After three weeks of travelling through Cambodia, we go back to Thailand again. It’s time to stay in one place for a while and that’s why we are going to housesit again, in Bangkok. Christmas and New Year’s are almost and a housesit means being able to cook, so we’ll make a Christmas dinner and Dutch oliebollen. So excited!

Have you ever thought about housesitting? Let us tell you more about it!


We pet sit two cute cats, we have a swimming pool and the apartment is located in the city centre – Sukhumvit. It couldn’t get any better. One of the cats allegedly is a shy cat, but before we know it she lies on our lap and joins us on the bed. It feels like home again! These three weeks are going to be great.

New Year's Plunge

In the Netherlands we have a tradition to dive into the sea in the new year, on January 1st. The Dutch tradition started in 1960 with the idea of starting the new year fresh! Really fresh, because the North Sea is really freakin’ cold in January hahaha! We love the idea of a fresh start, so Rox took a plunge into the swimming pool! The water was surprisingly cold ?

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Family Visit

Juriaan & Aafke, my stepbrother and his girlfriend, are on holiday in Thailand, so of course, we have to meet them. They just arrived in Bangkok and we meet each other on Khao San Road (of all places right?!). The place to be if you are a tourist and looking for a party. We drink our first (!) buckets and have a crazy night together. It’s great to see each other again. They are going to the islands Koh Mak and Koh Chang and will come back to Bangkok afterwards. We can meet each other again here in Bangkok!


Before going to Bangkok we were thinking of working and relaxing all the time, and not doing too many activities. But that’s not possible in this crazy city. I mean: there’s a unicorn cafeé, how rad?! There are soooo many cool things to do and it’s a hub for so many travellers. And we have to meet of them! During Christmas, king of travel bloggers, Nomadic Matt, organises a meetup, so naturally, we go! It feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s so cool to meet him and other travellers. He even pays all our drinks and food (lucky us).

Friends housesitting Bangkok, Thailand

Matilde and Miguel, a Portuguese couple, whom we meet during Matt’s meet up join us for a “second Christmas day” dinner at our house. Kiyoko and her boyfriend, who we know from Kota Kinabalu, join us as well! We enjoy being together with lots of people during Christmas. And we learn celebrating a second Christmas day is not normal everywhere in the world, we never thought about that!

New Year’s

With New Year’s we have other guests over! Gretka & Nico and two Dutch girls, Peggy and Lisa, stay at our housesit house. We cook a delicious dinner together, eat Dutch oliebollen for dessert and see fireworks afterwards. Wow, it’s soo crowded at Asiatique and it’s not even New Year for Thai people. The night ends a bit weird with a restaurant owner almost pushing us down the stairs when we don’t want to pay the doubled prices of our beers – which they did not tell us beforehand. Besides that, it was a great evening!

oliebollen in Bangkok, Thailand


In our last week of housesitting, we finally do some things off our sightseeing list. We go to Wat Arun, Wat Pho and Ayutthaya. It’s all so pretty, we like the temples in Thailand a lot. If you ever go to Ayutthaya; rent a bicycle and cycle around yourself! It’s the best.

Maeklong railway market train, Bangkok, Thailand

In our last week in Bangkok, we move to a guesthouse in another part of Bangkok. We get a room for three people because Femke, Maartje’s sister, will arrive in Bangkok as well! We pick her up from the airport and show her around the city. It’s so wonderful to see her again. Plus Maartje is super happy finally a family of hers comes to visit us. During the weekend we go to the famous weekend market, Khao San Road and to a cat cafe (dreams come true). Sadly we only have three full days together. On our last day, we go to a special place that was high on our list: we go to the Maeklong Railway market and it’s fantastic! It’s a market with a railway in between! A couple times a day the train passes by and the market stands quickly move their goods. We see this craziness happen from both in- and outside the train. It’s the best!

It’s time to leave Thailand, we used all days of our visa so we fly to a new country. Our four weeks in Bangkok were the best. Now it’s time for Myanmar. We say bye-bye to Femke and Thailand, for now.

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