The world is a beautiful place, but not every place is warm-heartedly welcoming LGBT travellers – yet. Luckily there are some changemakers out there, conquering the world with love. We are on a quest to connect with these heroes and have them tell their story. Meet Cassie & Jenaya, the ladies behind @lesgothere – a ?love story in Bermuda.

Introduce yourselves! Who are you? How did you meet?

We are Cassie and Jenaya of @lesgothere! We are two girls in love trying to explore as much of the world as we possibly can while spreading love and acceptance throughout our community! We met in a dive bar at a salsa night. I dance salsa while Jenaya doesn’t. After a few drinks, I built up enough courage to ask Jenaya to dance with me. I was quickly denied ha! But we ended up spending the entire night chatting and literally haven’t stopped talking since, so I guess it was worth it.

In three words

Cassie: stubborn, emotional, compassionate
Jenaya: observant, witty, meticulous
Together: weird, passionate, genuine

How did Les Go There start?

We started @lesgothere as a joke. We wanted to make our friends gag with all of our love but we started to really enjoy exploring our island and taking photos and eventually sharing stories about our relationship with our followers. Before we knew it we had followers from all around the world!

Lesbian love story Bermuda

Who inspires you?

Anyone who is authentically themselves. We love seeing people who aren’t afraid of sharing their truth with the world. Living in Bermuda we get super excited when we see other same-sex couples loving each other in public. We don’t often see couples holding hands so we get super giddy when we do!

What do you do – aside from being an inspiration to other LGBT-people worldwide?

Cassie works as a dental assistant and yoga teacher and I am a middle school counselor.

You’re both island girls, right? How long can you last on the mainland?

Ha, this is funny because we have itchy feet! Jenaya just moved back to Bermuda two years ago. She lived all over the place! We love traveling and hope to explore a bit and be able to find “home” somewhere new. Totally open to suggestions on best places to live!

Lesbian love story Lisbon, Cassie & Jenaya @lesgothere
Photo of @lesgothere by @lookimaginary
Tell us more about Bermuda: an island that has reversed same-sex marriage, twice. What’s the LGBT community like?

Bermuda is a funny place. The younger generation seems to be more open and accepting but the island is still very conservative and religious. There are so many negative misconceptions of the LGBTQ community. It can be really hard for young people to feel comfortable to come out, especially if their family doesn’t support it. There are a few gay “safe spaces” but not many.

What’s great about Bermuda!?

It’s gorgeous! Just because Bermuda isn’t completely caught up with the rest of the world with its gay rights doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit! We have beautiful pink sand beaches, aqua water, pastel cottages and the friendliest people in the world! Honestly, the only way Bermuda will become more LGBTQ friendly is if our communities are exposed to healthy, loving relationships no matter what they look like! It is the main reason we still run @lesgothere.

You travel quite a bit! It’s interesting how you describe travel is a way for you to be more open about your relationship… As we’re from the Netherlands it’s kind of the opposite for us! Do you pick your destinations based off LGBT-friendliness?

We don’t but we do research on how LGBTQ friendly places are. I guess you can kind of feel how “cool” certain neighborhoods or areas but I think we are so used to doing this back home. We just love being able to hold hands or kiss in public without it being so political

Where have you travelled (together, but also separate)?

We have been all around the world! We have explored 5 countries (USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, and England so far) together but we have done a ton of traveling before we started dating! Jenaya used to play basketball and traveled a ton playing (30 countries total) and I always felt travel was the most important part of growing, I’m on 22 countries. We are off to Cuba over Christmas!

Lesbian love story Bermuda, Cassie & Jenaya @lesgothere
Photo of @lesgothere by @lookimaginary
What’s your favourite (LGBT) destination so far?

We have a lot of exploring to do together still but we loved San Francisco

What destination is on top of your list?


Last, but not least: what will the future bring for Les Go There?

We just hope to continue to grow our community, reaching those who are too afraid to express themselves and giving them the confidence to eventually do so. We want to continue to travel and spread love and equality simply by being ourselves and being honest about our relationship.

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Interview with Cassie & Jenaya of LesGoThere About Jokes, Authenticity & LGBT Bermuda