I’m sure you are amongst the people that are currently sitting inside with nothing to do. Social distancing has taken over your life. You can’t go out, be social, meet someone, fall hopelessly in love within 5 minutes, and imagine your entire future together. So what do you do? Right, you want to watch some lesbian scenes to fill that yearning in your heart!

There are lots and lots of lesbian scenes. I should know. I wrote my master’s thesis about the representation of queer women in media. Lesbians could be seen in early films but weren’t often presented as such. In the 1930s a few lesbian scenes could be seen on screen, but with the Hays Code implemented in 1934, explicit homosexuality in film was forbidden until 1968. Obviously, queer women didn’t disappear. It became all about the subtext. This is why we’re all so good at recognizing lesbians in any film or tv show.

Nowadays, representation definitely still isn’t perfect, but it is quite nice to see how we are slowly moving towards better representation. I did pick more recent scenes from lesbian movies and lesbian shows since it would most likely be more accessible if you want to watch the entire film or show. But that isn’t to say there aren’t any lesbian scenes in older media.

Anyway, without further ado, enjoy these lesbian love scenes, lesbian sex scenes, and lesbian kissing scenes!

The Best Lesbian Love Scenes

  1. Gentleman Jack (2019- )

This show tells the story of the life of Anne Lister, who was a landowner and diarist in Halifax, West Yorkshire in the 19th century. I thought this show was definitely an eyeopener; the way Anne deals with her gender expression and sexuality in a time when there were no words for this yet is pretty great to see. Anne and Ann are also incredibly cute together and I love how they both handled their relationship when this was far from accepted.

The Gentleman Jack lesbian love scene I picked is a reunion as Anne has just gotten back from Copenhagen. Ann hints that if Anne were to propose to her, again, she would say yes this time. Which is what happens. We love happy lesbians!

Gentleman Jack

  1. Imagine Me & You (2005)

When this movie came out, there weren’t that many mainstream looking romantic comedies about two women falling in love with a happy ending. And even though it’s been quite a few years, there still aren’t enough lesbian movies like this.

The ending of Imagine Me & You is definitely one of the cuter and better lesbian love scenes in the books. After Luce has taken off to leave the country (because she can’t stand being close to Rachel, since she is very much in love with her) Rachel realizes that Luce is the one that she wants, not her husband. She chases Luce to tell her that she does love her.

The entire scene is just too cute. It definitely makes me want to fall in love and chase a girl for whatever reason.

Imagine Me And You 2005

  1. Black Mirror – San Junipero (2016)

If you still haven’t seen this episode of Black Mirror, what are you waiting for? You have all the time in the world right now. If I could I had posted the entire episode here because every scene between Yorkie and Kelly is amazing, but I figured this scene is a good lesbian love scene to put here.

It’s the first time the two are intimate with each other and Yorkie confesses that it’s her first time having sex with anyone ever. I love how real this entire scene feels. The two actresses have such a good connection together which makes it seem even natural than it already is.

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Black Mirror San Junipero

  1. Carol (2015)

I’m still mad that Carol was taken off Netflix. They didn’t even leave it on till Christmas! Unacceptable.

Carol focuses on the relationship between a young photographer and an older woman going through a divorce, which already sounds gay enough in itself. Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett take the plot to an even higher level with their great chemistry and amazing acting.

In this scene, the two have gone on a road trip together. And it’s not a road trip with two women who are helplessly in love with each other without some lesbian love scenes and lesbian sex scenes, right? It’s even better all of this is happening on New Year’s Eve. Happy lesbian new year!

Carol 2015

  1. The 100 (2014-2020)

So I know this one hurts (a lot) so I won’t dwell on it too much. But for a moment, let’s just pretend that what happened after this scene doesn’t actually exist.

I was a hardcore Clexa shipper back in 2015/2016 and I’m pretty sure I still haven’t healed and I don’t know if I ever will. However, looking at this scene individually, isn’t this the most beautiful and one of the best lesbian love scenes ever? Is Clarke finally giving in to her feelings? Lexa being the useless lesbian she is and crying when Clarke finally kisses her? Perfection.

The 100 Lexa

  1. Orange Is the New Black (2013-2019)

It’s not an article about lesbian scenes without Orange Is the New Black on it. There were so many lesbian scenes in Orange Is the New Black that it’s probably hard to count them. Has anyone done that before?

Anyway, personally I still think that Poussey and Soso were the cutest lesbian couple to ever exist on the show. Their love was so pure it made my heart melt every time the two of them were onscreen together. The scene I picked is also a great example of that.

Soso tries to initiate sex in the library because she has the feeling their relationship is one-sided since she’s never pleasured Poussey before. Poussey stops her to tell her she doesn’t have to do it if she’s not ready for it. The rest of their conversation is incredibly cute and really shows a good way on how to talk about topics like these.

