A new year means a whole new year of Pride celebrations! Every year, there are many Pride celebrations around the world (YAY for that), but which ones can’t you miss in 2019?! With the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and WorldPride in New York City, 2019 is going to be a huge year. We already have some Pride celebrations on our to-do-list, like WorldPride, but many are still on our wish-list. Let’s celebrate Pride together and make our community worldwide visible and recognized! Here’s our list with Pride celebrations you can’t miss in 2019.

  1. WorldPride New York City

WorldPride in New York City is going to be the largest LGBT+ event in history and the first WorldPride in the States. The important 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising will be commemorated throughout June. Mark June 2019 in your agenda as an important month! The biggest Pride march in Manhattan will be on Sunday the 30th of June.

WorldPride New York City: all of June, main march: June 30.

Photos by @nycpride

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  1. EuroPride Vienna

EuroPride 2019 will be celebrated in the Austrian capital, Vienna. From the first of June till the 16th of June, Vienna will be the LGBT+ capital of Europe. The biggest event of EuroPride, the Rainbow Parade (Regenbogenparade), takes place on June 15. Looks like June is going to be a busy month, exciting! The motto of EuroPride in Vienna is ‘Visions of Pride’. Which means you can put all your visions into reality.

EuroPride Vienna: from June 1 to June 16 & main parade on June 15

Photos by @katiekace & @avocadosandcats

  1. Taipei Pride

2019 was going to be a huge year for Taiwan. This year same-sex marriage would become allowed under the current framework. Therefore, it would become the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. However, a referendum late last year caused a lot of troubles, which resulted in stalling legalising same-sex marriage. Taiwan does have one of Asia’s largest LGBT+ communities and Taipei Pride is one of the largest Pride events in Asia. So there’s a good reason to visit Taiwan for Pride! Pride takes places every last Saturday of October each year.

Taiwan Pride: every last Saturday of October

Photos by @kenn1990 & @tw.astrid_0706

  1. Malta Pride

Malta’s equal rights are one of the most progressive in the world. Malta definitely leads in gay and transgender rights in Europe. But of course, laws do not always reflect tolerance within society. Pride in Malta is the perfect moment to celebrate the big steps Malta has made the previous years but it’s also the moment to fight for more tolerance. Malta Pride in 2018 was the biggest Pride ever. We are curious to see where that will go to next year! In 2019 Malta Pride will be celebrated from the 6th of September to the 15th of September, with a big march on September 14.

Malta Pride: September 1 to September 15, main march September 14

Photos by @paquetedeamor & @caseyhelenaa

  1. Madrid Pride

Madrid is known as the gay capital of Europe. And that’s a title many cities in Europe would like to claim. Madrid is a tolerant city with multiple gaybourhoods and with a big LGBT+ community. Therefore, Madrid’s Pride celebrations are among the biggest Prides in the world! We actually never visited Madrid but it’s high on our list. In 2019 there will be celebrations from the 27th of June till the 7th of July, with a big parade on July 6.

Madrid Pride: June 27 till July 7, main parade: July 6

Photos by @borja_thegayexplorer & @oh.mamiblue

  1. Cape Town Pride

South Africa is THE LGBT+ destination in Africa. So why not visit South Africa during Cape Town Pride?! South Africa has progressive laws for LGBT+ people but sadly there’s a high level of violence inside the country against LGBT+ people. So there’s a lot to march for, hand-in-hand. Cape Town Pride takes place from the 22nd of February till the 3rd of March and is the biggest Pride in Africa.

Cape Town Pride: February 22 till March 3

Photos by @crewbarct & @capetownpride

  1. São Paulo Pride

São Paulo Pride parade is the biggest in the world and one you need experience at least once in your life. Last year over 3 million people attended the Pride march. 3 million!!! São Paulo Pride will also take place in June. From the 18th of June till the 23rd of June, with the large parade on the 23rd. Of course, Brazil’s carnival in Rio is an incredibly colourful & gay event too (March 2-9)!

São Paulo Pride: June 18 till June 23, main parade: June 23

Photos by @msjamieclayton & @sense8

  1. Amsterdam Pride

Okay, we are a bit biased on this one, since we are Dutch, but Amsterdam Pride is simply amazing. The highlight of Pride, the canal parade, is one of a kind. On the last Saturday, about 80 boats will go on the canals of Amsterdam and it’s so much fun! There are parties throughout the entire city, inside clubs and bars and outside on the streets, squares and parks. In 2019 there will be Pride celebrations in Amsterdam from the 27th of July till the 4th of August. Must see is the canal parade on the 3rd of August.

Amsterdam Pride: July 27 till August 4, main canal parade: August 3

Photo by @tutucrewevents

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  1. Tel Aviv Pride

Tel Aviv has the name of THE gay capital in the Middle East. It’s one of the biggest events in the city and of its kind in the region. Last year, over 250.000 people celebrated Pride in Tel Aviv. The parade was the biggest in Tel Aviv’s Pride parade’s history. Something that makes the parade even more awesome: it makes its way to the beachfront and the end party is at the beach! The parade will be on the 14th of June and the first festivities start on the 8th of June.

Tel Aviv Pride: June 8 till June 14, main parade June 14

Isreal Pride @matteomenicocci
Photo by @matteomenicocci
  1. Sydney Mardi Grass Parade

Sydney’s Pride aka Sydney Mardi Grass Parade is a unique one since it’s one of the only Pride parades in the world that takes place during the evening. During Sydney’s hot Summer, from the 15th of February till the 3rd of March, there are Pride festivities in the city. The parade takes place on the 2nd of March and ends with a fantastic Mardi Grass Party, the biggest LGBT+ party in Australia!

Sydney Pride: February 15 till March 3, main parade: March 2

Photos by @misterbandb & @jessi_and_millie

  1. Delhi Pride

2018 was a huge year for India since India decriminalized gay sex. November 2018 a record number of participants marched through the streets of Dehli during Dehli’s Pride March. This time for the first time not as criminals. Earlier this month, Mumbai celebrated their Pride bigger than ever before and no one was wearing masks because everyone was LEGAL! This is a huge step for India and we can’t wait to see where this is going! An even bigger Delhi Pride later this year?! The dates for Pride in 2019 aren’t confirmed yet, but will probably take place in November.

Dehli Pride: dates aren’t confirmed yet, but probably in November

Photos by @queeringdesi & @thepriyaarora

Which Pride celebrations in 2019 are you most excited about?
We are curious to hear! Hope to see you around.

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