right now, we are back in Bangkok before we go on a new adventure. Tomorrow we are heading to Laos and with the Tourism Board of Laos on a press trip. We will explore Southern Laos and we can’t wait to tell you more about it!

In two weeks you can read our next travel journal on the blog!

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