Not only does Japan have a fantastic crazy culture and friendly people, it also has delicious foods. During our travel from Tokyo all the way down to Nagasaki, we try all the traditional dishes of the cities we pass. We’ve found delicious things and less delicious things. This is our top 13 Japanese food, ranked from little tasty to very tasty – a very personal take on Japanese cuisine. Since pictures of food only makes you hate food-blogposts, we have found you the best recipes to make the dishes yourself! 

  1. Sushi

At the Tsukiji market in Tokyo allegedly has the best sushi EVER… Truth is: we don’t like raw fish that much. But if you do: head to Tokyo, RIGHT NOW! And otherwise, try this delicious looking tempura shrimp roll (we might even like this one)!




  1. Mochi Manju

This Japanese dessert sweet is a kind of sticky rice-dumpling with a filling of red bean paste. The surprise on the inside was a bit too much for us! The sweet red bean paste is something very specific, go try it out yourself with this recipe!




  1. Matcha

Matcha ice cream, matcha pudding; there is lots of matcha stuff in Japan. And honestly? We do not like the bitter green tea taste so much! For this matcha-ice cream recipe you have to find matcha-powder first, but then you get the full experience!




  1. Ramen

Every Asian country has its noodles, and we do like it, but we simply don’t love it. Especially when you’re not sure what you’ll get! And the bamboo is definitely a new taste to get used to. We actually might try to make this Tonkotsu Ramen dish ourself, doesn’t it look delish?




  1. Tempura

Tempura is deep fried stuff (mostly vegetables and fish). Sweet potato, eggplant, courgette, it’s awesome! And best thing: you can buy it at most convenient stores as well.




  1. Melonpan

A sweet Japanese bread. The one from the FamilyMart tasted like a combination of cake and bread, but the one we bought at a real bakery was the most awesome thing! Can you make it as delicious as a bakery?




  1. Takoyaki

Or grilled(yaki) octopus (tako)-balls. We did bot like the octopus that much, but with a little sausage they were amazing! Of course with okonomiyaki sauce (it’s the best!). If you make ones with sausage, we will come eat at your place!




  1. Edamame

Or soybeans. One word: best snack ever. We repeatedly bought big bags of frozen beans and ate them all at ones – why eat it as a snack when it can be your entire dinner? The easiest way to prepare edamame is simply buy a frozen pack of (precooked) edamame, unfreeze it and put a lot of salt on it. But this version sounds so appealing to:




  1. Conbini Sweets

Japanese convenient store sweets are the best. And especially the Japanese waffle ice cream ( konbini aisu) and the cake sweet with whipped cream in between: so delicious! Unfortunately, you have to go to Japan to try the real thing!

japanese food

  1. Kobe Beef

Since a real kobe beef steak was too expensive for us (one steak is €80!!), we went for a kobe beef burger. It was mouth watering delicious. It’s the best burger I’ve had in my life. And yet again, you have to go to Japan to try the real thing!

japanese food

  1. Shabu Shabu

Or Japanese hotpot. Shabu shabu is the movement of dipping your thin slice of meat in the hot pot. Your meat is ready within a just few seconds! Be aware to eat first vegetable, then meat, then vegetable again! It would be so fun to make this a Japanese themed night and just do this for hours!




  1. Miso Katsu & Kushikatsu

Miso katsu is a traditional Nagoya dish with a miso based sauce over deep fried tonkatsu (pork). Kushikatsu is the Japanese dish of deep fried meat, fish and vegetables. Yummy!




  1. Okonomiyaki

Or as we say: okonomiYUMMY. It is the best thing ever! While most tourists eat this pancake dish in restaurants, the locals prepare it at home most of the time. In Osaka they prepare the okonomiyaki with all ingredients mixed and with a bacon on top. In Hiroshima they have a more layered okonomiyaki and they add noodles. We prefer the Osaka-style, but they are both awesome! Fun facts: okonomi means how/what you like and yaki means grill. Yes we are so happy we found this recipe, we will make this so soon!

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What do you think of Japanese food? Let us know what
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