Japan is a country with more than 5 million vending machines, trains that are the most punctual in the world and where sleeping at work is common. Before arrival we thought of going for two weeks. We eventually stay five-and-a-half weeks. That says a lot! We love Japan, and especially Japanese people. They are probably the most friendly people in the world. And there is so much so see! Five weeks isn’t enough, we want to see more or see things again. We know for sure; we will be back.

Japan was never high on our list though. Maybe because everybody was too ‘crazy’ about it. We weren’t, but we are now for sure! As soon as we learn more about Japan, we feel the need to see more. We travel from Tokyo to Saga, mostly by hitchhiking. During hitchhiking we meet the most incredible Japanese people who give us snacks, drive kilometers further for us, or even get fined when turning in the wrong place to pick us up.

We spend two weeks in Tokyo, and it’s still not enough to see and do everything! From Tokyo we travel to Nagoya first and Sekigahara second. There we meet Maartje’s friend Denton, from the United States. And then we hitchhike to Kyoto. The first time hitchhiking is a success, so why not hitchhike everywhere? So, we hitchhike from Kyoto to Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Saga and Nagasaki! From Osaka we plan day trips to Nara, Kobe and Minoh. Especially Nara has a special place in our hearts, such a lovely place and how cute are the deer? Here is our Japan adventure in a video of 1 second per day, enjoy!

TRAVEL VIDEO | Japan | One seconds

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