No matter if you want to laugh, cry, need some romance, or want to watch lesbians making out; we could all use some lesbian short films to fulfill our needs. We live in a time with more lesbian representation than ever on TV, in movies, and on streaming platforms like Netflix. But besides big Hollywood productions, YouTube is filled with many lesbian short films made by YouTubers and by independent filmmakers.

The perks of a short film: it’s short, powerful, and often with an original concept. Within one night you could probably binge-watch all these 47 short films if you try hard enough. And what’s great about the short films on YouTube: they are FREE lesbian films you can watch. Support independent filmmakers by liking, commenting and subscribing to their channel.

Where to start? We’ve talked about the best lesbian shows, lesbian movies, and LGBT Netflix shows before, but in this blog post, we will tell you about 47 short films on YouTube you should watch. There are so many lesbian short films on YouTube, it can be overwhelming. Some are better made than others, but we created a list with the ones you can’t miss. We’ve selected the good ones, ones that are well-made and/or tell an original story. Jump on your couch, grab some popcorn (and classic lesbian: some tea), and enjoy these lesbian short stories. At the bottom of the article, we share a link to the entire playlist!

Note: we use the word ‘lesbian’ but this article is for all queer womxn and for all people who enjoy queer female love beyond sexual fetishes!

The Best Lesbian Short Films

  1. Girl Night Stand

Girl Night Stand is one of our favorite lesbian short films. For the first time ever, Kate spends the night with a woman. Her world is upside down, she even forgets to wear shoes when leaving the house the next day. It’s funny, relatable, cute, and very sweet. You might recognize the brunette, Kate, from the lesbian movie Lez Bomb!

Girl Night Stand Short Film
Watch Girl Night Stand

  1. Yo También (Me Too)

A Spanish lesbian short film with amazing actress Maggie Civantos (you might know her from Vis a Vis or Las Chicas del Cable). Lina, played by Maggie Civantos, hears she has hepatitis B. The doctor advises her to talk to the women she had sex with because she might have passed it to them. And she also needs to tell Estefania, the love of her life. But when they see each other again, they noticed how much they missed each other…

Yo Tambien (Me Too) Short Film
Watch Yo También

  1. Coming Out

Breanne Williamson is a lesbian YouTuber who creates all kinds of lesbian content on her channel. She also created multiple short films, like Coming OutComing Out is a lesbian short film about coming out, and how it’s something you do your whole life. You don’t do it once or twice, but you always come out. From a girl’s night out “no boyfriends” allowed, to the awkward sister question, and checking in to a hotel, Breanne shows what it’s like to come out so many times. It’s an important topic and we love how she made it light and funny. Also, she wrote and produced the whole short film herself! 

Coming Out Short Film
Watch Coming Out

  1. Allie & Carla

Everyone needs a mom like Allie, so supportive and kind. After coming out you want to hear the words ‘gay or straight, it doesn’t matter’, right? The story of Allie & Carla is very cute and we love happy endings. Though, it must be weird to date and be stepsisters?! See it for yourself. 

Allie & Carla Short Film
Watch Allie & Carla

  1. Pulse

Pulse is based on a true event, and this short film was made to honor the LGBTQ+ community. In 2016, 49 people got killed in a shooting inside the gay club Pulse, in Orlando, the United States. Our thoughts are with all who lost their loved ones. Pulse will give you goosebumps. It’s one of the most impressive lesbian short films we’ve seen. 

TW: depicts the shooting via sounds.

Pulse Short Film
Watch Pulse

  1. The Greatest Love

The lesbian short film The Greatest Love is a touching Thai short film. We love the realistic story of Jane and Por. Their struggles of coming out, having an unsupportive mom, and wanting to be open about your relationship. And then, the film adds another layer with a big secret…

The Greatest Love has over 9 million views and you should definitely watch it! It’s a bit a longer movie than most movies on this list, as it’s 41 minutes long.

