Four days in Hong Kong & Macau, we thought that would be enough. But boy, were we wrong. We fall in love with these fantastic places. Both are (Instagram) pictures-heaven and there are so many things to see and do. After two weeks in Taiwan, we fly to Macau, our one but last stop in Asia, for now.

Vegas of Asia

We are welcomed open armed at Ascott Macau, where we stay for a night. The city, also known as the Vegas of Asia, has many casinos but little did we know: it also has many historic places and cultural sightseeing to offer. First, we explore the famous Cotai strip with its casinos but to be honest: we are a little bit disappointed. We expected an alive street, but its nothing like that. We fall in love with the city the next day. Macau used to be a Portuguese colony and that’s visible in the architecture, it’s lovely! We wander around the city the entire day and search for the best picture spots. Some spots are crazy difficult to find but we don’t give up and we find all places we want to see. Check out our blog about the 7 Instagram spots in Macau that you can’t miss!

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Hello, Magical Hong Kong!

By ferry, we go to Hong Kong. Yes, Hong Kong is that close to Macau. It’s my second time in the city but I have to admit, the first time I didn’t see much. And for sure I didn’t see how great Hong Kong is! We are Couchsurfing again and we have something really exciting coming up – other than city exploring. We are going to DISNEY! Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest Disney park in the world but we don’t care. Disney is Disney and it’s as magical as always. We are a bit disappointed by how little Asian fairytales are included in the park. In addition, all the princesses of the parade are Western. In Disneyland Shanghai it’s a different story, you could find many Asian fairytales and fairytale characters in the park and parade.

Last Moments in Asia

On our last day in Hong Kong (and Asia, OMG) we try to see as much as possible. We have a full schedule and see everything we want, from cool architecture to the skyline by night, including a light show. There are some famous Instagram spots in Hong Kong, and of course, we have to check some off the list, but we decide not to go too crazy about them and find some more unique spots.

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After one year in Asia, it’s hard to leave. The people, the food, the weather, and the magical and unique places, I’m going to miss everything. But we will come back this year, for sure. India, Sri Lanka & the Philippines are so high on our list! And of course, Bali, because it seems that’s the place to be as a travel blogger!

Next Adventure

From Hong Kong, we fly to the other side of the world, to San Francisco! Why San Francisco?! Read it in our next travel journal!

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