Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, it’s impossible not to love you. After a week in Guadalajara, we go to Colima where we housesit for three weeks. The first days we are with the two of us, but on day three, a family member joins us for an entire month. Hopefully, we will survive that….

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Driving the pickup

Who’s that family member?! It’s my sister Denise. It’s already her second time visiting us, first time was for two weeks on Borneo with her boyfriend. Now she’s in Mexico and for a whole month! I pick her up from Guadalajara airport and together we drive to Colima in our badass pick-up truck. To celebrate Denise’s arrival in Mexico we buy a cake and many other delicious foods. In return, Denise brings us Dutch candy, stroopwafels & cheese! We were already looking forward to that for ages.

Pueblo Mágico Comala

The first exploring we do together is seeing the beautiful magical town Comala. Comala is officially called a magical town – Pueblo Mágico – in Mexico. The government gave 111 towns in Mexico the name magic town to attract more tourists. What’s so special about Comala? All the facades of the buildings are painted white. It’s super cute and pretty.

Pueblo Magico Comala, colima, mexico, white walls

Denise has also brought some fun games with her, so when we aren’t exploring or working on the blog, we play games! Many, many, many games! Yahtzee, ‘Mens erger je niet’, Shithead & American Joker are our favourites.


Cuyutlan turtle sanctuary, El Tortugario Ecologico, colima, sea turtle

Vamos a la playa, ooh, ooh ooh ooh. We go to the beach! With the three of us, we go in the pick-up truck. The truck is made for two persons only, so it’s very cosy but possible (in Mexico). We drive to Cuyutlán and there’s a turtle sanctuary we visit (Maartje already talks about that for a while). The sanctuary is a bit small but the turtles are the cutest. It’s a good thing they do at the sanctuary. Almost all turtle species are endangered species, which is why sanctuaries are good! They research sea turtles, protect eggs and help make baby turtles get strong! More healthy babies = more sea turtles = no more endangered species.

Black sand beach Cuyutlan, Colima, outdoorsy style

Aside from the sanctuary, Cuyutlán also has a black sand beach, how cool! We enjoy the beach and again, we are the only (Western) tourists. In three weeks in Mexico, we’ve only seen two or three Western tourists. Before we head back to Colima, we visit the salt museum – it’s really interesting to learn how they make sea salt. And they make a LOT in Cuyutlán.

Salt Cuyutlan, sal de cuyutlan, sea salt


Cuyutlán is not the only beach we visit, we also go to Manzanillo. And we love even more. Manzanillo is the sailfish capital of the world and has the biggest harbour in Mexico. It’s not a black sand beach, but a very long and beautiful white beach. And there’s nobody around!

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Our housesit is amazing. Three weeks we have a volcano in our backyard and two adorable happy dogs to take care of. The house is sustainable and we practice a bit of Spanish with the gardener. We work a lot on the blog and we also have time to fully relax again. There are some hectic nights when the rainy season (= lightning and thunder season) decides to come early, but nothing we can’t handle!

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Times flies by and before we know it, it’s the end of our housesit. We are headed back to Guadalajara, where our road trip through Central Mexico will start. What are we going to see? You’ll read it in our next journal!

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