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Orange Is the New Black Poussey and Soso

  1. The L Word: Generation Q (2019- )

I’m sure most of us have tuned in to the new The L Word Generation Q this last Winter to see some old familiar faces and to get attached to new ones. A lot of drama has gone down again and I enjoyed every little piece of it. I know that there are a lot of discussions about whether Dani and Sophie’s relationship is problematic or not (yes), but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this lesbian love scene is very cute.

Dani proposes to Sophie and it is all very cute and clumsy, which makes it all the way more real. Let’s just not take into account that shit went downhill pretty fast after this.

The L Word Dani and Sophie

  1. Orphan Black (2013-2017)

Wow, I really miss this show. Orphan Black was a one of a kind high-quality shows in which everything just felt right. One of the right things they did was make one of the clones a lesbian.

Cosima and Delphine were the lesbian science nerds we didn’t know we needed in our lives but welcomed with open arms. Their chemistry was incredible!

In this scene, Delphine goes to visit Cosima so they can geek out together and also talk about their first kiss as an excuse to kiss her back this time and also end up in her bed. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Orphan Black Cosima Delphine

The Best Lesbian Sex Scenes

  1. Disobedience (2017)

Since 2017, the lesbian community has been divided over whether the spitting was hot or not. But even if you weren’t a fan of it, you can’t deny that the rest of this lesbian sex scene is still incredibly sexy and beautifully shot.

What I love is that this lesbian scene doesn’t take on a male gaze. Also, by mostly focusing on the women’s faces, it leaves a lot to the viewers’ imagination. Fun fact: for the spit they used lychee lube!

Disobedience 2017

  1. Booksmart (2019)

I guess technically this scene doesn’t count as a full lesbian sex scene, but a half sex scene, because you know…

Booksmart is definitely one of my favorite movies from last year and this scene was definitely one of the highlights of the film. Amy, known as a relatable useless lesbian with many gay panic attacks, finds herself ending up in the bathroom at a party after a fight with her best friend Molly. In there, she finds Hope, the hot and popular girl. Obviously you can guess what happens next.

Booksmart Hope and Amy

  1. The L Word: Generation Q (2019- )

So, in my opinion, it’s safe to say that this new The L Word was a big success. I absolutely loved it. There have been a lot of great hot lesbian sex scenes on the show, old and new, but I think most of you will agree when I say the threesome between Alice, Nat, and Gigi was one of the best ones of the season.

That shit was super hot! Maybe one of the best lesbian sex scenes ever?! 

L Word Threesome Alice, Nat, and Gigi

Who doesn’t love to scroll on Instagram?! Say bye-bye to boredom and hello to a timeline filled with lesbian celebrities!

  1. Orange Is the New Black (2013-2019)

I think this shows deserves its own article because the show was so gay and had many great lesbian sex scenes. Even though Piper and Alex weren’t my favorite couple, I do think this lesbian sex scene was a great one, since it’s their one and only hate sex.

The tension in this scene is palpable, and the fact that they’re doing this in a prison only makes it even hotter in my opinion.

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Orange Is the New Black Piper and Alex

  1. Black Swan (2010)

Yes, you are allowed to admit that this was one of those hot lesbian sex scenes that were part of your gay awakening. When this movie came out I was 16/17 years old and I’d been out and proud for about four years already. But I’d be lying if I said this scene wasn’t another slap in the face for me to verify my lesbianism.

Whether this Black Swan lesbian sex scene between the two really happened or it was all in Nina’s head, the way Nina finally let go and explores her sexuality is something that many of us can relate to.

Black Swan Kiss

  1. The Handmaiden (2016)

This South Korean lesbian movie is inspired by the novel Fingersmith, written by Sarah Waters. This might sound familiar to some of you because BBC has also made the novel into a miniseries back in 2005.

I absolutely love this film! Every aspect of it is so beautifully done. The clip shows some of the most erotic scenes in the film, including a scene where the two ‘practice’ for one of the girl’s future husband. The rest of these lesbian scenes will also definitely make you blush!

The Handmaiden 2016

  1. Atomic Blonde (2017)

Lorraine is an MI6 spy who comes across French rookie agent Lassalle on one of her missions. Even though she is wary of her, the two develop a romantic relationship.

In this scene, the two meet at a club. At first, they circle around each other for a bit until they both realize their tension is too much.

I remember seeing this movie in theaters, not knowing that this lesbian sex scene was in it. Well, my mouth fell wide open. It’s still quite rare to see a scene like this in a mainstream film that doesn’t feel like it’s meant for the male gaze. Also, notice the bisexual pride colors! 

Atomic Blonde

  1. The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018)

This isn’t exactly a happy lesbian movie. The story is about a girl named Cameron who is sent to conversion therapy. This all happens because of the lesbian sex scene I have chosen here.

Cameron and her best friend Coley are at prom but have decided to take a break from the school party and go to the car to smoke and well, do some more stuff. However, they get rudely interrupted by Cameron’s date. The rest of the film deals with the aftermath.