The Greatest Love Lesbian Short Film
Watch The Greatest Love

  1. Spark

Jane encounters a mysterious and outgoing girl who turns her world upside down in just a few minutes. There’s a spark between the two and Jane knows it. She needs to know more about this mysterious girl. We love the storyline of Spark, it’s a unique lesbian short film. And we definitely want to see where the story goes. Maybe a kiss next time?

Spark Lesbian Short Film
Watch Spark

  1. Snogging

A Dutch lesbian film all about exploring sexuality and topics that kept us busy when we were teenagers. How to kiss somebody, for example, and the five steps to conquer. All to get that hot boy at school. But sometimes you are more into the girl that’s your best friend… 

Snogging Short Film
Watch Snogging

  1. Vecinas

When your lesbian sex life is a bit boring, why don’t you ask the lesbian couple next door to switch partners and spice things up? Their first answer is ‘hell no’ but they quickly change their mind. It makes for a funny Spanish lesbian short movie. 

Vecinas Short Film
Watch Vecinas

  1. AutoMate

Hello Black Mirror vibes! Black Mirror is a sci-fi series with a cute lesbian love story, which we included in our list with our best lesbian shows article. AutoMate is a sci-fi short film set in the future. Two women get to know each other through a dating app, which promises a 98% accuracy for long term partnership. But when they meet they notice how different they are. We love how well-made AutoMate is, but it’s sad to see the cheating narrative enforcing the bisexual stereotype.

AutoMate Short Film
Watch AutoMate

  1. Mindset

A beautiful yet sad lesbian short film that left us quiet. The story is wonderfully written and the acting is great. At first, you think ‘why the hell is she cheating’ but then there’s the plot twist. We won’t spoil things because you have to see Mindset yourself. 

Mindset Lesbian Short Film
Watch Mindset

  1. Prom Night

Why becoming prom queen if you are losing your girlfriend?! Callie really wants to be a prom queen, so prom night is a big night for her. She thought becoming prom queen would make her feel complete but she’s not so sure about that… Prom Night is a beautifully made and one of our favorite lesbian shorts. 

Prom Night Lesbian Short Film
Watch Prom Night

  1. Never Have I Ever

Who doesn’t love to play Never Have I Ever?! Especially if you can express your feelings for your best friend during the game. Which may lead to making out… Never Have I Ever is a very sweet and well made lesbian short movie. We especially love the build-up and the chemistry between the actresses!

Never Have I Ever Lesbian Short Film
Watch Never Have I Ever

  1. The Outcoming

A comedy short film about coming out to your parents. Sam is a 17-year-old girl who wants to come out to her parents. In her mind, she already thought about her parent’s worst reaction and consequences. But they react unexpectedly well. Maybe it’s too good to be true. 

The Outcoming Short Film
Watch The Outcoming

  1. Spilt Milk

Wow, wow, wow! Any Dascha Polanco aka Daya Diaz from OITNB fans here? Then you definitely should watch Spilt MilkSpilt Milk can’t be missed on this list with lesbian short films. We love everything about it. The storyline, the chemistry between the actresses, two lesbian women of color, the sex scene, it’s beautifully made. 

Dascha Polanco plays Ximena, a single mom that struggles to take care of her son. She moves back to her parents and reconnects with her ex, Lena. 

Spilt Milk Lesbian Short Film
Watch Spilt Milk

  1. Citizen Jane

A lesbian short movie based on true events. The film is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ Canadians that that served Canada with honor and pride. Set in 1987, on a Canadian Forces Base, Jane has a crush on her master corporal Kirk. And Kirk happens to have a crush on Jane too. But hooking up might not be the best idea as the military police spies on soldiers to prosecute any homosexual activity. 

Citizen Jane Lesbian Short Film
Watch Citizen Jane

  1. Fast Hearts

Can one weekend affect the rest of your life? Stopping for a hitchhiking stranger on the side of the road might. You simply never know who you will meet and that person might change your life forever. Fast Hearts is a beautiful short film, which is a little sad too. 

