Mexico will be in our hearts forever. It’s almost the end of our adventures with my sister Denise in Mexico, but we still have a little over a week left in the wonderful country. It’s going to be an epic week. Do you remember why we travelled to this part of Mexico? To see something very special! If not: read it in our previous journal. Spoiler alert: we finally get to see them!!!

Balandra Beach

Before we go on a boat tour we drive to Balandra beach. It’s very early in the morning, and we even arrive before sunrise: it’s amazing. There’s nobody and slowly the blue colours of the water appear and the water becomes clearer and clearer. They say Balandra beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, we couldn’t agree more with that! After Balandra beach we bring our rental car back and go to the Malecon again.

Balandra Beach, sunrise, beautiful beach, la paz, baja california sur, mexico

Isla Espiritu Santo

Close to La Paz lays a special island, Espiritu Santo. The island is a protected area and home to many reefs with sharks, fish, turtles, dolphins, rays and even whales. Off the north part of the island, on Los Islotes, is home to a large colony sea lion. And that’s where we are off to! We don’t just see them, we also snorkel with them. At first, we think it’s a bit lame to swim with sea lions since you can snorkel with whale sharks in this area normally (but this time we can’t, it’s their ‘resting time’ for a few months). But we are so wrong, it’s freaking cool to sim with sea lions – also a bit scary. They are super curious and come to check us out! Luckily they are totally fine with us being in the water. A couple days ago we dove with bull sharks (the deadliest shark in the world), but Maartje finds it scarier to be in the water with sea lions haha. Maybe because the sea lions swim in our direction and come really close. The sharks couldn’t care less.

Snorkeling with Sea Lions, Isla Espiritu Santo, Flying Mobule Rays, Jumping Mobula Rays, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Beautiful beaches and incredible sea life

By boat, we drive around Isla Espiritu Santo, spot a few Mobula rays (some of them jumping out of the water, but far away), turtles, dolphins and see the most beautiful beaches. For the Metro (a Dutch newspaper we work for) we make a video about this fantastic day. It’s in Dutch, but the images speak for everyone. Watch it here! Our day ends with seafood, lots of Corona and of course some Tequila. The perfect end of Denise’s Mexico-trip.

Together again

We’re with the two of us again and we both want to see more rays. We still have some time in La Paz before we fly to Guadalajara. We’ve seen some Mobula rays jumping out of the water in the distance but we want to see them from close by. Weird thing is that nobody offers tours to spot them. For us, these rays are the entire reason we came to this part of Mexico. There’s only one option to see them, so we rent a private boat + guide to go on the water and find them. It’s way more expensive but so worth it.

Snorkeling with mobula rays, Isla Espiritu Santo, Flying Mobule Rays, Jumping Mobula Rays, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Flying Mobula Rays

Our driver and guide tell us that they’ve seen orcas, whales, thousands of dolphins and rays the day before. Really awesome, but not the reason we came here: we’re happy if we see rays only. After a two hour drive we spot some rays jumping out of the water and WOW, it’s the coolest ever. They appear all around the boat, and really close. Sometimes they even jump out of the water with two or three at the same time! We put on our snorkel masks and fins and slowly get in the water (don’t make any sound, because it’ll scare them). From that point, I feel like a Mobula ray myself. They are swimming in the water like a tornado, circling around each other. When I freedive to get closer to them I see layers and layers of rays. There are thousands and it’s incredible. Besides the rays, we don’t see many other animals but we already feel like the luckiest girls ever. This is something we will NEVER forget.

Isla Espiritu Santo, Flying Mobule Rays, Jumping Mobula Rays, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Kayaking with dolphins

We stay for two nights at Hotel Mediterranee, and it’s the ultimate relaxation. It’s like we are in Greece! It’s a wonderful place and the best thing is: they have kayaks we can use for FREE. We’ve been on the water and in the sun a lot already but we can’t miss this opportunity. We grab two kayaks and kayak in the bay of La Paz. The early morning and the late afternoon are the best moments to spot dolphins in the bay. We are only kayaking for five minutes and a dolphin swims two meters in front of Maartje’s kayak, unbelievable! A couple of minutes later we are surrounded by dolphins. We hear them blow air everywhere around us, it’s so magical. For a moment, we’re seriously considering starting a life in La Paz.

Hotel Mediterrane, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Couchsurfing is the best!

The last days of our stay in La Paz we Couchsurf again. We stay with David and he’s the friendliest ever. Plus his house is perfect. There’s a swimming pool (which you definitely need in La Paz, it’s super hot and it’s not even summer yet), and an awesome rooftop for the best sunset views. We go to the cinema together and he lets us stay at his house when he goes to Mexico City for work. Couchsurfing is awesome.

Hello again, Guadalajara

From La Paz, we fly to Guadalajara where we stay with our good friend Marco again. It’s already the third time we stay with him! It’s basically our home away from home. On our last day in Mexico Marco joins us to do some souvenir shopping and exploring of Guadalajara. Also, Maartje gets her hair cut and coloured in rainbow colours, done at this cool hair salon Geeks Studio. She’s totally ready for Pride month in New York City!


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