It is no secret Maartje is a coffee-addict. It started in college (surprise) and grew even bigger when becoming a barista in Amsterdam’s cutest cafe Oma Ietje. During our travels we go coffee hunting every morning. And Ulaanbaatar is full of coffeeshops, we love it! So here’s our search for the best cappuccino in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Graded on a scale from 1 (worst) to 10 (best), ranking from worst to best!

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  1. Bud Coffee Lounge

Cappuccino: 4000 ₮ (€1.48/$1.66)

Grade: 4.5

Comment: The milk is watery and bubbly, probably foamed too long or hot. And the espresso tastes like they just used coffee. Most automatic machines can make better cappuccino than this. Plus the place is not cosy at all.

  1. Caffe Bene

Cappuccino: 5400 ₮ (€2/$2.24)

Grade: 6.5

Comment: They used too much milk, there’s no foam; it’s more like a latte. The place makes an affort to look nice and hipster, but just misses the point.

  1. Orange Coffee

Cappuccino: 4500 ₮ (€1.67/$1.87)

Grade: 7

Comment: The cappuccino is okay, it’s more a latte macchiato with whipped cream instead of foam, but I love the presentation. The place is really small, but there is space to work!

  1. 9cafe Coffee House

Cappuccino: 5500 ₮ (€2.04/$2.28)

Grade: 7

Comment: The taste is very nice, though the foam has bubbles. The place is really cute and cosy. I would love to spend my day blogging in this place.

  1. Papamingo Coffee

Cappuccino: 5500 ₮ (€2.04/$2.28)

Grade: 8.5

Comment: A for affort! Love the artwork on top, though the foam isn’t that great, but it’s a nice big cup plus a free cookie (just like grandma does). It was nice to sit here and work on our blog for a bit!

  1. UniCoffee House

Cappucino: 4900 ₮ (€1.81/$2.03)

Grade: 9

Comment: Very lovely taste of the espresso, not too bitter and with great foam. The place has lots of windows that look out on the street and we sit in a nice corner!


best coffee shop ulaanbaatar


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