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Hi you! Yes: YOU! We would love to hear from you! Do you have any questions? Want to share your thoughts? Are you a fellow traveller looking to connect? Or are you a business looking for a collaboration? Tell us by getting in touch!

We would love to collaborate! We can write, we can photograph, we can make video's, and much more! See more of our previous collaborations here. Here's what people say about working with us:


We have collaborated with Maartje and Roxanne on a few articles for our blog. The girls were a pleasure to work with, always meeting the deadlines in time and delivering the content to a high standard.
Social Media & Content Executive
We interviewed Maartje and Roxanne about their travels for Chapter Travel's monthly feature. They were super friendly, punctual and delivered amazing answers and photos. It was great working with them!
Jeffrey & Lisanne
Travel bloggers
We are very happy to collaborate with Maartje and Roxanne. We found them on Instagram because of their beautiful feed. They wrote an amazing travel blog for us about Seoul.
Travel Community
For Metro, one of the largest Dutch newspapers and online communities, Maartje and Roxanne write about their endeavours abroad. About meeting new people. Learning about different cultures. Enjoying local food. And above all…they take our readers by the hand and show them how it is to travel the world with your one true love. When will you book your one way ticket..?
Digital Content Strategist
I interviewed Roxanne & Maartje for a GO Magazine piece and they're such a delight! Made my job more fun and definitely a lot easier. If I'd ever need a lesbian couple for my future works, these two would definitely be one of my go-to couples!
Tammy Danan
Freelance Writer/Journalist

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