If you are thinking of going to Koh Mak: think again. It’s a well-kept secret for most travellers but we’re pretty sure you’ve seen pictures that made you think about visiting. And that’s a problem: what will happen to those empty beaches and laid-back atmosphere if everyone knew about this island? We want to keep this island to ourselves so here’s why you should absolutely not visit:

The Beaches are Too White & Empty

Koh Mak Island white beach, tropical island, Thailand
Seriously: having a beach all to yourself is awful, right?

The Water is Too Clear

Clear water Koh Mak, Koh Kham, blue ocean, girl, mermaid
So clear you could see someone pee from a great distance – without goggles

The Sunsets & Sunrises Are Awful

Sunrise Koh Mak, Thailand, sunset, candy cotton sky, pink sky, island sunset, tropical island, ocean
These colours: yikes!

Jetty bars aren’t fun at all…

Koh Mak jetty bar, pier bar, island bar, Thailand, island
And you’ll burn the calories by walking the pier. Wait, that sounds like sporting on vacation?! NOOO

The prices are ridiculous

Ao Pong resort Koh Mak, Thailand, island resort
We booked this bungalow for $12 a night!!!

Thai people are too friendly; they smile all the time

Thailand land of smiles, smiling Thai woman, Chiang Mai loy krathong parade
And they aren’t pretty at ALL

There are too many beaches…

Koh Mak aerial drone shot, island from above, bird's persective, Thailand
How can you ever pick one?

And too many Instagrammable places

Koh Mak Plub Pla Retreat, infinity pool, pink sky, girl, instagram
You will just be shooting pics all day

It’s too perfect for a romantic trip…

Tropical island swing, romantic, lesbian couple, koh mak island, Thailand, palm trees, romantic, honeymoon
How can you live a normal life after tasting this perfection?

Or a relaxing vacation

Hammock tropical island, relax vacation, relaxation, palm trees, koh mak island, Thailand
All those hammocks you can lay in…

You’ll never want to leave

Girl in pink floaty Koh Mak, blue ocean, tropical
You’ll want to float around in the clear ocean FOREVER

Yet, if you still REALLY want to go, check out this blog for all our Koh Mak tips & book your flight!

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