Fast Hearts Short Film
Watch Fast Hearts

  1. Traumtänzerin

A German lesbian short film about coming out and struggling with your family. If that gets in the way between you and your girlfriend, communication is extra important. But communicating isn’t always easy. Traumtänzerin is written and produced by Alicia Zett, who wrote a book with the same title. Whilst the book is about Charlie too, this short film is not the film version of her book, but a short story about Charlie’s life beyond the book.

Traumtanzerin Dream Dancer Short Film
Watch Traumtänzerin

  1. The Howling

Lesbians and werewolves, you gotta love it! Though it must be weird to see the newspapers about people who get murdered and knowing your girlfriend is behind the murders. But love always wins, right?! Or maybe not… The Howling is an interesting short film for sure. Check out the YouTube account of Sapphic Underground, who created The Howling, for more lesbian short films and other lesbian videos. 

The Howling Lesbian Short Film
Watch The Howling

  1. Night Drive

Night Drive has over 9 million views on YouTube, how cool?! YouTuber Keara Graves wrote and directed this short film herself. Plus she plays one of the main characters, Maia. Night Drive is about Maia and Heidi who reconnect with each other after Heidi breaks up with her boyfriend. They used to see each other every day but they did not speak to each other for 2 years as Heidi’s boyfriend told her not to. Find out how the story continues! 

Night Drive Lesbian Short Film
Watch Night Drive

  1. Spark

Another Dutch lesbian short film! And another lesbian short film called Spark. This Spark is about exploring sexuality, trying things with boys as that’s the ‘normal’ thing to do, about friendship, and love. Very relatable for us, and probably for many. Everybody figures out their sexuality in a different way. The end might be weird for some, but it leaves space for your own interpretation.

Spark Lesbian Short Film
Watch Spark

  1. Together Forever

We absolutely love watching Together Forever. It’s such a cute and romantic short film. And the message is amazing: love is love and there should be more equality. We all can help to make this world more equal and accepted. We also love that Together Forever shows how important romance is in every relationship and in everyday life. 

Together Forever Short Film
Watch Together Forever

  1. Say You Won’t Let Go

Kissing a stranger might change your life forever! Say You Won’t Let Go isn’t about coming out, it’s about two women falling in love with each other, their relationship and struggles. Because everyone has those. Credits for the queer Latinx representation (it’s a Mexican short film), the happy ending, and for presenting a realistic story.

Say you won't let go Lesbian Short Film
Watch Say You Won’t Let Go

  1. Smoke

Don’t watch Smoke if you want to watch something light. This award-winning short film is the first one we see that’s about domestic violence in a lesbian relationship. It’s important to raise awareness as this could happen in every relationship. This isn’t what a healthy relationship looks like. Love isn’t always easy but it should never be abusive. Mollie struggles to be in a relationship with her abusive girlfriend Ashley. She loves Ashley a lot, but it can’t go on like this. 

TW: domestic violence.

Smoke Lesbian Short Film
Watch Smoke

  1. Our First Time

There’s no talking in this lesbian short film, but that makes it even more beautiful. Plus the song fits the whole short film perfectly. Our First Time is beautifully made and cute, romantic, and sad at the same time. It’s about a lesbian relationship from the start till the end. They met, they fall madly in love, they move in with each other, but sadly it doesn’t end well. 

Our First Time Lesbian Short Film
Watch Our First Time

  1. Blooming

I fell in love with my best friend, so Blooming is very relatable for me. Coming out to your friend is one thing, but telling you are already in love with her for a long time is a big step. Sometimes a surprise can happen, but falling in love with your straight best friend can be very difficult.

Blooming Lesbian Short Film
Watch Blooming

  1. Mai

Carmeta, Mari, and Pilar are three women living in Sucs, Spain. Every afternoon they spend time together to talk about things that are happening in the small town. But then they can only talk about a girl couple in town. The plot twist of this lesbian short film is amazing. We didn’t see this end coming. Mai might be our very favorite lesbian short film.

Mai Short Film
Watch Mai

  1. August In The City

When August’s daughter comes out of the closet her memories come back from the time she was in love with a woman. She still thinks about that woman every day and wears the necklace she got from her. Sadly, she never could be with her but it’s sweet to see she’s happy for her own daughter. A sweet but also sad short film.