The film is a beautiful coming-of-age story in which Cameron gets to know herself and for the first time connects with peers within the LGBTQ+ community. And don’t worry, just because she’s at a conversion therapy camp doesn’t mean there’s any less lesbian action. 

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

The Best Lesbian Kissing Scenes

  1. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)

If you haven’t seen this movie with a beautiful lesbian love story yet, it’s a must-see! I’d say that this is one of the best scenes of lesbians kissing at the moment.

Céline Sciammma has done an absolutely beautiful job shooting not just this scene, but the entire film. I was lucky enough to attend one of the Portrait Q&As in Los Angeles. Which is when she said that she wanted to make sure the audience knew this was a consensual kiss which is shown by both of them taking away the scarf in front of their mouth.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire 2020

  1. Dickinson (2019)

I don’t think many of you have seen this show yet, so I won’t say too much about it. You can probably guess from the title that it’s about Emily Dickinson’s life. However, the show gives it a little contemporary twist.

Often Dickinson has been portrayed as a heterosexual woman, while she actually had a long term romantic relationship with her childhood best friend and sister-in-law, Susan. If you’re still not convinced, these lesbian kissing scenes between the two probably will!

Emily is unsure whether Sue will still love her in the future since she’s marrying her brother, but Sue tells her everything is going to be okay. When they kiss, it starts raining. Of course. We love a good cliche.

Dickinson kiss Emily and Sue

  1. Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Let’s be real. Was this lesbian kissing scene necessary for the film? No. Was it only added so that teenage boys could watch Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried make out? Yes. Was it hot? Yes. Was this hot lesbian kiss part of your gay awakening? Probably a big yes. Was it the best lesbian kiss ever? Maybe yess too! 

Jennifer's Body Kiss

  1. Wynonna Earp (2016- )

Aren’t we all extremely glad that this show got picked up for another season after having to wait way too long? Because I sure as hell am.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it; the supernatural Western show not only has some badass women leading the show, but two of them happen to fall in love with each other too.

Waverly and Nicole share many great hot lesbian kissing scenes on the show, so it was hard to pick one, but a first kiss is always one that stands out. Especially when it’s a very sexy one like this one!

Wynonna Earp WayHaught

Wynonna Earp is on our list with the best lesbian shows. Did you already watch all of them?

  1. A Simple Favor (2018)

This is another one of those extremely random lesbian kissing scenes that have absolutely no meaning and do not further the plot in any way. Stephanie and Emily are just casually sitting on Emily’s couch talking when Stephanie gets emotional. That’s when the kiss happens.

Earlier in the film, Emily states that she’s bisexual even though that still doesn’t give the kiss much more meaning. But are we complaining? I sure as hell wasn’t when I saw it in the movie theater. Guess we were still content deprived in the year 2018.

A Simple Favor Kiss

  1. The Favourite (2018)

Are lesbian films even allowed anymore if Rachel Weisz isn’t in it? I’m a huge fan of this film. Everything about it is just amazingly done.

In this lesbian scene, Queen Anne and Sarah are making out while Abigail accidentally has to witness the whole event. Later on, Sarah and Abigail start fighting for the Queen’s attention, which is definitely one of the gayest things ever. Also, goals much?

The Favorite

  1. Amar a Muerte (2018)

I’m not even going to try to explain the plot of this Mexican telenovela because it’s too much. The only thing that really matters is that they have an extremely cute lesbian couple on their show, Valentina and Juliana.

Here Valentina is trying to teach Juliana how to float in the pool after which the two share their first kiss. The way the two are hesitant to kiss each other, the lingering, ah it’s just so beautiful.

If you like this really cute first lesbian kissing scene of them, there’s a playlist on YouTube with all of their scenes. I believe the total amount of footage takes about 10 hours to watch so you know what to do if you get bored.

Watch the scene

Amar a Muerte (2018)

  1. Atypical (2017- )

The number of times I screamed “just kiss her!!!” at my TV with these two was getting ridiculous at one point. Casey and Izzie were extremely frustrating to look at sometimes, but I guess they are an accurate representation of how useless we are when we’re in love with another woman.

This scene shows their first kiss and I think it’s a very cute one that fits their characters so well too, since the two of them both run track. Netflix has renewed the series for a fourth, but unfortunately, last season with hopefully a lot of cute lesbian scenes between the two of them!

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Atypical Casey

  1. One Day at a Time (2017- )

One Day at a Time is one of those shows that should get a lot more recognition for what they’re doing than they’re getting because the show deals with many important issues.

In this episode, the apartment building is put on lockdown so Elena and Syd get stuck in the apartment. Elena has a very hard time acting normal around Syd because she likes them so much, but Syd takes it the wrong way and thinks Elena doesn’t actually like them. They get out on the balcony to get away from her, but Elena follows them and explains the situation. And they lived happily ever after.

I think the way the show has dealt with Elena’s coming out was relatable for many of us. And I love the way they explain topics on gender and sexuality with Elena and Syd’s relationship, who definitely make one of the cutest couples on TV right now.

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One Day At a Time Elena and Syd

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