TW: substance abuse.

August in the City Lesbian Short Film
Watch August in the City

  1. Uninvited

Beth discovers she has feelings for Georgia. But she’s also kinda dating with the male soccer team captain. Uninvited follows Beth while discovering her sexuality, as these feelings for a girl are new. But she’s also afraid of the opinion of others. What will she do? 

Uninvited Short Film
Watch Uninvited

  1. Girl Talk

‘I like make pretty girls come’. Girl Talk already got over 10 million views! It’s about Mia who loves having intimacy with many women. It’s a sensual drama about sex, connection, and emotional and physical intimacies. A lesbian short film worth watching! 

Girl Talk Lesbian Short Film
Watch Girl Talk

  1. Alice: Crack of Season

A Korean lesbian short film! Yoon Hye and Da Joo are very good friends, but Yoon Hye feels more for her best friend than ‘just friends’. She’s afraid to tell Da Joo, what if it changes there friendship in a bad way? So she decided not to tell until Da Joo starts showing interest in a guy… Yoon Hye can’t hide her feelings anymore.

Alice Crack of Season Lesbian Short Film
Watch Alice: Crack of Season

  1. Love Notes

A sweet short film filmed in Ho Chi Minh City. Violet falls in love with an anonymous person. In her mind, she keeps thinking about possible guys who she’s talking with. Though, it might not be a guy after all…

We especially love this story as we believe you fall for a person and their personality. So without knowing who you are talking to and their looks, you can fall in love with that person. 

Love Notes Lesbian Short Film
Watch Love Notes

  1. Homecoming

It’s never too late to tell your best friend you had a crush on her for a long time. Brooklyn moved across the country and gets back to her hometown for a high school reunion. And Karen happens to be there as well. They catch up and finally talk about their feelings! 

Falling in love with your best friend seems like a topic that many lesbian short films talk about. And we get it, as we fell in love with our best friend too.

Homecoming Lesbian Short Film
Watch Homecoming

  1. To The Girl I Love

A lesbian short film about the love letter YouTube Marina Lin wrote for her girlfriend. It’s super sweet, cheesy, and it’s a beautiful love story. 

To The Girl I Love Short Film
Watch To The Girl I Love

  1. Sparked

Remember watching Prom Night? Both Prom Night and Sparked are written and directed by YouTuber Jenna Larson. Check out her account for lots of great videos and an LGBT web series!

FUN FACT: Did you notice we already listed two short films called Spark on this list?

Natalie is better off without her friends, she finds out on Halloween night. Luckily sparks fly between her and Anna.

Sparked Lesbian Short Film
Watch Sparked

  1. The Reason Behind Me

You only love her when you let her go… But sometimes it’s good to take some space to really appreciate what you have. The Reason Behind Me is a lesbian short film about a relationship between two women. One is a photographer and wants to escape routine to get back her creativity. Walking away helped her realize her true inspiration was there all the time, by her side. 

The Reason Behind Me Lesbian Short Film
Watch The Reason Behind Me

  1. March

“What if you weren’t allowed to go outside anymore? As an adventure”. Well, that’s pretty ironic to say right now with a pandemic going on and when people are forced to stay inside. March was already filmed in 2018 and it fits the time of social isolation perfectly. 

It’s a Dutch lesbian film that’s made for a 48-hour film project and made by a part of the Anne+ crew (a Dutch lesbian series). March is a sensual and sweet short film that follows Flo & Daan at home and in Amsterdam.

March Maart Lesbian Short Film
Watch March

  1. Maybe Today

We absolutely love how short films can tell an impressive story in such a short time and sometimes even without words. Maybe Today is an emotional rollercoaster of three minutes what an important message: it’s time to tell her, maybe today. But one day that ‘maybe’ should change into ‘I will tell her today’.

Ask that girl out you are badly in love with for such a long time. In the Netherlands, we have a saying ‘you have a no, but you might get a yes’. And if she says no, you tried, you learned something and you can move on. Otherwise, you will always live with the ‘what if’ feeling. 

Maybe Today Lesbian Short Film
Watch Maybe Today

  1. Long Distance Relationships

You can probably guess what Long Distance Relationships is about. Long-distance relationships are never easy, but it’s worth it with the right person. If it’s not with the right person, it will be extra difficult. Communication is always important and we love that Long Distance Relationships has two parts. In one part you see the story from one girl, and in the other part from the other. 

The YouTube channel Unsolicited Project is a channel for women, by women. Definitely go check out more of their videos, they also have more lesbian short films. We also recommend watching Dear Claire

Long Distance Relationships PART I
Watch Part I
Long Distance Relationships PART II
Watch Part II

  1. The Choice

We didn’t see that coming… The Choice has a great plot twist! This short film is about Devin who’s in a relationship with a girl. She isn’t happy with her, and she’s figuring out what she wants. Sometimes that what is missing is right in front of you! 

Cheating is never the best idea, but it’s important to be with someone that is good for you.

The Choice Lesbian Short Film
Watch The Choice

  1. When I See You

Kira is unhappy with her relationship with Bea, as Bea only seems to have an eye for her work. But Kira isn’t only unhappy with her relationship, also with her career. When she gets a dance opportunity in NYC, she needs to choose between Bea and that amazing opportunity. When I See You is about love that’s unfinished and walking into the person that you’ve moved away from. It’s also about choosing what’s right for you. Which is so important!

When I See You Lesbian Short Film
Watch When I See You

  1. On Air

Another Korean lesbian short movie, but with a lesbian kiss! We absolutely love it that there’s a kiss in On Air, as we didn’t see it in the other Korean lesbian short films we watched. And showing PDA in Korean culture isn’t common.

On Air is a sweet but also sad Korean short film. Jeon-ah and Sol like each other but Jeong-ah is scared of what society thinks. And especially the people in their high school. 

On Air Korean Short Film
Watch On Air

  1. Have You Seen Her?

Have You Seen Her is a Swedish short film. It’s about Hennie who has mental health issues and struggles with her sexuality. She’s secretly dating a girl named Ebba and things are getting more and more serious. But that doesn’t make things easier. It’s a heavier short film, keep that in mind before watching.

TW: mental health issues.

Have You Seen Her? Lesbian Short Film
Watch Have You Seen Her

  1. YOU

Dealing with anxiety is never easy. But it helps if you have a super supportive girlfriend on your side. For the first time ever Kirsten opens a gallery, with queer art. On purpose, she didn’t invite her parents, but they show up. They don’t know their daughter is in a relationship with a woman. So on top of the stress Kirsten already had, she now needs to deal with coming out to her parents too. We love the supportive dad, but her mom on the other hand…

This lesbian short film shows how hard situations like this can be and that because of anxiety you might do things you don’t really want to do.

You Lesbian Short Film
Watch You

  1. The Look

The Look is a creative and unique short film! We love how they show the perspective of different people. Charlie has multiple admirers, and you can hear their thoughts. Though, Charlie admires somebody else herself, but how will that go? We think the rainbow bracelet idea is genius!

The Look Lesbian Short Film
Watch The Look

  1. The Two Of Us

When it’s just you and your love, in an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere, where nobody can see you… Amanda and Sophia spend their time together in a cabin, but Sophia wants more. She’s ready to show her girlfriend to the world. But Amanda isn’t ready for that. She isn’t ready to come out. Will Sophia wait for Amanda to be ready? 

The Two of Us Short Film
Watch The Two of Us

  1. What Does It Feel Like To Fall In Love?

Last but not least, What Does it Feel Like to Fall in Love. We wanted to end this lesbian short films list with a cute short film. In this short film, you follow a lesbian couple falling in love and their relationship. It’s natural, emotional and so real. It might be a bit slow but the happy end makes up for it. And we love those passionate kisses!

What Does it Feel Like to Fall in Love? Short Film
Watch What Does it Feel Like to Fall in Love

Watch the entire playlist of lesbian short films!

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